Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Xmas peeping in

Hello guys!

Standing in front of a huge xmas tree erected at KLCC Park.
Can I just take picture everytime I see xmas decos at malls.
HAHHA. Free props. #kiasu

Smile like a stupid fella. HAHAHA.
Just gonna enjoy life now before college starts again on January :3
I can't wait for CNY too in February.

2014 was pretty awesome. Hopefully 2015 will be even more awesome.
But, I don't mind struggling times as it makes happy times, sweeter.

OOTD ah. Wore very OL like that day.
Because boyfie was in formal wear after church.
HAHAH. Seriously, I felt like a working couple walking with him 
around the mall. 

OOTD if you're wondeling!-

Black off shoulder trop from Mirrorcle
Bandage skirt from Forever 21
Red heels from Charles and Keith
Saffiano Tote from Prada
Pearl Necklace from Chanel

Brunch at Chinoz as usual when we're at KLCC.
I ordered Fire Roll. Inside is fried salmon, topped with another slice of salmon on top.
YUMS. I gobble gobble them up.

RM30 for 8 little salmon babies :3
Nowadays I keep eating food before remembering to take picha
HAHHAHA #toohungry

Actually it was Sunday family day.

Boyfriend followed last minute.
I'm glad he did had fun walk walk with him hehe.

It's actually the first time of him coming to Sunday outings.

Meet uncle. His awkward face! So cute lol ^^


And then we went home. 
Very chill shopping sunday! 


This was today aka Monday! At Giza.
Somewhere near the parking lots? HAHHA.

I was like eh baby help me take picture.
I think his photography skills improved A LOT.


Top from Bershka
Flare skirt from Mirrorcle
Classic Flap from Chanel
White sandals from Forever 21

Smile smile because I already yummy in the tummy.

Had sushi cravings fixed at Ichiban Boshi heheeheheheheheheh.

AGAIN. I ate many plates of food before remembering to take picha.
Anyway the thing I like about japanese food is that
you can have a little bit, of everything.

Whereas western is like one plate of food.
Japanese is like ten plates of food. MUAHAHHAA

I am a messy eater actually. This is considered clean already.
My rice will always fly out from my plate due to my eagerness
to transport the food into my mouth.

And boyfie hates seeing food wasted lol.
He be like eh you drop rice again!
And I be like "HAH?" with my mouth full of food.

Hhahaa lublub why u so tall.

Dark choco and white choco.
Our legs I mean. HAHAHHAHAHA

But I've gotten tanner la hahhaha

Xmas deco again oh. This time at GIZA teehee.
Frozen theme. They have a little mock Olaf too!

This is so us.
Him yawning and me grabbing his arm asking his attention.
HAHHAHA. Behind the scenes okay.

Wokay. So that was my Monday :3
I also go daddy office to work la but work didn't take picha. HAHAHA


This was last Thursday with beloved Vinnie!
I call her Nie. She calls me Bubu. HAHAHA

She wanted to buy flowers as props for her VOUTFIT!
Her boutique I mean! Go check it out on instagram hehe.
Support support :3

Ativo Plaza! 

I remember I used to pose like this always.
Because I have a big butt. HAHAHHA

Vinnie just woke up around 2pm.
And then I accompanied her eat Subway!
I would usually prefer eating together but I just ate!

It was her first meal at 4pm lol.
So nice to see her finish her subway and cookie ^^
I like to see people gobble up food.

But not when I'm hungry la obviously. Later I envy hahahha

Also found this hidden walkway behind the restaurants!!!

Never realized it because the trees made everything so secluded.

After that went upstairs CIMB Bank. 
There was this stationary cum florist shop.
SO CUTE. When I was younger, like 12 ish.
I loved buying all this kind of nonsense shit.

A cute cup with spoon? I'll buy it.
A mirror? I'll take it!
A piggybank? Hell I could use one more!!!!

HAHHA FARK. In the end all collect dust one.
Recently I don't spend that much, more of window shopping.
I want to save money as a payung semasa hujan nanti.
And also save money to travel because I don't like asking dad for cash.
HAHAHHA. I mean if you want to buy clothes you can pay on the spot.
But travel is.. you have to set aside money.
And saving money is always good.

As I grow older. What I need, I have.
It was different when I was 16 years old and only had THREE dresses in my closet.
My closet had so much space back then.
Now? Open closet clothes fall out. 

I would say quality over quantity la.

AND this quote. So funny I saw on twitter! HAHHA.
"You wore that before" someone commented.
"Well, it's my shirt and I have a washing machine".

