Thursday, 7 August 2014

Boyfie turns 22


For July 30th this year, it's my boyfriend's special day.
And my special day too because he was born on that day hehe.

Usually boyfie is the one being the man,
driving me around and bringing me to places to eat.

So for his birthday, treated him to be the female counterpart instead haha!
He asked me how it feels. Very dominant right? Ya hahaha.

Took him to Gangnam 88 :3 
I didn't tell him where we were going actually.
I remember asking him Korean or Western as a random question,
and he answered Korean.

We went to the branch in Solaris, Mont Kiara.
It's my first try there actually.

So it's both our first try haha ^^

I'm glad it didn't disappoint us.
Service was great, the staffs were very efficient running the business.
Nothing annoys me more than slow service :x

I haven't had Korean food in a while,
I guess since Korean trip last year?
And now I'm craving for it lolol.

I ordered bibimbap! I love the egg and kimchi part.

And it's so nice too that you can always refill the side dishes :)
I love variety hehehehe. 

Korean food are always kind of sour and kind of hot.
Always pickled and steamy lol.

Look at that sexy egg :3

Poached egg is my favourite style, but sunny side up I love, too! ^^

But of course, I love this boy more. 

Hahaha ^^ 

After that, asked boyfie if he wanted to have ice cream, chocolate or cupcakes
as dessert. We decided on chocolate :3

So we went to Salon Du Chocolate at Publika!

Hehe. Secretly asked them to put a birthday message for me.

They were nice about it! :3 Except they forgot to put the candles for me lol.
It's okay, I brought my own lighters and everything. HAHAHAH

Oh yeah. My lub is because of the music video we watched at Gangnam 88,
called My Love. And because we always use lublub instead of love love. 
Thanks to Vinnie's influence. Lolol

Boyfie has turned 22 this year officially!
I'm a bit earlier la, March baby. But two years younger lol.

I remember I kept thinking he was same age because of Yen Shen 
and Yen Shen is my age. 

So. Close your eyes, and make a wish. Puff!

I'm beside you, what more can you ask for?

HAHAHHA ohmygatch. Just kidding.

Boyfie teach me how to perasan one.

So after that, went home to give him his presents.
I kept them in the boot and I couldn't open it!!!
The latch got stucked!

How potong steam right -,- 

Lucky we googled and found the answer 
was to lift the seat and release the cable. Ta-dah!
Boyfie was the one who did it.

Boyfie said it was his best birthday every. 
I hope so hehe. It's a nice feeling seeing someone you love smile :)

So that was it! Hehe.


Meet Lucky again. Lol.

Shao Yang's shih tzu. He was fine the last time I saw him!
And that was only like a week ago!

He had stroke apparently and his head hangs a bit crooked now :/
But he's still so manja. 

Lucky is a bit overweight hehe. 
I think around 10kg? 

I took Cabbie to the vet and the vet told me Cabbie is underweight lol.
4.8kg! My previous shih tzu, Chuckie, was 8kg :3

She also said Cabbie was very obedient compared to other dogs,
because he didn't protest much during injection hehe.

I love dogs ^^v

They so fluffy and loving. I love.
Cats I still don't know how to interact with them yet. HAHAH

This was zimui outing!
With Oscar, Shao Yang and Mei Yen.
We went to eat prawn mee.

Shao Yang took us to the place.

With baby Mei Yen :*

I wanna be early bird like her already.

But I wake up at 9am la hahhaha.
Mei Yen wakes up at 6 or 7am even when there's no class :3

For me I just wake up early to jog thanks to run keeper app. HAHA.
And to accompany boyfie :3

The prawn mee was not bad!
I think RM4.50 ish a bowl? Totally cheap :3

RM32 for four persons. 
Shao Yang suddenly treated us! Lol. Big boss as always.
Thank you shao yang!


This was Saturdate at Sunway Giza!
Date on a Saturday lolol.

Saturdays are a bit special now that boyfie is working.
Because other days we only see each other at night or in the morning.

Lublub :*

We wanted to try Daorae actually but as luck would have it,
3pm was ngam ngam their closing hour.

Nevermind! Korean cuisine plan still on.

We headed to Gangnam 88 instead! lol again hehe.
But this time it's at Sunway Giza branch.

It's on the 2nd floor.

The very infamous to famous PSY.

Chubby cheeks.

I ordered their lunchbox set. 

It's in a golden box and the waiter opens it up to let you see
how it looks like before they mix it up. HAHAH.
Then they shake the box like they're making cocktail.

Ze lunchbox. I love kimchi. OH MY.
That's the one thing I can keep refilling and whack.

The grabbing food face. Haha ^^

And then for Saturday night, was dinner with family
at Pu Tien, 1 Utama.

It's always packed, so usually my dad will make reservation.
I love the sesame bun and stuffing it with the oyster omelette and vege. OM NOM.

But hehe. Starting from beginning of August I'm eating clean again
because during July I totally pigged out on junk food.

Cannot cannot! Need to jaga badan dy. HAHAHAH
Boyfie bulk and whack, I cut.

Sunday morning. After church with boyfie, 
we went for a little sushi at Sushi Mentai.

Boyfie likes the unagi. HAHAHA.

As usual, Sunday afternoon.
Head down to KL with family.

If it's Pavilion, it's Cafe De Paris for brunch.
If it's KLCC, it's Chinoz.

HAHAH. I can predict already.

Their pastries are around RM12 for one.

The middle one has ice cream scoop.
IDK what is that, parents order one hehe.

This was mine! Their fruit salad.

So yummy. They were so many kinds of fruits inside.
Grapes, oranges, honeydew, apple, strawberries, blueberries, watermelons, kiwi.

That's like eight kinds of fruits :3
Then you pour in the honey and yogurt.

I think this was RM12 or RM15. Somewhere there.
Which is pretty cheap la since some cafe charge you RM10 for watermelon juice.

Inflation getting crazy nowadays.
RM20 is the new RM10 I tell you.

That's why they brought back the RM20 banknotes!!! HAHAHA

Daddy likes to sit outside and people watch.

I don't mind. I like the sun :)

Anyway. Always grateful for everything I have hehe.

Walking to Intermark for lunch with batchmates :3

A random one in Mei Yen's car while accompanying her to 1U.

Hehe. So that's all for this post!

Hope you guys are happy and healthy always.

For now, I just wanna concentrate on graduating from college (next year March).
Eat clean for at least two months, wake up early and jog in some mornings, 
learn to cook soon (buy induction cooker and oven hehe) anddd yeap.

Oh yeah. Also to manage my finances and save money.
Because during the festive seasons I used quite a lot, have to refill back. HAHHAA

Okies buai buai, love you guys mwah!

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