Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Ploy, Lavish Spa, The Roof, Pressroom, KLCC, Muay Thai


I finished and wanted to publish my first draft but blogger
didn't saved anything and I had to restart. 


I didn't want to repeat writing the same thing
so I took a break to recoup. HAHAHHA.

Do you guys miss me? Of course you do.
You're visiting my blog.

HAHHAHA sorry slap me please.

This was at Ploy for dear Vency's birthday!

Glad to catch up with them eventhough college has ended.
I do miss college, but. Not as much as high school.
I don't think anything will beat high school. Hehe.
Maybe family life? HAHAH

So people always ask me the grand question of-
"What are you doing with you life?"

My grand answer is-

Initially, I wanted to find work around July.
But then. I might travel in August to Japan or Singapore
so I have to push back the date even further lol.

I think at the same time I'm afraid to immerse myself in work fully.
Because once you start, it's like you can't stop right?
Eight days annual leave per year. Blablabla.

In college or high school you can skip when you "don't feel like it".
Work? Try and see if you'll get fired lol.

But of course I need a job la otherwise I'm just plain wasting my time.
I don't think I have the mood to study anymore so I don't plan to further
my advanced diploma. 

I feel more like getting into the real world and figuring out how to be financially independent? I guess? But it won't be easy la. I know I'm so used to being baby-ied, I have to admit. :( Lucky I graduated early lol so still can dilly dally a bit.

With Vency and Jiashin! They came right after college.
I'm glad that we still hang out every now and then eventhough we graduated hehe.
They just have some subjects left to take like Malay/English.
After three months they're done.

I kept saying I want to go back to college and Jia Shin was like 
staring at me because she has to go to college almost everyday. lol. 
Kinda miss having my lecturer shout at me. HAHAHHA

I suggested PLOY at Damansara Heights and it was REALLY DEAD.
I was about to find out why.

I suggested it because for a while it was quite hyped on Instagram
and I heard it was Japanese and Thai fusion, both cuisines which I quite like.

We ordered. I ordered their salmon maki. I think it was like RM24 or something.
Vency had "burger". Jia Shin had mentaiko pasta.

Well damn. Now I know why no one comes here!

Look at the portion.

My dog could finish five plates of this and he wouldn't even be full.
And I don't mean the husky. I mean the shih tzu.
My five kilogramme shih tzu.

When I order a sushi roll, this was what I had in mind.
Fine, maybe you don't want to give me eight pieces. 
You give me four. But it was nowhere near a normal maki size.

It was like those pitiful cucumber maki size that you can get at
supermarket for RM2.99. Thank you.

And mine was like RM24 for the same portion.
I would rather they charge me RM35 but make the portion BIGGER.
Like, wtf is this? Chicken feed?

So kiamsap wtf.

This was Vency's burger. It was RM27.
Her palm could fit three of those.

HAHAHHA. After that,
she said she wanted to go to mamak to eat something
because it did NOTHING to fill her up.

Again, I would rather they charge us RM35 or RM40 or whatever
but at least we would get something satisfying.
Not this half-assed appetizer that is listed as a meal.

The menu was all in text, so we had no idea of the portion we were getting.
It was a hit and miss game which Vency and I guessed wrong.
Jia Shin got lucky with her pasta.

Even so, the pasta was a very pitiful portion.

Definitely 1000% would not go back there again.
I would rather go Troika or Grand Hyatt.
Or spend RM25 at Sakae Sushi and get a decent maki roll.
Not a pitiful four drops of rice.


Sorry for the bad publicity Ploy, but your meal portion was misleading
and unfulfilling. Not worth the money.

PS: There was also a stray hair found in Vency's drink and she asked for a replacement drink.
Which they did give. But seriously new drink also no mood drink d. LOL.

Regret suggesting this place for Vency's bday!

But anyway. Was glad to see them and have a short dinner.


This was at The Roof with Cynthia.
Thursday aka Ladies Night.

Cynthia is single and back on the market yo.
HAHAHA. Idk if I should address her as cynthea instead since she
swapped out the i for e?!

Confession- I might be getting to old to party.

