Thursday, 17 July 2014

Tea time in the summer


Went for dim sum outing today on this fine Wednesday.
No holiday or what but everyone was free that day hehe so we went out.

OOTD if you're wondering-
Pink Crop Top from Bershka
Skater Pastel Skirt from Bershka
Saffiano Tote from Prada
Glitter Wedges from Jalan TAR 
(where I buy fabric hahaha I got distracted when I saw those shoes)

At Shangri La Hotel waiting for the dimsum to open. Hehe.

Glad we came early. 11am meet at SY's place then 12pm reached KL.

Mei Yen was my camwhore buddy of the day :3
She's half busy studying with exams now hehe ending on 19th.

5 Science 2 mini reunion. Shao Yang calls us his ji mui.
Total friendzone title ^^ 

He's the uncle in the blue shirt. Oscar is the one in white.

Nice catching up with them hehe. They all crack jokes 
and Mei Yen will be the one laughing the loudest. That is why her emoji on my contacts
is a rooster ^^

Ah hah. Looks empty but actually as soon as it opened 
a few tables were taken already.

The restaurant is called Shang Palace.
Eheh, my first time here actually.
Daddy always bring me to Mandarin Oriental or Grand Imperial only.

And ahem picture quality for this blogpost is a bit nicer than usual.
Give me thumbs up for effort pwiss hahaha.

So colourful right the dim sum! 
Shao Yang keeps complaining that I don't eat pork and beef.
He cannot fathom how I survive without it.

hahaha. Long story short, I stopped eating anything bigger than a chicken when I was 9?
I think I watched a movie called Babe. The one with the talking pig.
And some slaughterhouse video I think.

So at the age 9 I got put off from pork and beef and mutton and what not.

My usual orders for dimsum-
salad prawn, scallop porridge, egg tart and carrot cake.
Lou sa pao too. Happy already to have those :3

View from up. Hehe.

It's nice to dress up and go to hotel for lunch or dinner once in a while.
Oh ya, the dimsum was about RM200? So divided by four 
which makes up to RM50 each. 

I think it's quite worth it actually!
Because we ordered more than enough and it was a pretty enjoyable meal.

But! I would say their dimsum is just mediocre la hehe.
I like Mandarin Oriental's Lai Po Heen more :3

I remember going to Eastin Hotel's one for dimsum but that was a long time ago.
Hmm brings back memories thinking bout it.
OYAH. And Tai Thong. I remember seeing a RAT inside.
Crawling on the carpet. Eww right!!!! I always spread this story ahahha.
Because I'm flabbergasted as to how a rat can be inside a dining area ohgatchhhh.

Okay ahem let's not spoil our appetites ^^

With Mei Yen again teehee.


Oh man, hair taking ages to grow. 
I remember I cut it during October/November last year. 
It has been almost nine months!!! -,-

I think by December it will be quite long la. Predicting. HAHAHA.
I googled like tips how to grow hair faster.

Handstand and tipping your head over to let your blood rush up to your head.
So that it promotes blood circulation to send nutrients for growing your hair.
Massaging your scalp. Showering everyday. ETC ETC. AHAHHAH.

But okay. I'm just gonna chill and let it grow
and be grateful for how God has made me look :)

Hello. Hahaha. Took these shots thanks to Casio TR15's timer function.

OH yeah, monopods are such a trend nowadays.
That stick thingy to hold your smartphone.
I remember seeing a picture on 9gag of someone using that.
The captioin... Forever Alone. HAHA so bad.

But I think it's quite useful la for selfie. 
But I don't use phone to take pictures lol.
See a lot of peddlers selling them around Bukit Bintang.

OOTD with Mei Mei :)
I've been wearing heels less recently eh! 
Mostly wedges and flats I think.

Oh yeah. Boyfie also likes me to be short.
HAHAHAH. Hi if you are reading this and Ily ^^

Anddd here's a random edit by Mei Yen. So cute hahaha bubbles

Random shot outside SY's place.

While SY was driving.
He totally abandoned his Harrier now that he has X1.
He said eco drive pro mode can go for 700km per full tank? HAHAHAH 
2000cc if not wrong.

So nice meh I want. My mini cooper guzzle petrol like a fish in desert. 
I think Myvi also very good, save petrol. 
Hahahhaha imma poor student.

SY's shih tzu.

Mei Yen and I kept cuddling him.
Fighting to cuddle him hahahahaha.

He's seriously so fat now.
But he's very chill and like to be pampered.
U can poke him everywhere and pinch his nose etc
but he's just like. Don't care. HAHAHAHAH.
Some dogs they bitch fit already.

Oya Lucky ran out a while and Mei Yen went out to catch him. HAHAH.
The little silhuoette in yellow.

Actually there's a few times Cabbie went out while Mei Yen was coming into my house too.
Mei Yen will stand there and call the dog's name repeatedly. LOLOL.
But the dog like run until deaf already. Wind too loud.

For me, getting Cabbie back into the house is quite easy actually.
You just go outside. Shout Cabbie real loud.
When he sees you, run to the opposite direction and invite him to come.
DONT run towards the dog. Because it will encourage them to run away from you.
You run away from them instead. AHAAHAHAH.
Then they come chase you one. Reverse psychology.

9 out of 10 work lah, use at your own risk teehee.

After dim sum at Shangri La we decided for second round, so we went to Publika.
Mei Yen suggested Salon Du Chocolate.

Honestly. This was the first time in my life trying chocolate crepe.
*buries face in shame*

I've not tried antipodean, mad about coco, gangnam 88, acme, ploy, burger lab,
ETCTETECECEC. Those very "heng" places on Instagram and Foursquare.
I think social media place such a huge importance on expanding business too lol.

Like boat noodle. So smart, small portions so ended up everyone order so many bowls.
And everyone take pictures of how many bowls they finish. Boom. Free advertising.

