Monday, 23 February 2015

Happy Lunar New Year!


It's the time of the year to pull out cheong sam from your closet again.
I think it's a must for a chinese to own at least ONE cheongsam.
Wearing traditional garment is a proud thing to do! ^^

I bought this from Cherrie Lee at 1 Utama!
Wanted to have a budget of RM200 to buy cheong sam but I ended up spending 
RM1000 on new clothes :( oh well. Everyone needs new clothes I guess :v

I love cheong sam! The contrasting pipings, the slits, the embroideries and prints.
And the fasteners! Lol. They are called chinese frog closure.

Pretty mou? ^^

I think I would definitely try to sew myself a cheongsam after graduation.
Ah! More on cheong sam later, now back to reunions dinners and etc !

Pink die 

The havoc at Chinese restaurants!
This was at one of the Hakka restaurants in Puchong.
My uncle lives in that area so he brought us there.
The food was very healthy. They served millet rice and a lot of vege.

This is of course, an essential to every reunion dinner during the Lunar New Year.
Yee Sang or Lou Sang. Just toss the colourful ingredients together.
It's better to say some auspicious things but most of the time we don't lolol.

Selfie with ah ku and claire.
Ah ku is my brother's sister.
Claire is my brother's sister's daughter.
My cousin la, in short. ^^

She's only three years old this year but she talks a lot.
She is also very fair and cute, probably grow up to charm
many guys

Daddy came to join in the selfie.

My ah ku is 39 years old this year.
Can you believe it? HAHAHA

I don't mind growing old but I hope I age gracefully :3
But most Asian mums I see are pretty hot.
Like my mummy and ah ku. HAHAHA

I think with caucasians they are very pretty in their early teens and early twenties.
But as they get old weight gain and sagging skin comes along.
I think asians have thicker skin compared to caucasians so a little less prone to aging.
Caucasians sometimes have translucent skin. But! They also have exotic eyes in the form of blue and green irises.

With daddy! I bought him this shirt hahahaha
because I realized this year he didn't wear this type of shirt.
From Cherrie Lee 1 Utama too.

toss toss toss

Actually sometimes the waiter will recite the new year greetings as they add the ingredients.
I like hearing that lolol. They will add the salmon and say something like 年年有鱼 then add lime and say 大吉大利.

From my TR15

And somewhat candid from Ah Ku's S5. HAHAHAH


This was at Chui Wah Lou
Two days before Chor 1. 

Daddy's annual company lunch.

And this is me wearing the same cheong sam for CNY last year. 
HAHAHA ma de hair didn't grow much also!!

This was the day before Chor 1,
the official reunion dinner.

At Chui Wah Lou too! The food was terrible for this year!
A bit half-assed and lacking presentation.
RM1100 for one table I think. Better pay a bit more and go Grand Imperial.
HAHAHA. But nevertheless still thankful for whatever I eat.

Lou Sang again

This was Chor 1, balik kampung to Bentong, Pahang.
My daddy grew up there.
But left to KL when he was like 16 or 17 to ahem, cari makan so to say.

So jam man this year. Stopped by at Bukit Tinggi for lunch.
Our usual one hour journey became a three hour journey!!!

Ya Selfie.

Didn't take pictures much after that. HAHAHA.


This was a very impromptu outing with Mei Yen because I wanted to shop for cheongsam.
Thank you Mei Yen for accompanying me! And the sticky too! Hehe :3

CNY version with bun head girl!

This was at Dontaku, previously known as Nippon Yataimura.
I prefer the old one! Better price and more choice.
The udon was a bit bland on this one.

I ordered their sushi to udon set. Rm18 or RM20 I think.


Cheong sam from Cherrie Lee!

I bought the black and the pink, wonder if I should go back for the white? :o
The long one is RM399, the short one is RM259.
The black looks nice in real life! The white looks nice in picture!

I love halter neck types of cheong sam- the sleeveless type.
I have pretty broad shoulders so that type suits me more :3
There were so many shops selling cheongsam lol!
That row where they sell evening gowns. Egete, tangoo etc.
There's also a shop which sells tailor-made cheongsam.
So pretty! I would definitely splurge on them when I start working.

I know I've always said I buy cheap clothes, but what you pay for you get! Lol.
I think it's true. When you buy sungei wang clothes it might fit poorly or the threads unravel quicker than you can wear them. 

But there's also great finds especially for casual/college days.

