Monday, 27 April 2015

Pressroom, Sangkaya, Namoo, Boat Noodle, Pu Tien

Hello guys! Hope you're all doing fine and dandy!

Boat noodle? haha! Throwback to a hot and humid brunch at Empire Damansara.
I had a 20% off voucher from that time Vinnie ordered wrong food. ^^

Ootd? :3

Halter top from Monki,
Everything else from Forever 21,
Classic flap from Chanel

Jason jabbed me and kept tagging paris hilton.
Hahahha boy I'm no paris hilton. I like her style actually because it's
pink and girlish. 

People say paris hilton and kim kardashian etc get famous and rich for nothing
and have no talent bla bla bla. But you got to give it to them for making that happen.
It's not like they sit on their ass all day.

With the boyfie again!

White choco and dark choco.
Umm, our legs, I mean. ^^

The jump in several shades of skintone ^^v
HAHHAHA but it's okay.
I prefer guys being more tanned than fair, anyway.

I like athletic guys! 

Boat noodle bish bish.

I get full on three/four bowls.
Boyfie takes about five.

RM1.80 per bowl!

And a pic that turned out to be a cheesy-stare-into-your soul pic.

I think it must be so annoying and cheesy for others.
Cos I used to feel that way when I see other couples PDA.

AHAH. As in,  showing public displays of affection.
Now I'm guilty as charged. LOL.
Forgive me pls.

Honey let's ride off into the sunset.

Forgive me pls.

I will be the (square) to your (aviator)
as in (sunglasses)

.. Forgive me pls.

Random one while swimming at Valencia clubhouse.

Triangl inspired bikini from Pull & Bear!
But not cheap la about RM180, it was reversible so I thought it was worth it.
Bring to Krabi hoho.

Going to The Mines this weekend with boyfie and his family :3

I wanna gooo staycations and vacations this holidayyy.
After Krabi I still want moreeee.

Maybe Singapore? Universals Studio? 
I want Bangkok too. Time to save up miennnn.

I don't mind going like overnight at Legoland and Lost World of Tambun etcetc.

I haz mata sepet ^^

Sunday brunch with family at Pressroom Bistro, Pavilion.
It's just opposite Coffee Bean.

I had peppermint tea.

Sadly/fortunately I am a tea over coffee kind of person.
I just don't know how to enjoy coffee :(
I like the bitter from tea but not coffee.
I always make the squirmish face after drinking coffee.

I tried everything. Mocha, latte, espresso.
And I've come to accept the fact that... I can't.
No matter how much I try.

#depressed #sad #foreverakid #cantenjoycoffee

HAHAH OK just kidding.

Boyfie had linguine aglio olio.
Just so so for me.

I had fruit salad with a pot of honey and yogurt on the side.
Yum. Me likey fruit salad.


But the bad thing is fruits are loaded with sugar la... hahaha
And also vitamins!!!

Ootd shot? With boyfie Edward.

I was having a nap when daddy asked me to go shopping.
I had like.. 10 mins to wash up, make up, dress up and pack my bags.

Same pose diff background.

HAHAHAHAHAHAH. Sorry for cheesy pose.

Sangkaya coconut ice cream!! 
We scream for ice cream!!!

We wanted to go softsrve initially but it was closed.
I thought I wouldn't like it since I'm not a fan of coconuts
but surprisingly I loved this.

The coconut flavour was subtle enough.
And you can load up on the toppings! Corn, peanuts, cornflakes.

Hehe thank you boyfie for bringing me here. :3

It was quite packed. PJ SS2 ah.Uptown ?
HAHAH. Sorry. Bad with directions.
More familiar with KL lolol.

A random catch up! With the girls from Raffles!
Vency and Jia Shin still have a few subjects to take,
so I met them after class.

So glad to see them! :3
Ai Lynn came too.
Chloe couldn't make it though sadly.

Love this shot :)

Namoo! Their concept artist did a good job lol.
The mascot is so cute. And instantly recognizable.

I guess food-wise they can experiment new signature dishes
and play on the fusion between Western and Korean cuisine.

I had kimchi fried rice. It was okay but not too memorable. eheh.
Their rice burger is more special la haha.

From left- Ai Lynn, Vency, Jia Shin and Me hehe.

ootd :3

Top and bottom from Bershka.
Shoes from Nose
Neverfull tote from Louis Vuitton

Plum ish make up.

Dinner at Pu Tien. They reopened recently.
My dad loves to go there.
He loves chinese cuisine. Simple.

HAHAH. I like japanese.
I'm a sushi whore.

Their signature prawns!

I love their buns.

And when eating crabs. I love dipping those man tao in the sauce.
Currently reading Jodi Picoult's The Storyteller.
I love Jodi Picoult! 

One of her books, My Sister's Keeper is my favourite book.
She does a lot of research la on the subject she touches on.
The former is about Nazi occupation. The latter is about leukemia.
All quite drastic and tragic lol.

Shopping with Mei Yen :D

Always a bad idea.
Spent RM400 ish I think?
on clothes at Aurora and some make up

I shall not buy clothes for a while!

Mei Yen! hehe.

Back in high school, sometimes people mistake us for each other because
we quite look alike. HAHAHHA

Couldn't resist buying this value bundle from Kiss Me!
I remember the last time I went Korea. The lipstick I bought was about RM15 there.
Then back home it's like RM40. SERIOUSLY!>!!?!?


I bought this because. Well because we girls always run out of eyeliners and mascaras.
It's ridiculous. Either they run out or they dry out. Most of the time, it's the latter.
They said the trick is to put eyedrops into the formula if it has dried up.
But it makes it a bit runny la so...

With boyfie!

We went to Berjaya Times Square.

Actually I wanted to take boyfie to the theme park but we got sidetracked
and went to check out Lavish Spa then it was too late so our plan kind of failed lol.
For belated monthsary! Hehe. 

Had thai food at (duh) Absolut Thai. HAHHA.
Their tomyam is goooood. But makes the bill quite exy la,
RM72 for a casual lunch.

Hehe love this shot.

Matchy matchy denim

Top and bottom from Aurora.
Nike fusion sneakers.
Bag from some random boutique.

It reminds me of chanel mini and it's quite useful actually.
Because it's so small and you can't put much, it's very light.
Can I haz chanel mini flap plz lol.


Simple outfit for relative's buffet.

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