Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Outings and thoughs about future

Guess where?

The Roof, lol. Malt & Leaf to be exact.
This was last, last Saturday if not mistaken.

Dress up for the night.
Much more casual girl compared to last time, ehem.

Ping Kuan. Haven't seen him in a while! Busy working.

Rachel and Siet Yen were the "early ones".
The occasion was Daniel's birthday, cum Jennie's last outing before leaving to UK.

I did put some effort to get Daniel some present. HAHA!
Because he used to bring me go eat sushi.

I'm the sort of person who... whenever someone treats me,
I feel obligated to do something to "balance" things out. T.T

Also can blogger please have emoji.

Okay. It's been a while I've wrote anything too personal here.
I'll write it at the end of this post.

Mister Daniel ze September baby.

Xuan and Jennie.

We sat at Malt & Leaf and chit chat for quite a while,
Siet Yen had some wine she hadn't finish.

Then after that head to Play, guestlist under Ding's name.

The ladies

Anddd also bumped into Cynthia and her friend, Jieh Yi.

Did some catching up!
So that was my Saturday.

And the next day I'm just stoning.

Sunday is always either Cafe De Paris at Pavi,
or Chinoz at KLCC.

For today, it was Chinoz at KLCC.
I ordered Zucchini topped with Quinoa.
A bit too vegetarian for some but for me it was not bad.
Healthy way to fill myself up.

This was Malaysia Day! 16 September.
I remember I had exam that day, but only until early afternoon.

Suddenly had cravings for Kissburger!
So baby boy took me there.

Actually, part of what fascinated me was their mascots.
HAHAHA. Sucker for anything cute, really.

Ordered chicken teriyaki. The burgers are around 10-16.
Then u can the brinjal fries plus coke for RM6.

Cute mou.

The burger was okay, not bad but not too good.
But. For food I'm a very lenient person.

I always appreciate all the food I eat when I go out.
Because. Well. There are kids in Africa who are starving.

The best chicken teriyaki burger I've tried so far
is from Kissaten at Jaya One. Used to go there with Jennie :3

This is boyfie trying on iGallop and Cabbie being curious as usual.
HAHAH. iGallop is this chair that moves in a way 
that simulates horse-riding thus strengthening your core and whatnot.

Taught boyfie to do reverse plank on it and he was like,
wah, can feel ah. HAHAHA so cute

This was last Monday, Siew Wah's farewell for leaving to UK.

The funny thing was, Siew Wah and Jennie boarded the same flight to UK lol.
And they didn't even know.

Huge bunch at her gathering.

Ding jakun as usual. Her house had a pool,
so the guys kept throwing people into the pool.

I brought clothes to change.

HAHAHA. It was a great night.
So, thank you Siew Wah for being such a gracious host!

This was last Friday.

People kept talking about Maze Runner on Twitter and it got me curious! 
It's a little like Hunger Games, dystopia genre and you have to fight for survival.

The movie was quite gan jiong but development was a bit rough in some parts.
Still, not a bad movie. 

Poor boyfie also got overcharged because he tried to online book it.
We paid for the ticket three times -,-
I don't think he has gotten a refund yet.

Anyone had the same problem before ah?!

Bf can u shorter pls? hahaha

So that was Friday night.

Peaceful, chilling night spend with ze loved one.


Here comes the dreaded day! Sending Jennie off.

We had lunch ( or dunch, since it's lunch/dinner?!)
at Old Town in KLIA while waiting for Jennie to check in her baggage.

She complained a guy was stalling the line.
But after that she did the same, hogging one booth for like 20min 30 min 
because she brought four big luggages.

And I kept insulting her about her luggages lol.
She had four big ass luggage, then three bags for carry on.

Indeed, one black backpack, one black sling bag
and one red laptop bag.

Okay this is the sneak peek of the emotional part.

Gonna miss her definitely, we had so much crazy memories together.
But then, 2 years is a short while. And I might go UK 2015/2016 anyway. :3

Rachel birbir cry, so Jennie also cry.

And here I am... photobomb.

haha sorry Jennie know I'm not good with being cheesy with her.

Aww so sad la see couple give goodbye hug.
I can't stand it.

The last time was Vinoth and Shalini.

Airports have seen the most honest hugs ever on a day to the day basis.
It is the type of hug that you cling to the person for life,
yet you have to break away.

Aiyo so sad I photobomb again sorry

HAHAH okay.

So Jennie is safely in UK now.
Must've been a tiring ass journey for her to settle down and shit.

I always look so half awake on Sunday mornings trololol.

Decent one okies.


This was yesterday, with bae!
We went to Out of Seoul.

Well basically I dragged him there because I was hungry and craving for 
a carbful meal.

They say you have rice when you are hungry and want a few thousand of "something".