Bought some tops from Forever 21 too! Which was why I overspent that day :v
I love long sleeves or sleeveless. I don't have too many t-shirts.
Pussybow shirts remind me of Alexa Chung. Plus a pearl necklace, it gives off a very French vibe.
Even more so if you add red lippie. Like Anne Hathaway in Devil Wears Prada!
The long flowy cream top is a bit more on the bohemian vibe, kind of Sienna Miller ish.

Also with all that CNY FEASTING.
Had to go to gym. It's been a while since I really run.
Recently I do more on weightlifting. 
When I started out, I used to run 5km almost everyday.
But it killed my feet lol. Nevertheless running is always great!

Aimed for 4km but ended up running 6km that day hehe

Back to reading recently since I had time during this one week holiday.
I'll be dead when college reopens in the next two days.

Nick Vujicic! Halfway through reading. Not bad, pretty inspirational.
He visited Sunway University a year or two back!

Finished this book recently. It was pretty thick, worth the RM50 I paid for.
I think I feel a bit more stingy when it comes to books rather than clothes.
Lol! I just want a book sale! Like RM10 for one book! And I want bestsellers!

AHAHAH. Sad I missed the Big Bad Wolf book sale.

Anyway I really love autobiographies. They're so inspiring.
I want to read Nelson Mandela and Steve Job's next.

I really enjoyed Richard Branson's journey to Virgin Group.
And in his book I can see that he wasn't so concerned with money.
He was more concerned with creating a brand, and making Virgin a successful brand.

Jordan Belfort's Wolf Of Wall Street was also a stellar read!
The movie was great to thanks to Mr Leo.

Must read! Donald Trump's autobiographies/biographies are also exciting reads.

Other books are the nonsensical chick lits, which has a predictable plot and an even more predictable storyline. Like those vampire romance books. Or those romance books. Ordinary girl meets rich businessman. Those kind of shit. Totally fine if you just want to past time, but if you want worth for your money, better buy something more original. These books are the type you read once and it's not bad but you totally forget what the story was about. Because it isn't a notable one.

And my all time favourite book for quite a while was Marley & Me.
I can empathise with this book because I'm a dog lover myself.
It's a very sincere account of a dog/pet owner relationship
Especially the bad parts like Marley tearing up the furniture.

I re-read this book about three times.
I seldom re-read books. When I do, it means something really struck a chord with me.

This turned out to be a very memorable read. I remember I re-read it once or twice.
I don't have the book, I borrowed it from Shao Yang.
Very emotional, about a sister who had to keep sacrificing herself for her leukemia infected sister.

I think reading books is really important.
It makes you more cultured, more knowledgeable. Broadens your horizons.
Just start with whatever you find interesting! :3


La Bodega with family.

Tapas and magazines.

A book Natalie gave to me.
Thank you Natalie! And the message was so sweet.

That's all this post!

Have a great CNY.

Till then, xox!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Happy valentines day, photoshoot at studio, new bag again HAHAHHA

Happy Valentines Day you all! 

Actually this year's the first time I'm spending it with someone special so to speak. 

Almost eight months now.
Time flies when I'm with you :)

I had linguine aglio olio with salmon.
Boyfie had tomato-based linguine.
I liked his sauce better! Stole some from him hehe.

Was stuffed by the end of the dinner.

Also, glad that The Curve wasn't so packed.
This was at Goodsaltz! A new restaurant.

Kisses for the boyfie!

Rose was from those people walking around selling flowers on the way to the restaurant.

It was a lovely night! :)

Thank you for always being so thoughtful and patient. 

Boyfie also got a lil' surprise gift while I was busying with college work.
Hehe. Thank you sweetie! Always appreciate everything that you do. :3

Selfie. Going home was quite jam

Annoy boyfie first. Hahaha

Hair up?

Or hair down?

Happy Valentines Day to all of you! :)
If you are single, don't worry. Your time will come!
Enjoy discovering yourself and investing in new hobbies/life skills.

To me, I'd rather be single than be in a relationship for the sake of it
If you're in a relationship, I think it should be because you love him/her 
and want to be with him/her and not because you are lonely.

I didn't start dating until I was like 19 man. 
And you know what. Don't rush it.
Enjoy being your own person. 

When love comes, it just does.
HAHHAHA. I remember few weeks before I met Edward
Jennie and Daniel was pestering about me being single.
And I was like, WTF I enjoy being single don't interrupt my single life pls.
Then boom now I'm happily in a relationship :3

Relationships aren't easy.
There will be ups and downs and it takes effort to maintain it.
Thank goodness my boyfriend is mature and patient because
I am immature and .. impatient. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHArwtdfiwuefhwrfhoerfi
But I am very loving kind and gentle also la, true or not Edward. HAHAHAHHAA


Moving on the college....

