Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Dorsett Regency, The Morning After, Beam, The Mines

Hello :)

Thought I would finally update my blog before backlog happens.
Maybe I will blog lesser when I start working!

So, the pic above was taken at Checkers Cafe,
Dorsett Regency Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

We were there for semi buffet dinner for our "tenth monthsary".

HAHAHHA. I know it's so cheesy to celebrate every month.
I think it's more like an excuse to have a special date,
do something romantic. It's the little things that matter.

We booked for 7.30 but arrived like ten mins late which is not late at all
in KL terms.

For this month's celebration, I was in charge of planning.
Why? because boyfie has been doing most of the celebrations previously 
that's why lol. And he deserves to be pampered!

Brought him to buffet because I know he can eat like a horse. :)
I like to eat a little bit of , EVERYTHING.

The semi-buffet is RM70 for walk in,
but there was a promotion on Groupon so only RM65 for TWO!
It was definitely worth it.

I also googled for a coupon code on Groupon because at the checkout there
was that option. Entered "longbreak" and tadahhhh!
They took RM14 off the initial price of RM65.

Selfie before I get stuffed from eating.

The previous time boyfie took me to buffet at swiss garden,
and I stuffed my face silly. My tummy wasn't too happy afterwards!
This time, I slowed down and enjoyed my food more.

Boyfie was shy to take the food.

He was like. Baby you take first.

No I can't. I'm busy selfie-ing.

Then after that the food also have to selfie.
I remember I was on an outing and taking pics of food.
Then my friend asked. "Is your camera full yet?".

HAHHA. The desserts section was pretty!
Colourful. A lot of fruit based pudding like honeydew, mango etc.
Not too heavy or easy to jelak.

Macaroon shells and fruits.
I took some of the decorations. HAHHA. To eat.

The buffet for main course wasn't that comprehensive.
It was a semi-buffet so we were entitled to a main course each.
Soooo, lucky for that!

Boyfie had beef while I had salmon.
I don't remember the fancy full name of it.
HAHA. Soli.

Took some sushi as starters.
They were not fresh, but okay lah :3

I think the best was at Tao.
Maiu was also not bad!

I have yet to try Jogoya. 

Boyfie ate quite a few marshmallow fondue sticks. 
Like a little kid omg.

HAHA. Before he took it people didn't realise
there was a fondue because.. the chocolate blended in with the wall.
I think? ^^

I did not try this. I did not realize the cake of the month
until right now seeing this picture. Lol. :(

Desserts! Boyfie stole two of my marshmallow sticks!! !#ERFS

Main course some salmon idk what.
My casio tr15 is great for selfies but so shitty for everything else LOLOL.

Nevertheless, if people asked me if RM3k was worth it for a selfie camera,
I would still say yes.

Because I take it with me everyday. I bought it last year around late March I think?
And it's really compact.

What I really love thou is how I can take ootds.
Which is how most of the full body pictures with my boyfie come from.

Bon appetit?

Boyfie had beef, well-done.
Well done ah. He also took some oysters.
I told him oysters were aphrodisiacs. He didn't know.
Apparently, they are loaded with amino acids and help in producing "hormones".

I like the oysters with cheese on top.
I remembered there was this ONE time daddy bought home a carton of oysters
in a vacuum ice box and I had a lot of oysters with melted cheese.

Sprinkles for icecream.

I took mint choco chip and yam but I ate all the mint and 
let the yam melt away. EHEHEHE.

The japanese section.

HUHUHU. I think they have it on the weekends (?)
We went on a Thursday.

Actually, the cheese platter part is the one I enjoyed most.
I like the thick white cheese one with green bits on it.
YA. That's the best I can describe.HAHAHAH

Raisins and grapes also goes well with cheese and crackers.
If only I had some wine. HIAK HIAK HIAK.
But quite heavy la, too much umami flavour hahahah

Well I think this is one of the post with a lot of food pictures.
Which is rare on my blog.

Buffet is nice for food pictures.
Normal outings is like. One main course and water.
Boom. Done.

And this boy who never gets fat.

I witnessed many a times seeing him pig out on portions
enough for three adult men, then a few hours later
he would have stomach pain and poop everything out.


I would eat a lot, sleep, then wake up fatter the next day.
But that's OKAY. 

And then our dinner was done.

Took some pictures before leaving :3

HAHA. I didn't mean to kiss him actually.
HAHAH. Hence his surprised pose genuinely caught on camera.

So PDA. So sorry.

Okay la normal one.

Look at him like wanna punch someone after kena kiss. 


Pearl necklace from Chanel,
Pastel dress from Aurora,
Nude peeptoes from Charles & Keith,
Lady Dior Medium in Rose Sorbet from Dior

I requested boyfie to wear a tie and a white shirt. KEKEKEKEK.
I like to see him formal once in a while.

But on normal days?
We roll in baggy tees and disheveled hair!

Andddd the night ends.


We're back here again!
For the third time lol!

The first time I came here with boyfie and his family I was like really excited.
HAHAHAHAHAH. That was seven months ago.
It was akin to a crash course to get to know his family.

His family is always very nice! More than anything I can ask for.

Win blow blow~
I forgot to bring my eyebrow pencil. Hence sparse eyebrow is the look I'm rocking.

HAHAH. Once you start to pluck your eyebrows and fill them in.
There's no going back honey.