HAHHAA. I'm definitely not as wild as I used to be.
My wild days were when I was 17 plus till 19.
18 was the peak. Like life revolved around clubbing peak.

My favourite was The Beer Factory. HAHAHHAHAHA.
People always liked Vertigo more but idk.
And see, even Vertigo no longer exists. How far thrown back my heydays are. 

It was fun as it lasted but I don't think anyone
can keep up the hardcore clubbing lifestyle forever la.
It's more like a phase. 

Sooner or later your liver might hurt from all your drinking
or you just get tired of blaring speakers.

I don't mind going once in a while though, especially for celebrations and parties.
Well. You can be as loud as you want.
And you still won't be louder than the music.
No neighbours gonna complain. 


Such a feast lol. Daddy likes to order a lot.

Sometimes brother brings his girlfriend and I bring my boyfriend
so... additional two pax! Can order more :3

I would like to have four kids man.
Feels like more fun. HAHAHA. But damn high-maintenance la.
Pity the younger kids, always have to get hand me downs.

I always had to use my brother's old textbook.
Sometimes I would ask my daddy to buy new ones. Just for the sake of it.
Looking back. I can see how wasteful I was lol.

Lucky I am not a boy!!! If not then I would have to wear my brother's old clothes. 

Oh yeah. If I had four kids right. Then when they grow up and we go dinner.
It will be six of us. Then add their spouse. Say three out of four got gf/bf
then dinner time would be... NINE PEOPLE. WAH.

Boyfie bought me ice cream. Because he made me ANG ANG!!!!
Which means angry angry lol. 

ANG ANG HIM!!!! Always make me angry!! 
But I also very sayang and love him of course heheeee my baby.

He's always so patient lol.
I think if I were with someone else they would just ignore me
 instead of buying me ice cream to make me happy :3

The ice cream was pretty good! Matcha flavour very thick.
My favourite is still goma(black sesame) ice cream from sakae thou.

Awkward pose.


This was Sunday at Pavilion for the usual family outing.
My family always go out on Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons.
It's been a weekly routine since I was a child.

We used to eat dimsum on Sunday afternoons with relatives.
Grand Imperial at Jalan Imbi. Foo San at SS2.  Dynasty Hotel. Eastin Hotel.
Mandarin Oriental. Miss that!

Slowly our going out times pushed back from 12pm to 1pm to 2pm then now 3pm.
Then it's too late to have dim sum anymore because 3pm is last call. Lol.

Saturday nights we used to go like those zichar places.
Like Greenwheel and New Paris in SS2. Those. Umm. Cina cina call dish and rice one.

I remember I used to get upset when daddy wanted to go cina resto instead of shopping malls.
Because I love to walk walk after dinner. HAHAHHAHAHA.

Pressroom Bistro at Pavi! Ah the goodness of normal sized portions.
This was their Pressroom salad I think.

It wasn't filling but lucky got egg on top and I wasn't that hungry.

Daddy's burger so plump and cute thou. He has been loving burgers lately.

Had me some raw oyster because I felt like it.

I love raw food actually. Oysters, sashimi.
Cold food too like sushi, salad, fruits.

I think it's because I tend to get heaty.
I love salty food most actually.
Seaweed and chips! NOMNOMNOMNOM.
If I got fatter it is most likely seaweed and chips.
And biscuits and cereals.

Hey. you gotta live and wolf down a packet of chips once in a while.
Well. Maybe jog or workout later la. HAHAHHAHA



Lavish spa! To (somewhat) commemorate our tenth monthsary.
Time flies. I feel like I've only been with Edward for like. Four five months.

I still get butterflies when I see him.
I don't get when people say the "ai mei" feeling fades.
I think you deffo get more comfortable of seeing each other.
But I do find myself loving him more with time.

Hehe. The boy who can't get fat.
Please gimme your metabolism.

I wonder when he hits his thirties, will he have a belly?!
My brother used to be skinny but he filled out already.
I think skinny for asian guys is like 55-63kg (depending on height)
68kg I think is pretty ideal for a 5'10' Asian dude.

But some guys are like 70+ kg but they carry it well cos they're buff la.



