Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The last post



This is my last post for 2014.

Sunday, went to Cafe De Paris as usual with family.

Had cravings for maracons.
Scott my lil cousin gave me a pink strawberry one 
at his house and it was so yummy.

I picked salted caramel for today! :3
I hate rose flavoured macarons. HAHAHA.
I love pink, so the first time I bought macaron (like 3 years ago)
I picked the pink one and I... spit it back out lolol.
But strawberry one is nice!

Nomnom. Eat one at a time la otherwise it's a bit too sweet! :3

Had salmon salad as main course.
Filling enough for me! So much of greens.
Guilt-free meal, least to say. HAHAHAH


After that I went to buy some shoes. Will show you later! 


This was today! :)

Meet up with xuannie.
Siet Yen couldn't make it because she was sick.
Blame the weather! Been raining all day, all night.
Clouds on steroids.

Anyway. Was great to catch up!

Was quite hungry because I just did gym so I ordered their salmon rice.
Oyako Salmon Don ah. I think? HAHAHA.
It comes with miso soup! NOMS. RM26 if not wrong.

I only ordered the rice, the rest are Xuan.
As usual, she likes to poke poke at everything on the menu
then cannot finish one.



Pink dress from Forever 21. Just bought!
And also pink wedges. Lol I'm becoming pinkie again :(

The wedges were from Nose, bought them during Sunday outing.
SO CHEAP. Rm119 to RM30 plus. 
Super worth it cos it turned out really comfy and great quality for the price.

Best time to shop is now. Year end lol.

And I'm so excited for Chinese New Year and New Year's Eve.


After that we went to Celebrity Wearhouz at DPC.
It's a new shop! And it was interesting la, they sold Prada and Gucci bags
for like RM1000 cheaper than retail price.

Because they buy from overseas so VAT excluded. The tax I mean!
Xuan took damn long inside the store cos she was interested in some of
the Prada bags. HAHAHA.

What is up with me and pink.

Everytime I thought we broke up, we ended up reconciling again. ;(


This was last Saturday night, at Sizo's house!
Her 21st birthday yo.

The girls. 

Great to see all the bestarians in action again.

The guys.

Boyfie asked me how come you all still so close.
I told him because during my batch there's only like four classes.
Small dumpling compared to government school where they have like fifteen classes!
So I guess that's part of the reason

Long time didn't see them you know.

Siet Yen and Xuan got me xmas presents!
So nice of them! :D
Siet Yen also got souvenirs from Bangkok and Hong Kong.

Again, I very jelly.
My passport expire until cannot expire d but friends fly here fly there.

Travelled more when I was younger. Hohum.
Dad used to take us around europe.
But now with all these plane crash cases. No go already.

Sizo's cake! So nice hehe.
But couldn't finish. No one really cut the cake.
I think cos it's too pretty. hehe. And also because
it's really sweet. Made of fondant.

Happy birthday Sizo!
The half japanese half chinese chick yo.

Hehe nice to see Kiki too.
She lost weight!
She's the owner of Room8008, do check her out! :3

And then this was dinner wtih family before going to Sizo's.

Grand Imperial!

There was a wedding going on but Dad booked a room in advance.

Some fishie. I think this is sek pan ah? Garoupa?
No sure hehe. Daddy was like, eat ah this fish Rm300 you know.
Then I like okok eat eat eat. They deboned the whole fishie

I don't think I would spend that much on fishie when I have a family in future.
Hmm. Maybe sushi can. HAHAHAHAH

Peace out goodnight buay buay.

New Year's Eve awaiting. Thump thump! 

My fav time of the year!

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

swine, midvalley, pu tien, cafe de paris, sushi, monopod

Hello! Quickly put up a blog post before xmas comes.
I have tons to update you guys. 

Better not procrastinate hehe later no blogging mood.
Be prepared for a long post ahead- as usual. What's new? lol.

This was yesterday's.

Went to S.Wine at Publika.
I thought it was the one at Changkat! 
But that one is El Cerdo lolol. Both specialize in pork!
I don't eat pork lol gave boyfie all the bacon.

