Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Still standing


With Siet Yen, Rachel and Jennie at The Roof.

A decent picture with boyfie.

Before kena photobombed by tan yen shen and his girlfriend's peace sign. HAHA

My love ^^

Jennie kept shouting for us to kiss. Bossy as always

Didn't stay too long! They went Play.
I went home and shisha with boyfie hehe.
Had fun spending time with him. 

A lot of people went Play that night thou! 
Shall party another time. :3

Purple purple.

Jennie asked me if I was a ballerina. HAHAHA.

It was Vincent's farewell at Paradox Art Cafe.

He's leaving to US for 2 years! San Francisco if not wrong? HAHA
Tanker, well known for gulping liquor from sunset till sundawn. 
Vincentholic, I remember my nickname for him.

Glad I bun up my hair because boy the spotlights were like portable oven toasters.

Xuannie and Jennie.

I was showing something to Xuan.
And Xuan asked Jennie to take candid pictures.
So candid became fake candid. HAHAHA

Jennie always say I fail taking candid pictures because I pose too much.
HAHAHA. At least this one looks natural.

Also saw another table, this guy holding a monopod.
It's so funny to catch a monopod in action in public. HAHAHAHAH

Long time no see Ami! :3
She came with Ding.

Ding has long hair. 
Jennie said, dog also got long hair kind.

Our jokes are cruel, but somehow affectionate. 

Mucho pichas.

Anddd with the boyfie.

Surprisingly everyone managed to come... not late.
Like 8pm. Usually 730 will be 930 start one. Bestarians!

Spontaneous outing to The Curve.
My fingernails look nice here. Random perasan thoughts.

This asshole finally jio me out. HAHAH. 
She finished her part time, leaving to UK in September.
Can't believe it, time flies! Will definitely miss her.

Maybe go UK next year or next next year myself to visit mum? HAHAH.
And I'm graduating soon anyway, so. Free to roam.
I miss travelling. 

We watched Guardians of The Galaxy. 
Anyway, I am a sucker for Marvel movies and am totally biased. 
But! The movie was good for me hehe. 

A bunch of misfits on a misadventure.
I love baby groot! Groot is the tree thing. HAHAHA

Mei Yen said the movie was boring,
but mei yen always has had special tastes.
She fell asleep during Captain America 2 hello~!

Blue blue skies. :)

Halterneck and military skirt from Kitschen.
Glitter wedges from Jalan TAR.
Neverfull damier azur bag from Louis Vuitton.

Actually! I don't think I'm that high-maintenance.
Since I don't mind cheap clothes. 
I don't mind wearing clothes from sungei wang or FOS!
Just that I splurge on accessories
like bags or jewelry because they can be worn countless ways. :3

Yellow halterneck from Bershkha.
Canapa bag from Prada.

You know sometimes say you go out in the morning.
Then at night you go out again.
So you wear the same outfit, or the modified version? ^^
I do that.

But for me, I would say my sportswear gets washed the most.
Sports bra lose shape in no time at all because they get washed so often.
Which is good. Means workout often right hahahah.

Anyway. I have to thank God.
I made a prayer to keep going to gym regularly for three months.
That was in April. Now it's August. Hehe!
So, thank you God! 

July was my cheat month, eating out and in dating mood :3
But I still went gym because I have boyfie as gym buddy and personal trainer muahaha.
So. Let's up the ante to one year and we shall see, shall we?

If you're curious. hehe. 
I go star fitness and I go there four five times a week.
Three if im a bit more lazy. Six if im pumped. HAHAHA

But I also like to jog. Around dpc, or around my neighbourhood.
With runkeeper app hehe. During July I slept till 1pm 
but now I wake up around 9am so I can jog outside if I want to.
Plus, more sunlight time for myself. I love seeing the sun.

Ummm. Gym usually I do 30min cardio 30min weights.
30min jog would be about 4km. I used to run more, like 5km a day?
But higher risk for injury and I had ingrown toenail :(
Furthest I ran on treadmill was 15km. HAHAHAH. That took around 2 hours.

Oh hehe found the stats on my phone. 
Treadmill usually resets though, because most people don't run more than 10km everyday.
For 15km it's about 25,000 steps and you burn 1430 calories.

And a meal is usually around 400 calories?
HAHAHAH. But it's not a good idea to run too much too often :3

And yes. I do feel a big difference between me as a lazy couch potato
and me as a person who works out.

Before going gym I always felt bloated. And only pooped two days once.
After gym I feel more energetic. And poop one day twice instead. HAHAHAH.

And of course. Your skin gets clearer, you breathe in deeper, your face gets sharper.
Your body gets toned. You feel more strong.

I can starve myself but why look good but feel like poop
when I can look good and feel good too right :3

Eh, i should do a fitness post in a few weeks.
Blabbering much now. HAHAHAH.


Okies. That's all this post.

Will write more next time mwah!

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