Saturday, 1 November 2014

Look at me and I look at chu


Welcome to my blog back again hehe.
My week was... pretty chill.
Taking the time to enjoy after finishing work.
Who knows I might work again soon? Eheh :3

Monday! Went to Publika with boyfie.

Boyfie had class so he came to pick me up after class.
Which was nice of him since it's a big detour :3

Boyfie brought me to Publika because I was craving for Red Bean Bag!
I love Egg Benedicts lol. Sadly I didn't realise it was closed on Mondays,
so we headed to Journal by Plan B instead.

Some shots with the boyfie.

Lurve this shot ^^

This might just be our new signature way of taking pictures.
Cheesy, but.... 

Oh well ^^

Hahahah. It's like a twist to the usual couple ootd.
Instead of looking at the camera, look at each other's eyes.
I think more often than not you will end up laughing or cringing.

Plan B! It's pretty dim inside with chairs hanging as decor.

Was craving for egg benedict.

For western cuisine, egg benedicts are a no brainer for me.
Some buns, poached egg dripping with hollandaise sauce.
Salmon or mushrooms or spinach.

This one is called Egg Royale if not mistaken? Haha.
RM16 or RM17 ah. HAHAHA

Boyfie so cute pointing at my phone.
King Jiat was calling! Haha.

Thanks to swarm. That's what I like about checking in.
When you check in, someone is there as well.
And they come say "hi!".

King Jiat, huan yuan and king jiat's girlfriend dropped by to say "Hi!"
They went for coffee.

In ten years time there might be kids behind us.

If you get what I mean. #TROLOLOL.

OOTD? :3

hair up

hair down.

Which do you prefer?

Going for a coachella-ish look, this one.
But in a coincidental manner.

Because I bought a lace floral choker from Lovisa.
And the outfit sort of built up around that piece.
Crop top from Bershka.
Palazzo pants from Forever 21.
I think I have to take in the seams myself! 
They are falling from my hips lol. 
Either elastic band giving away or losing weight. Hopefully the latter.
Anddd pink flap from Chanel.

My next bag must surely be a black bag. With gold hardware if possible.
I have so many pinks/nudes.

Hmm. I think I might sell off some old bags in one or two years.
It's true tastes will change imperceptibly over time.
And now I realize it's best to stick to classics.

Better invest in quality than quantity, right!

Okay why not have some #bagtalk.

If you're not into materialistic things, can skip right ahead lol 

Bags I have my eye on currently hahahaha

Clockwise from upper left: 
Chanel Jumbo, Lady Dior, Chanel GST, Dior Panarea

I think I would like Chanel Jumbo the most.
Chanel medium flaps are great as evening bag but I have one in pink,
so why not get the jumbo in black instead right? Hmm.
But it is also crazy ass expensive and it gets crazier each year.
Last year the jumbo was about 18k, now it's 20.8k.
If you know you like a bag and it's a classic, why not bite the bullet 
while it's early right? LOLOL.

Birkins I would not even think of until I start working.
Anyway I think I only buy handbags like once a year anyway.
So better make it count.

Chanel flap I love the look of it the most. The chain and the turnlock.
Neverfull is the most functional one. You can carry your life in it and it's not a heavy bag because it's a shoulder tote.

I used to love satchels more! That's why there's so many crossbody bags.
But now.. shoulder totes and flaps are all I need lolol.

I think neverfull is really nice to bring to mamak
where you can carry a 600ml bottle, an A4 sized magazine and also an iPad.
And it's not even half full.

That's where I wonder if I should go for Gst instead of jumbo for more space lol
Dior Panarea is like the black version of neverfull. But they are discontinuing this style soon thou,
to a new one called Rosato Canvas.

Why do premier designers love phasing out classics?! 
Like Chanel with their cambon totes and pst

Anyway, here's a glimpse of my handbag collection.
A lot of pinks and nudes. HAHAHAH.
Only one black.

Don't judge me. I had blonde hair and I was a teenager. Lolol

These four bags I guess I can see myself using them in quite a while more.

Chanel valentine medium flap,
Prada Saffiano Tote BN1801 Cameo,
Louis Vuitton Neverfull Damier Azur,
Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Eva Clutch.

If you were wondering the prize I bought at that time-
Chanel flap- RM13.3k, KLCC, Early 2014,
Prada Saffiano- RM6.8k ( ithink? or 6.9? HAHAHA), Pavilion, Early 2013
Neverfull- RM3.5k, Starhill, Mid 2014
Eva Clutch- RM2.6k ( ithink), KLCC, Late 2012

Reference in case you were wondering if these bags have gone up in price?
HAHAHAH. Idk how much they are now.

Also have a prada chain bag but I can't find the picture teehee

And these reflect more of my younger years I think.
Prada canapa tote, 2013
Gucci boston bag, 2013
Burberry nylon tote, I was like. 14? Lol. So 2008
Burberry sling bag, 2012.

HAHAHA. I think I would sell these in future. 
Or keep it in the collection but use less?

Anyway I think handbags are the only things I really splurge on.
Make up maybe a bit too, but make up is more forgiving la hehe.
Foodwise I'm okay with both coffee food and cafe food. 
Clothes-wise I'm a cheapskate. I don't mind sungei wang or whatever.
Accessories-wise maybe out of sudden I'll want chanel earrings or diamonds
but only only once in a while.

So that gives you an idea of what a spender I am? Haha.

I think in future I will have to put less money on myself.
Instead I'll have to worry about housing loans, children's education...
better #plan early right.

And save money too! HAHAHA.