It always feels weird when you don't fill them in. Like you're missing something.
But on days I don't wear my make up I don't bother at all with anything la lol.

Putting on make up is fun. But removing make up?
THAT'S another story.

We were hungry so we went straight to The Mines to have a very late lunch (4PM)

This time we were really chilled and didn't bother to do much. HHAHA.
The first time was like. Wanna go SWIM! Wanna go GYM!
Wanna go SHOPPING! Wanna go SPA!

This time was like. Eat. Swim. Sleep. Okay.

I ordered their ebi cheese roll.

Some things can be quite exy at Sakae, then some quite cheap.
Their tuna handroll is also cheap. Like two or three ringgit.

But the best is indeed. Sushi Mentai.
See so nice I share with you guys.

Sushi Mentai has a lot of branches in Kepong area but you need to find them lol
because it's not so conspicuous. Their sushi? They only have TWO colours.
Pink for RM1.90, Red for RM2.90

The red plate at sakae is RM6.99. AND THAT'S NOT EVEN THEIR MOST EXY ONE.

Boyfie as always with his chicken teriyaki ramen.

I felt like having matcha ice cream so I did.
Sadly, their goma ice cream is still the best.
Black sesame!!

Tummy satisfied.

Then we went swimming.
The weather was not so sunny that day and boyfie had to drag me to the pool.
The last time, I was the one jumping out and down to go to the pool.

Haha. This awesome bikini I brought.





It was from F.O.S at 1 Utama!

The water is quite muddy. 
There's sand underneath as it's a man made beach sort of thing.
I think the water is from the sea but they filter it thoroughly.
I don't taste salt and the chlorine is also not too obvious.

I put my camera in one of those water resealable case!
I got them from Times Square for RM20.

But too bad the water was muddy!

Can't wait to try it at Krabi.
Hopefully the seal doesn't break down I would die if my camera died.


Someone left behind their sandcastle equipment and guess what Edward did. LOL.

I used to love playing with those.

Ya okay.

After that for night time we decided to watch Avengers.
Boyfie and I had already watched it separately with our friends.
So I suggested to try the 3D!

Quite headache ah! I always bugged people to watch 3D with me
but they always told me headache. I didn't believe it until I went and it was really
headache. HAHAHAH.

I think Avengers was not worth it to watch in 3D because that's not their main point.
Movies like Tron and Avatar were meant for 3D so the effects are much more obvious.
But I didn't mind la because I love Marvel stuff lol.
The minion trailer in 3D was also so cute!! It might be worth the headache!!!

Lol I also saw this Thor figurine and my heart was like.
I need it. :(

The figurine is from TGV! For GSC, they did keychains.
Boyfie surprised me with the keychains when he went to watch
with this friends :)

HEHE. Little things like that make me hap hap.

Cute ice cream at The Mines lol.

Inside the mall.

I've never tried riding on the gondola.
I tried riding the original one at Venice.
HAHAHHA. So no need to ride this one lah ^^

Then it was time to go home.
Hopefully I didn't snore in the car.

I remember there was one time I fell asleep
and later boyfie told me I was snoring.
His mother was in the car too hahahah paiseh

When we got home we had an impromptu idea to visit Beam.
It was Sunday, and quite crowded actually!
Lots of customers coming in and out.

My first time here.
Their main selling point is coffee,
their is not much food choices.

Panini was their main I think!
But I tried their "makan-lah" toast and a karipap
because I had cravings for karipap.

Few days back I was dabao-ing my breakfast and wanted karipap.
I went to the cart outside grand union but it was closed,
then I went to Berry's then Groupbase.

You thought I would give up right? Then I drove to Nasi Kandar Sedap.
So I cried while eating my beehoon. Sigh.

HAHAHA. Sometimes I get cravings like this.
Occasional cravings? Hmm.
Sushi. Seaweed. Gummy sweets.
These are probably my top three.

Sometimes wasabi peanuts and chips too.

I have an affinity for food with high salt content.

Lol squint squint.

This was just now!

Short catch up with Jessie and Jia Shin!
Xue Yi was supposed to come but FFK ahahha 
somehow had feeling she would.

At The Morning After, Ativo Plaza.
I had chilled peach milk! Apparently it's not on the menu.
But it tastes really good :(

They made it for me anyway which I'm glad!
Idk diff waiter will make for me anot hahahhqh


Jia Shin!

They are both neighbours along the same street, which I think is pretty neat!

And Jia Shin recounted our carpooling days to college.
How I would always blast music in my car and pick her up,
then swerve and cut lanes and reach college. 
Even if she was sleepy she would be woken up.

HAHAHA. She said I always complained when she was driving
and didn't cut lanes. I drive express but not exactly umm. Calmingly.

Also bought a lot of books ! 

From popular at Ikano.
First haul was because they had a book fair sale.
Second haul was from BRIM.

My book shopping list lol.

I like reading about psychology, nonfiction, war, wealth.
I just to enjoy fiction a lot but nowadays I'm a bit more picky.
Marley & Me and My sister's keeper are my favourite books.
They are the only books I have re-read.

The Wolf of Wall Street was also pretty awesome.

Okay. So yeah that's all for this post.

I think I actually write more personal this post?
Usually it's more like pictures and captions.

I guess as your blog gets more public you just don't feel like saying too much,
because a lot of things are meant to be private? It's like a fine line, shall I say.

At the same time, it's nice to be able to express myself.

Okay! Thanks for reading buai!

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