Life has been busy busy since college started.
At first I was really excited. Then now I'm excited and stress and tired.

Graduation fashion show is on March 26.
Fingers crossed for getting five outfits done.

Long story short, I'm now pursuing Advanced Diploma at Raffles Institute.
The college is in KL, near Intermark and G Tower.
The course is 2 years 3 months long, and about RM78 000.
I think? Haha ^^ should be.

This is sample of the second look.
Commonly referred as "toile"
Sewn using muslin, which is a very basic cotton fabric.
About RM5 per meter. It usually takes about 4-5 meters to make a gown.
So it's about RM20-25 to make one sample.
Shirts only take about 2 meters.

And this is ze actual


Center panel was supposed to be mesh fabric but teacher advised me to leave it bare. HAHHA.
That's why so revealing.

Putting the outfit on the dummy to visualize the beadings/laces.

And then doing the beading work/ handstitching the lace.

For actual.. I spend about RM400 on the beading materials, RM300 on the fabric for two outfits.
So about RM700.

Fashion show is all about money man.
Graduating too. Lol Raffles really killing me softly.
Need to pay for photoshoot RM450, convocation tickets RM1200 (12 tix),
graduation photos RM500, printing poster RM200. 

That's already RM2350.

Then you have to buy fabrics/threads/fasteners/beads/laces.
So far RM700 but I have three more outfits so maybe end up RM1.5k.
Then have to buy shoes and accessories for model. That one I will try to budget a bit,
so maybe RM350 for five shoes and some accessories.

HAHA. Lol. Die man.
And I feel bad asking money from my dad :(
I wish they list it as fashion show budget. LOL.
So it's more official.

Beading halfway through jumpsuit aka first look.

Photoshoot! These were the two models who will be wearing my outfits.

The venue was a Not a Studio by Vodka studio. Hahaha.
Photographer's rate was RM7k or 8k I can't remember.
Models I know was about RM2k per day.
There were six models, four female and two males.
If they work overtime they charge about RM200 per hour.

But modelling is not easy work.
They were professional and they did not have an attitude thank goodness lol.
They were standing in ill-fitting heels for like five to seven hours straight.
A lot of waiting involved, especially with hair and make up.

Jumpsuit! Look one :)

The model was so thin. Thank goodness because the jumpsuit is quite tight. HAHA.
The zipper also broke, which means I have to buy a new zipper and unpick the old one.
Pins to the rescue as always.

Look two, the backless dress.

Ah, satin is a bit easier to pucker.
Probably going to find thicker fabrics for the next three outfits.


I reached the studio at 2PM and left around 7PM.
Had to wait for my turn!

I think doing a photoshoot is tiring.
You have to get the team together.
The designers, photographers, make up and hair stylists, the models.
And I would have to say they were all pretty patient and hardworking.

A very old sketch from insta.

If you were wondering why I chose fashion design, I would say it started from drawing,
When I was 7, I would draw a whole capsule collection for a doll.
But of course my drawing was quite shit, nevertheless I was happy with drawing.

I would pester my mother and grandfather to draw me kitchen utensils and all sorts of things.
HAHAHA! I didn't really start dressing up until I was 17.
Then BOOM. I started buying lots of clothes and it was really fun playing styling with my own clothes.

There was a point I also gave up on my dream after The One Academy.
I went to Taylors College to ask about business course, even.
I was thinking maybe fashion is not for me, so stressful and not conventional.
I thought fashion was easy, boy how wrong I was when I started enrolling the course.

It wasn't just about styling outfits or designing them.
Which means design, sketching, draping, drafting, sewing.
Draping and drafting require calculations and it's a bit like how
architects draw houses except we draw clothes. Panel by panel, cutline by cutline.

At first it is really hard. Acquiring new skills is hard because your brain is not wired
to process this things. And the way to be better is just by doing it over and over.
I would say that I didn't take my course very seriously at first.

But now I do. Lol. Already the final fashion show for us.
I would miss college life, definitely.

It is stressful. But also exciting.
Nowadays I get sleepy around 10pm, even on weekends.
And I wake up automatically around 8PM or 9PM.

Which I love, because I'm actually more of a morning person.
I really really hate it when I wake up around 2pm and half of today's sunshine is gone.
HAHAHAH. I like sunshine.

