Sunday, 29 March 2015

I've graduated from Raffles!

Class of 2015 Raffles College of Higher Education graduates.
HAHAH. Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design, all twenty of us.
Batch FD 9.1 (every semester you go up from 1.1 to 2.1, 9.1 means you've 
taken down nine semesters. HAHAHA)

And there's two years three months of hardwork for three minutes on the stage.

Thank you Daddy, Edward, Mei Yen, Rachel, Vinnie, Xuan for the flowers!
Thank you King Jiat, Jie Ying, Scott and my ah ku and ku jiong and brother for coming too!

Hello! Hahaha :)

I've finally got some time to sit my ass down and blog.
So. Life has been a whirlwind for the past month.
Trying to finish up clothes for the fashion show, then seeing the fashion show happen,
and finally graduating.

And because March 21st is my birthday... birthday celebrations here and there lol.

I'll talk about ze graduation first, then birthday celebrations!
Have a feeling that this will be a long post. Hahaha.
Better long than short right, since long means life is a bit more happening?

Definitely taking a slower pace now, since I've graduated.
But of course, I'm not used to it! I like having things to do.

The theme for this year is Begin.
Here is this year's book, it contains Raffles graduates, from 
interior design students to jewellery design students to fashion design students.
I really appreciate Raffles giving us so much exposure! 

And here's a lookbook of our collections by Yuthika. Mine is at 1.21, the purple outfit. HAHHAA.
Twenty students, five outfits each and all from different inspirations.

The official video for our fashion show isn't out yet, still editing!

Will post them up when they're done!

Backstage at Mayang Sari Ballroom in Jw Mariott Hotel.
The one beside Starhill shopping mall.

We arrived there at 11AM for rehearsals, final fittings and hair and make up.
There were also people interviewing us. 
The ones standing behind lol. Each of us will get interviewed.

Flashbacks to the day before d day...

Almost everyday spent at this sewing room.
Ah, kind of miss it now. HAHAHAH

Our model's comp cards stucked onto the notice board by our lecturer MR KJ.

My heels and three others I bought for model fitting.
Because their feet are bigger than mine lol.
I'm a size 37 on most shoes. Maybe 37.5 for others.
Model size is usually 38. The tall ones like 178cm are sometimes 40 or 41.

We arrived at around 11AM and the convocation starts at 7PM.
So in between we had like eight hours to burn.
Surprisingly, everything seems to happen so quick thou.

Went to Chloe's room at Piccolo to rest for about an hour.
Then to a room in JW Marriott provided by our college to change clothes.
Then we did hair and make up. Snips was in charge of that,
quite a big team of around fifteen hair stylists and make up artists.
Then around twenty models. 15 female and 5 male if I remember correctly.

Organizing a fashion show is definitely not cheap!
Renting the ballroom already costs a bomb.

I was really busy that night, so I didn't manage to take too many pictures.
Friends and family helped me take some though!

Here's my sweetie daddy coming up stage to give me flowers.
I almost died from euphoria for receiving so many flowers.

Snapchat from King Jiat.

This one is from Rachel I think?
This was during the finale, we go out hand in hand with our finale model.

Coming up to take a quick bow. 

Received six banquets of flowers!

From left to right: Edward's, Daddy's, Rachel's, Xuan's, Vinnie's.

And Mei Yen's red rosesssss. Hehe.
Here I am right after the convocation, dressed in a graduation robe.
I took a picture at the mini studio set up outside the ballroom.
RM280 so exy! But's all professional and shit with the background and everything.
Will only be getting the picture back around April thou!

HAHAHA. My daddy's dream to see his children wear 四方帽
which is basically the square academic cap you wear when you graduate.
I did la when taking the studio picture.

Honestly, I'm still 50/50 with studying abroad. Not sure yet. Hmm.

With my family and relatives that night!

Friends (and a boyfriend ^^)

Thank you all for coming! Your support means the world to me.
I wish I could've invited more people but unfortunately I only had ten tickets on hand :(
Basically you have to pay RM1200 as graduation fee and you get ten tickets 
and two more for your parents.

