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Krabi- Phi Phi Island, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Limestone Caves, Ananta Burin

Hello peeps! Back from my trip to Krabi :)
Time flies!

I went there June 15th-18th.
Just four days three nights.
The first stamp on my new passport hehe.

Edward and I planned this like wayyy ahead like in March.
Because we were both (somewhat) graduating and we wanted to have
a trip during our holidays.

And erm, I might be studying overseas because my dad seems to be on for it
and I feel like.. travelling a little more and experience other cultures more
before finally working?

I really admire those people who travel all year long.
How do they do it? HAHAHHA

So. Without further ado, let's get started!
From first day of Krabi till the end. 

Saying goodbye to the little dirty furry shih tzu, Cabbie.
I need to bring him grooming asap lol.

I slept around midnight and woke up at 5AM.
I'm an asshole like that. When I sleep early, I wake up way too early
and have way too much energy. Then around 12pm I'll usually be dying for a nap.

I even did my make up.
I brought my make up bag full of mascaras and waterproof eyeliners and shiz.
In the end. I did not use any!

I only did make up on the first day, after that I was like eff it.
Because between getting in and out of saltwater and swimming pools,
you'd just get bored of trying to get your make up cling on. 

At ze airport KLIA 2!

We took Air Asia for our flight to Krabi.
It was pretty cheap, bought it during promotion.
About RM210 per pax.

I was stupid to pay extra RM88 for 20kg check in baggage thou!!

Edward and I missed our baggage drop.
As in, we proceeded straight into our terminals
because we printed our boarding passes using self check-in.

By the time we realized, we already passed all the security checks
and was ready to board. So in the end we didn't check in our baggage
but brought them on as cabin baggage. 

There was liquid inside but the checks weren't stringent and allowed my bag to go thru.
Lol? I saw a lot of people doing the same, using compact rolling luggage like mine.

I saw someone sitting on the trolley and boyfie asked me to sit.

of course they don't allow it, sometimes they might tell you off.

Brought my huge LV Neverfull tote and boy was it handy.
Throw in my cardigan, iPad Mini, full sized wallet.

With the boy :) Three more days to one year anniversary!
HAHAH time flies. It really does.

"Now Everyone Can Fly"

Which is pretty true. I appreciate having Air Asia in our country,
because it enables us to travel on our budget.

And also as an alternative to MAS.
MAS has been doing so badly ever since the MH370 and MH17 affair.

Plane ride was so so short.
It was written 1hour 25 mins to reach,
but on both ways it took only about 1hr.

Thailand's time is also one hour behind Malaysia.
We boarded the plane around 1.15PM, 
reached around 1.20PM due to the time difference.
I pretty much slept all the way, I'm blessed in that sense.
I always seem to fall asleep in moving vehicles,
be it a bus or airplane or train.

I hate long airplane rides with transit in between thou,
those turn me into a ZOMBIE.

We took a shuttle bus which was about 150 baht.

They drop you to a travel agency instead of your hotel doorstep.
They will con you.

You're fresh meat, just out of the airplane with no inkling of market rates.
The brochures always put the marked up price.
Island hopping to Phi Phi Island with 7 stops is priced at 1800baht,
but you can easily get it for 900 baht from any of the vendors in Ao Nang.

Edward and I got conned real bad lol.
We took Phi Phi Island and Kayaking, they charged us RM270.
If we booked from cheap vendors, it would save us half the price, RM135.

OH WELL. Lesson learnt. Lol.
Just gotta console myself, in life we earn some we lose some :)

It was a dreary monsoon season (or at least the start of) when we were there.
Vanessa and James went to Krabi two weeks earlier before us and they 
were blessed with sunny weather. ME JELLY!! HAHAHHA

I would definitely come back here in future.
Maybe I would go Boracay Island in Phillipines next first.
And I really want to learn diving lol I keep asking Edward to learn with me.

This is my third time here in Thailand, I've been to Phuket
when I was 8 and 14.

It was a memorable one when I was 8. Daddy booked really nice resorts.
I think we stayed at Allamanda and Holiday Inn and Laguna Phuket.
I enjoyed being in the child day care. HAHAHAH.

They let you do beading, watch movie (I watched Bugs Life), etc.
My hobby during holidays were sandbuckets, floats, and swimming pools and seas.
I do enjoy being in cities and exploring new cultures, like Italy, Hong Kong, Korea, Aussie.

But for now I guess I'm more laidback and appreciate nature more.
I really love beaches and islands, everything about it.
The seas, the sun, the sand, the fishes and corals and sunsets.
Everything is pretty without effort. 
I hope though that tourism won't spoil their natural beauty.

This is our face. HAHAH.

I guess plane rides on their own are not really that tiring.
It's the wait before and after.

