Thursday, 28 August 2014

Foodie Adventures


Feels like it's been a while since my last post.
But I don't think it is. Haha! ^^

I have a lot of pictures though, so brace yourself.
Umm. I always have a camera in my handbag.
Current one is Casio TR15.

Wondering if I should sell my Samsung EX2F?!

Anyway. Let's get started.

Snippet as opening! Haha.

Time has been flying like a wild eagle.
Too busy dating aka ze honeymoon period.

But! I enjoy each progress of the relationship and grateful with what I have,
who I am and who I'm with now. :*

I brought my big ass polaroid out!

I remember I bought this for RM450 ish few years back.
Now you can get one for like RM175 on Lazada! But the cheaper model la hehe.

I think it is pretty worth it because there's a certain charm to instant pictures.
No editing, no second take. 

Which is not very common in this tech era where people take 40 selfies then delete 38 of em.

So! The occasion was monthsary buffet at Swiss Garden Kuala Lumpur.

Boyfie is always so thoughtful :)

HAHAH. I know monthsary we don't say out the number of months,
because ahem. We want it to be uncountable. *...shy*

Hehe. Seated at another section. 

Was a peaceful Saturday afternoon.

Dessert section!

I love looking at them. So tiny and colourful.
Just like why I love sushi. MUAAHA

Some more desserts. These are cina style ones.
Because it is a dimsum buffet actually ^^

I like their salad prawn. 

Ahem. Since it is buffet, for "main course" I took three plates of food.
BUT. HAHA. So much leftover. I felt so ashamed when the waiter came to take the plate.
*Dies in shame* 

Lucky it's not like some other buffet like Sushi Maiu where they say 
they'll charge you RM10 for every 100grams of leftovers!!
I think that is ridiculous heh. 

Because it is a buffet after all, and obviously people are going to take more than they can finish.
Like myself. *dies in shame*

Boyfie on the other hand, cleared his plate.
As always. OCD of not liking to see wasted food.
I'm like my dad, like variety, eat a bit here and there ^^

I like playing this. HAHAHA. The desserts. Fruit and ice cream concoction.

Boyfie likes a lot of chocolate chips.

I think we spent around 2 hours there.

But it was great meal. So thank you boyfie ^^

Full body couple shot? ^^ oops got passerby

Hehe a nicer one. 

This is why I like TR15 camera. 
Eventhough it is expensive, it is really THE unbeatable selfie camera.
Just hope I never lose or spoil it, touchwood.

Don't know if I can fork out another 3k for a camera. HAHAHA.

We watched Lucy. :)

Some people said it's a boring show, but for me I pretty enjoyed it!
I like watching stuff with scientific myths that sounds like they might be true.
LIKE XMEN. I love watching Charles Xavier talk about mutation. HAHAHAHA

For cinema movies, the most memorable ones I've watched was X-Men First Class.
Then Inception and Avatar.

While I was rolling in bed the other day, boyfie took something. 
I thought he was taking his phone.

Then he put a box in my hand. HAHAHAH.
He secretly went to post office to retrieved it.
Asked him what he was doing before that, he said "errands". 

Anyway. I am always grateful and feel touched for every thoughtful thing :)
And most of all, for being patient with me too. Because I know I can be overbearing at times :3

Hehe. Boyfie chose a blue heart because it has September's birthstone actually,
and it was for September's monthsary :3 

Well. 2015 is just four months away. Time flies! :)

Oyah! The difference between Soufeel charms and Pandora charms is that
Pandora charms have threads inside so it fits a bit more snugly.
Both are 925 silver. The charm boyfie bought was around RM100 plus shipping? I think?
But soufeel has cheaper charms la hehe especially those on sale.
Idk why boyfie bought the more exy one la haha!
For me I always buy pandora because... of their catalogue.
HAHAHA. I love to read catalogues like auntie. Isetan catalogues too.

Put the blue heart beside the pink heart mummy bought. Teehee!

I bought the pandora bracelet somewhere this year.
The teddy bear charm too. 

The bracelet was RM295, the teddy RM169.

The snow angel is my first charm actually, from Mei Yen for this year's birthday :D
So sweet of her hehe. She didn't buy the bracelet because she didn't know my wrist size. HAHAHA.

Rose clip, pink heart clip, bible and santa is from Mummy went she came to KL this year.
All in one go hahaha. I bought back a "mum" charm for her hehe. I was happy my bracelet suddenly got so heavy thanks to mummy :D

Anyway. I think pandora is overrated. But sentimentality sells!
Plus, most of the charms on my bracelet are gifts anyway. Which makes it more special :3

I think when you first get the bracelet you should get the clips and safety chain first.

Safety chain ^^

I like this seahorseyyy. New charm for 2014.
Because I like enamel/pave charms. And i love ze sea.

Hehe okies. moving on~~~




HAHAH. Purposely did that so it rhymes.

We went to Fatboy Burger :3

You can mix and match your own burger 
but I think most people pick out from the ready made menu. Haha!

