Wednesday, 12 November 2014

November Babies, Baking, Chanel Necklace


It's quite late now but I'm just so restless that I've decided to blog.
A good way to de-stress is sometimes by letting your thoughts out, don't you think?

Other times though. I do wonder if it would be better to have more privacy.
Lol, first world dilemma.

Nevertheless, let's get right onto it!

For November, we have two november babies- Mei Yen and Siet Yen.
Two close friends dear to my heart!

Let's start with Mei Yen's celebrating because I just came back from it lol.
It was a small but cosy gathering at Ketam Steamboat, Desa Park City.
Mei Yen was so cute to decorate the place with balloons.
She also treated everyone for dinner that night! 
So, thank you baby!

Shu Yin, Yvonne, Birthday Girl, and me ^^

Mei Yen came over to my house before the party because she 
wanted me to curl her hair. It dropped a bit because her hair is quite smooth.
Hahaha! She also fetched me to DPC :3

Advertisement for Ketam Steamboat yoh.

DPC is changing quite a bit actually. La Casa and Fitou gone (hard to believe!)
One Noodle too. Now there's moo cow, kissburger.
Took a bit of moo cow from Shu Yin and Yvonne's hehe.
I love frozen yogurt ice cream.
Moo cow is a bit heavy, sometimes I crave for it.
Mostly I like Tutti Frutti!

Oh yeah! The gang was made up for Mei Yen's
taylorian friends, bestarian friends, tuition friend and mum's bestfriend's daughter friend.

After dinner we had a walk around the lake and it was really cute. Hahaha!

In group of threes, one boy two girls like that.
Halfway Guat Tyng disappeared with one of the guys.
And ended up getting teased for that later. HAHAHA

The guy was on crutches that's why they took so long to finish the walk.

Ever thankful for Casio TR15.
Took this picture without any help from anyone or tripod.
I just put it... on their reception stand. HAHAHAHAHAHAH
And set timer ^^

Casio TR is expensive, but deffo worth it.
And come to think of it I'm glad it's still like.. okay.
Jaga it quite well. 

I think I used to be more cavalier with electronics.

With the bestarian ladies yoh.

Guat Tyng, Selina, Yvonne I see them occasionally :3
During bigger gatherings hehe.

Mei Yen's friend. I know how to pronounce her name but I don't know how to spell it T.T
She's quite tall and lives in Sri Damansara! ^^

OOTD with the princess of the night.

I bought balloons for her and forced her to take it down.
HAHAH! Because balloons make great props for taking pictures,
so better not waste it lolol. 

Plus, birthdays are special occasions always worth spending a bit on decorations.
It does make a difference. 

A bubbly bee for the bubbly mei yen.

Her cake from Secret Recipe!

Happy birthday Mei Yen!

Time for some cheesy message.

Boom! Let's throwback to this very cingeworthy picture of us. Form 3 I think?
or Form 1 ah? HAHHAA.

I'm sporting a pink Elle bag and I thought it was quite a hot bag actually.

Anyway. I have been bestfriends with Mei Yen since Form 1!
We were close all the way throughout high school.
Especially towards the end, Form 4 and Form 5.
Because we ended up being in 5 Science 2 together hoho.
There were like 6 girls and 15 boys if I'm not wrong.

We've stucked with each other through highs and lows.
And the amount of time I spent with her is quite HUGE actually now that I think about it.
I remember she used to throw her packed bread into the classroom dustbin after recess ended because she didn't want to eat the packed bread and she didn't want to disappoint her mom. HAHAHHAAH.

I would say Mei Yen is a very down to earth person- level-headed.
You know, like.. some people are just sincere and they're just that.
Whereas some people no matter how long you are with them you never really get them.

Anyway, I wouldn't say I have too many bestfriends.
I would probably say Mei Yen, Natalie and Sim Kuan are my bestfriends.
Actually sometimes I don't even hang out with them often, especially Sim Kuan who is in UK (fark you better sayang me when you come back) but you know throughout the years we still stay close.

