Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Belated bday celebrations pt 2


Had a little belated birthday celebration last Friday at The Social, Publika.
Booked for 10 people at 8pm because the dude on the line said they were
fully booked that night. I think they were just scared we FFK la lol.

In the end twenty plus people came!
I didn't expect it actually! I thought they were going to come really late

Because it was a pretty impromptu gathering.
Thought of not doing bday celebration with friends this year
but quite a few of my friends asked about it so I decided
why not use this as an excuse to have a gathering?!
Everyone's been busy with their own things anyway, a lil too busy!

And that night was more than I expected really.
A lot of people showed up and people I didn't expect to get me presents
actually got me something! Doesn't matter how big or how small,
I just feel really touched when people make an effort for that..
Because, you know, it's easy to not buy anything at all.

And am just glad those who made the effort to come. Hehe.

I didn't even prepare any cake actually :/
Then Edward went to secretly buy this big choco salted caramel from Ben's.
It was quite exy! RM120
I feel like money wasted! My idea of cake is just like...
ice cream dessert with happy birthday written on the plate.
Unless I really want to go all out on birthday la, then 
maybe a three tier cake. HAHAHHA.

But who would eat all of that anyway

Thank you baby for the cake.

And also what amazes me most is how patient and loving you are.
It's great when boyfriend buy gifts for their girlfriend.
But my boyfriend buy gifts for me even when he's ANGRY at me. Lol.

Me and him could be fighting/arguing the day before but the next day
he'll come to my house with a box of sushi in hand.
One of his sayings- I don't like to lose the argument but I don't like to lose you more.
Things like that mean a lot to me :3

I'm a very insecure girl. HAHAHAHAHAHAH.

Siet Yen took this picture for me! :3

She asked me to make a birthday wish.
But actually I am pretty content with where I am right now!
Haha, I feel myself getting older and settled down.

I think partying and clubbing is just a phase, you know.
Because sooner or later, you WILL get burnt out.
Staying up till 5 in the morning, ears ringing from the blare of the speakers.
It gets old. It gets tiring.

But!! Of course once in a while for friend's bday or just for fun,
partying is good. From my experience thou I don't think
the partying phase can last more than four years.
Maybe five years tops.

Because we gotta move on with life.
We can't be a kid forever.
There's responsibilities and a future to think of. 
A future that requires a... sober mind.

With the girls!

Missing Jennie of course. 
Mei Yen came too hehe, but went home early.

And glad that Cynthia could make it too!
She brought her boyfriend along too.

Cynthia took my phone to selfie and I was like,
eh quite nice ah whose phone is this?
And she was like. Your phone, dude.

HAHAHAH. iphone 6 mou

And my favourite boy!

With Yen Shen photobombing, of course.
If not Yen Shen then Huan Yuan. 
Those two, never-ending when it comes to photobombs.

And Ming Chun finally brought Adeline out for the first time!
HAHAH. I mean outing among our gang.
Was nice to meet her.

Balloons from Scott Tian.
Thank you oh!

Glad you came :3

This Ang Pee Jin too tall, 177cm

This one my height I laik. HAHAHHA

We went to Barfly for second round.

Love birds.

From what I heard, they got official on April's Fool? HAHHA.
As in Daniel popped the question on April's Fool.
Typical la this joker.

Anyway, glad that Daniel has a partner.
He has been dry for two years ish already.
I thought one year and he corrected me, two years.
HAHAHAHHA. Congrats ^^

But nonetheless, couple of the night goes to Huan Yuan and Rysher.
Look at them man. Just look at them.

The way their eyes crinkle when they smile to show off two rows of white chops.
Chubby cheeks and all. 

And how Huan Yuan clutches on Rysher's hand as a sign of affection.
It is a display of a perfect union.

With King Jiat who came after work :)

This fella say wanna go back early,
but when I left he was still there lol.