You know I never used to be a foodie adventurer, like I would always stick to Ichiban Boshi blabla.
But now that I have a boyfriend. MUAHAHA
Drag him out to try new restaurants! *evilgrin*

A not so fat boy with a fat boy burger?

I ordered Big Bello. RM18!
Their shroom patty is SO CUTE. 
How can a mushroom be as big as a burger bun?!!?! #jakun

The patty was pretty juicy. My burger was vegetarian.
BUT. The bun was a bit disappointing. I WANT CHARCOAL BUN.
HAHAH. I want crispy on outside soft on inside that type !! 

Anyway. I was glad to finally satisfy ze burger cravings. 
For now I am lost because I have satisfied my cravings. HAHAH.
You know, it's like you read a book and you want to finish it,
but the moment you finish the last page, you be like - "so what's next...?!"

After that we went to Mamak Anderson. Shisha? HAHA.
I was playing Disney Tsum Tsum. 

Hehe so that was my Wednesday. 
Or Wednesdate. ^^

Oh! Forgot OOTD hehe.

Off shoulder top from Bershka,
Houndstooth skirt from Sungei Wang,
Patent heels from Vincci,
Valentine Flap From Chanel.

As you can see ahem.
I am a cheap clothes kind of girl. HAHAHA
Just that I splurge on accessories because you can
keep wearing them.

I guess for clothes. Basic tees and leather jackets or LBDs
are things you can invest on. Find a better quality one
because you can mix and match em always.

Umm. I also do find that recently I've been drawn to more quiet colours.
Ah. But of course my wardrobe is every like a rainbow. 
If not a rainbow, then a print factory. HAHAH I'm not kidding.

I remember trying to find a black plain tee shirt and . I couldn't find. #madness

Ya madness

Okay smile. ^^

This was at The Roof last Saturday.

Rachel was planning a ladies night. Xuannie called the dogs out.
So in the end. HAHA. It become more like a gathering instead.

We didn't go Play, went to Score instead.
Anyway. It's been a while I haven't gone clubbing.
I prefer chilling more nowadays :3

Also played a couple rounds of Foosball! Or fireball haha.
Xuannie plays as well, thank goodness.
Rachel and Jennie are first timers if not wrong.

Rachel was getting it on the 2nd round.
Jennie still quite noob la. Actually the most noob. HAHAHAH.

She kept saying I was very rough. I hit the ball until it flew out of the table actually.
HAHAH. But I also scored the most. It pays to be rough ^^

Rachel no space for selfie, she sad.

Goldfish faces.

Met King Jiat's girlfriend like FINALLY!

She's called Hui Yee. Big eyes and fair skin teehee.
She also.. taught me a new way to use TR camera.

You know people usually use their flash on their camera?
Her style is, use phone flash AND camera flash.

Ahem that's why this picture was so bright.
Ahem secret technique revealed.

Anyway. I think pictures always look better than in person.
As in, first glance. If you only knew someone in pictures and saw them real life, 
at first glance you might think they don't look as pretty.

But, I think personalities are something pretty. Something like the way you smile, the way you handle bad situations, et cetera. These are little quirks that makes us special but the camera doesn't catch that.

Another type of appreciation needed I guess, hehe. 

Jennie yoh. Flying to UK Sep 20th. I'm gonna miss her for sure.

The dudes 

Aww hello new couple. So sweet ah ai mei smile. ^^ MUAHAHA

Both of them smile with top row teeth showing.
Another person who smiles like that is Jennie.

This was last Sunday.

I literally bumped into Cynthia while I was at KLCC with my family.
Cynthia was there with her family too. 

Haha! I always bump into her. Got fate ah.
We were like, wanna have tea anot?
Then we ended up at Limoncello. I ordered Mango Smoothie.
But it was pretty filling la hehe couldn't finish it.

Cynthia treated me out of the blue! Which was very nice of her :3
She was like. Just don't forget to jio me out next time. Haha!
her favourite phrase- "BO JIO"

Chinoz On The Park with family :3

Rainbow Roll, I LOVEEE

actually, I am biased towards sushi. 
You can give me the most cincai sushi in the world and I'd still say it's good. HAHHA

But this was good, no kidding.

Teehee. So that was my Sunday.

Tuesday class, pattern grading!
We have to make markers in different sizes.
So from Size 10, you have to make Size 6,8,12,14,16,18.

One sleeve you have to trace it out again six times. 

But thank goodness. This semester's timetable is not packed. Thank God~!

Look at this! HAHAHAHA

A peach and mango came to visit my college.
College looks like a rehab. ^^

Nestle sjora drink, with peach and mango flavour.
They gave us free drinks. :3
I got a free towel too.


I do! *shameless*

Say herror to Cabbie! The cutest fluffiest dog ever.
He is a naughty. But also so innocent and cute.


KISS DIE YOU. HAHAH. Goofy photo

So. That was a part of my awesome August.

Life is good. :)

And hi boyfie if you are reading.

Love you guys. TILL THEN!

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