With Natalie too. There could be maybe even half a year of not talking, but when we do.
We catch up and it's like nothing changed. 
Not like our personality DIDN'T change, because over time people do.
But that our FRIENDSHIP didn't change. Because that friendship is still always there.
So I am really grateful for that. And of course!! There are also friends whom I really appreciate too! 
Siet Yen, Rachel, Xuan. Cynthia. 

Hehe. Back to Mei Yen! Anyway. I do hope we stay best friends for a long time. 
Mei Yen had her mother's bestfriend's daughter over as well, she's called Leanne.
And then she said. Maybe someday when we have our daughter they will be friends too.
HAHAHHAA. I think that's great.

But obviously. LOL. Our daughters have to be very careful ah if they go clubbing or what. I think I will try to be open-minded and understanding when the teenage rebellious years come (as mine did) but deffo need a boundary to be set. I DO NOT WANT A SLUTTY DAUGHTER. hahahaha

And Mei Yen I also appreciate her unpretentiousness/directness/simple-mindedness.
Different people have different aspects/qualities to admire hehe.
And that she will randomly call me out to crash into my house (sometimes at the most inappropriate of times) and also randomly buy me cute hellokitty/rilakkuma gifts because it reminded her of me ^^

So yesh! Happy 20th birthday.

Glad to be your baby :*

You CAN have your cake and eat it, too.


Next of the November baby! Siet Yen's BBQ birthday party 
last Saturday.

Siet Yen's house is the master of BBQs.
They have all the equipment needed.

It's like routine for them.
The brothers/future in-laws/maids really know how to set up the grill
kill a crab etc etc

Honestly, is quite nice for me to see men BBQ food.
Like, so primal and back to basics yoh. HAHAHA.
But I.. umm sometimes get annoyed with the smoke hahaha
Cannot complain la got good food to eat.

Don't even wanna think about how much calories I whacked.
I think maybe 700/800 ish.

I did pole dancing in the afternoon, and then extended gym session after that.
So you can imagine how hungry I was.

Siet Yen's tomyam is the best. HOHO.

King Jiat also very happy to BBQ.

I must say Bestarians have really perfected the art of being late, and stealing food.
The party was set to start at 7pm, I arrived at 8pm. I was the FIRST bestarian to arrive!!
The rest were from The One Academy, my ex college mates too! Missed them hoho.
Most of them came in around 9/10pm.

Xuan was the last. She so bimbo lol!!! HOW CAN.
She texted in the group. "Siet Yen's bday? Is today meh?"
Speechless moment lol. Apparently she mutes her group chat
so she thought Siet Yen's party was on the actual date but it was earlier.

And for stealing food. Say Kha Weng/ Jason Chin would bring some fishball/sausages
to BBQ. When it is done they take to the table. Qi Yao will come and steal. Gary will come and steal.
It is really funny seeing them lock eyes with incoming food and just trying to grab some.
I do that too of course hahahahha 

But I think sometimes the food they take is some other people cook one. They also steal.
So we double steal.

Ze dog gang girls.
Shalini, Xuan, Siet Yen, Me, Rachel

Shalini peeking. Naughty

I keep teasing Rachel Ng Pee Jin. HAHAHA!
Cos she joined Peoplegraphy/10Gorgeous recently.
And my instafeed/fb timeline been FLOODED with pictures of her.
Every few hours one picture! HAHA

Apparently her agency posts it on her behalf.

Next up! College mates! Ex college mates haha.
Had some really great and wild times with them while I was in The One Academy.
I think their course is still really stressful, but what makes it bearable is the friendship between them.

Karyn the tall gurl!

Jie Ying. Whom I bump into at clubs sometimes. HAHAHA pou kia

And Yee Chien. The one who eats nonstop but never seems to gain weight.

Future husband and wife!

Siet Yen's cake.

SSY, pink and round.

Quite a few people were starting to get tipsy.
Charles, Vinoth.

Happy Birthday Siet Yen ^^

Thanks for the BBQ party hehe.

Forgot what they were looking at.
Some Bestarians I have NOT seen in a while also came haha.
Chee Khoon, Khar Yiep, Gary.

So that was last Saturday night! :)


Oh yeah. I also tried baking today. Because I bought an electric oven.
Can you believe until this year, my house survived without a microwave oven 
and electric oven?! -,- we only have a measly oven toaster.

