Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Belated bday celebrations pt 1

Hello! :)

Here comes ze birthday celebration post, finally lol.
My birthday's on March 21st! Or 321.

Boyfie brought me out for dinner, he reserved table and everything lol.
At Thirty8 Grand Hyatt. I went there for their tea time before, but not for dinner.
I didn't realize the place was so big.

Compulsory staircase picture. Hahahahah. Great backdrop for insta.
The woman working at the hotel took it for us :3
Sorry for the chessiness ehehehe

Ootd? Just a simple yellow maxi and little chanel flap bag.
Wore wedges! Which was great because the parking was full due to some event
so we parked a little further.

Hehe. Time flies. Together for nine months plus now.

We booked our hotels and flights for upcoming vacation to Krabi for our one year anni.
Can't wait for June. Hehe.

I want to laze on the beach

Snorkel with fishies

And do a little kayaking. :3

HAHAHHA. oops. Got lost.
Back to KL!

They served a basket of bread with some garlic butter thingy.
I was really hungry. There were four pieces, I ate THREE.

I ordered sushi.
Looks weird in this setting, but hey.
sushi iz ma faves

And then boyfie ordered macaroni. And a tom yam soup.
So we had japanese, western and thai food on the table.


The flower petals weren't supposed to be there.

I saw a couple beside with their tables having flower petals, apparently you have to request for it when you do the reservation. So I asked for the waiter to do it on the spot and he said it would cost an extra RM15 or something so I was like, ok. And he forgot to get back to me.

So after a while I asked another waiter saying that one of the waiter forgot to get back to me and I asked for the manager. I DIDN'T REALIZE IT WAS HIM. The same waiter. LOL!! But boyfie did.

So he quickly took out the rose and plucked the petals and everything. Which was nice la, I understood that maybe he was a bit busy. In the end they didn't charge us additional for that. We tipped the waiter thou.

And I'm just happy to see the flower petals. HAHAHA. On normal days I wouldn't bother to request all this frills la, but it was my birthday soooo.

End off the night with their signature cake.
I didn't realize their cake was so small lol.
Why does it looked bigger the last time I ate it. HAHAHHAA

Very pattern right this cake. 
With the liquid nitrogen/dry ice and melting choco.
I like the caramel bits inside the cake! Yum yum.

Thank you boyfie for a lovely night!

I call this face his da kao face. As in the "wanna fight?" face because he
looks like he wants to challenge.

Sometimes boyfie eyes are too small, I always think he is angry/sad at me.
Typical overthinking gf mode ON. Then I keep asking,
"are you angry at me?" then he will say no, then after a while I will say,
"why do you always get angry at me?" then he will say no, then I will say,
"why you always angry at me but deny it?" then he will say no, and... OK. HAHAHAH


This was during the afternoon!

I was so shocked.

Vency, the girl on the left, told me to come inside the classroom
because MR KJ our lecturer was asking for me (NOT).

I went inside and stood beside KJ thinking why he summoned me.
Then suddenly they all started singing happy birthday
and Ailynn the girl on the right was behind me, holding a cake. LOL!

So sweet of them! I didn't expect anything at all because we were all busy with model fittings at that time.

Chloe, Kelvin, Vency, Ai Lynn, and Jia Shin chipped in for the cake!
Secret Recipe Choco Fudge. 

It has been great graduating with you guys. Hehe.
Made my dayyyy!

Hehe. This was the next day. With my two favourite men!
Daddy and boyfie hehe.

Daddy was so sweet.

He gave me an old school birthday lol!!
With tubs of ice cream and red eggs and everything.

Cake was from Secret Recipe again, Fruit Delight I think.

Daddy bought everything. And cooked dinner. HAHAHAH. 
Hashbrowns and eggs. 

So sweet of daddy hehehehe. I feel like a little kid again. :3

HAHAHA. That's pretty much my bday celebration.
Another random belated bday gathering coming up this friday
because I haven't celebrated with the dogs.

It's funny how each year I would celebrate my bday properly,
but come 21st I don't even have time to plan a proper one. Lol.

This was tea time at Harrods Cafe. First time trying, bro brought us there.
HAHAH. usually we always go to Chinoz. It's at KLCC btw.

We ordered the tea time set, the three tiered thingy.
RM90 for two. IT'S NOT WORTH IT LOL.

Tastes quite bland and not fresh. I would expect better quality.
Chinoz/Majestic/Grand Hyatt is much much better,
plus this one's not cheap too.

You'd spend your money better elsewhere.

