Wednesday, 21 January 2015

First month of 2015


Getting on with life. 
The first month of 2015.
So far so good.

This was last Sunday at Cafe De Paris @ Pavilion with family.

(and thanks Nikki for the kind comment!)

Brunchie feast.
The table is so small! :3

My favourite is their salmon salad.
They have their menu in fancy french 
but I'm not so fancy so I always pronounce it in English. lol

Also... I think Miam Miam changing their name to Franco
is one of their worst decisions ever in terms of marketing.
Don't change your brand name when it's already well-known!

Now Miam Miam has gone from instafamous into obscurity.
But oh well.

Sipping on some watermelon lychee juice.
Usually I just have ice water. Low-maintenance eh. HAHAHHA

Tried my brother's huge watch.
Hublot ah.

My dad don't get those kind of watch.
HAHHAHAHA. All he knows is Rolex and Omega

Random drop by at the Sri Damansara Club Driving Range.
Golfing? Haha. Just my second time going there.

R8 mou

Damn hard to drive la.
I think Myvi better, save petrol and bang already won't heart pain. ^^

Brother wanted me to take picture for him so he demo for me.
He complained a lot when I was taking pictures for him.

Then I was like, eh bro I free photographer leh later I quit then you know.

Oh btw two of these pics above were taken on iPhone 6.
Not bad ah hahaha I was used to crappy phone cameras.

Got mine one or two weeks ago.
They kept running out of stock at the Machines store but one Saturday they had, 
so Daddy very nicely bought it for me.

The 64GB one ah. The price is RM2749. For some reason Gold is always out of stock.
I almost bought Space Grey. Thank goodness I waited lol.

So. I've used both Android and iPhone interface.
I can say both have their pros and cons.

If you want value for money, definitely go for Android.
I went back to iPhone because I kind of miss it.
iPhone is better for pictures. And.
HAHHAHA. I wanted to buy phone covers.

Before this I was using Galaxy Grand Duos which was so hard
to find phone covers because it's a cheaper model compared to S5 etc.
I bought it for only RM1100 at that time!

Sum it up. iPhone I like their camera, viewing instagram on it,
facetime, thin size, metal body, apps organizations.

Android I like their battery life, shortcuts like off data/gps etc (iphone needs this srsly),
big screens, expandable memory.

I do think iPhone is a bit too overpriced. VERY la actually.
I would say iPhone 6 is worth like 1600. HAHAHHA.
I mean for that price you can get phones with much better specs.
But! I'm happy with my phone so far. 

Gonna take care of it.
No more losing phone please.
Another reason why I switched from Apple to Samsung.
I lost two iphones HAHAHAHA. Stupid.

One iphone 3GS in Beer Factory, one iphone 4S in Vertigo.
HAHHAHA my own fault actually. Gave opportunity for them to steal.
No more letting that happen pwiss.

Moving on!


10th of January!

Brunch with Mummy's side at Royale Chulan Hotel near The Curve.

Sushi for the day. My favouriteeee!

Rainbow roll! *screams*

The restaurant is called Minori.
Their food was not bad! 
And it was pretty quiet so service was quite fast hahaha.

Borrowing someone's wedding flower decorations as backdrop.
Thank you ah whoever you are. HAHHAHA

Bustier top from Sungei Wang
Blue skirt from Topshop
Heels from Nose
2.55 Flap from Chanel


Mummy bought Godiva chocolates as souvenir! :D

I ate less than five of em eheh the rest I gave to college mates and etc.
But they were really good! And I was really happy to receive a box of decadent chocos.

After that we went Coffee Coffea.

Sadly I am 21 years old and I have tried many times to take a sip of coffee here and there.

I like green tea's type of bitter. But coffee makes me pull a face each time.
HAHAH. I feel sorry for myself.


Last last Sunday's outfit for family outing.

Pearls and bag from Chanel,
Off white top from Aurora
Bohemian skirt from Kitschen.