I hope that when I'm older I would be able to buy properties.
I'm scared though, with the inflation and everything.

Was catching up with Jennie and we ended up talking for two hours plus lol.
I was telling her how peanut butter used to cost around RM7 and right now it's RM11.90
AND ALSO. Fitnesse cereal okay.
When they debuted they were like RM10 tops. Now the cheapest one is RM13.90.

Okay la I damn cheapskate la. HAHHAHAHAHA.
Oh well. At least I admit la. HHAHAHA


Another OOTD.

Pretty much my style nowadays.

A crop top/teeny top/offshoulder top/halterneck top
and then a flare skirt/bandage skirt. HAHAHA.
And wedges or sandals.

And I compared my old pics to current pics.

See how chubby I was last time.

I think that was around Chinese New Year when I was chubbiest.
I started gym around April, and still go regularly.
Something like four times a week? An hour each time.
And then on Saturdays I have pole fitness class.

Dropped 5kg from the last time I checked!
Xmas and CNY please don't ruin me HAHAHHA.
So much of good food.

But anyways! Compared to my old eating habits and being so sedentary..
I'm glad I made a choice to start working out!
Plus, I have a gym within WALKING distance of my house.
So no excuse lol. It is also at said gym where I met my boyfriend. HAHAHAH WTF.

Anyway. I'm the sort of person who likes to eat, but also likes to workout.
Last year I didn't workout much so gained weight. Plus had a habit of sleeping late and eating supper.
Some people don't like to eat but also don't like to workout.
Some people like to eat but don't like to workout.

Everyone got diff habits!


Dabbsy cafe! Was very random lol.
Just had cravings for pizza and thought of visiting Mei Yen. 
This was last Monday!

I ordered their BBQ Pizza. RM15, I think that's... so reasonable :3
But don't go to Valencia Kedai Runcit lol potong one. For expatriates okay la.
Also I feel Msian currency is so weak. Yikesss.

I ate four slices. And enjoyed it nyom nyom.
My breakfast and lunchie.
Two for meiyen and then two for edward after he came home from college.

Ze fountain

This was last Friday at Valencia Clubhouse too!
And Mei Yen too heheehhe.

So cute Mei Yen helped me take this picha. HAHAHA.

I'm always up for swimming hehe.
And beach. Oh how I miss the beach.
And eating crabs :3


This was last Saturday.
Boyfie's churchmate wedding at his church!
Was sweet to see them say their vows! :3

This was a random selfie before heading to college.
I used to love leopard prints a lot. HHAHAHA

This was Elaine's birthday at Mi Casa Suites.
Thanks for the invite! :3

Had a little dinner at their in house restaurant.
Ermmm I would say the price and quality is not on par.
But what to do lol.

Better than having nothing to eat hahahha.


Ohmgatch. Silly candid pictures.

Sometimes we move before the timer ends.

Okies a proper one


Hahahah told you I'm gonna busybody take picture of every xmas deco I find. 

This was Friday night at Mad About Coco! Publika outlet.
They have a new one coming up at Fahrenheit 88.

I've never had desserts for so long. I laogai a bit lol.
Sorry boyfie. HAHHAAH. Boyfie is always ze best.

Anyway desserts are like... when you eat it you think it's a good idea.
Then you get through everything and get so full. HAHHAHA

Ze menu. Their tiramisu ball and mad about coco cake seems popular!

Also! Hahahah! A girl liked my picture on Insta and I checked who she was.
Turns out Mad About Coco is owned by two sisters! Jadyteoh la if u wanna instagoogle. HAHHA
Not bad so young already own a cafe. I do respect that! Having a business is not easy.

Donald Duck phone case. For RM10.
But you know what.

That's my boyfie's phone. HAHAHAH so cute right.
He got it because I kept saying very cute blabla. HAHHAA

Ordered their chocolate fondue. This portion is for ONE.
But honestly I feel so stuffed d.
Cos the choco is really filling!

But so yummy! Especially the hot melty chocooo.
I love to dig the choco at the center and most bottom.
So hot. HAHAHAHHA. But careful not to burn your tongue yoh.

Bello little kid.

Also ordered brownies and ice cream.
A bit regret ah cos that time was like 700 calories at least 
and too sweet. But boyfie ate most of it eheh.

I liked the choco fondue!
Wouldn't mind trying their non desserts next time.
Like chickie burger and mentaiko pasta :3

Eeee I think about it now also get hungry d.

Xmas deco again lol.
Snowman superpower is create bokeh.
Can see a not? Cute cute.

Ya okay that's about it this post.

Tq for reading ! Mwah mwahs! :*

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