The ride to reach the airport and the wait. That's what makes it more tiring.

We stayed at Ananta Burin Resort in Ao Nang, Krabi.

Ao Nang is basically where you should stay if you go Krabi.
It's where all the tourists are. There are nightmarkets and plenty of restaurants.
I would say Krabi's tourism industry is really growing.

I'm impressed with how good the Thais are with tourism actually.
Malaysia has plenty of beautiful beaches but none really affected into mass tourism.
Maybe Penang is close? Everyone in Thailand was basically very friendly and used
to dealing with foreigners. 

Sawadeeka is hello. Kop Khun Ka is thank you. HAHHA. 
Basically just keep saying those two phrases.

Our view from the balcony :3

We weren't supposed to have any view at all actually.

I booked our room from Agoda, for Rm242 per person.
It's like RM161 per night including taxes. DAMN CHEAP AND WORTH IT.

I booked the Superior with breakfast option.
The day before, I emailed them requesting for an upgrade to poolview.
I told them we were celebrating our one year anniversary.

Lol! I'm really glad for that hehe because the upgraded us 
from Superior to Deluxe Pool View. It would cost about an extra RM150.

That's why I say we gain some, we lose some :) I'm glad we got lucky!
The receptionist was so nice hahah she was like, enjoy your honeymoon!

It was still raining after an hour in the bus and kena con at the travel agency.
LOL. We braved the rain anyway and walked outside.
For our lunch! I was really ravenous at this point.

We ate at Swiss Chalet

They had this bottle holder styrofoam thingy. 

The pineapple fried rice here was THE BOMB.
I think every place you visit, for sure there's a dish you always fall back to.
Crabs remind me of Langkawi. For Korea, it's bibimbap.
For Hong Kong it's egg tart and porridge. For UK it's fish and chips.

Thailand for me is pineapple fried rice and tomyam goong.
We ordered that almost every meal LOL. 


The tomyam here wasn't that good, but the pineapple fried rice was ichibeng
I think it was 180 baht, about RM19.

They have a lot of convenience marts, Family Mart and 7 ELEVEN.

I love their lays, the nori seaweed one. YUM.
Everything was really cheap too, like half of our 7 ELEVEN's price.
I feel like Malaysia's cost of living is really getting a bit too steep.
Which is sad, considering how other countries with less natural resources (like Singapore)
are flourishing, along with their currency getting stronger.
I wish that would happen to us!

They also had a lot of Pocky and Pretz, and it was cheap too.
About RM2 per box. Back home it's like, RM5 ish? 

We didn't do much on our first day! Because we were tired
and it wouldn't stop raining.
It literally rained the whole day.

Went for a night swim.
Boyfie didn't go in because the water was too cold.
I went in because. I like swimming teehee.

We had supper after that. It was a nondescript stall near our hotel.
Cheap but yummy! Their tom yum fried rice was good.
80 baht, or about RM9.

But I think still expensive compared to local's standards.
Lol. Places filled with tourists area always inflated.

The cutest one was my boyfie bargaining for a Lumpinee Muay Thai pants.
A lot of vendors sell them around 1000 baht to 1500 baht.
Edward kept pestering this store vendor.
HAHAHA. It the end he got it from her for 570 baht.
Pity the shopkeeper lol. 

Found this in my camera HHAHAHAHAAHH.
Hair all wet in my nerdy specs. I didn't realize boyfie took this photo!

His fried rice was really nice. 
I don't think you should order their burgers.
Thai people really know how to make good fried rice!

Buffet at our hotel before leaving to Phi Phi Island!

Tried to play cookie run but wifi is a bit of a hit or miss here.
Our hotel only had wifi in the lobby, sadly.
Idk why thou on the last day I could connect while in my hotel room.

The van came to pick us up for our island hopping.
We were supposed to catch our speedboats at Ao Nang beach.
I didn't realize it was Ao Nang and called it chou chou island at first
because it reeked of gasoline!

No blue skies! It was raining like crazy.
I guess the upside is I didn't really tan much? Lol.

Got onto our speedboats with twin engines!
It was a rollercoaster ride because it was high tide due to incoming monsoon season.

Needless to say, my hat got soaked.
I bought it just for the trip lolol.

White is popular lately because Santorini is popular lately and people wear white there.

Got our life jackets on.
Boyfie was shivering like crazy.
We took about 40mins to reach this island.
Bamboo Island I think? It was really cold. The weather was crazy

Definitely buy a dry bag! Maybe the 10L and up varieties.
Worth it to invest in one in case of rain and water.

My camera was in a waterproof case, so it's pretty blurry.
Look at my umbrella bottom right.
Even my umbrella flew away due to the wind.
I tried putting sand around it to anchor it down okay!