Ta-dah! We went swimming first because we thought it was going to rain.
It did. For like fifteen mins. We got out of the pool.
Then it stopped raining and the sun came back out. 

KENA TROLL by the weather wei

Bikini from Pull & Bear! :)
The bottom is from Triumph. Mix and match haha.

Lavish spa is on top of Fahrenheit 88!

Female is RM48, male is RM68 for Mon-Thurs
Fri-Sun is RM78 and RM98.

But, if you stay less than five hours on weekends you get charged the same price as weekdays (48/68)
I think the surcharge is a bit too much la because you're paying for the same thing and it's most likely more crowded.

I went on a... Tuesday? I think? HAHA.
It was damn worth it la I would say. For RM48 there's so much you can eat.
Yes. They have a cafe and everything is free flow. More on that later.

The RM48/68 includes access to theatre room, gym, swimming pool, sauna & spa, the cafe.
The place is not that big but I went on a weekday so it wasn't so crowded.

You can also sleepover but it is subject to availability.
Otherwise it's a 12 hour stay. Boyfie and I stayed there for about six hours.
We took our time la, nothing felt rushed.

Arrived around 3pm, left around 9pm.

HAHHAAA. Took my camera underwater.

Thanks to the clear underwater pouch that I got for RM20 in Times Square. Sound investment. I wanted to buy an underwater camera from Nikon for RM700 actually.
So, essentially. I saved myself RM680.

Girl logic.

HAHHAA. But if the water accidentally went inside, GG.
Then I would have incurred a loss of RM2900, because my camera GG.
I put my casio tr15 inside! So far so good, still waterproof

With my old man. Hehe.

He's so busy studying now. I miss him!
He did manage to come see me though heheeeee

Well wait. Back to topic.

After swimming, we were really hungry.
It was like 4pm and I hadn't had my first meal.
I didn't even change my swimsuit. 
Just put on my robe and eat.

Lavish cafe! I had lunch and dinner here.

They had quite a wide variety of food, considering everything is free.

I told boyfie he looked like a gigolo in the robe.

They give pink robes (PINK!) for female, blue robes for male.
They also provide shirt and pants which you are required to wear in the compound.
I felt like I was a mental hospital patient. HAHAHHA.

They also give you disposable underwear and bra.
Now, disposable underwear, I have seen. But BRA?
HAHHA. My first time encountering.

It was like a shower cap with ends that you could tie.
Imagine a shower cap on your chest. Ya. That's about how a disposable bra is like.

I had buttercream chicken.

My favourite is the one at Mai Street in TTDI :)
The Bird at Menjalara is nice tooooo. It's been a while I went there.

Also ordered tomyam! I love eating mushrooms in tomyam.

Tomyam for "free".

Hhhahahaha. But pretty worth is for RM48! Lunch and dinner!!
Tomyam meal at Absolut Thai itself is about RM70 for two people!

Also had chocolate milk. And jasmine tea.
And some chicken wings.
And curry puffs.

It was free and I was hungry and I'm Asian.
Cheapskate forever.

This is the computer room with huge reclining sofas that you can sleep on if you choose to overnight.
We opted not to because there was no privacy and it was not a real bed la.
But if you're with a bunch of friends I think it would be pretty fun.

Each room has four sofas. So four friends can occupy one room and make it all yours. 
HAHAHHA. But nothing beats a real hotel room la for that purpose.

For dinner I had tomyam (again) and pineapple fried rice.

Damn. It's 3AM and writing this makes me hungry.


Also ordered chamomile tea and ribena. Because. Included what. HAHAHAH

This is their spa! They don't offer couple spa thou, female and male separate.

After spa, sauna, then steam room. 
It's not that big, but okay la. 

Korea and Taiwan has a lot of spa resorts etc.
I wish Malaysia has more! 

I would visit Lavish Spa again, because of their cafe. HAHHA.
We also watched a movie in their theatre room. 

I heard of Ossota Spa before too, from what I heard from Vency
it used to be worth it but now all the staff personnel are really rude.
Like they get annoyed to serve you etc. 
And Vency and her family paid RM1k plus to spend a night there.
Nobody likes to pay for rude service!

