Sunday, 5 October 2014

little getaways


Boyfie and I went back to The Mines again last Saturday and Sunday.
His mummy goes there for massage and they have a package thing going on. Haha!

Anyway, I am a very simple girl.

Don't need diamonds to make me happy- just throw me at a pool/beach and gimme sushi.
In this case it's a manmade beach la hahhaa.

I dragged boyfie to the pool early in the morning on the second day 
because checkout is 12PM. Oh well, standard time.

Hehe. Boyfie is not a morning person.
Totally not willing to get out of bed.
I think after 11AM his software install finish.

Brought out this forgotten bikini! ^^

The last time I wore this I think was in Penang.
I looked back old pichas and saw it, so decided to wear it again

I think I just might be the annoying one in the relationship. Hahhaa!

Didn't really apply sunscreen.
Was out in the sun for like an hour.
But still!!! When I went back to the hotel I saw tanlines dy!

AIYAHHH any more tanned I'm gonna be a roasted chicken.

Smile smile.

Balcony from hotel room.

After swimming, I took a quick shower.
Then head to the gym with boyfie.

They have a small gym upstairs

HAHHA I remember something we did really funny inside.
Something that involves killing a rat ahem. Figuratively I mean.

Actually I was a bit tired after swimming so I just
walked 2km on the treadmill with my ipanema slippers ^^

This was at TCM Wellness Centre inside The Mines.
Traditional Chinese Medicine lol.

They have accupuncture, massage, spa and herbal medicines.
His mummy has a bit of body ache so she comes here :3

Haha. His family put me for body massage.
I kept laughing T.T The lady who massaged me said she never encountered
someone so ticklish.

Because usually they will feel pain more than ticklish.

I sensitive with my back. HAHAHAHAH.
She touch a bit I giggle. 

Day one was japanese cuisine. Favourite boy and favourite food teeheee.
Sushi train sushi is good enough for me.
I'm not really picky when it comes to food. 

Inside the Mines shopping mall Sakae Sushi.

Second day was Korean food at Seoul Fusion.
I ordered bibimbap but boyfie's kimchi fried rice tasted way better! :3

Hehe. So that's the summary of The Mines this time.
Umm. I'm together with boyfie 3 months ish and this is our 3rd getaway. HAHAH.
I guess 4th and 5th less since I have work T.T


Oh yeah work. I will be working at SUB 1 Utama until the end of November!
Keeping my December free because December is an awesome month.
Christmas, New Year's Eve. Month of festivities hoho.
Can't believe 2014 completely flew past my eyes.
Especially after April, going to gym and having a boyfie and shit. HAHAHA

Okay moving on

This was Thursday. Outing with the girls!
It's been a while. For what seems like a long while,
it was only The Roof night outings. lol.

OOTD was throwing on whatever shit I could find in my wardrobe.
HAHHAA. Pink halterneck from Sungei Wang.
The pink skirt is from some boutique.

Wait let me find a picture two three years back when this type of
high-low asymmetrical skirts were reary popular.

There. HAHAHA. This was DPC 2012.

Eh 2012 high low skirt very the heng one okay.

Ahem now back to 2014.

Harlow. Selfie in the car. 1U super long traffic light.

Siet Yen with her Chicken shirt from Taiwan.

See? It really says chicken.
Siet Yen said she didn't notice the word until people kept asking her about it.
lolol. Siet Yen on vegan diet due to the 九王爷 festival.

Take picture with a chicken, harlow~

So the last blog post we sent Jennie off to Liverpool.
How is she doing? Everyday twitter complain flatmate
slam door, noisy, didn't wash plate BLABALA.

I can imagine. Jennie is the landlady sort of person.
Bossy and cannot stand filthiness.
MUAHAHA. Confirm she die if live with messy people (ahem like me).

Rachel CMI (can't make it) cos she had class until 6pm wahrao.
Xuannie came after she went to Taylor's.
Xuannie transferring credit to KDU!
I think the new campus will be at Subang.
But Xuannie doesn't mind cos can use the Sungai Buloh way to Subang.

With two big heads. Their forehead seriously huge I'm NOT KIDDING.

Totally just borrowed a Lingerie shop's prop to act as tripod for camera to take this ootd.
Oops sorry. HAHA ^^

Also went to Aldo cos Xuannie wanted to look at some shoes and I ended up trying quite a few.
GOT TWO VERY NICE! A pointy toe heel and pumps. Too bad size too big ahhhhhh.

And then went to Daiso. Xuan bought stuff for Kiki's wedding and some other..
nonsensical things. Siet Yen too.

We were talking about cotton pads and air freshener and Xuan was like.
Eh we all damn loser now. Last time talk about fishes in clubs now talk about 
cotton pads and air fresheners.

OH WELL. HAHAHHA. Several more years we talk about baby clothing d 

Well I guess we just have to trust this saying

"Enjoy your youth because you will never be any younger than you are this moment".