Lol it was really cold when I got out of the water,
but like aaahh when I got into the water.

WHY. I need to google this!
Like in swimming pools when you get out of the water you feel cold
but when you get inside you feel okay again. 

A lot of people wore raincoat actually. HAHAH.
My bikini and life jacket is my rain coat.

I sat at the back on the speedboat.
I think I would like to try sitting in front next time.
Because the smell of gasoline is very strong!!
The tide doesn't make me nauseous, the gasoline more so!

We also passed by some Monkeys hanging around the cliffs.
i didn't take picha tho cos I was too dizzy hahaha.

Saw another boat feeding them and they are daring enough to pluck
the bread out of your hands.

But I think it is always better to leave wildlife alone la.
You know some places people always feed the monkey,
then as a result monkey feel like they are entitled to get food from humans
and over time they become aggressive and steal food from their hands.

We had a little buffet lunch too at one of the restaurants in Phi Phi Island.

Plenty of speedboats lined up.
There was also a lot of tourists from Korea, and also china.

And I have to say the Koreans are diehard bargainers, 
they ask for the most ridiculous prices ever.
At the nightmarket I heard the street vendor telling her 250 baht.
She turned around and said 100 baht like a last offer.
HAHAHAH. The store vendor said no and she walked right off.

Snorkeling was the highlight of the trip!
I love snorkeling, which is why I want to learn diving.

This was somewhere in Phi Phi Island. 
Phi Phi Leh or Phi Phi Don I can't remember hahahah.

The speedboat will be in the middle of the sea and you go down and snorkel.
It's not beachside snorkeling.

Something like this? 
The water is about 3m deep for this one, another side was about 10m deep.

Above pictures not mine, googled snorkeling in Phi Phi.
This was exactly the fishes I saw, they were some of the most abundant ones.
Yellow and blue.

There was like hundreds of them swimming past me like in the picture above.
One of them actually bumped into me and I freaked out! It felt like a little peck lol!

Fishes are generally pretty calm and respectful.
I mean, they really tolerate you in their environment.
Just don't go and kacau territorial fishes la like trigger fish etc.

Also saw lionfish like this!!

It was chio pretty, really bright and quite big.

I would freeze thou if there was like a manta ray or stingray or shark swimming beside me.
I wonder how if I went diving and came in close proximity with them.

Hmm. There was also a school of black fishes feeding near a coral.
Snorkeling was probably the most memorable part of this trip!
I'm glad not even the rain hindered this activity hehe.

Pictures are taken with casio tr15 in an underwater case btw!
Not really clear. I suppose GoPro HD and other waterproof cameras would be better.
And check out those sea urchin on the bottom left!!!!

They were so menacing with their long spiky spines.
Apparently this is quite a common sea urchin species especially in the tropics.
I saw them when I was snorkeling so I avoided touching the ground la.

See my boyfriend. 

He proudly said, "HEY I CAN STAND ON THE ROCK".
I wanted to tell him there was a lot of sea urchin but he already pricked himself with one by the time.
LOL. One of the spines went into his foot!

The tour guide said it will come out by its own in two days like that.
Another girl from another speedboat also got pricked, TWICE. Ouchhh

I know when snorkeling you shouldn't touch any corals etc 
because you might damage them and also vice versa.
I think that the ocean is so vast, it's like a whole new world underwater.
Everything is pretty calm yet full of life.

Hehe. The good thing is my camera actually took more blurry pictures

It's actually really clear when you see it with your own eyes.

Do prepare yourself to swallow some sea water when snorkeling
because they might run into your breathing apparatus.

We ended around 3PM and got sent back like refugees lol.


Boyfie doesn't like it when the swimming pool is cold.

We went swimming straight after coming back from snorkeling.
Since our swimsuits were wet anyway.

Here he is shivering. HHAHHAHAHA

After that we went to rent a bike.
It typically costs 250 baht for 24 hours.
Which is pretty good I think. About RM26.

The store vendor took this for us. HAHA

They actually have self-operated vending machines for petrol.
after that thou, the street vendor told us those are more expensive,
and normal petrol stations are cheaper.

Basically 60baht is more than enough to last you for a day


It's so windy hehe

Boyfie let me ride the bike a while, as in me holding the handles while he was in front.
HAHAHHA. It was hard to balance for me. 

We ate at Aonang at this restaurant called Jeseao.
Well-decorated but the food was a bit blah.

HAHAH. i did those braids with beads.
I call them medusa braids because the ends resemble rattlesnakes.
I only did five braids, for 200baht. I think quite pricey?!
Idk la tourist always kena con one lol.
They know you come here to enjoy and have $$$

Pineapple fried rice again lolol.