So yeah. After spa and sauna boyfie and I were so sleepy already 
because we felt so relaxed. HAHAH


This was at Valencia swimming pool with Mei Yen!

Hmm. If you asked me what workout I usually do.
I would say most of the time it's gym.
Sometimes I do fitness blender at home if it's too late and the gym is closed.
I also do pole fitness every Saturday!

I want to learn rock climbing and diving badly.
DIVING! I love the sea and sun and sand.
Snorkelling makes me happy like a kid high on sugar.

I love swimming too, there's something very freeing about 
being weightless in the water and gliding here and there.

Being in the water and sky is fun I guess? Less gravity?
HAHAHAH. I would love to try paragliding/skydiving.
My heart might palpitate. But hey why not while I'm young
and hopefully will not get a heart attack while doing it.

I would also wanna try ice skating! And rollerblading!
You know, when Avril Lavigne was popular. I used to fantasize
about skating to school. IKR right. HAHAHHA

So. My bucket list-


Just to see how it's like to be plunging free fall.
I would only do it once though for the sake of..
adrenaline and curiosity.

I don't think I would do bungee jumps because I feel scared getting flung like a human puppet.

Be a PADI certified diver.

SO JELLY seeing some of my friends who have gone on diving excursions!
I WANT!!!!!! 

I think it's RM1k ish for a course?
I know Redang is quite popular for diving courses.
Sabah has some beautiful places for diving too.
Diving is definitely not cheap but the experience is so worth it.

It's another world out there! I wanna be Ariel the mermaid!
HAHAHAHAHAHHA later see shark pee in my pants.

Rock climbing! Hehe. I think it's fun because in pole fitness we have to climb a lot on the pole too.
But I'm deffo gonna be much more sore from rock climbing

I ordered an xpole from online website!! 
Paid them in full etc. But sadly they couldn't ship it here.
I really want a pole badly at home so I can practise.
It's like working out but you don't know it.
Because you enjoy it so much hahaha.

It's about RM1k but because of the shipping it will end up to be like RM2k
if I buy from ebay. No choice la, ebay is the most reliable option for now.

Dragged myself to pole fitness class eventhough I was sick.
I'm glad I did hehe. I go to Dreams Dance Studio at Ativo Plaza.
But I might have to move to Sri Hartamas though if I transition to intermediate class.

I think I started learning since last year August.
The first class I was damn lost la idk what to do with my hands and all.
But after a month or two you will really get the hang of it.

It's like RM50 per hour. One class is one hour and RM50.
Expensive, but people are always willing to pay for their hobbies la lol.
Four classes each month! If you pay monthly it's RM180.

After one class it really tightens up my arms and core/abs.
Calves and hamstring too because you have to keep tiptoeing like a ballerina.

Here's a sort of pic of before I work out often and after working out often!
Your body won't lie la if you put in the work it will definitely show.

I'm pear shaped thou so my fats always go to my thighs first instead of my tummy.

My thighs when I was chubby last year (didn't work out or give shit about diet)
and this year.

HAHHAHA. I didn't realize much changes actually until I compare the pics side by side.

The first three months changed my body the most then after that it will plateau out a bit.

hehe more comparison pics.

I got really chubby last year when I was 20.

This was when I was 19 ish
before I got chubby and slim down again by working out.

This is after a while working out!

What made me work out was. Clothes didn't fit as nicely as before.
HAHAHAHHA. I think I didn't really notice until I take OOTDS and see eh

And also I think 90% of the time clothes don't make you look fat.
You make the clothes look fat.

Something like this I think?

I'm just glad to be fitter and healthier la.
When you work out you have more energy and stamina even in your day to day life.
Plus, you feel more energetic and younger.

I would choose being fit over skinny any time because fit feels good and looks good.
What I'm saying is work out over starving and excessive dieting. 
If you're born with a genetically skinny frame then by all means embrace it!