And so glad to finally see Siet Yen again.
This girl so lucky, went to Hong Kong and Japan.

I asked her if Japan was fun. She said not for me.
Lol. She was sick for a total of three days, yikes!
Due to allergy.

From Siet Yen's gopro! Hero 4!
Rachel also has the same camera.

Actually Rachel had it first then Siet Yen heard her talking about it 
and she couldn't resist buying one lol.

It's damn exy thou, like RM2k including all the accessories.
I think I would still stick to selfie cameras.

For me, flip out LCD and wifi are two MUST HAVES.

Also, Samsung please fix your shit. The mobile link app is not working!
Last update was in 2013, but at the review section people have been complaining from 2013
to 2014 and now 2015. Also sent them an email regarding this but there has been no reply thus far.

It pisses me off la because now I have to get a FlashAir sdcard if I want wifi function. 

Ok back on a lighter note. Presents!

Boyfie helped me to haul them back to my room.

Thank youuuu!

Swarovski bracelet from Siet Yen, Yen Shen, Rachel and Qi Yao.

Thank you so much! I know swarovski isn't cheap!
Touched die me.

Bling bling! I could guess Siet Yen chose this, 
because she knows I'm more of a gold person.


Siet Yen and Jennie and Mei Yen are silver.
Xuan is bronze/copper.
I'm gold.

It's called the stardust bracelet and there's many tiny swarovski crystals 
encased in the mesh bracelet.

Visee eyebrow pencil from Siet Yen as souvenir from Japan!
Tried it out, it's not bad at all! Looks natural.

I wanna try grey coloured eyebrows thouuu.
Done right and especially with black hair, 
I think it makes for a youthful look.

This is from Cynthia and she got my bday gift wayy in advance
which I thought was really sweet!

Received quite a few bath products. I like, so relaxing.

This is from King Jiat, a pack of handcream from the Face Shop.

Hehe. It's so cute la with the cartoon and everything!
King Jiat is so nice! Because I know guys don't usually bother to buy any presents lol.
But they're an exception!

Hehe love the pink one.

This is from Ming Chun and Adeline.

Before opening, Ming Chun said he hoped I would like it
as his maid spent some time doing it.

And I thought like, har? What?

Then I realized, oooooohhhhh.
The bling bling stuff on the tumbler is done by his maid!

I thought it was originally like that lol.
It has a fruit juicer at the bottom of the tumbler.

Thank you Ming Chun and Adeline!

This was from Scott Tian!

Two boxes of candles ! Scream!

I wanted to get some candles, especially scented ones.
I tried them already. They smell gooooood.

The night I burnt them, the next day I woke up thinking I was staying in a hotel.
In Europe/US scented candles are a huge thing. I guess because
it's colder there? For us, it's so hot that what we care about are fans and air cons. lol

Hehe so cute!

I also found some of the candle refills at Spotlight in The Curve!
But it's gonna take a while for me to go through them :3

Another famous scented candles is Diptyque.
Damn expensive lah. 

And the biggest present from Kha Weng and Christelle!
HAHHAA. Thank you for the gift.

Look! HAHAHHA so cute.

Black dog. Like Ding. HAHAHA sorry.
Well I'm born in the year of dog and I love dogs. 

So that's about it for my belated bday celebrations :)
I'm done hahaha. I had five celebrations in total.
One in college, one with boyfie, one with family,
one with meiyen, one with friends. 

So. You guys mean a lot to me!


Random night at Gravity with boyfie and his collegemates.
Gravity is really small thou compared to Vertigo. 

Idk why clubs always close down man.
So many clubs that were quite popular but had to end their run anyhow.
Butter Factory, Mist, Aquasonic.

I think Msia clubbing scene is pretty much alive la.
And also cafe/brunch spot scene. HAHAHA.


Madam Kwan with family on Saturday night!

The one at 1u, because Pu Tien our usual spot is closed for renovation.

I ordered ipoh char kuey teow soup.

