Thursday, 27 November 2014

Gangnam 88, DPC, Sushi Mentai


Life has been pretty smooth sailing as of late. 
So fast it's gonna be December. And then bye bye to 2014!
December is total holiday mood lol.

This was on Tuesday.
Gangnam 88 with boyfie :3
The branch at Sunway Giza.

Surprisingly, they are open until 1AM 0,0
The one in Solaris is more packed deffo.

I love Japanese, Korean and Thai food :3
So Asian right? HAHAHA

Nomnom. A lot of food lol.

Boyfie bought the groupon voucher. Super worth it lol!
The last time we ate here it was around RM90 (without voucher)
This time it's only RM35 for 2!

YUMYUM. Boyfie got the voucher because he knows I like bibimbap :3

Gave him the beef on top thou I don't eat beef ehehe.

Boyfie had rice burger with beef inside.

Actually, no special occasion.
It was a Tuesday night and both of us were free.

Nevertheless there were quite a lot of people
out for food and drinks after work,
eventho it was a weekday.

Hmm, compare Malaysia now and 2010 is really a big difference.
Nowadays there is price inflation, petrol increase.
And I remember way back we didn't even have 
Victoria's Secret, Uniqlo or H&M.
And there was no Desa Park, Maluri was the place to go.
OH MY! How things have changed.

Ehehe. I was really hungry too that night.
Because the whole day I only had one bread and fruits 
and I went gym.


The side dishes can be refilled too, as always.
I like the fishball! 

After that, tummy had extra space for dessert. ^^
They have a little ice cream bar, so I took
a pig pig one which is strawberry and choco flavour.

I love tutti frutti! And frozen yogurt!

Oh oh tee dee.

Off shoulder top from Bershka.
Military skirt from Kitschen.
Wedges from Ipanema.
Canapa bag from Prada.


On a sidenote, lol a random hater left a message at the chatbox.

It used to irked me a lot the first time it happened.
But after a while you'll just be like.

Why care so much about an anon hater who sits behind a computer
just to type mean things. Lol. Quite funny actually.

Three things to describe this type of people is-
jealous, lifeless and shameless.

I mean. You have so much time to type mean comments.
Why don't you find something better to do?

To me, I'm like okay. I don't even know who you are.
So why should I care so much about a petty anon who's
just jealous and has nothing better to do.

You want me to take you seriously,
man up and bitch it right in front of my face.
Otherwise, hide behind your computer like the little faggot you are.


Okies moving on to the more important things in life :3

Last Saturday was going all the way to Setia Alam 
for cousin's daughter's full moon. 

Asymmetrical green dress from Kitschen!
This dress is about 3 years old if not wrong.
And it's quite special to me because it
reminds me of tinkerbell lolol.

Mummy just told me I'm an Autumn in terms of color analysis.
My mummy is learning fashion styling. Hahaha so interesting!
I'm Autumn because I have warm undertones.
Green, yellow and orange suit me. 

Whoops fail shot.

The 80s and 90s generation. HAHAH.
One of them isn't but cannot tell so it's okay.

Scott my cousin.

He helped me to play pirate kings!

The app that has taken facebook by storm recently.
HAHAH. Before this was meowchat I think.

At first I thought it was so annoying.
Then I got curious.
Then I downloaded it and I'm doomed lol.
It's quite addictive but promotes vengefulness.

I even got so far to delete the game because I didn't want to
feel so pressured T.T I was top 3 in the leaderboards out of 300 plus.
Then my boyfie kept playing it and I download it back lol.

For me the trick to playing this game is simple-


This was today!

Eheh I kind of like the way he looks at me.

I guess we are quite PDA sometimes
but I just think that... love is precious
And right now I'm just enjoying it as much as I can.

To love another person
but also not forgetting to love yourself :3

And of course! also have to balance we college, family, friends, ETCTECT

hello big kiddie.

We just went to Desa Park to do some errands.
I needed to buy doggie food cos Dad's out of town!

We had Sushi Mentai for brunch.

Boyfie wanted Thai food actually but I was like sushiiii.
Hehe. I love thai food when I'm craving spicy thou, espo pineapple fried rice!

Their pink plates are RM1.80, red plates are RM2.80.
You can imagine how cheap everything is.

I love their mango sushi!! New one. Fell in love when I tried it today.
Boyfie likes the unagi. Super worth it yooo

We ate quite a lot but it was only RM40 for two. Hehe.
And it was a satisfying meal too.

For me, I'm not too picky with food.
Especially sushi.

Even the worst sushi is still sushi to me. HAHAHHA.
I reary love sushi lol. Popiah too.

Actually I like eating a lot of things :3 slurps


This was Tuesday! College.

True to what mummy said. HAHAH. Yellow suits my skin tone.
I have warm undertones!

This is my colour chart.

Apparently no matter how tanned or fair I get I will still be autumn,
because I have warm undertones.

Maybe I will be like autumn or medium autumn. lolol.
U can google color analysis yourself and figure out with one you are !