Unless it's holiday and I have nothing to do except waste time and sleep.
Honestly, if you asked me if I preferred having holidays or being busy,
I would say being busy for three months, having holidays for two weeks then repeat.
I need my holidays but not too long or else I feel like I'm wasting time.

Especially when my boyfriend is busy and I have holiday. HAHAHA
I feel like, damn loser

Pole fitness! Every Saturday.

Have been learning since last year.. erm.
November I think? HAHAHA.

So far so good :) I enjoy it eventho it's quite pricey at RM50 per class.
Limited space because there's only six poles. 

Pole fitness is really good exercise for your ARMS.
You can get really toned arms just by the end of the class.
Work your core/abs and back too.
Legs less, but it does too because you have to constantly tiptoe.
Pole climb is tiring.

And this was trying out new gym at Ativo Plaza.
Solid gym! RM8 per entry. They have more cardio options.
Star Fitness has bigger dumbbell lifting area. And is cheaper at RM5.
Also heard Star Fitness is moving to the shoplot on top of De Maju.
NO PLEASE. So far. HHHAA. Just 1km away la but stillllll.

Anyway I would say for now the body part which I am most happy about is my arms and abs.
HAHAHA. What I eat goes to my thighs I think. Pear shaped.
Big ass it is. 

Also got a new bag :)

Remember I said I had too many pink bags? Haha.
Finally got a black bag.

It's really practical because it's quite roomy and it has ZIPPED opening.
Ohmygatch. I have big bags but they don't have zips.
I have bags with no zips. Feel very insecure ya know.

I got it with my own savings! 
Been saving money and working a lil for the past few months. 

Size in comparison to other prada bags.
The saffiano is the BN1801 one!

I think as time goes what you look for in a bag will always change and morph
according to your lifestyle.

For me I'm pretty happy with getting a new evening bag and one practical everyday bag.
Nylon/canvas is good for everyday bag. You can chuck it and squash it, whatever.
Lambskin/leather is great for evening bags because they give a very structured and luxurious look.
Plus, leather will always age like fine wine. 

Nowadays I think designer leather bags are like RM8k and above.
RM5k ish is like nylon/canvas types.

Well. Better go overseas to buy with better value.
Actually don't buy is the best la, but well. Lol.

Burger junkyard with boyfie!

He has been meaning to take me there since last year August ish. HAHAHA.
But somehow never got the chance.

I love their burger graffiti lolol. So hip.

Their burger was amazing :3
I want to try burgerlab next!

Boyfie had beef burger and some fries for me to killsteal. HAHHAHA

I had portobello the vegan option.

Yummy! I love their bread. It's like garlic bread.
So much better than Fat Boy's Burger.


Hehe love love!

This was Dior's event.
The SA, Sharon asked me to come. I knew her through buying the lady dior bag hahahaha
I thought it was an event with lots of people but it's actually a private event.
Like a personal shopper kind of thing! Lol.

She also got us a tea time set for the tea salon at Starhill. Om nom.
Love their macarons!

With Scott

And the lovely SA 

We had some salad before going to Dior which I quite regret
because I couldn't fit more pastries in my stomach. HAHAHHA

Thanks for the treat Dior! xx


Sunglasses from Burberry
Pearl necklace from Chanel
Dress from some boutique hahahah
Heels from Vincci
Lady Dior bag from Dior

This was attending Edward's church friend's wedding dinner.

Everyone waited for quite a while and when the first dish was served..
man it was gone in seconds. HAHAHHA

OOTD with boyfie!

I love seeing him in formal clothes.
Like future lawyer. HAHAHHA

And this was a rare spontaneous outing with the girls at The Social in Desa Park.
Catch up sesh!

Mega selfie.

Random plan to go The Roof!

Great night!

This was watching a movie at GSC 1 Utama.
We watched Tracers. I think.
They had a lot of parkour action in it and Taylor Lautner starred in the movie.

Random brunchie at Amelio.

Boyfie had spaghetti vongole with clams
I was hungry and had portobello sandwich.
I have a thing for mushrooms maybe? HAHAHA

When I want something juicy and chewy but not meaty.

First Lou Sang! At Pu Tien 1Utama with family. Boyfie came along too!


Sunday tea with family at Cafe De Paris Pavilion as usual.

Mei Yen dropped by to visit hehe so nice of her.
Love it when friends make effort for us to see each other ^^v

She was outing shopping with her coussie who was back from New Zealand!


Then main course came and food was spilling out from the table.

That's all this post! :)
Busy busy!