Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The last post



This is my last post for 2014.

Sunday, went to Cafe De Paris as usual with family.

Had cravings for maracons.
Scott my lil cousin gave me a pink strawberry one 
at his house and it was so yummy.

I picked salted caramel for today! :3
I hate rose flavoured macarons. HAHAHA.
I love pink, so the first time I bought macaron (like 3 years ago)
I picked the pink one and I... spit it back out lolol.
But strawberry one is nice!

Nomnom. Eat one at a time la otherwise it's a bit too sweet! :3

Had salmon salad as main course.
Filling enough for me! So much of greens.
Guilt-free meal, least to say. HAHAHAH


After that I went to buy some shoes. Will show you later! 


This was today! :)

Meet up with xuannie.
Siet Yen couldn't make it because she was sick.
Blame the weather! Been raining all day, all night.
Clouds on steroids.

Anyway. Was great to catch up!

Was quite hungry because I just did gym so I ordered their salmon rice.
Oyako Salmon Don ah. I think? HAHAHA.
It comes with miso soup! NOMS. RM26 if not wrong.

I only ordered the rice, the rest are Xuan.
As usual, she likes to poke poke at everything on the menu
then cannot finish one.



Pink dress from Forever 21. Just bought!
And also pink wedges. Lol I'm becoming pinkie again :(

The wedges were from Nose, bought them during Sunday outing.
SO CHEAP. Rm119 to RM30 plus. 
Super worth it cos it turned out really comfy and great quality for the price.

Best time to shop is now. Year end lol.

And I'm so excited for Chinese New Year and New Year's Eve.


After that we went to Celebrity Wearhouz at DPC.
It's a new shop! And it was interesting la, they sold Prada and Gucci bags
for like RM1000 cheaper than retail price.

Because they buy from overseas so VAT excluded. The tax I mean!
Xuan took damn long inside the store cos she was interested in some of
the Prada bags. HAHAHA.

What is up with me and pink.

Everytime I thought we broke up, we ended up reconciling again. ;(


This was last Saturday night, at Sizo's house!
Her 21st birthday yo.

The girls. 

Great to see all the bestarians in action again.

The guys.

Boyfie asked me how come you all still so close.
I told him because during my batch there's only like four classes.
Small dumpling compared to government school where they have like fifteen classes!
So I guess that's part of the reason

Long time didn't see them you know.

Siet Yen and Xuan got me xmas presents!
So nice of them! :D
Siet Yen also got souvenirs from Bangkok and Hong Kong.

Again, I very jelly.
My passport expire until cannot expire d but friends fly here fly there.

Travelled more when I was younger. Hohum.
Dad used to take us around europe.
But now with all these plane crash cases. No go already.

Sizo's cake! So nice hehe.
But couldn't finish. No one really cut the cake.
I think cos it's too pretty. hehe. And also because
it's really sweet. Made of fondant.

Happy birthday Sizo!
The half japanese half chinese chick yo.

Hehe nice to see Kiki too.
She lost weight!
She's the owner of Room8008, do check her out! :3

And then this was dinner wtih family before going to Sizo's.

Grand Imperial!

There was a wedding going on but Dad booked a room in advance.

Some fishie. I think this is sek pan ah? Garoupa?
No sure hehe. Daddy was like, eat ah this fish Rm300 you know.
Then I like okok eat eat eat. They deboned the whole fishie

I don't think I would spend that much on fishie when I have a family in future.
Hmm. Maybe sushi can. HAHAHAHAH

Peace out goodnight buay buay.

New Year's Eve awaiting. Thump thump! 

My fav time of the year!

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