Picha with xmas tree first.
I said I wanted to camwhore with all the xmas decos at malls.
Living true to the promise. HAHAH

Halter neck top and palazzo pants from Forever 21.
Chain bag from Prada.

So true when my mum said I'm an autumn, in terms of seasonal colour chart.
Tanned skin, dark eyes and dark hair colouring.
Burgundy/olive green/camel etc those colours suit me well!

Dark and warm.

Of course! I'm happy with what God gave.
I don't think I would ever do plastic surgery to alter my features.
I thought of when I'm in my 40s, I might consider botox.
On foresight, it's a no for me now! 

Better keep everything natural, low-maintenance lol.
I used to have blonde hair and dang it's high-maintenance.

Hehe! Inside's boyfie biggie family car.
I'm no good with big cars hahahaha.
I like small cars, easy to park.
Malaysia very nice to illegal park- if your car is small enough.
Honestly I throw all my saman away idk what happen to them lolol.

S.Wine was inside B.I.G groceries!!!! So cold.
It's next to a wineroom maybe that's why so cold.
MYGATCH. Everyone was like brrrr.

The occasion was for Jame's birthday.
Edward and I were the first to arrive.
Kenny lied to Edward that they reached but they were just on the way,
when we reached. 

HAHAHAHAH. Good move actually
because boyfie can be quite slow for a guy actually.
Still moving lah, but a bit slow.

Malaysian la what to do.
But for a guy he is quite dilly dally ah I must say.

Their menu. Raised price from previous menu! 
There was the lemongrass pork chop which was RM19
but is RM29 now. Crazy ain't it?

Inflation is driving prices crazy and the prices are driving us crazy.
Like how a jar or peanut butter used to be RM7 now it's RM11.90.
Like, efhohfioerhgo

But oh well. Life goes on.


Boyfie's. His one looks so appetizing.
He ordered the lemongrass pork chop.

My caesar salad looked decidedly pitiful beside his sumptious meal.

LOL. I asked them to switch the bacon to salmon but they didn't have. T.T
Literally EVERYTHING they have on the menu, like out of the 40 items they all have pork.
Well maybe not the breakfast section but that wasn't available for dinner obviously.

Zander didn't eat pork so he didn't order anything!
They should really create a *FEW* dishes that are filling but without pork.
I mean I know you are known for pork but better diversify your customer base right


Using the monopod I bought at Yin Ma for RM10.
I thought that was cheap, until I saw the same one at Publika for...

it's at Mobile Station, they were having huge discounts. Can check them out if
you're at publika!

The lovebirds! James and Vanessa.


Sunny sunny day.

This was on Sunday church day.

This picture pretty much sums up our relationship.
I think I am the noisier one. Eheheheheh

look like macam yes while driving

Chinese New Year feel mou? I feel excited d. HAHAHA

Lace top from Forever 21,
Skater skirt from Mirrorcle
Wedges from Sungei Wang
Pearl necklace and earrings from Chanel

After church I changed outfit for Sunday family outing to Pavi lol.

Cafe De Paris again!

I was hungry, ordered their Salmon Salad. It was great!
Yum yum. Totally yummy and guilt free.
I ate until the plate clean.

Like, so healthy. HAHAHAHAH

Bumped into the Ngo sisters! 
They were at the opposite cafe, La Bodega.
Pavilion so hap hap lol saw a few familiar people too.
Walk walk with them a while.

So nice to have sisters! Can go shopping together!
I jelly.


WINK. This was Saturday's dinner at Hometown Steamboat Menjalara.
Skipped family dinner for Church Xmas Gift Exchange.
I got a notebook!

Hehe wefie mou? Monopod not bad ah.
Kar ying won it and I played with it lol.

Steamboat makes me feel so stuffed :x
I loveeeeeee steamboat. Jennie was like, since when you eat steamboat.
I used to hate it lol.

Because in DPC there's Ketam Steamboat and Rakuzen.
There were times Jennie wanted steamboat but of course me being me 
I would be like SUSHI SUSHI SUSHI.
Always sushi in favour of everything else lolol.

But after that I got over it la. HAHAHAH.
I like the tomyum side. I don't like the clear side, no feel.
Does nothing for my tastebuds. HAHAHA

Burn my tongue pls.