And I had fun actually hahaha. Baked on my own. Went out to get baking moulds from Grand Union
and ingredients from Ativo.

Made fruit custard tart! A simple recipe. Just need the usual egg, flour, milk, sugar and you're good to go. Reminds me of restaurant city ah!!! I remember sugar was really expensive. It was like 9800 rc. Milk too. I miss playing that game! And pet society!!!!!! Walao high school memories :(

I had left over batter so I used a smaller mould. 
I did three batches. It tastes like creme brulee :3

I baked it for Mei Yen for her birthday hahahah!
Hope she likes it. I ate two of it when it came fresh from the oven. HAHAH.
I like how the juice from the berries spilled out.
But I am also quite concerned with the calories.

I think I wanna start to cook and bake often.
But the serving size is always for four person like that.
Anyone wanna volunteer to eat my concoctions ah? Maybe deadly concoctions. Bwahaha

Before in oven for 20mins is the white-ish one.
The toasted looking ones are after baking (d'uh!).

Had fun! Looking to buy some recipe books.
And maybe cook some spaghetti with the frying pan.
To overcome my fear of the stove and flying oil. lol


This was last Sunday's shopping trip. 
I remember being quite blur that day!

Ended up dragging Daddy to the Chanel store.
I must proclaim though I have not really bought anything too expensive in the
span of last six months ish. The last was probably the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag.

Dad just went to get his iphone 6 plus.
I went to Maxis I told Daddy about what I had my eye on. Lol.

My dad is the sort who will always say NO the first time.
You need to cajole him.
Then the no becomes a yes.

But you also have to be reasonable with your spending la, if not he won't entertain you one. HAHAHAHAHAAH

Anyway! You can also skip this part if you are not interested in designer shits :3
I separate my posts with this dash line---------- 
Hehe. Now you know!

So yesh. Thank you daddy!

Now come to the fun part with designer shit. Unboxing!

It comes in a pizza hut delivery box.
Just kidding lol. Just a box with fancy wrapping.
With the omnipresent camellia and receipt holder.

Also, watermarked the pictures because I'm wary of 
fake sellers using random pictures to scam people.
So! Better safe than sorry.

Can you guess what's inside?

You would know for sure if you follow me on insta lolol

Open ze velvet flaps!

Also has a styrofoam on top

Yep... a Chanel double strand pearl necklace.

I remember somewhere LAST year I wrote in my blog somewhere
I wanted this exact necklace.

Because, well. I love pearls and I love Chanel
and two of them are the best combination ever.

And now I have something to match my Chanel pearl earrings! Hahaha.
Anyway... I bought it eventhough it's expensive because I do think I will get a lot of use out of it.
Like the Chanel pearl earrings. Got them for RM1580? Ish? If not wrong.
That was like two years ago. 

I've been wearing them two to three times a week ish for the last two years.
The majority of the stones have dropped out, but who cares.
HAHAH. Not one to baby my stuff.
Maybe at first but after a while you just think-
if you pay a lot for something, why not use it more to get your money's worth.

I can imagine myself even 40 years old with this because it is such a classic Chanel piece.
Another nice option for pearls is probably Mikimoto hehe.
I love jewellery but it's only a once in a while thing for me.
Can't waste so much money. Don't buy a hat if you can't fit into it right!

Anyway, I did try on a necklace of similar style last year.
It was RM3800. But I think that was a short one, with three CC logos.
This one has five CC logos. And a steeper price haha.

Will deffo take good care of it! And use it wisely!

I like how versatile and classic it is.

And for me. I just have a THING for pearls.
I have pearl necklaces from Forever 21/Lovisa.
And having a Chanel one is just the best ever hehe.
Grateful for daddy for this treat.

At the same time I'm also thinking like.
Aiyoh RM4k can buy iphone6 leh.
HAHHAHA. But then iphone6 use two years not heng right?
Pearl necklace can wear at least twenty years right?
Lol self-comfort. Anyway iphone 6 deffo looks nicer display wise!

For the necklace there are five ways that I can think of to wear it.

You can wear the necklace one long one short.
Just double it up and pull/adjust one to be longer.