Maybe for every splurge you save 20%.
Buy RM1k earring, save RM200.
I don't know? HAHA. And definitely don't blow away your ang pau
on gambling during Chinese New Year!


This was during Thursday.

Boyfie was being #mysterious.
Just picked me up and didn't tell me where we were heading.

But I guessed halfway ^^

The Good Batch! Hahaha

Look at the mural it's so cute lol.
Couldn't resist taking a picture.

Boyfie was so thoughtful hehe.
Told him I wanted to try The Good Batch and he brought me here :3

Ootd. Simple black dress with bell sleeve from Padding Market, Australia.
Pink flats from Forever 21.

Boyfie ordered the Ang Moh.
Which is The Good Batch's rendition of Big Breakfast.
HAHAH! So much of calories there.

Finally something that can fill up my boyfie stomach!
He eats like a bull but is still lean. And I'm here like.
Give me your metabolism, PLEASE.

I had Portobello road! :3

Hashbrown instead of buns hehe.

It was yummy but quite heaty and filling.
Nevertheless, a great plate of poached egg dish to dig in.

Their prices are pretty standard, RM20-25 a dish.
But their portions are pretty generous and also scrumptious :3


Hehe thangiew boyfie for bringing me there.

Camera roll:

After eating at The Good Batch (SS2 Uptown)
we headed to Tropicana City.

Boyfie had to go Maxis and we thought of watching movie. 


We watched Flirting In The Air! 

Other movies were like horror movies.
Which I have not touched this genre for a year now.
I would rather do a bungee jump than watch a horror movie.
Blame the nightmares. HAHAHA.

First cantonese movie with boyfie.
Director is Wong Jing, a well known Hongkie director.
Hamsap and funny I think, for his shows.

Got one part at the intro.
The guy is a pilot, so he said roughly. 
12 years old I start to da fei kei, 18 years I learn to fong fei kei,
and finally 20 years old I learn to zha fei kei.

HAHHA. If you know cantonese you'll get what it means.

Take pictures like this again! HAHAHAHA sorry ^^

Also! Changed from pink flats to new slippers.
Hehe. Boyfie bought it for me :3
Because the pink flats were giving me blisters.

And that was our Thursdate :)


29th October! Daddy's birthday.
My king hehe. Five candles for him because he finally turned the big five-O.
I hope daddy will live happy and healthy.

The two younger kids are my cousins Scott and Claire.
Dickson commented so fast Edward got two kids -,- lolol


This was last Saturday night.
Siet Yen wanted to come out release stress
because she spent the whole day doing assignments.
I would know, I was an Esmod student before lol.

We went to Brewery Tap, Ativo.
Actually supposed to be just me and her but I kept calling people lol.
"Recruit" as Daniel calls it. HAHAHAHA.

Xuan dropped by with her new hairstyle!
She was visiting her gramma at Selayang Hospital.

Been a while coming out? HAHA.

There was a period every week there would be The Roof outings.

"Save water, drink blood"

King Jiat, Daniel and Vinoth also came.
I snapchat King Jiat and he was like saya mau join
and I was like come come come. HAHAHA.

And baby boy also came to visit after his work ended ^^ yay

So that was last Saturday!
Daniel had plans to go Boracay, Phillipines. HAHA.
For Ariel's Point. And Xuannie kept searching hotels.

She said wanted to budget but end up searching Shangri-La Hotel.

Daniel's mum was also there, coincidentally!
His mum is really the ON type. 

And she was so nice to buy us food and a round of drinks!
Chicken chop and fries :3 thank you auntie!


This was Tuesday night
Accompany boyfie do assignment at Ativo

I was quite hungry and ordered a salmon egg mayo sandwich.
The taste was so-so, but filling.
I think the buns would be nice if they were crispier.
Nevertheless. I am always grateful for food! HAHA

One fc? 

I said give boyfie some but I managed to finish most of it trololol.

This was at The Morning After!
Around 11pm it is still pretty crowded.
I think they open until 1am/2am ish.

It's like... high class mamak.

Tuesday's Malaysian Studies class with Jia Shin and Abby.
Qing xiu look ah? HAHAHAHAHA.
Deffo prefer darker hair colours nowadays.


Last Sunday's shopping outing with family.
Two weeks hiatus for this while I was working.
I miss shopping! Deffo

If you are wondering. My top and bottom are both from bershka. HAHAHA

We went to Pavilion.

I ordered Spaghetti Nicoise, pasta with tuna and tomato sauce.
I think once in a while I do enjoy/crave something hot and westerny.
With tomato and cheese and bread. Like pizza or pasta or sandwiches.

Sunny day. Look at those cheeky pumpkins floating at the back!
Halloween hahaha.

Anyway, I love weathers like this.
Sunny but not too hot.
Perf for taking pictures :3

Bought some Chanel make up

The lady was nice to give me a mascara sample. :3
Lipstick was around RM100,
Eyeshadow was about RM185. I think? AHAHHA

Just wanted a compact with mirror I could tote around in my handbag.

And for lipsticks. Well I'm a lippie sort of girl.
You can go without make up but just a hint of lipstick
and it'll brighten up your face instantly.

But eyeshadow/eyeliner, I think those are more for when you plan
to do the whole shebang. base, eyes, lips etc.

The eyeshadow colour that the mua help applied. HAHAH
Purplish brown. My palette is Eclosion.

And I was also free enough to try on some halloween-ish outfits.

Just draw on some nose and whiskers. And throw on a headband.
No need waste money buy costume right? HAHAHA

Alright. That's about it this post.

Till then! :*

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