Bought some Nike sports bra as some motivation hehe.
It's been a while since I splurged on sportswear.
I spent about RM400 :/

There's always warehouse sales and stuff, but it's always hard to find my size.
What's left is always like. XXXXS or XXXXL.
So sometimes I rather pay retail straight up and get my own size.

Nike sports bra are about RM159 for normal ones.
RM179 for newer ones.

Hehe thought of exchanging the pink bra for a black one actually since I have quite a few pink sports bra. Might keep it though.

I love Adidas tracksuits! They're the best. They've been through hell during Viper challenge and still holding up well. For Nike, I like their free runs and sports bra.

Underwater shots! Teehee.

Nautical striped bikini from cotton on :)

With Mei Yen ze bestie! At Valencia swimming pool.

This was at Mai Street with Daniel and Edward.
We were supposed to go to Christelle's party but failed to make it!

Hot & roll before watching Pitch Perfect 2! HAHAH.

I sat in the front row.
My neck was breaking by the time the movie ended.
Probably will NOT be sitting front row in cinemas anytime soon.


This was Yee Shan's 21st birthday! :)

Hehe I think this year there's a lot of 21st bday celebrations.
A lot of house party with pretty decos with the metallic balloons,
big pretty cakes and pastries and macaroons.

Finally got to see Siet Yen and Rachel after SO LONG.
It's been months. Or it felt like months.

BU gang! Yih Wern and Guat Tyng! Missing Vincent here.

Went to The Social for second round.

King Jiat brought his new girlfriend! Kimberly Ng!
Was glad that he brought her out to intro to us hehe.
It was nice meeting her! And of course happy for King Jiat! 


Well. Always blur on Sunday afternoons.

The usual brunch!

I told you Daddy had a thang for burgers.
I love buns. The buns are the best part.

Look at the unagi roll at the background.
Ploy please take note of the portion!
That's what I would call a decent roll!

I had Spicy Salmon handroll!

KLCC Park hehe.

I guess us Malaysians then to take our twin towers for granted.
Tourists come here for ten days and they take ten pictures with it.
We stay here for ten pictures and we never take any pictures with it.
Lol. I guess we just always expect it to be there.

Love my city. KL :)

Shisha with Nie! Ended up being sick the next day hahhaha.
Never gonna shisha. I'm only taking a few puffs at most!!
I didn't even take a lot. But my nose didn't agree with me.

Well. In a way I'm kind of blessed and cursed at the same time.
I guess blessed. I have low alcohol tolerance. And I don't like
smoking. Will get sick if shisha.

So basically I save money on booze and ciggies. How nice if I'm a guy.
Would save so much $$ HHAHAHA


Went to Dewan TTDI to watch Daniel fight!

I'm glad I came! It was interesting to see them fight.
Amateur fights but still. Interesting. 
Fighting always brings on the adrenaline.

There was this girl named Kelly I think.
She was so aggressive. I loved it.
She gave it her all, kicking and punching like a man.

A lot of people turned up! Full house!

It was supposed to start at 7pm but got delayed to 8pm. Idkwhy lol.

With Christelle the recent bday girl!

There's Daniel in the white shirt and tiny tiny pants waiting to fight.
He had the tiniest shorts on. It's like man diapers.

His opponent! Who got bruises because Daniel kicked like a crazy fella.
He took all the hits in stride though. I can't imagine!

There was another fella who cried and backed out because
his opponent hit the groin area and it was too painful to go on.

Daniel on stage!

So glad to finally watch him fight. I like seeing people do what they're passionate in.
Could be painting, could be piano, could be football. Whatever.
When you love something. It shows. You automatically become good at it.

Edward came to drop by mid-revision! HEHE

Daniel like a wet dog after his fight.

He won fight of the night!

There was also a point. Ding and Kha Weng started shouting his name.
Then everyone cheered for him. Like the whole stage was calling his name for that moment.

HHAHA. He damn haolian d.


Fight card for merican fight night.

Prize giving! All of them must be so tired and bruised.
Thanks to all of them for putting up a fight!


Dropped by Shiteng's 21st bday!

See! Decorations so nice!
A lot of 21st bday celebration har har.

Okiesss. That's all this post. Hope yall had a great week!

Love, Bubu.