Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Mines


For this Hari Raya, I went to The Mines Wellness Hotel for two days one night.
A super impromptu trip hehe but I'm glad I could make it!

Thought there was class on Tuesday but classmates agreed to forgo it and do replacement.
Went on Monday and came back on Tuesday :D

Went with boyfie and his family hehe.

We left at 2pm and took like 25mins to reach The Mines :o
Edward's daddy drove. 

I managed to fall asleep in that short time though.
Boyfie's shoulder be my pillow muahahah.

We rolled around in bed and watched tv while waiting for the rest of his family to reach :3
We watched that show. Stephen Chow was my favourite childhood comedian.
Laughed like noobies with boyfie 

lublub. this phrase Vinnie always use one.

Around 4pm we went to the man made beach!
I kept saying I want swimming to Edward lolol.

The water looks murky at first but it's actually pretty clean!
Not blue like normal swimming pool because there's sand underneath


Hmm. For vacations, I love either city shopping or beachside.
Sun, sea, sand. Makes me happy.
I could roll around in the sand, dip my toes in the ocean and stare at the sun for hours.

Anyway. Hehe. One bucket list down with boyfie.
We have this bucket list of things we want to do together.
So. Trip is done, in a very impromptu but good way :D
Hopefully more trips to come hehe. 

No wait, for sure more trips to come.


Hehe bought this bikini from Topshop a day before going on the trip.
Just so happened to try it on and liked it.

The straps are a bit more to work with thou.
Keep asking boyfie to help me tie hahahah i have ze short arms.

This reminds me of a pineapple.
I told boyfie he reminds me of pineapple.
Because he has a lot of hair, and spiky too. 

After that we went to rest for a while, then eat dinner early at around 6pm.
Edward has two younger brothers and an elder sister.
The three of them brothers can whack portions enough for, say, eight girls.
Double rice, triple meat, whack whack whack. HAHAHA.

It's nice to see them eat. 

After that we went to The Mines shopping mall. 
It's justttt beside our hotel.

Aww! The gondola thing was closed.
I rode one in Venice before when I was 13 ish. 
Hehe it's not scary or what, just nice to look at the scenery.

We walked around. Bought mask and food (I mean I bought a lot of food)
to take back to our hotel.

After walk walk and shop shop
we went back to our hotel.

Watch tv, whack food, do facial mask. HAHAHAH

Swim swim again muahaha.
10am I kept bugging boyfie to wake up because I wanted to go swimming. Hehe.
Now I know how Jennie feels in the morning.
For her it's because she wants to eat buffet la lolol.

12pm check out! So to the man made beach we went!
Oya, man made beach is just like a swimming pool with sand. 
The sand was a bit rough. But got kids building sand castle hehe.

hahah lublub

kissy one mygatch i shy HAHHAHA

took these using casio tr15 

"Each moment is all we need, not more". 
Quote by Mother Theresa! Hehe.
I do believe so, because humans often get so carried away with their past.
Then when there's nothing in the past to bother with, they worry about the future.

But! Of course present is where it's most important.
We remember moments, not days.

And it was a short but happy trip hehe. 

boyfie abs remind me of choco bar. HAHAH random

lublub. I brought sunscreen but didn't bother to apply.
HAHAH. Idk if I got much tanner. 

The sun wasn't that harsh because of the haze :3

Say bye bye to The Mines.

Feel like a little girl beside you. Teehee.

Packed our bags to go home :3
Thank you to boyfie and his family for this random but happy short trip ^^


Eheh Sunday! Family outing day to KL as usual.

Had brunch at Chinoz.

Fetuccine Seafood Marinara. RM48?
Overpriced a bit, but I was craving for it.
That day one not that nice though!

Went to topshop and shop shop a while.
Didn't get the green bikini top thou because the blue one came in a set.

This was Saturday night dinner at The Curve, Dragon-i.
Daddy is a regular here so the manager was nice enough to sneak us in through the queue.

And this was Saturday afternoon hehe.

White dress was a gift from Mei Yen when she went to Bangkok hehe

Loving updo and pearls hehe.
Bow clasp with netting for the bun.

Typical car selfie

Attention seeking mode: ON.

See boyfie no choi me, I sad. So make spammer face

Haha okay smile okay bye keep your eyes on the road hahahah

Japanese cuisine for breakfast! :3
Actually lunch la hahahah.

Om nom nom. Boyfie likes the Sakae Sushi at Sunway Pyramid.
Their portion seems bigger. More generous lolol.

Dropped by at The One Academy for Elaine's exhibiton "Spectrum".
Hehe so ngam. The space used to be where I did my fashion design course.
Until I left and went for Raffles la lolol. 


Random swimming day with Mei Yen. Friday?

Nasi kandar sedap opened upstairs! newly renovated.

Hello boyfie

Lazy to wear make up nowadays. HAHAH.
Boyfie always say natural is prettiest.
Boyfie always look pretty. HAHAHAH

lublub flex arm again aihhhh

okay buai buai ^^

done for this post.
till then, amigos! :)

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