HAHA okag.

Then I went home. Around 6PM and it was so jam!!!
Last time 1u not that jam but now population rising, density increasing
and MRT roadworks everywhere ah.


Saturday! Pole fitness class at Ativo Plaza.

The place is called Dreams Dance Studio. 3 levels up Rondaevoo there.
RM180 per month!

Have to take a break though since I'm starting work next Wednesday!

Hehe. How's pole dance? 
It is interesting to me because it is quite a challenge to learn.
Takes a lot of arm and core muscles.
I wanna install a pole beam at home!

It's like sneaking exercise into a hobby! I want. HAHAHA

Went home and shower.
Boyfie guessed that I was craving Korean/Thai food. 
HAHAH ^^ love this boyfie.

So he picked me up and we ate at Out of Seoul. ATIVO AGAIN. Hahah!
Was craving for kimchi fried rice (throwback to The Mines)

drag boyfie here and there to take picture with me while waiting for food to come.
Teehee ^^

See here actually boyfie. You know.
Had a bad dream of me doing something bad to him in the dream.
And when he wake up he got angry at me in real life. T.T
I innocent pls! 

This was on 9gag weyh. Girl logic- had a bad dream, gets angry at you in real life.

Real life I nice one

Smile la ^^v

Kimchi fried rice!!! Hou sek!

Add on kimchi RM2, surprised cos side dishes can refill mostly at Korean resto.
But they gave a lot of kimchi so that was reasonable :3


Boyfie ordered ramen.
He said he was full halfway through the huge bowl.
Then I gave him my rice, he scoop scoop scoop until finish!!!
See! Boyfie is what we call a fan tong! Aka rice pail!!
Because the amount of rice he eats is STAGGERING.

His one plate of rice I can separate into six dinners. That staggering. 
HAHAH! But I like boyfie with more meat tq

Itu dia punya ramen.

Itu saya punya fried rice selepas kita makan bersih bersih.
Satu beras pun tak wujud dah.

HAHAH summary of Korean food lunch.
Take so many pictures meh?! Sial

Selfie at the gym!
Been going to gym often. Before I start work hahaha.
I hope when I start work I still have time to work out.
At least 3 times a week lo....

Now it's like five times a week ish.
Sometimes in evening I go badminton with Natalie.
Last time heng jogging with Daniel/King Jiat/Jason Chin at DPC.
And also swimming with Mei Yen at Valencia!

Also wearing crop tops encourages me to do abs exercises.
HAHAHA. Because can see the results right away.

Saturday night din din with family at 1 U.
Off shoulder top from Bershka, floral skirt from boutique,
white wedge sneakers from Korea :3

Dropped by Starbucks TTDI a while to meet Ed's friends.
This is Miss Dee!


Chui chui!

Love wearing sneakers actually. So comfy I can walk forever.

Last Thursday was Raffle's Senior Graduation Show.
Our lecturer made us be the dressers for the catwalk show!

Quite tiring but was a good opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes.
Plus! We ourselves will be graduating by March/April 2014 so we have to do the same.
Next year January to March I'll be busy making outfits for graduation catwalk. !!

Oh yeah the bottom one is our french lecturer MR Laurent.
He hates selfie actually but teeheee!

With Chloe!

The venue was at J.W Marriott Bukit Bintang.

Hello you guys better come for my graduation next year tq

Behind the scenes their outfit!

One model wears a few outfits so we have to help them take on and take off outfits.
Hectic moments because of the narrow timeframe.

Super tall yoh.

The program director was like "Hey that model is sitting on YOUR DRESS!".
Then the student had to go ask the model to stand up lol.
Because it was a really huge gown.

Some of the models can be a bit haughty but some are very friendly and polite with
a lot of thank you and please. The haughty ones are like.
"I can do it myself" "Don't step on my dress lah" (actually a caucasian who said this with a "lah).

HAHHAHA. One of the polite one was Chloe Chen, who is actually 
Miss Malaysia 2011. The other models, some are from Russia, some from Polish.

It was nice to see our seniors hardwork come to fruition!
Can tell they put so much effort on their collections!

So, congratulations hehe.


This was on 28th last month!
Belated monthsary dinner.

Boyfie spontaneously told me he's booking korean dinner hehee.
We had BBQ at Little Korea at Solaris Mont Kiara :3

Was so stuffed. We greedy, refilled side dishes thrice!

lublub. Thank you baby for the dinner :3

This was at Woh Gei. HAHAH! I think before gym cos I didn't tie hair.

Tous Les Jour with bae. at bangsar!
Jalan Telawi there.

Ordered their vegetarian sandwich. It's so hearty! Yum yum!!

A full body shot.

Jalan Telawi. Hehe. So  many nice brunch spots.

Our night desserts recently.
Boyfie likes KTZ Mango Sago!
I like the Kiwi one hehe.

That's all this post! Till then hehehhe

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