We went to kayaking the next day at this Mangrove Swamp called Boh Thor. 

It rained and we got wet.
They provided dry bags tho, so no worries!

We kayaked until we reached this limestone cave.

It was a really pretty and huge limestone cave,
I can imagine how humans would want to live inside.
It's like a mansion man.

I remember visiting a cave in Korea when I was like four or five.
HAHA I was really scared because it was dark and filled with bats.

This was the tour we took. KENA CON WEI.
Later saw kayak offerings for 450 baht. -,-
Ours was like 1100 baht after discount. 
!%^@E&E@#G OH WELL. Research more next time lol.
Bargain more, be cheapskate more.

You can find cheaper offerings la.
Unless your talking about Disneyland which is standard pricing lol.

Polaroids :3

A very old, old painting. 

Our tour mates for the day!
They were from Johannesburg, Africa.
Boyfie has been to Africa before and he loved it there.

Kayak back!

It was a mangrove swamp, I kept telling boyfie crocodiles love this type of places. HAHAHA

We also passed by another limestone cave. It was really dark inside!
With a lot of stalagmites.

Picture taken from google hehe.

Kayaking uses a lot of upper arm strengths, no kidding. 
Boyfie arms looked like he did an hour of gym by the time we were done hahah.

Wore this pink bikini I bought the day before at Ao nang.
It was super duper cheap like 250 baht!! RM26 for two piece.
A lot of stores sell triangle bikinis for really cheap, like 2 for 500baht.

I bought about five or six bikinis there.
It was so cheap man.

The same bikini would cost like RM80 back in KL.
Phuket was like RM25-RM60.

Bought this Triangl inspired one.

The store vendor wanted me to pay 850 baht at first.
But I thought it was really exy la.
Then she offered me 700 baht but I still didn't want.
So in the end she gave me 600 baht.

HAHAH. I think I should have asked for 450 baht lol.
Like boyfie. 1k baht became 570 baht.

This one was about 400 baht, a triangle bikini with a twist. 

After that we went to Nosey Parker's Elephant Camp.

HAHA. it wasn't included in our itinerary and we thought it was free.
HAHAH turns out it's for our tour mates. 

We waited at the shelter.

The guy quoted us 800 baht for 45min lol. 
We were like no thank you.
Then another guy came and quoted us 600 baht.
But we still like no thank you.

HAHAH. It started raining after a while!

I went elephant riding before when I was younger, in Phuket as well.
It's just really high up there. Double a horse?

I hope they don't mistreat animals tho.
I heard sometimes the elephants die from exhaustion because they have to 
keep walking while being deprived of food.

I always believe that if you take care of nature, 
nature will take care of you.

I feel like elephants are such gentle giants.
Their gait slow and lazy.

Hehe managed to take this picture before it started POURING.
Thailand people here are pretty much unfazed by the rain.
They will carry on activities as usual most of the time.
Life goes on rain or shine, lol.

Stopped by Ao Nang beach aka chou chou island.

It probably looks pretty during sunny weather.

We went to this hilltop restaurant called Lae Lay Grill recommended by James.
It's well known for sunset watching.
Unfortunately, it was raining and cloudy so we didn't managed to see it.

They do put much effort into their ambience.
The food is not bad, fried rice those are about RM20.
Only seafood etc is expensive, like RM40-RM60 a plate.


The only thing that pissed me off was this waitress who took our order wrongly
but insist we made that order.

WE DID NOT. We ordered one cold water, one warm water.
She obviously mistaken the cold for coke. 
The thing that annoyed me was she took our order wrong but didn't admit her mistake.
I wrote about it in the comments form. HAHAH.

Overall during this trip she was the only "rude" person.
Everyone else was really friendly.

I have to say I only ever use my fujifilm instax when travelling.
HAHA. On normal occasions it's just a little to bulky to lug around.
Plus, the films are so expensive at an average of RM3 per pop.

We ordered pineapple fried rice, tom yum and vege and steamed rice to share.
Our staple almost every meal lol. The tom yum here was good!

Ice dream as dessert to finish off our meal! :3

So quickly the fourth day has come! 

Quick dip hehe. Bought this bikini at Thailand as well, for 250 baht!

After swimming we took a quick motorcycle ride to Ao Nang beach.

This was at chou chou island!
Chou chou island became pretty island on a sunny day. HAHAHA.
I would definitely come back Krabi, but this time not during the onslaught on monsoon.

And then it was time to head back :)

and time to plan for next trip lolol.
Japan in August is already booked!

Would like to learn diving.
And visit Boracay Island or Bali maybe.

Looking like a Hawaiian on the way back d.

Till then peeps :)
Always grateful of every opportunity I'm able to have hehe.

Have a blessed weekend everyone!
xoxo BUBU

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