Shall refer to this colour chart next time I go shopping for clothes eheheh.

And this was last Sunday at Chinoz with family.

That's all this post!

Tata! Loves~~~

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Dating, swimming, taylors, facial


Welcome back to my blog again hehe.
Life has been so far so good!

Thursday today, went out with Mister Edwards.
HAHAHA! To Pavilion. It's monthsary time of the month again. :3

Squish ur nose. Cheesy photo!

Our anniversary is June 21st to be exact.
He picked 21st because my birthday is on 21st of March hehe.

Let me recount....! For June boyfie got six roses because June is 6 on the calendar.
For July he brought me to eat sushi and gave me a balloon and a chocolate and a hello kitty.
For August he took me to buffet at Swiss Garden and gave me a Soufeel charm.
For September he brought me Little Korea bbq. And we bought each other Pandora.
For October I was busy working so didn't really get to celebrate.
For November is Japanese food (today) then Korean food tomorrow.
And boyfie also randomly bought sport bras hahahah.

Hahahahhaha! Anyway.
Glad to have him as my boyfriend always.
To see him being so thoughtful, that's what counts.
Next month is my turn to spoil him d :3

We wanted to eat at Tokyo Street initially but after some deliberation
we settled for Ichiban Boshi instead. Great choice!!!

The place is quite big and was packed cos it was lunch hour,
but nevertheless our food arrived really QUICK.
I must say I'm impressed! Not like Sushi Zanmai. LOLOL.

Sakae Sushi I also quite like because you can order from the iPad.
Sushi Mentai I also like because it's either RM1.80 or RM2.80.
And that's bloooody cheap for sushi.

Salmon Yukke Roll

The Salmon is really thick!
Their chicken don is also yums, kill steal from le boyfie.

Anyway. I always enjoy eating sushi.
Having ze favourite food and favourite person in front of me.

AISH. I blog this I hungry again. #die

After eating, we went for movie.

Big Hero 6! Baymax is so cute.

Enjoyable movie! Mockingjay is also justtt out. 
Might catch it next. Thank goodness, because October had
the worst movie drought ever with the influx of nonstop horror movies. 
Ewwww (a little avoidant on them)

There was a lot of Chrismassy decorations to take pictures with at the main hall.

They were animated and stuff. HAHAHAH.

Anyway. It's nice that malls spend so much to create holiday atmosphere.
Everything is expensive nowadays ah.

Love this shot too :3
Maxi makes me look taller I like. HAHAHAH

Look at this. So nervous.

HAHAHAH. Because people kept passing by thus ruining our shot!
But is okay! Satisfied with the pictures previously. Hahahah.

After that we went to Komugi.
Pick some chocolates :3 they were quite pricey
but also quite nice to eat

I gobbled them up before I could take any pictures ^^

So that was my thursdate! With ze beloved boyfie!


Last Friday, had a dip at Valencia's swimming pool.
Early morning, like 9AM. So grateful it did not rain,
although the clouds looked gloomy.

With baby Mei Yen! Hehe.
Love hanging out with her and her cuckoo laugh.

I only did 5 laps! Hehe.
But quick refreshing to swim in the morning.

And finally can see abs a bit lolol.
From gym and pole fitness I think.

Oh yesh. Always remember to put on sunscreen too.

Swimsuit is from FOS.

Guess how much?




It's not even RM50.

I think it was RM30 or RM20.
For the SET. Unbelievable right ^^


Saturday, went to 1Utama to meet up with Yih Wern.
Catch up over Sushi Q!

Yih Wern was trying some lipstick at M.A.C.
That's her little sister by the way!

Yih Wern is very mummy-ish to her because they have a wide age gap.
Not bad ah, train from young. HAHAHAH.
Equipped with motherly skills.

Simple pink dress sort of day.

OOTD mirror shot!

Pink dress from iforgotwhere
Pearl necklace from Chanel
Boston Bag from Gucci
Slippers from Jelly Bunny

Hehe. And then after that went to meet up with Mister Edwards
who went to catch up with William and Mandy.

Miss Tina! HAHAHHAHA. Miss her always.

Ze colleague from Sub. Dropped by to say HI!


Sunday, family outing day.
French pastries with family at Pavilion's Cafe De Paris.
Reading Heaven Is So Real. From boyfriend's house one.

I ordered french toast! Yumyum.

But it's quite filling! So after the first piece you feel quite full already.
I like how fluffy and juicy it tastes, especially with the honey.

Brother came later and had pizza at Quivo. So huge!
He called me to be his Bandaraya.
I helped myself with two slices, because nobody can reject pizza.

Anyway the thing with keeping fit is sometimes you'll feel guilty about eating.
But! Keep fit is a long term lifestyle anyway,
so it's not reliable to deprive myself long term. MUAHAHA. EAT!

Also got a trim at A Cut Above because Daddy often goes there for haircuts.


Monday afternoon, went to Herbaline with Mei Yen.

Soak soak ze feet! They also give you some tea and another ginseng tea.
And also ask you to inhale this Lavendar steam. Then they do facial.
Tweeze eyebrow/massage/pick blackheads/pop pimples/facial.

