Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Loving Life Right Now


Been a lil' busy lately, finally know I have the time and mood to update my bloggie.
Let's get right on! :3

This was on last Sunday.

As usual, go down to KL with family 

Leopard Print Camisole from Guess
Pastel Skater Skirt from Bershka
Saffiano Tote from Prada
Glitter Wedges from Jalan TAR

Cafe De Paris (again! haha)

 Tried Farfalle Salad this time. 
It's the ribbon pasta! But hidden by all the salad hehe.
First try, I like it! Avocado and olive oil and nuts.
I know some people hate green stuff but I love it lol.

Sunny pleasant day.

While sitting there, saw whatsapp from Vinnie.
Haha! She was coming down to KL with her boyfie Dixon
aka xonxonbb. HAHAHA.

So she came to meet me at Cafe De Paris.
I have been telling her to try the waffle here since she had a craving for it.
Craving finally satisfied for her.

Xonxon, and nienie. And bubu. HAHAHA

Nutella Waffle ^^

The one I recommended her.
It's a really nice dessert if you're having a sweet tooth.
Tons of nutella spread and ice cream on top.
Waffle crunchy outside but hot and squishy inside.

I said the waffle was sexy. And it's true. HAHAHA.
Love your curves and all your edges.

But it's deffoooo very filling.
Vinnie was very full after finishing it.
Dixon and I helped out a bit la hehe.

Nie nie as always, don't wear much make up.
I like that about her actually. Very natural feel heh.

Nah the couple. 

Dixon wearing fred perry, and bought another fred perry again.

Spammer face, yoh!

I love taking pictures at outdoor cafes.
The lighting is always ichibeng. 

And then Vinnie took some half candid photos of me. 

Haha. I failed taking for her lolol sowie.

So that was my Sunday ^^


On Wednesday, went on an outing with bae
because I don't have class muahaha.

Approaching the end of this semester!

Guess where this is?

The Gardens rooftop parking. HAHAH!

Thanks to TR15. I just hang my camera wherever and take pictures.
3k is a stupid price point for a camwhore camera,
but it is really the king in its category.

Hug you.

Mister Edward also bought Birkenstocks that day and wore it straight.
He bought it at Bangsar.

Actually, ahem. We kind of overdid our shopping that day.

Chee Cheung Fun and Fish Dumplings from Matahari in the morning. 
Hehehehe. I like waking up early and going to coffee shop to eat actually.

In the afternoon, went to HELP college. Picked up Natalie too.
Then we went to Publika. I wanted to look at swimwear.
Then we went to Bangsar for Birkenstock.
Then Midvalley for Pandora.

HAHAHHA. Three shopping malls in four five hours.
Boyfie is very manly, knows road direction very well. HAHAHA

Bought the triple strand leather bracelet for boyfie.
Boyfie bought a safety chain charm for me in return :3


HAHAH mygatch.

Just realized I look so kiddie with short hair.
But it's okay. Look kiddy a bit so boyfie will take care of me more.
Hhahaah oops jkkk.

So that was last Wednesday.


Hi Cabbie.

This was last last Saturday's.

Family dinner at ou!

Crop top from Topshop,
Tropical skirt from Bershka,
Sneaker wedges from Korea.


This was last last Sunday's dinner with bae.

He just came back from company trip at Sabah.
I almost died, after not seeing him for three days.

That's like 72 hours. #WOW

Nom nom ^^ I love Japanese food hehe thankiu boyfie

And also fish maw soup. Woh gei one is good!

Sushi Mentai last Friday hehe.

Hometown steamboat last last Thursday.

Bits and pieces of foodie adventures over the last two weeks :3


Pu Tien again with family last Sunday. HAHAHAHA.

As usual. Dad loves his routine.

Not that I'm complaining :3


Anddd the last outing.

At The Roof last last Saturday for Ami's birthday!
Ding planned her birthday. 


With Jennie.

Is my head big or her head small? 
Both I guess. Haha




Okies hehe. End of camwhore roll.

It was a fun night, seeing the ladies and all!
And of course I did miss dressing up hehe.


Packed and ready to go.
Flying off to Langkawi tomorrow with boyfie. Hehe.

Don't worry, I'll only be gone for three days!

Adios ^^ have fun peeps!

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