Friday, 12 June 2015

Port Dickson, District 21, Niko Niko Onigiri

Hello. I accidentally wound up at Port Dickson.
I think the last time I've been there was like Form 3 Motivation Camp 
or something like that. And I'm 21 years old. 

Lol. Time flies.

So let me explain how I ended up at Port Dickson. Accidentally.

So it started like this.

We had an 11AM foot massage appointment and two nights stay at The Mines
because boyfie's parents have membership there and his mummy was nice to ask us go so the redemption won't get wasted.

Everything went well. We packed our bags for the two nights stay.
I told my daddy I would be gone for two nights.

They gave us a room for two of us for our foot massage.
The massage lasted for about an hour.
Some parts were really painful tho. He said I have indigestion
and should cut down on spicy/sour food (which I love, lol)

THEN!!!! My boyfie was like.. "Later I have to tell you something".
I was a bit clueless still. 

Then I realized our names weren't at the reception guestlist. 
Apparently. So apparently.

TCM Wellness was supposed to book two nights stay for us,
but they only booked us foot and body massage. 
Which doesn't make sense at all since his mummy specifically requested for two nights stay.

The girl in charged called Mashita? Macheeta? IDK.
Admitted that she was wrong. But the damage was already done.
We even called the management but they had a so-called "procedure" they have to follow.

Mashita told us that the hotel was FULLY BOOKED.
After that, boyfie's mami called the management.
The management said there were actually ROOMS AVAILABLE,
 but they couldn't give it to us because we need to book in advance. 
Which was Mashita's fault because she was in charge of booking.
Before that, usually Lily is the one who help us book and we had no problems at all.

I just find it stupid with how they solved the problem.

The Mines employee caused a problem. By right, The Mines should fix the problem.
But instead, we had to deal with the consequences, with their so called procedure
that we had abide by calling Mashita and making our booking, but Mashita
didn't make our booking.

Lol it just baffles me with how they solved (or rather DIDN'T SOLVED) things.
They didn't even bother to resolve anything.
Just give us an answer that there was a so called procedure.
Can you imagine if we were foreigners and took an airplane here and made a booking?
And because of one employee's stupid mistake I have to waste my time and my plane ticket
and all that?  

As a hotel, dealing with hospitality. I don't think you can survive with that sort of
service. SO YUP. Hope my blog post pops up when people search The Mines.

HHAHA. Sorry for the rant.

We went to Sushi King at The Mines Shopping Mall to have our breakfast.
Then after that. We were in our car for like half an hour.
Deciding what to do.

We had already packed our bags and was expecting to stay overnight.

So I was like.. why not we go somewhere?
And boyfie was like... why not? 

AHAHHA. At first we thought of Ipoh, Malacca and Port Dickson.
Those three places were near and drivedownable. 

We wanted to buy from Groupon actually but all of them required
bookings to be made seven to three days in advanced.
That doesn't work for us. We need to book and be there in an hour or two.

So we bought from Agoda!

And that's how we ended up at Lexis Port Dickson. Lol.

It was quite pricey tho, about RM382 for one night in the Premium Seaview Tower.
If you buy from groupon it's like RM280 if I'm not mistaken.
I would stay in the Water Chalets if I can use Groupon. Eheh.

Didn't want to spend that much because boyfie and I are heading to Krabi next monday!
Which is why I'm doing this blog post. In case backlog happens hehe.

Actually, I would say that there are better value hotels in the area,
like Glory Beach Resort and Corus Paradise Hotel.

But I just guai lan, die die wanna try Lexis.
Cos people keep going there recently lol.

Is it worth it? I would say it would be worth it if you come with friends.
Like four people share one room. Or if you buy the groupon and stay two nights.
Also there are better hotels in the area la, nearer to nicer beach as well.
Near tanjung tuan/bagan pinang there.

But it was an impromptu trip and we didn't really have time to choose. Lol.
Check in time was 4pm. We reached JUSTTT nice. Like 3.50PM like that.
Check in is a bit late la, because at 4PM you don't have time to do much.

Their rooms are pretty big though.
There's actually two beds. I'm sitting on the other bed taking this picture lol.
One king bed and one queen bed.

I like the bath tub! It's huge!

Morib's bath tub is also nice hehe. They have in-built Jacuzzi.
Morib is cheap la, like RM162 on Groupon for a night.
I went there ages ago with the girls. 

I always like having nice bath tubs when it comes to hotels.
It's a luxury I know, but going to trips are the only time I get to enjoy bubble baths!
I only take showers at home because the only bath tub in my house
is in my dad's room and nobody really uses it anymore..