I am always a bit stoned on Sundays.
I just am.

Again, salmon salad makes an appearance. ^^

At night, went to The Curve to meet mummy!

And this was Hobahn at Desa Park City.
Hobahn's service is a bit slow and not many customers compared to
Rakuzen and The Social.

Random college day and I was feeling cold.

Top and shoes from Forever 21
Denim shorts from Aurora boutique

Anyone wanna go CNY clothes shopping with meeee.
I still have vouchers left to use :3

This was visiting Tinker's Hubble Bubble.
You might've heard of it.

HAHHAA. A new shisha place at Pudu Uptown,
by Rachel, Yen Shen and Joe.

I dropped by after college.
I stayed at college from 9am till 7pm.
Then went to shisha straight.

But cannot complain. Graduating soon.
Suffer also a little bit more only. HEHE.
March 26 is the date!

Pretty or not?
HEHE. Light up shishas.

And was so glad Vency and Jia Shin could make it!
It was a bit hard to find the place and they made a few detours.
Appreciated!! :)

I was very curious with the bubble and bugged Yen Shen hahaha.
They didn't buy the straw thingy yet ( they have it now)
so I tore out a few pages from my notebook.
It worked hahaha.

You just dip the straw in the soap then blow it into the straw.
The shisha will be encased in the bubble then POP!

I don't shisha that much now because my throat is quite sensitive :B
But I was glad to support them on their opening!

Jennie gave them flowers. No Jennie so flowers took her place.

Mr Yen Shen. He complained his wallet empty and he worked whole day and 
only slept two hours managing this shisha thingy. HAHHA!

It's a great experience la I think to start business when young.
Actually, it is always good to start something.

Many people dream, but few work for their dreams.

Behind the shisha is Leanne, Joe's girlfriend.
Hahaha! We meet again. 
The last time I saw her was at Mei Yen's bday!
I miss Mei Yen :3

She's been sooo busy working.
I know them feels. HAHAHA

Respect to our parents who worked tirelessly
to provide food on the table.

The dogs also came but late as usual :B



Next day was back to college again.
Wake up 730 AM face the jam rinse and repeat.
Mondays and Wednesdays are a bit more merciful as it is only
until 1pm. The rest are until 6pm.

Whenever I feel like complaining I remind myself that
I should be glad to be able to do this and to graduate in a little more than two months time.
GOSH. Now it sounds fast

Have to design and sew outfits for five looks.
I have two dresses, one jumpsuit, one jacket, one pants and one top.
It's a lot of work. But hey. Life is not always about relaxing.
Life is also about working hard and doing something useful.

But let me stone and dream a bit first. HHahhaha

Hello mannequin? Can you help me sew outfits?

Bustier top from Aurora
Pink skirt from IDK where. My daddy bought this when I was 13/14.
Recently found it so tried wearing it. HAHHA. Pink is still my favourite.
And comfy pink slippers from Jelly Bunny.

Sorry not sorry for the pink overload.
Pink is just this one colour I associate with.

But I think girls who like pink are always stereotyped like this-
bitchy, spoiled, baby, insecure, princessy, girly, sweet, bimbotic, likes animals and fairytales.


Ya ok back to work.


Sushi Mentai last Saturday with mr Edward.
Messy eaters sowie.

And hello from my phone cover.
HAHHAA. Boyfie bought it for me all out of sudden.
And the sweetest thing was that he was actually angry at me
but still bought me something :3 So cute!

And the sushi at Sushi Mentai is really cheap. RM1.80 for pink plate,
RM2.80 for red plate. About RM20 per person you can eat a lot dy.
It's near Kepong Jusco!

Hello from Cabbie the shih tzu.

Hello from Claire.

So cute and sweet :3
Boys will swoon for her in future for sure.

HAHHAA. That's about it this post.

Oh yeah. CNY is a' coming. 
I'm excited!

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