HAHA cute anot. The picture looked a bit boring so I added some stickers ^^

The superman bear and naked bear look so mischievious like plotting to attack the lansi birds.
LOL IDK maybe I should make some comic with stickers. 

I liked the waffle more than crepe.
Umm. 7 out of 10 lah, so so.
Not something I would eat often, maybe once in a while with friends.
Bill was RM27, waffle was RM10 so the crepe was around RM17.

I think quite cheap la. If you order the crepe then share with like. four persons.
Because there's enough chocolate to kill a hundred ants in ecstasy.


So after Publika I went to pick mummy up to go to 1Utama.
She just got back from UK this Monday :3

Anyway, my mum is a gym enthusiast too HAHAHAH.
Pro anot. I wanna be like that too. 

Keep fit no matter what age.
Be disciplined and keep motivated.

Yello! ^^

Mummy was so nice to get me not one but four pandora charms :3
The charms are around RM126 and up. The clips, around RM200.

Hehe so total I have six charms now. Actually I only had two until today lol.
The teddy bear was my first charm I bought myself, and the snow angel
was Mei Yen's birthday gift to me hehe :*

Not in a hurry to fill it up hehe.
For special occasions. :3

Oya also saw this Jawbone fitness tracker thing at Publika for 50% off.
Almost bought it but then I thought. No display.
AIYO. Better get a watch type one.


HAHA hellooo. Dolled up for the night.

This was last week, FAME event.
Fashion marketing students from Raffles hosted this event.
It's at black box, Publika.

Publika is so confusing and I always park too far.
So many bloks wey can I TELEPORT!!!

Okay. HAHAH. Here's a sneak peek before the guests arrived.
Didn't know there would be so many people actually.
IDK how many but est 200 ish? I think? 

Also spotted Sheena Liam hehe she's very striking with her blonde hair.

Thennn it started.

This was their itinerary.
Fashion show la main point. They had free flow vodka too.
Took one or two mini cakes.

Then I got really hungry and realized I didn't eat dinner because I was rushing lol -,-!

Little chop.

With batch mates!
Semester 7 out of 8.
Technically 9 including internship? HAHA.

So glad to have made it this far. 
Thank God really, Thank God.

I always pray not to fail anything.
Came close to failing Garment Composition due to missed project
but thankfully ! SAVED!!!!! 

It's not easy keeping up with the semesters T.T
We started with 14 students in our batch,
now there's 6 of us left. 

Every sem there will be one or two held back or leave course. 
But! if fail, no big deal la. Still have to go on!
After all this course is just two years three months hehe.

I'm graduating next year march if you guys are wondering :3
January to march will be crazy busy doing mini collection
for graduation fashion show. 

I just hope to do my best. And not get tooooo distracted.
Finding the balance between work and play, oh welllll.

But this sem is awesome lol. One class a week.
The most free one out of these two years :3

From left: Chloe Lee, yours truly, Ai Lynn, Jia Shin.

After fashion show I rushed back then went to Sports City to watch futsal.
Boyfie was playing :3

This was someeee day at DPC. 
Aka Desa Park City.

HAHAH. We camwhored less recently.
Because we always spend time with each other when we go out,
less playing phone and gadgets etc. 

This was at Hayaki Cafe :D

I didn't have class to I went to PJ uptown to have lunch wit boyfie.
Not bad I know the way. AHHAHAHA. Im stupid with directions :x

Anyway, was glad to see him even just for a short one hour :*

Boyfie is interning at law firm as legal consultant currently,
one month plus left to go. Add oil yoohhh ^^

this is what I tell him everyday. AHAHAH.
And ohmygatch. My internship is coming up on September apparently.
Sep to Dec. Nervous sia.


Sila makan? HAHAHHA

The nasi kerabu was pretty fantastic actually.


it's like so many things mixed together.
During my highschool days, I'm known for mixing all weird stuff together.
Noodle with rice with wedges and currypuff and who knows what else.

RM10.90 a plate if not wrong :3
SS2 somewhere there AHAHAHA.

Just that finding parking is a bit of bother there.
But honestly I'm a bit like throwing my car anywhere that fits.
If it doesn't block anyone and there's no clamping sign
then it's a parking spot for me la. AHAHAHA. Small car that's why.



White crop top from Bershka (I have another in pink, up this post ^^)
Striped skirt from Forever 21.

And another random OOTD recently.
Ruffle collar top from. IDK WHERE. I think F BLOCK. Should be la ^^
Military skirt from Kistchen. During my bandage skirt era. HAHAHA

This was last Sunday.
Yellow halterneck from Forever 21.
Tropical flare skirt from Bershka.
2.55 flap bag from Chanel, 
Glitter wedges from Jalan TAR.

Soooo many croptops and halternecks and more croptops at highstreet clothing brands.
Still very coachella ish. HAHAH. Forever 21 those.

But I like croptops, suit my body shape. 
I realize I have a lot of sleeveless tops.
Sumore Malaysia is so hot, OH WELL!

This was Sunday at Pavilion, family outing :3

Cafe De Paris hehe.
Remember I was complaining that they didn't have wifi?
They finally have it lol.

I had caesar salad.

And berry waffle. It has ice cream smushed in between.
Waffle and ice cream go together like peanut butter and jelly. :3
Perfect combo hahahah.

I like the nutella waffle more though :3

So! We are now at the end of this post hehe.

I'm grateful for life as it is now. Thank God for everything.

College, boyfie, family, friends. Content with where I am and what I have.
Just wanna keep doing what I need to do.

HEHE. Have a great week all. :*

PS: so fast it's already July hitting on to August! I know time flies by from here and suddenly 2015 will smack you in the face. HAHAH. Better be ready!~ :x

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