Sunday, 8 March 2015

Law Ball, Troika, CNY gatherings

Hello! :)

Finally got around to update my blog layout.
Haha! What do you guys think? :3

Went to boyfriend's Law Ball yesterday night.
It's his third year of law degree.
So probably the last law ball? Not sure about Masters though hmm.

It was held at Impiana KL.
Very near KLCC. But it didn't know it existed lol.
Last year's Law Ball was at Mandarin Oriental.

Actually.. I don't know how the hotel looks like.
I fell asleep in boyfie's car until we entered the carpark...
Lol hahahhaha. The carpark was a bit of architect failure though,
there were like 8 parking lots each floor. Doesn't make sense.

Finally got to see boyfie suit up :)
Hehe. I have a thing for guys in suits! MWAHAHA.
So formal and mature-looking.
But anyway. I still think boyfie is handsome even if he just rolled out of the bed.

An ex-judge giving a speech to start off the night.

Boyfie said their salary is five figure ish, but they don't reveal exactly how much
because otherwise people would try to offer bribe.

A few of the lecturers went up the stage too.
One was very sarcastic.
Asked the participant, "you are from?"
He answered July intake. Then he was like, "your location not intake".
Lol. Damn deadpanned.

There were also some performances, dancing/singing/skits.
Reminds me of my prom. Hahaha.

Inclusive of buffet! I took a lot of pasta.
And a bowl of tomato soup.

Must kiasu a bit. HAHAHHAH SORRY

And some desserts!

Anyway recently I feel like KL is my second home.
Weekdays, KL for college.
Weekends, still KL for outings. lol.

La Soiree Musical!

Hehe. Lol boyfie held up the "Just Married" sign.
Posted this pic on instagram and people keep commenting on that hahahaha.

Anyway. I love my boyfie and hope he will do good in his studies ^^
I feel a bit reluctant though at the notion of him working.
Because I know it's going to be really tiring :(

Honestly, I would rather my boyfriend/loved ones/daddy whatever 
earn less money but spend more time instead.

On their death bed, people DON'T regret not earning more money.
They regret not spending more time with their loved ones.
Money, you can't take it to the grave. Memories will always be a part of you.


Finally met Kasin, Edward's classmate! hehe.
Not bad ah the make up she did on herself.
I thought make-up artist did it. Lol.

I think if you know how to apply heavy make up you don't have to waste money to hire a make up artist. On the other hand, I think going to the salon to set your hair really makes a difference. I love updos! Deffo wanna try doing one for events in future.

Look who I bumped into! Hahah.
Wendy Zagorski weih. Was digging into my pasta when she came and said "Hi".
Studying law too, suits her ah

She did her hair at Kimarie. HAHAHA. Kar wai did it.

Selfie mou. With chandelier behind me.
Ahh, my inspiration for upcoming graduation show.
Less than 20 more days.

Damn stress weih, outfits not done sewing yet.
And then I have Viper Challenge next week! LOLOL 
21km marathon. 

Had fun being your date at Law Ball! Loves.


The night before, went to Troika Skydining for Vinnie's birthday :)

That's why I said KL is like my second home. Lol.
We were deciding the most cliche restos in KL. 
Tanzini, cantaloupe, marini's, marble 8, troika.

Hahahah. Ended up with troika. My first time going there actually.
Environment not bad! It's just beside Marble 8 and KLCC actually.

Vivian booked an outdoor seating with view.
The view was great but honestly the chairs were really ugly.
Like those poolside stupid chairs. Not high class at all. HAHAHAHHA.
But the view and service was good.

Outfit of the day!

Vinnie set the theme to be white.
My birthday is coming up on 21st march.
If I did have a party, pink would deffo be the theme. HAHAH.
Honestly, I don't have time to celebrate my birthday because
graduation fashion show is on the 26th. I can imagine myself die die trying to finish the outfits.
I'd probably celebrate it on the 28th?

Weird though if I don't celebrate my 21st with friends.
Since 17 years old I've always held parties. HAHHA.
17th at The Curve the Terrace, 18th at 1u's Watami (Jennie and Xuannie very nicely surprised me),
19th was at Micheangelo Solaris with Jennie (merged our bdays together),
20th was at Park Royal Serviced Suites.

Each birthday was a memorable one! And totally worth the money spent.
HAHAHA. With RM2k you can do a pretty nice bday already.

With Miss Vivian. 
I was like, eh you out already your outfit not white.
HAHAHA. Then I told her on my birthday her outfit has to be 100% PINK.

Just four of us for the night!

Hahaha. We're the first to celebrate her bday. Feel quite honored lolol.

And here's how the Troika building looks like.
No parking! I had to illegal park.
Almost had a heart attack when I thought my car got towed.

Tiramisu for the dessert.
And panna cotta which Vinnie and I finished. HAHAHA

The chair I was talking about. HAHAHA.
Vinnie complained that it wasn't comfy too.

Strato it says on the menu!

Pricing is pretty standard for a high class ish KL resto.
RM50 ish for pasta.
RM70 ish for beef etc.
RM20 ish for salds/appetizers.

I ordered bruschetta which tasted very bland.
Tried Vivian's carbonara and YUM that was much nicer.

The view was quite pretty though, albeit hindered by a sprinkling of fog.

Le panna cotta. HAHAHA

Act candid.


Regret didn't put falsies weih I look like cancer patient beside Vivian. HAHAHAH

With the star of the night in her low back dress ^^

She kept asking us to take "背后照“ 
HAHAHA she wanted to show the back of her dress.
Vivian and I were like aiyoh sorry we weren't equipped with such skills.

Group pics on the other hand... easy peas!

Another night well spent. Loves!


Xuan's very bery impromptu BBQ party during CNY

With Claire

Vivian and Xuannie.

And the favourite boy.

AHAHHA. Kept giving him sticks of sausage to help me cook em.
Boyfie to the rescue!


Drafting at college. KL allday errday

Meet my measuring tape! LOLOL

Estee came to class in this quirky measuring tape dress.
How apt for a fashion design student.


This was CNY dinner Siet Yen planned for us Bestarians. 
Can't believe it's been four years since we've finished SPM!
And we still manage to keep in touch and meet up pretty regularly.
Which is not an easy thing to do, considering everyone's busy with college/work/etc.

The resto is at Bukit Bintang!
Has a big red lobster. HAHAHA so cute

Lou Sang is a must.

Quite a pricey resto ah.

Like those type cina businessman or families would come.
Siet Yen booked us a room with the KTV stuffs.

Leopard fish ah? I think? HAHHAHAHA.
The fish and the crab was exy I think.
The bill was about RM1590. Divide 11 people.

Wore the maxi halter cheongsam I got from Cherrie lee at 1 Utama hehe.
RM399 with 15 percent off. 

The crab was the most yummy. Salted egg crab. 
It came last though. HAHAHA. Amazed I still had space in my stomach for it.

Had fun having dinner with em! Big thank you to Siet Yen for organizing.
It's never easy organizing. Have to confirm with people. Book the place.
Prepare to deal with people FFK or late and etc.

Had a fun-filled weekend! Come Monday, gotta focus in college!
tata all, thanks for reading :)! 

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