Wah damn shiok to wefie with monopod stick.

But I don't dare to use monopod for selfie mygatch feel like
so forever alone!

The chocolate fondue was so yummy. Gone in a matter of seconds.
Each one take one scoop of ice cream. Lol.

Then Uncle Kenny was nice to order for us another round! ^^
It's pretty worth it I think! RM19.90 for such a big portion!

Love this picture hehe we look so kiddy


Sure enough, I was stuffed until the next day.
HAHAHAH. Usually, if I have a heavy dinner
I will go gym the next morning.


This was Friday's cell meeting.
So fun to hang out with churchie mates!

Natalie and Sarah!

Went to Sarah's house hehe.
They had a poodle. At first very nice but tried to bite me after that.
I angry the dog. HAHAHAHAH.

We played blackman. Like off the lights and play catch.
They opened the doors to the connecting room.
Laugh until stomach pain lol.

Had fun playing with them!
Miss being a kid stimes.


This was Midvalley last Thursday.

Midvalley is CRAY CRAY.
Eventhough it was a weekday, it was so freaking crowded.
Thank God we managed to find a parking after a car exited his lot.

We had sushi! Hehe. Ultimate all time fav.
This time at Zanmai.

It's been ages since I've been to 1u's Zanmai.
Mainly because I'm scared to wait because
their service damn teruk one.

Because it's always crowded la, so they don't have enough hands.

Take picha also can hold hand. HAHAHHA.

Anyway. I feel very lucky to have boyfie.
And enjoying each progress of our relationship.
I hope with time it will mature and deepen and blossom 
into a beautiful gigantic flower with a lot of little buds and
never ending blossoms. HAHHAH WTegfifir

Also, I spilled green tea beside a customer sitting beside me.
Feel sooo paiseh. Basically I was taking selfie with boyfie.
And boyfie burped. So I moved away abruptly.
And my hand hit my green tea glass. LOL.

Feel so bad! Sorry!

Xmas deco again. HAHAHA.
Midvalley one had a lot of butterflies and flowers.
Feels like a tea party like that.


And we wanted to try Magnum (why not join the overrated boat. HAHA)
but then we saw this

And I was like. Forget it lol.
I will come back in a year's time when it's less crowded.

So that was my Thursdate! Thank you boyfie!


And this was a random sushi craving fix 
at Tokyo Kitchen, Ativo Plaza.

For years I've wanted a sushi place near my area.
HAHHAa. What would be better, would be a 24 hour drive thru for sushi.
I confirm be VIP la.

I ordered their dinner set.
Rm27.90. Not bad ah I think! Yum YUM!!! Mad love.


This was last last Friday at Sakae Sushi.

As you can see. I really eat a lot of sushi. HAHAHAHHA


"You want some?"

HAHAH boyfie face so cute.
He wanted to give me his ramen.
Chicken teriyaki ah his favourite.

After brunch we walked around.
And he left me alone at La Senza lol :(
He said he wanted to get something.

Then he came back with a paperbag :3
And I was like.


He wanted to wait until we got home but being 
the impatient person I am, I unboxed it lol.

hehe thank you boyfie. Six months monthsary gift. :3

Sweetest boyfie for me! 

Had some tutti frutti before going back ! :)


This was last last Saturday at Pu Tien, 1 Utama.

And again. Xmas deco at one World.
Wait what? Camwhore more lo.



This was last Thurs at Amelio. Short meet up with Chi Cheng!

black and white yo.


This was I forgot when at Ativo helping Vinnie do photoshoot.
HAHAH. But gave up halfway cos it was raining lol.


Last last Tuesday.
Miss rock style outfit actually.
That phase is over for me. HAHAH.

But can revisit now and then la.

Muscle tank from Forever 21.
Lace boots too.
Bag from Gucci.
Skirt iforgotwherelah.

Well I'm not quite sure what phase I'm going thru now. 
HAHAH. Before this was like pastel doll phase.

hehe I like the clouds behind.

And we went to visit Textile Museum for Malaysian Studies!

OKAY. I very tired liao.

HAHAH phewwww.

January 5th, gonna start college again. No more play play.
Need to push hard for graduation. My last semester. God bless me.
And all of you.