With Scott and Jie Ying from The One Academy days.
I had a lot of crazy fun while I was there with em!
So sorry couldn't entertain you guys more T.T 
was so busy running here and there. I was in slippers actually but my skirt covered it.

Backstage was havoc.
You see, each model had around four outfit changes and at any time
there were five to ten models changing for their next oufit.
There is of course no dressing room. Just take off and put on chop chop.

Thank you too for the juniors helping out!
I remember just six months ago I was doing the same, being a dresser for my seniors.
And now, boom. I've graduated- time flies.

At that time I actually felt a bit reluctant to help out you know.
HAHAH. But after that I was glad, because it was an eye opening experience seeing
my senior's at the fashion show. A little bit of teaser before you actually do yours.

If there was any advice, I would say-
be passionate about what you do, work hard, listen to constructive criticism,
and just follow your heart.

Because to me there's no point making or doing something you don't "feel" anything for.

I choose chandelier because when I was young, places which were memorable always had chandeliers in them. Versailles in Paris, Mandarin Oriental in KL.
Weddings, traveling, whatever. 
They were always there and I admired them, a little bit of fairytale touch.

If I ever had my own store (and somehow I believe I will)
it would have a chandelier in the middle just because it reminds me of my starting point.

And here's Nalvia, my finale model. Hehe.
She's from Brazil! She reminds me of Alessandra Ambrossio.
 She's about 175cm I think. There were some like 180cm.

She's going off to Jakarta next month!

I would say that being a model isn't as easy as it seems because it's competitive
and people out there are harsh , especially when what you sell is your appearance.
Not tall enough, not skinny enough, not high fashion enough. Etc etc.

Picture on my instagram. Haaha! Bubuchahchah is the username.

With my daddy. 

Thank you daddy for putting me through college,
giving me everything I ever needed and more, 
loving me since I was born,
sacrificing and putting your family first always.

There is so much I can learn from your character.
Tenacity, diligence, never stop chasing after what you want,
always being there and providing for your family.

Coming from a poor family and not having enough pocket money for breakfast and lunch.
Working two jobs a day to buy milk for my gorgor.
To the self made man you are today.

Part of why I've always been outspoken and daring to chase after what I want
is because of my dad. And him supporting the career path I chose.

I love my daddy!

And my ah ku hehe. Can you believe she has two kids?
AHAHHA. Mei Yen thought she isn't a mum yet.

Rachel the pretty model. I know she's busy so I'm really glad she made the time for me!
She can definitely be a model. She's got the height for it!
There were two or three models who were 168cm. Rachel is like.. 177cm.

I think for Asians it's hard for you to go to the international scene unless you're really tall.
Especially if you want to go to the high fashion runway route.
You need the height. And sharp features. The it factor I suppose?

If you go for Vivi magazines or as a commercial model then height doesn't matter as much lah..

My pretty girls!

And King Jiat hehe. He came right after his work. Thank you for coming!!!! Woof!

And my boyfie. My dear future lawyer. 
Graduating in May. HEHEHE. But his convocation will be next year.
I'm proud of you! Study hard! 

Vinnie! Support her instagram boutique Voutfit ! HAHAHA

In my own garden already lol

Mr Edward and his sharp nose and chipmunk.
The chipmunk has those suction cup hanging off his head.
It's hanging on my car window now. LOL. So cute the graduation cap.

Mei Yen . This Mei Yen like my second boyfriend ah!
My bestfriend since Form 1. I've always sat beside her for as long as I remember.
I'm really glad to have her as my friend. HEHEHEH.

She's just the sort of friend I can imagine all the way till I have my own daughter
and she has her own daughter and I would still be seeing her often.

She gave me flowers and pandora on graduation!
Then the next day she gave me ANOTHER present which she says is for my birthday

Ted Baker bath set! Thank you so much Mei Yen!
You are like fairy godmother eh. Enough gifts already tq hahhaa. 

Glad to have you as my friend!!

Here's a random pic of my Pandora taken with my iphone lol.

There's ten charms for now.

Guess what lol. I only bought ONE charm. The rest were given to me.
I bought the bracelet and teddy bear last year.
Mei Yen gave me the angel.