HAHAHA. I don't complain much about food. 
Unless it's really expensive and really not nice. HAHAHAH

If it's RM50 for two then I think I wouldn't expect so much la,
but for RM90 for two I would expect something much more decadent.

Anyway, I'm quite okay with food. 
I never complain about sushi. People would say it's not fresh, tasteless, etc.
And I would be chomping with my mouth full of rice and be like, "got meh?".

HAHA. But I complain a lot with toilets.

I hate wet and dirty toilets, those which looks like there's a high possibility of
a cockroach lurking. It did happen to me once okay. I was doing my business and I saw 
a cockroach come out. My pee stopped IMMEDIATELY. See the cockroach no mood pee d.

HAHAHAHHA.So I always try to pee at home first if I'm going out to places
where sanitary toilets are scarce.

So pink weih.

Also did a little shopping!

Bought a wallet. Before GST. In case. HAHAHA.
But Prada and Miu Miu said they will not be changing their prices.
But idk if they will charge 6% on top of the total bill. Hmm.

Okay. So I got this wallet because I like the way it looked and it had a
name card holder that you could snap off.

But I realized it became quite bulky and I was more used to zip wallet.
Hhahaha. Stupid meee. So I went to exchange the next day.

And got the zipped version.

The snap button version is retailing for RM2450.
The zipped version is RM2350.

You can exchange it within 10 days of purchase. 
Just bring your receipt and the boxes etc.

I exchanged for an item of lower value so I have RM100 that I can use on the spot,
but I didn't want to spend any more money so I let it burn lol.
The cheapest thing is the Prada Candy perfume, about RM220.

But I'm not the person who thinks "I saved RM100" if I don't need or want that particular thing.
I will think, "I spent RM120". LOL. 

Anyway Daddy was really nice to buy me this.
I asked him why he sometimes let me buy expensive things (just *sometimes*)
he said because I'm his daughter, and if he didn't spend on me what would he do with it? Take to the grave? Lol. 

It's touching to hear hehe. But daddy as usual says it in a deadpanned way la. The manly way.

But of course I can't spend like nobody's business la, I'm just a student and it's not that my family is rich or what. only once in a while splurge. 

Because designer things are things you buy when you have excess money.
If you can't afford to pay rent etc then of course don't get those things la.

Almost wanted to get the Vara Bow from Ferragamo but the service was really shit.
There were many salespeople in store and it was quite empty but nobody really bothered to serve.
A girl tried to help me but I think she was quite new, after a while she just stood there.

HAHHAH SORRY. Honest customer review here.

Random drawing while listening to Chappie's soundtrack.
Enter the Ninja by Die Antwoord. Yolandi and Ninja are actually a music act!

And another one.

I finally have some time to sketch..

I think studying at Raffles retarded my drawing skills. HAHAHAHAHAHAH.
Don't get me wrong, in other areas such as sewing and drafting Raffles has improved me A LOT,
but drawing was something that was kind of put aside.

And I felt like I couldn't draw my own style because the lecturer wanted my drawing to be the cookie cutter style of fashion illustration. He didn't like my thick black pens which I used to outline the shit out of my drawings. But i love it that way. My sketches are always quite messy and all over the place. That's just me. You can't ask me to stop using those lines, because it's like asking a guy to grow boobs. It's not gonna happen.

HAHAHA. So anyway. Now I'm back to my natural habitat.

Honestly. It's just one week into my holiday and I'm already getting bored. Lol. I want to get a job. Or study abroad. Whichever one comes.

And a very silly random outing to try bingsu.

Boyfie had college the next day actually.
I was scrolling Instagram and saw Dal.komm.
Jokingly asked boyfie if he wanted to try and he kind of 
jokingly answered let's go.

Then we really went lol.

The bingsu was pretty good. I love the toppings.
But halfway through the toppings will be gone and you won't feel like eating.
HHAHAHA. Rm17.90 for this one, but just nice for two persons to share.
We ordered blueberry delight! I like the tart.

My favourite is prolly tutti frutti thou. I love yogurt ice cream.
Softsrve is also quite nice!

That black thing. Reminds me of UFO. Last time damn heng. HAHAHA.

I think the F&B industry is quite a crash and burn thing.
So hard to maintain customer base. There's always new fads coming in.
Like Boat Noodle. Used to be very popular but now declining a lil.

But I think it's always admirable when people venture into their own business.

A pie thing ! I didn't really have a decent dinner so that was my dinner.
Chicken mushroom? The pie was quite nice but the peas felt a bit gross after it's all mashed up HAHAHAH. 

That's the end of this post! :)

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