Saturday, 25 October 2014

Afterwork slash afterparty slash gym

Hello guys! After a two week plus hiatus, back to blogging!

Shall update you guys hehe.
The reason for that is mainly because I was working for two weeks.
Will explain about working after the outing part hehe.

Because outings are more fun than working, duh! :P

Selfie. So pink.

Cynthia called for dinner the day after I finished working.
And I was like, ON. Because I was dying to get back to this feeling.

Just dressing up, chitchat, take pictures. Doing what girls do.
Oh well. I'd probably do the same in my 30s and 40s.
Like those tai tai come out and have tea,

I always joke that I wanna be a "milf" even after having kids!

Because I don't want to let myself go.
Important to take care of your appearance too!

OOTD for the night?

Just dinner at Rakuzen DPC. But both Cynthia and I 
had the mood to dress up.


In case you were wondering:
Pearl necklace from Forever 21
Valentine Classic Flap Bag from Chanel
Pink Cutout Dress from Random Boutique
Pointy mules from Vincci

Touch ups? HAHA

Look. I didn't even know Rakuzen got renovated!!!

Also, heard Beer Factory is closing down for 2 months.
Renovation! Come back to fight The Roof maybe. 
Hahahha. Beer Fact was the IT place to go, couple years back.
Then Vertigo. Then Butter Factory.

Now? Oh why, The Roof it is.

We sat at the sushi counter

And ordered... sushi lol.

I had caterpillar roll.

I like all Japanese food/sushi actually.
Particularly unagi/salmon.

Asked Cynthia to suggest restaurant 
and she straightaway said Rakuzen.
Because she knows I love Japanese food! HAHHA.
Cynthia's favourite cuisine is Korean.

Korean is nice too. And Thai.
Western food I only like egg benedict. HAHAHHA

Here is Cynthia.

The last time I saw her was at The Roof.
Bumped into her with her friend Jieh Yi! 

Selfie roll:

I think people who have low self-confidence
should just dress up and take pictures.

It's the best medicine lol.

It's nice when people tell you you are pretty.
But when you take pictures you have proof that you are pretty.

HAHAHH bimbo mode on sial.

Thank you Cynthia for not wearing heels.

HAHAHA. I asked her why she so lansi, put on her Insta profile 173cm.
"Because everyone keeps asking".

Oh well. Just glad I found a boyfriend who likes short girls. HAHAHHA

Went to supermarket to get some oats and apples.

Easy food to eat when hungry and no time/too lazy to prepare any shit.
Actually supermarkets can be quite fashionable right.

As Karl Lagerfeld does.

Also on a sidenote can I have another Chanel flap this year pwiss.
Lambskin is a bit more high-maintenance I think.
Pretty but more for special occasions. HAHAHA.

iPad mini can fit in medium flap but a bit heavy.

Also the prices are shit ridiculous. Last year 15k plus,
this year 18.8k. lol wadaeff. But people still buy anyway.

Also had a dream dad suddenly told me we were going Korea
and I was packing everything last minute.
HAHHAHAHA. What a dream.

Maybe because I miss travelling too much. Eheh.
Passport also expired until cannot expired already.

Ah supermarket.

Oya I tried Liese Treatment Cream Color.

New product. Just randomly saw it at Watsons.
I think I bought it at offer price Rm22 ish ah. Forgot d hahaha.
Anyway i bleached my hair before so after a while it will become
very brassy. 

I took the medium brown, colour on the left.
Dark brown/med brown/light brown.
I wanna try dark brown next time! 
More into darker colours nowadays.

Was pretty pleased with the results.
Look more healthy and lady (boyfie said one).

I think I still look like a kid. Oh well

My make up look nowadays!
Black eyeliner, shiny tear bags, red tinted lips. 
And highlighter/blush. Korean-ish look 

Dinner with Cynthia was friday night.
Saturday morning, went Star Fitness with Jason Chin.
Yvonne and Shu Yin came too!

When I plan to do abs exercise.... I prefer crop tops.
HAHAHAH. Because you can see the results while doing it,
thus you will expend more effort to keep it up.

Gymming is worth my time and has become part of my life now.
Plus, I have boyfie as my gym buddy. HAHAH. That's where we met pssssh.

