Saturday, 31 January 2015

New bag and prepping for graduation

Hello! Went bag shopping with dada last Friday at Starhill.
Don't usually get to buy bags. I just buy one or two each year. :3
Not good to buy too many ah waste money HAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA

First handbag was a little Gucci one from Via Condotti at Italy when I was 13.
Someone stole it while I was Beer Factory when I was 18.
But he took out the valuables and left the bag in the men's toilet lolol. Got fate still.

For Dior I only know they have a store in Starhill.
They used to sell bags at Isetan ages and ages ago.
They recently renovated so the store was really pretty. Elegant but cosy.
Grey palette since Dior logo is grey? Hahahah.

Served by a very lovely SA named Sharon.
She took out the lady dior and a few other bags.
Was deciding between black, beige and fuchsia pink.

Guess which one I took home? :3

Pink! Lol. Pink is always my first love :(
Wanted to get black but somehow end up pink.
Wahbiang eh.

Hahahaha I wonder if I'll still carry them when I'm 40s?
But, I think if you're 20s you buy clothes for 20s not 40s.
So, worry later la hor.

The medium Lady Dior retails for RM 14 300 if you're wondering!
They have also have a mini size, about RM10k.

Have yet to peel the plastic covers on the charms 

Added a random Juicy Couture keychain

Look at how some people mod their bags!
Stickers! Hahahah. I wouldn't go that far because the stickers would mark the bag.
It's made out of lambskin

A charm like this is so pretty thou!

Beside Chanel Valentine flap.
Resting the flap hahaha. Both can *just* fit an Ipad Mini with thin cover.
They are NOT practically for everyday use. More of a dinner bag, can't fit much.
But fun to wear and pretty to look at I guess? Lolol 

Sometimes I'm quite stubborn so I try not to baby my bags so much
because I want to use it so that they don't end up sitting in my closet.

Anyway the bag looks small but it's actually not that small.
Or maybe I'm petite FML

Okay ^^ that's all for lady dior!

Moving on...


This was also last friday.
We took pictures for our graduation book!
Hehe. This is only 12 of us.
Another 8 went to Singapore to pleat their fabrics.

Ai Lynn suggested fake laugh.
And basically we just went HA HA HA really monotonously and deadpanned
until it became genuinely funny.

The slaves of Evoke 15' fashion show. HAHAHAHHAHAHA

Slave at work. Tied to sewing machine.



With Hui Ling my twin of the day.
Both wearing overalls.


Estee playing with Diana's gun

Pls dont shoot me


Okay as you can see design students are a bit cuckoo in the head.

Sample aka toile for an evening gown.
Toile is usually made out of muslin, a very stupid basic cotton.
Cheap and easy to sew. But also quite easy to crease ah.
You can get them for RM3-RM6 per meter, depending on width and if u buy in bulk.


Snapchat hahahaha. Username bubuchahchah.
Here we were discussing about hair and make up.
Half minimal make up, half smokey make up.

Cad/portfolio class.
Have to do namecards letterheads and flat sketches.


Last Sunday's family outing to KLCC

Boyfie came along too after his church service :3

I had rainbow roll at Chinoz on The Park.
If you're wondering what that familiar egg device is, 
it's... tamagotchi. HAHAHA.

But it died a few days later and is currently resting :(

I like raw fish. Some people hate it.
I'm not one of em :B

Then walk walk.

This was dinner at Setia Walk Puchong! 
3 wise monkeys. With boyfie and his lovely family hehe.
It was quite far, took about an hour to reach
as there was a little bit of traffic.

Anyway, pretty used to traffic jam d. 
Mundane everyday task- overcoming traffic. Lol.

The pasta was not bad :)
I didn't eat the pork ribs thou, because ahhh I don't eat pork.
Nor beef nor mutton. HAHAHA. Low maintenance eh.

Cute cute lake.


1600 pandas by WWF at Publika.
It really drove a huge crowd to Publika!
I wanted to go inside too, RM10 per entry.
But it was too packed :(

Anyway thank you boyfie for bringing me here :) <3 p="">


They are all so cute!!! I also saw them painting the pandas
inside a workshop. A lot of parents bring their kids inside :)
So heartwarming.

BUT . HAHAHA. Some people put the panda in mating positions too,
I saw on Insta.

I found my panda

After that heading to One World Hotel.
No we just park there lol.
And go Pu Tien at 1 Utama to eat.

Have a great weekend eerbody!

That's all for now xx