Boyfie had nasi bojari.

Which is their signature dish.
It's really good!

You can always see Madam Kwan at the Pavilion branch thou.
Their food is pretty good.

But for that money, SUSHI!
HAHAHHA. Sushi forevaz

Selfie with boyfie!

Brother took a jab at me.
He said he sees my boyfriend more than he sees his own girlfriend.

Oh well, first year relationships :3
I wonder if boyfie and I will see each other as often in our third year?
Hhehehe, food for thought. If I study abroad then that's a given la.
And how bout work?

So nervous to start working life.
It's like a rat race, isn't it?
Once you start you can't stop.


Selfie before heading to Rysher's birthday, then Avenue K
to set up our exhibition!

For Raffles College graduates!
Basically showcase our graduation products.
For fashion design students it was photos of our garments,
thou I think exhibiting the actual garment would be more interesting.

It was after 10pm and the shopping mall was pretty dead.
Felt glad to see all my classmates again.

I really miss rushing the deadline.
HAHHA. The excitement.
But also the stress lol.

It's kind of like... a half melted ice cream.
You kind of want it. You kind of don't want it.
But in the end you want it.

I guess over holidays or busy periods, I would choose busy periods.
It's nice to have something to do, time goes by quicker.
And you are being more productive for instance.

Look at the poor boyfie waiting.
HAHHAHA. Sayang okies.
Patient boy!

I thought the set up would take only 30mins but boy was I wrong. 
I arrived Avenue K around 10PM, but they only started to set things up 
around 10.50PM.

By the time we were almost done, it was midnight!
Hui Ling was so cute lol, she arrived with a luggage in hand,
freshly off from Johor.


And Jia Shin of course. Had a lot of fun times in college because of em!

Ai Lynn and Kelvin :)

Chloe hehe. Boyfie was saying she slimmed down a lot.
I remember she said she had a diet of lots of fruits and soup and no supper.

Setting up the boards.

They also had to roll out the carpet and fix on the spotlights.
It's quite a lot of work

We had to trace the lines as guidelines to stick our poster.

Well look at my sleepy face

A short description of my work :3

Ah I miss college. HEHE HOHO!


Also got back to working out :)

Thanks to boyfie too for dragging me to the gym.
Now it's his turn to procrastinate and my turn to drag him lol.

I didn't gym much at all during March due to graduation.
So now it'll take a week or two for my body to get use to the grind.

But of course I love to gym!
It makes me sleep better at night, burns extra fats,
makes me feel okay to eat what I want, makes me have more energy.

Conversely, working out gives you more energy which I think it is quite ironic
since it's an activity that expends energy. I guess our body learn to adapt
to higher workloads and increase our efficiency.

And I miss the old Star Fitness!!!
The new Star Fitness has moved to the other end of the shoplot,
right above Nasi Kandar Sedap. I guess it's convenient for those who wanna bulk.
But the old Star Fitness was bigger and more organized!
And the sound system was better.

But I have faith that I will grow to like the new one!

After gym we went to The Curve.
I mean boyfie and I lolol.

I had Kanki Sushi for dinner! Yumyum.
Was asking boyfie to take me there, because simple quick sushi was what I wanted.
Hehe. Kanki Sushi and Sushi Mentai are really cheap.

You can get really full with RM20.
Really full I mean like five plates worth of sushi with two sushi each.
So ten sushi.

After that we went to watch Fast and Furious 7.
Everywhere is packed because everyone wants to watch a final Paul Walker movie.
And they did give a tasteful tribute to him, just a simple but meaningful "For Paul" just before the credits.

It's a great movie! Two hours and twenty minutes runtime but it didn't feel that long at all.

I wanna catch Cinderella and Avengers toooo.

Anyway! I have a great week. Hope you guys did too :)

And thank you guys for everything! Sorry if I offended anyone hehe.

Tata! Mucho gracias

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