For me the blackhead part was quite painful because I didn't go facial for three years!
HAHHAHA. But pimple less 

Mei Yen is the one who likes to do facial/hair treatments.
Those kind of pampering stuffs.

I'm more of a make up clothes and brunch girl.

They have the promotion, first time is RM38.
After that is normal student price, RM48.

But... that one is herbal mask, more for oily and acne.
My skin is more to dehydrated!

Before going to gym my face had more breakouts.
Now less heh finally. So I opted for the hydrating one which was a bit pricier.
RM79. Normal price is RM99 but first time is RM20 off.

I think I should scour Groupon for facial deals.

Also, wondering if I should do 4D Korean lash extensions?!
They look not bad!

Bought Maybelline Magnum Volume Waterproof Mascara.
My another old tube was finishing

I'm impressed! Suits my eyelashes hehe. And holds the curl.
I neeeeeed waterproof versions. Otherwise the mascara is too wet and won't hold my curl.

And honestly I think every month most of my pocket money goes to
petrol, groceries, pharmacies. Watson and Hero Market. 
I don't even pamper myself that much anymore lol.

Last time I only had two three dresses in my wardrobe.
Now there's like fifty in there. 
Have to justify my purchases more.

Maybe have to donate some of the things in my room.
Spring cleaning is annoying but very important.
The hard part is getting started. When you are done,
it just feels so refreshing.

Like taking off some burden. And ready to move on further.
Clean closet also so #dramatic. HAHAHA

It's just that as you grow, you outgrow styles and things.

I don't mind coming facial.

But maybe like. Once every three months. HAHAHAHHA.

After facial :3

No make up la hahahah
Got also they cleanse it for you before proceeding to facial.

Oh yeah! It was my first time visit and one of them addressed me by name.
They were like how come you knew her name?
Then she said she's friends with me on Facebook.

So cute haha! Her name is Elsa.
It was nice meeting her. Very good massage technique hahaha.

But I'm not a good massage candidate eheheheh.
A bit I can tahan, but after a while I will laugh and get ticklish T.T


Tuesday, driving to class.

Lazy to choose, throw on an LBD.
Little Black Dress. HAHAH. 
This one is from Mirrorcle.

I think it was like RM37.
As you can see, I am very cheapskate with my clothes.
In fact, I am quite cheapskate with everthing.
Unless I think it's worth it la hehe.

After class, went to Taylors Lakeside to visit Mei Yen.
I actually used GPS to guide me and!!! By golly!
My phone GPS actually WORKED.

I thought it didn't have voice navigation but I realize
it was because I never tried driving with it. HAHAH STUPID.
You don't move then of course the GPS don't tell you the next direction right.
Stupid me my gatch.

The GPS sounds weird though, got Indian slang one.
I don't mind but.. he talk half don't talk half one. 

HAHAHA ANYWAY. Managed to arrive Sunway in one piece.
I used NPE highway. Never used it before.

Matsuba! By golly, Taylors was hot and crowded!!!
But it was nice that I managed to get visitor's parking.
I know their parking system is terrible.

But on the other hand, because Taylors is such a vast campus,
you can meet a lot of people. It's like a really varied social platform.
But I don't know lah haha.

Can't believe I have thought of studying at Taylors before!
HAHAH! That was when I just quit The One Academy
and wanted to switch to Business because I was fed up with design course.

But hey, after that I went to Raffles College.
And I did learn a lot a lot of things.
Sewed quite a lot. 

So. I don't regret anything!
Semester eight down out of nine semesters.
The last. My final push. The mini collection and catwalk.
Sew five looks and up to fifteen outfits.

A lot of time, money and effort to be spent during January and March next year!
I know now I miss college, but when college starts I deffo gonna miss holidays.
It's mostly the jam-free days that I appreciate ^^

Because... when you wake up early and face the jam,
come home late and face the jam, it's quite stressful ah! For me la personally.
I like things to be more flexible. Well, who doesn't lol.

Inari Maki from Mastuba, their in-campus Japanese restaurant.
They really do have everything. Famous Amos and Chatime too.
Of course, I feel so pariah. My college is tiny tiny! Haha!

The sushi is very worth it! RM8.90!
No wonder Mei Yen always dabao. But it's quite crowded too lol.
Taylors is really so big and crowded :3

Mei Mei Mei Yen.

Candid mou

Gloomy clouds! Errday allday.

The duck station. Hahahah!
Cos there will be some ducks sitting around cleaning themselves. So cute.

Hehe. Visted for a short while and left before 4pm
because... because I SCARED TO EAT JAM. T.T


Gym with ze Mister Edwards!
Glad to have boyfie as gym partner.

Gym is where we met btw. HAHAHHAHAHA.
So funny to think back.

Guys love chest day don't they

That tired sweaty face after workout. 


HAHAH. Don't usually camwhore in gym.
Because I will get very distracted. 

Thats all this post!

Adios, mucho gracias! :*