For a long time it was only two charms.
Then mummy came back from UK and she bought me four charms lol.
The bible, the pave heart clip, rose heart clip and santa claus.
Then boyfie bought me the blue heart charm from Soufeel then the heart safety chain then the dangly heart charm. Then mei yen got me the crown for graduation. Lol

Sentimental things really sell! Lol.
BTW pandora's charm prices have increased.
Maybe due to GST. Charms that were RM126 are now RM139.
There were some which raised RM30-RM40.
Damn exy weih.

And here are some car selfies taken on days stuck in a jam while heading to college.

Softsrve hehehe.
Boyfie took me to try it. I kept asking for it hahaha.
I ordered theatre, which is the one with Garett popcorn.
The put dry ice as the bottom to keep the ice cream cold.

I always say that my boyfie has the "wanna fight" face.
He does. So sometimes when he's not angry at me, I'll think that he is.

Ootd. This sort of outfit suits dessert outing lol. Like candy.
Off shoulder watercolour top and fluffy skirt from a random boutique,
heels from Fahrenheit 88, and a pink lady dior.

Boyfie playing hero charge. So popular meh?
I like cookie run most.

Please download this app cookie run if you want to be my friend tq.

HAHAHAH. I stopped playing for a while but they revamped the whole thing with new features so I got hooked again. Another game that is forever on my phone (as in since iPhone 3GS and the advent of apps) is diamond dash.

Actually, I really miss those Facebook games lah.

Like restaurant city and pet society by playfish.
Those were the good ol days you know.
And neopets in even older days.
I would rush to my comp after school to play em.

Tried A Pie Thing too. at SS2! We reached quite late, like 10 I think.
So they only had Smores left. It was pretty good!
But I recommend it for sharing.

IDK la for desserts I like to have a lil bit of everything or else I feel like
it's too sweet and the sugar will harden my blood or something like that.
Love hate relationship with sugary things you know.

When I wanted it I really want it but when I have it after several bites I feel like too sweet lolol.

Make up look nowadays. I used to use brown gel pencil more last time.
Recently I've gone back to black eyeliner. And sometimes brown gel liner.
I doubt it would make a diff for guys la lol.

Watched Chappie with my boyfie.

It was a great movie!
But a bit harsh though, as the storyline involves robots being a policeforce,
and gangsters kidnapped Chappie. The gangsters are... like gangsters.
Which is why, 18+ rating.

But deffo recommend watching it!
There's so many great movies coming up though.
I can't wait for Marvel movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avengers Age of Ultron!!! Fantastic Four!! Ted 2!! Fast & Furious!!!


Hahhahaah. Cinderella I prolly have to watch with my girlfriends thou,
feel bad la later boyfie fall asleep.

This was going out with Mei Yen for belated birthday.
We went to Publika! Mei Yen was so nice to fetch me hehe

My twinnie.

We went to Silver Spoon, one the chef used to be from Chef Ken at Menjalara.
Used to go to Chef Ken's after school on Fridays.

We shared a pizza and a plate of wedges.
We left a third of food untouched even thou we shared T.T
And I feel so full even until the next morning lololol.

Lookit! Charles & Keith/ Pedro/ VS sale at SS Two Mall.
Boyfie brought me there hehe.

Warehouse sale. So many sales recently.
Shops wanna clear their stocks before GST hits and the slowdown in consumerism too.
I went to the Charles & Keith sale at Subang with Jennie and Xuan four years ago.
It was great. I bought like three or four pairs of pretty high heels.
This time I only bought one.

I think because it's already third day into the four day sale, there weren't much stock left.
Those which were left was still nice, but expensive.
I didn't see any of the RM39. But a lot of RM89, RM99.

Hello crowd.

And a funny ahma picha of me asking boyfie to show me how my shoe looks like. 

And a Sunday afternoon spent with family at Pavi. As per usual.

Same pose diff background. HAHAHA.

Okay, that's all this post.

Will reserve bday celebrations onto next post because boyfie brought me to somewhere special.
Thank you all for reading! :)

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