Bibimbap so sexy, it is my love.
I love ze egg and kimchi.
Hot bibimbap is the best.


Okies, so those are the outing pictures recently.
That's how I blog lol.
Take some pictures here and there.
Upload it to blogger then recall what I was doing.

Tonight is monthsary dinner again with baby boy.
HAHAHHA. Sorry. We still do something special every monthsary.
I think when you are in a relationship you can be pretty annoying to 
single people without realizing it :x

Lollll. Boyfie booked Korean restaurant at Solaris.
Why? Because the last time I took him to Solaris for Korean
for his birthday.

And then Saturday I'm heading off to the Mines again!
With boyfie and his family. Parents booked massage for us
ehehhe I feel paiseh a bit.

But of course I am happy to get to go on a mini vacation again :3

Right now I'm on holiday. But I DONT WANT no holiday actually.
Because this sem has been so free.

So funny right. When you're stress free you crave for challenges.
OH WELL. Now it's internship. For 3 months!
So I have to find work.

I want work man. gimme something to do lololol.

Also started pole dancing class recently! At Ativo Plaza,
Dreams Dance Studio. Cynthia told me bout it and I promptly signed up.
It's so near my house! I don't have any excuse not to.

I've always been curious about dancing, but never took any classes.
Because... it takes a bit to commit. But once I commit, I will go all the way.
Just like piano last time lolol.

I think I do have phases in different timelines of being me, being Karen.

There were phases where I would read nonstop. Finish a thick novel in a day or two.
I remember starting with young adult novels. Jacqueline Wilson. Princess Diaries.

Then there were phases I would keep a sketchbook and draw, draw, draw.
I loved drawing since young and would literally beg my mum or grandfather to draw random stuff for me. Sometimes they would happily fulfill my request, sometimes they didn't have the time. HAHAHA. When they did my eyes would light up watching them draw. Teapots, pans. Parrots.
My dad drew human in a way that didn't resemble a human much. The face was like a fish placed flat on its side.

Then there was a phase I was obsessed with Slyvanian Family, I remember in the 6 months I was into it I spent about 3k buying the figurines and houses. The houses cost like RM300/RM400. The shops cost about RM100. My favourite was the bakery.

And then I got a sewing machine, and I made clothes for the dolls.
I didn't even know shit how to make clothes back then. HAHAHA.
I just simply only.

Then there was a phase I was into church, around 14-16? Nat brought me to Full Gospel Tabernacle.

Then there was a phase I was really into piano, I could sit there and practise four hours straight.
I managed to jump to Grade Seven in three years. That was 15-17.

Then 17 I got my car license. 17-19 was wild girl Karen,
the bimbotic girl who just cared about dressing up, going to parties and taking pictures.
It was like I was scared that one day I didn't have parties to go to anymore.

Then now. Now, I guess, I'm the sporty version. HAHAHA.
The bimbo Karen would wear make up everyday,
but the sporty Karen couldn't be bothered because the sweat would ruin the make up.

I guess. I guess we all have different areas that we explore, by fate or by chance.
I'm still young.

Right now I just want to remember that people always regret the chances they DIDN'T take.
I don't want to waste time. Before that I could be bimbo, dress up and party.
But now I just find myself thinking of the future.

What new skills to take up on. Be more fit. 
Try some part time jobs. I want to try cooking. I want to master pole dancing.
Not the slutty kind, but the part of mastering the tricks. Uses a lot of core strength
and helps you build abs seriously. My instructor has nice abs!

And then of course I want to travel. Save money and travel with friends or boyfriend.
Before that every year my family would travel once or twice,
but as daddy got older the opportunities became less. What more with this MH370 and MH17.
Dad is afraid of plane crashes lol.

But... isn't it so that car accidents happen more frequently than plane crashes?!
Just that one plane crash would take a lot of lives, so it makes headlines.

Ya. And I wanna stay in Europe, maybe one year or two years.
Just to be independent and explore different culture.
IDK to get work visa or student visa yet lolol. Since, I am graduating from Raffles next year March.
Can't believe time flies so quickly.

Raffles I would say the first year is more tough than second year because there's so much to absorb.
I guess January to March I will be pretty busy.

My final semester. Graduation show.
Each student has to come up with 5 looks, and from that 5 looks
you might have to sew up to 15 garments.

IN THREE MONTHS. From design, draft, cut and sew.
I hope to manage my time well T.T
And hopefully to eat healthily and exercise whenever I have the time too.

After graduation will be a sigh of relief for me.
Thennn I would have to think of  what to do next.

Anyway right now I'm just mumbling about what's in future.
LOLOL. Okay something distracted me.

Have to head to college soon, not for class but for briefing.
OKIES. See you all. BUAI BUAI!

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