Starting gymming in April. October now.
Surprisingly going to work made me lose some weight, cos 
have to stand like 10 hours straight. HAHAHA.
Lost about 5kg ish since April.

Will keep it up. I wanna lose 4 more kgs then after that concentrate more on
toning. HAHAHAH

But, I'm not too strict about weight because sometimes muscles weigh heavier than fat.
For diet, I just eat more clean and healthy. I do eat junk food, but less.
Before that I think I have the habit of binge eating and treating my tummy as garbage can.

Umm. Benefits of gymming...
Your face will get sharper. No need to do those bullshit plastic surgery or what.
Waste money. Lose weight can d. Cheek will become slimmer and jawline too.
Chin become sharper.

Face become clearer too because you eat less junk food, less waste to expel.
Your body becomes more efficient. Metabolism-wise/stamina-wise.

Part of why I started going to gym was because I always felt tired and out of energy.
Seems like the less you do, the more tired you get.
Just like the more you sleep. The more tired you get.
Anyway our body is funny. The more you work it, the more it will become efficient to compensate.

Okay let the pictures do the talking.
Face much chubbier before going to gym.
And when your face get slim right, the nice part is,
your eyes open up and look bigger.

Since if got more fat on the eyelid it will sag down a bit. Makes sense ah?

Body wise, last time was rounder. Shoulders more chubby.


I'm glad to see the improvements, but definitely still gonna work it harder.

After gym, went to DPC to meet up with Daniel.
Vinoth and Jason Koh also went.

Harlow chubby muay thai fanatic monkey basketballer


Halter neck from Forever 21
Skirt from iForgot

Ate at Amelio. Just hang out and towk kowk.
They planning to go Escape Room and Boracay Island.

This was. Friday afternoon!

Gym with boyfie.

This was on Monday.

I told boyfie I really missed going to movies with him.
The whole thing of going to watch movie at night.
A big screen, and some popcorns.

This is Catherine! FlyFM trooper hahaha.

She was kind to give us screening tickets.
Boyfie bought her popcorn combo in return haha.

The movie was pretty good! 

Love, Rosie.

Glad to watch romantic movie muahhaha. Everything else is HORROR.
Because of halloween oh my.

It's about a guy and a girl who grew up being bestfriends.
They loved each other but obstacles got in the way.

Nice movie to watch with your romantic partner hehe.

boo! HAHAH.
No make up face. 

Boyfie smart ah.
I like asking him trick questions for time to time.

"Dear, no make up or make up nicer?"
"Both also nice"

HAHAHAHHAHAHA. Boyfie prefers natural look.
Lucky he didn't say prefer which.

If u say no make up, the question will be "means I make up not nice lah?"
If u say make up nicer, worse ah. "Means I MAKE UP ONLY NICE LA?"

HAHHAHA. #girllogic


Alright! So come to working!

I worked at Sub 1Utama for about two and a half weeks.

I was getting really bored of sitting at home, so decided to look for a job.
I prayed to get a job and the first store I asked, I got hired lol.
So that was Sub.

The last time I worked was two years ago, at Burberry.

Working really refreshed my mind of the value of money.
How hard is it to earn money.

Like, if I buy something that costs RM18. I will think,
thats three hours of my pay right there.

I work as a part-timer. Full shift is 10am to 10pm, shopping mall hours.
Afternoon shift is 2pm to 10pm while morning is 10am to 6pm.
I never got morning shift before. The good thing about working in a mall
is that you pretty much avoid the jam I guess.


Jason chin, kingjiat, yihwern, yeeshan, yvonne, shu yin, siet yen, qiyao,
vinnie, dixon came to visit me. So touched for everyone of them!

Edward was the first to visit lo. And the one who fetch me to work a couple times.

Tina was my co worker. HAHA.

Was pretty fun to work with her.
We all act quiet when supervisor here la. HAHAHA

I worked at Burberry before so I pretty much 
knew agak agak what to do.

Serve customers, fold clothes, display stock, housekeeping.

Fitting room! HAHHAHA

Anyway, working was tiring. But glad that I went through it.
Maybe find another job next month!

Hehe. Extra pocket money and not waste my time right.
This week or two. I wanna enjoy my holiday first hahahaha

Okies, That's all guys! Leave a comment if you have any questions.
Rude ones will be ignored!

Loves, xoxo!

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