Monday, 13 April 2015

Empire Damansara, 1U Shopping Spree, The Morning After

Not a girl who thinks in black and white- not when it comes to clothes anyway.

Gimme blue, gimme yellow, gimme red, gimme pink.
People wear a shade or two a time, but I prefer being a walking rainbow- somedays.

I always wonder how will I dress when I'm older. In my forties, then in my sixties.
Touchwood nothing happen. lolol
Will I still be a walking traffic light? A barbie doll wannabe?

I guess it's not how much of days in our life, but how much of life in our days.

**Photo taken at Empire Damansara! I've gone from never having been there,
to going there three times in the last four days.

And here's my boyfie, as usual. 
The one who's always there for me.

Look at my pouty face. HAHAHAH.

This is what my boyfriend has to deal with.

Forced my boyfriend to let me carry him.

This is what he has to deal with.

Then forced him to carry me.

This is what he has to deal with.

Then ask him to carry me different style.

This is what he has to deal with.

But he does it all, and love me just as I am.

You all feeling cheesy yet? ^^

I don't think I write too personal things on my blog.
I used to write more, but over time it has become a more public platform.
I think twitter is a bit more private.

Here's what we were here for! Boat Noodles.

HAHAHHAHA. I remember I commented how gimmicky it was.
But it is.. a good gimmick.

Empire Damansara is a pretty chill place with a lot of eateries.

Boat Noodle, Burger Junkyard, Harajucube, Inside Scoop, Tous Les Jour.

The architecture reminds me of being in Australia somehow.
Half open air and half indoors.

But it does get very hot and humid like a mini oven there,
especially in the afternoon and you're walking here and there.

It was a Saturday afternoon so Boat Noodle was packed.
Had to queue a while before going in.
The wait wasn't too long- ten/fifteen minutes maybe.

We only eat the chicken version, never tried the beef one as I don't eat beef. 
Or mutton. Or pork. Or venison. 

They have two types of soup base- Ayutthaya and Pathumthani.
Ayutthaya is more spicy, Pathumthani is more sweet/sour.

They remind of assam laksa? I guess that's the closest description if you're never tried em?
It's only RM1.90, super cheap. I can get very full if I eat four bowls,
but usually I eat two or three bowls. Boyfie eats five to seven bowls.

They used to have floating umbrellas here.


Yellow beanie (my banana), nautical halter top and sneakers from Forever 21.
Red scallop pants from Sungei Wang.
Lady Dior Bag Rose Sorbet in medium from Dior.

Well the wind was blowing very hard. 

Then we head off to 1 Utama for dinner at Grand Imperial with my family.


This was the day before.

At the SAME place.

HHAHA. Vinnie was the one who brought me here for the first time.
It's her first time here too.

Two huge plates of chicken rice came and we were like this is not our order.
Then we realized Vinnie ordered wrong! LOLOL.

Then Vinnie gave it to the waiters to eat.
They gave us a 20% voucher.

Vinnie also ordered this kuih thing. Tempeh I thing.
It's coconut with kaya inside.
I hate it. It's like licking someone who just did an hour on the treadmill.

Both of us only ate four bowls altogether. AHHAHA.
Not instagram worthy. 

After that, we went to Inside Scoop for ice cream.

Salted Caramel was my pick, Durian was Vinnie's pick.
It's nice, very creamy and smooth but after five scoops I felt a bit jelak.

HAHHA!! I prefer something lighter like Tutti Frutti or Softsrve.

Well this was unintentionally candid.
Vinnie dropped a scoop of the ice cream.
HAHAH damn clumsy ah this vinnie today

Order wrong at boat noodle and drop ice cream. hahahahah
too miss dixon maybe lolol


Halterneck from Forever 21, military skirt from Kitschen,
crotchet boots from Forever 21

Same spot. HHAHAHAA. But diff outfit.

A little display outside DPAC.

Tous Les Jour bakery! I love bakeries. 

The colourful pastries, the smell of freshly baked goods.
Sylvannian Familly bakery set was one of my favourite childhood toys. 

The interior is also very pretty, like a well aged European building.


This was a day or two before, shopping at 1 Utama with Mei Yen hehe.
I spent about RM700 on bikinis and clothes :( no moar no moar

Our money turned into plastic bags. lol.

Bikinis are for the Krabi getaway. Can't wait!


A very impromptu yamcha sesh with Vivian.
It was coincidentally her off day.
So cute lol she whatsapped me her roster so I can see when's her off day.
She's an air stewardess! She just went Maldives. Sigh shiok life.


Banana beanie and crotchet boots from Forever 21
Corset top from Aurora Sunway Giza
Striped skirt from Sungai Wang
Bag from Louis Vuitton, Damier Azur Neverfull MM.

We had tea at The Morning After, Ativo Plaza.
The waiter was nice to give us a round of free drinks.
Their new concoction, chilled peach milk.
I liked it, but Vivi was too busy with her strongbow lolol.

I think the waiter gave us free drinks because Vivian chatted with him
and correctly guess where he was from. (Arab and mixed with Pakistan)

After that we went 7 Eleven and the guy complimented on my beanie.
Then I dropped Vivian off and his guard asked if I was his sister.
Lol obviously not!

Well hello CCTV


This was today. Guess where. Guess where, Guess where,

Oh yes that's boat noodle.

I used to always tell Edward this- You're a magician, you make everyone else around you disappear.

And it's true, a look into his eyes and I'm caught in his gaze.

Please, guys, don't puke

Lao niang was single for a very long time.
I only started dating when I was like. 18? 
I wasn't an early bloomer. I didn't have a boyfriend when I was 17
when by then most had already lost their first kiss.

And people would always ask me when will I get a boyfriend.
Well now you can stop asking. HAHAHAH.

I think they next question would be, when will you be getting married?
After married, then they will ask- when will you be having kids?
After you have a child, then they will ask- when will you be popping out a sibling for your kid?

Oh well. Life.

I ponder.

Nah just kidding I'm busy on social media.

Boyfie digging into his noodles.
Hehe. He was finishing four bowls before I even finished one.

Seeee, I told you. Empire damansara feels like Australia. HAHAHA

We wanted to go Harajucube for desserts but it was closed for some reason.
Food review maybe.

Ootd ?

Halterneck (again. do you see a trend here?) from Monki
Sandals and skirt from Forever 21
Bag from Chanel, Valentines 2014 Limited Edition in pink


If you were wondering how we take couple pictures.
We don't ask for strangers.

Lol. I use a Casio TR15.
And I basically hang it on anywhere.
Garbage bins, railings, staircase.
Anywhere that is around my waist level is fine.

Ya now you know my secret.

The secret is to get a TR15

Nah the secret is to have a compliant boyfriend

Well well, Tous Les Jour instead of Harajucube!

That was my week.
I had a lot of fun! Glad to catch up with Mei Yen, Vivian and Vinnie too.
And thank you boyfie for bringing me here and there.
You're the best :3

Till then guys! xoxo

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