Or you can double it up as a choker pearl necklace.
Suit evening/cocktail occasions.
Can imagine this with a tube dress!

Or wear it long like this.

This is classic Chanel style.

Probably this purchase is to partly be blamed on Devil Wears Prada.
That part when she morphed from Fashion Victim to Fashion Goddess.
In her Chanel pearl necklace!

And another way you can wear it is as the SA suggested,
by pulling the necklace to the back.
Great for wearing backless dress.

Another one is to use it as a belt but I'm not so sure about that one HAHAH.
Can clasp it in place but not on the chain, on top of the pearl.
I'm just scared that it will get scratched. 

And the box it came with ended up as a jewellery box. 
Lol just ended throwing everything in there because it was spacious enough.

End of vain chanel shopping post. HAHAHAH


Boyfie has been buying me sportswear recently! Lol. So cute of him.
A sports bra by Ash be Nimble.

He got it at his Viper Challenge event.
Boyfie completed 21km of it.
And also won his college's Fit A Thon. Glad to have such a fit and strong boyfie.
100 pushups in under 5 mins!

And then another day he also woke up 8am to go get this before our date :3
which was very sweet of him

Hot pink matching sports bra/skorts set from Adidas.
Feel like a cheerleader in it lol.

Anyway. Getting things like this from boyfie really motivates me to go gym/pole fitness etc. 
I remember asking him why he keeps randomly surprising me and he said it was because he wants to prove that he wants me, even when he's already having me. So that's sweet of him!


:Last, last Saturday night at Grand Imperial. 
Dinner for daddy's birthday.

The bill came up to almost RM700 and my uncle was generous to treat us!
Thank you for that! :3

After dinner, Scott my cousin whipped out his recent purchase- the monopod!!!
HAHAHAH. And proceeded to take wefies.

After dinner I took Scott and Clairie to Toys R US.
Because when I was a kid, it was such a happy place for me.
It made me high, higher than Chanel. When I was young la hahaha.

There was like. Sylvanian Family. Polly Pocket. Barbie Doll.
Play Dough. Tamagotchi. OH MY. They used to excited me so much.
I miss being a kid. HAHAH.

And honestly, I would still play tamagotchi and pokemon now.

A blink of an eye ago, I remember being ten years old
and watching my older cousins who were teenagers and I thought they were so wordly.
HAHAHA. Can't believe now I've reached their stage.

Behind my beloved Sylvanian Family.
They were like really expensive, RM100-RM300 for sets. 
RM700 for the big house. 

I spent all my pocket money on them when I was about 13 years old.
I used to make amateur clothes for them, and they were precious to me. 

Clairie was telling how the characters were watching TV and some story like that.

And she is just so cute, i cannot!!! *.*

Hehe shortly after it was 10pm, mall closing time.


Last last Sunday, family outing.
Cafe De Paris as usual!


Sunday night watching Manchester United versus Manchester City
with boyfriend and his friends.

At Score, The Roof.
The reception got cut off halfway and some football fanatics got pretty aggravated. HAHA!
And the finger foods also kept coming.

Kenny got fries to share around. Then Vanessa got chicken wings.
Then I got some wedges.

Chill chill Sunday night!


Tuesday Malaysian Studies!
The only class I have this semester.

I must admit- I miss college. 

With the Miss Abby! Love her with her bangs.

Still remember how during Semester One, she used to take pictures for me randomly.
And I would always find her to camwhore with. hahah!

Back then it was really more sociable and fun, more people.
My batch went from 14 people to 6 people!
Because every semester, one or two people might drop out. 
Yikesss touchwood! One more sem left to go.
To conquer.


This was.. last Friday ah?

Sakae Sushi with boyfie. I always order the prawn cheese roll thing.
Boyfie always orders chicken teriyaki ramen. But today he had the beef one to switch things up.

After some walking he got hungry again so we ate shih lin.
I mean I watched him eat hahahaha. 
Usually I always kill steal his food.

Ootd ?

Just a chilling day.

That's all for this post!

Phew. They don't call me efficient bubu for nothing.
HAHAHHA jkjk ^^

Till then! Love you all mwah buai buai!~

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