They also have volleyball games. And archery and cycling.

HAHAH I zoomed into their private pool villas. Sorry wanted to get a better look!

So cute ! Chalet with own private pool.

Balcony ootd!

Spot my boyfie's grumpy face.

I told him looks like he's attending a funeral when taking pictures sometimes.

Bikini is from The Curve's street bazaar.
Dug it out from my closet. Had it for like four years already!

This kimono style throw on that was superrr convenient as a cover up
when wearing bikini. Bought it from sungei wang level 2 for RM25! Steal!

After settling down our luggage we went to the swimming pool.

The pool is umm. Very blue.
It's not that big/deep. More like a big kids pool? Lol.

After that we walked around the chalet area. 

The pool washed away my make up ^^
no eyebrows. HAHAHAHAH

LOL FML. Checked bookings for June 20.
Deluxe water chalet for RM282 before tax.
My seaview tower was RM330 before tax!!! 3rh2rh4t
After tax is RM382 because there's 10% + 6% GST.

Lol. It really pays to book early. Literally.
But oh well. We had no choice!

At the counter I asked them if book on the spot how much.
RM419 lol. Worse than my RM382.

Oh well what is life.

But a roller coaster. 

And that was one night. HAHAHHA.

I couldn't wake up early the next morning.
Ate too much supper, worked out a bit at 1AM then slept at 4AM.
So unhealthy I know!! Check out time was 12PM

PD waterfront. It's like DPC waterfront except instead of a pond,
you have a sea.

McDonalds! Typical!! 
Boyfie wanted Maccas lol.

And I got a Happy Meal just for fun.
I got the birmingham palace guards lookalike.

Ze waterfront. But this is not the beach yet!

See my boyfriend angry at me at the back.
Look like wanna eat somebody right the expression?
After that I angry him back, hmph.

HAHA. We drove for 20 mins with Waze to reach the beach.
This one is Teluk Kemang.
We also passed by Bagan Pinang and Tanjung Tuan which looked pretty happening as well.



Okay there were a lot of street vendors and I bought a dolphin float for RM23.
Gonna bring to Krabi yo

Actually we didn't plan to swim in the beach.
But it was so inviting and we were already there. SO WHY NOT

The water is actually quite clear :3

Bikini from Pull & Bear!
It was abit pricey, RM199 for top, RM99 for bottom.
But reversible so.. okay abit?!
But I regret I didn't buy M size bottom instead!!

HAHA like this shot. It was around 1PM so the sun was, BLINK BLINK!~


I like to swim in the sea as well hehe. 
And float by just paddling my limbs (without the tube I mean)
The only thing is sea water is really salty and sometimes it stings my eyes lol.

This fella was afraid of getting tanned.

Is okay la. We can't hide from the sun anyway :B

My Maybelline waterproof mascara faded. LOL.
But I was wearing goggles la and water went in!
Munching coco crunch on the way home.

I fell asleep while boyfie was driving.

So. Hehe. That's about our accidental trip lol.
Didn't regret coming to PD because we already packed everything.
Glad to visit a new place with boyfie! :)


This was on the way to District 21! HEHE.

With boyfie and his friends.

District 21 is located inside IOI Shopping Mall in Putrajaya.
Suprisingly our drive to there was really smooth.
We reached in like half an hour. It was a Saturday afternoon!

District 21 is an indoor adventure park.
They have maze, rock climbing, flying fox, skytrail, trampolines.
Kind of like indoor Viper challenge without the race and outdoors. 

It's about RM50 per person.
If you come in group of four they offer you 4 for RM147.

We had to queue for quite a while for some of their stuff!
Later, a staff told us that if we came on a weekday there would be no queues.

Just wear sports attire. It is also compulsory to buy their grip socks and gloves.

The climbing area! We waited longest for this, about 40min.
I fell asleep while sitting on the floor HAHAHHA.

Ohh and look at those metal tubes on the ceiling.

People are actually climbing it!

That's skytrail, which reminds of American Ninja Warrior and Wipeout.

It's definitely not easy, plus the fact that is it so high up makes it even scarier.
They put you on a harness la, so if you fall you don't break and die.
But still. It's not nice hanging in the middle of the air like two storeys high.

I DID TRY IT. But I was really hungry and scared. I took the shortcut HAHAHA.
The boys all finished the trail. While they continued, I went to get myself a hotdog lolol

I might also have a slight fear of heights.
I'm okay with climbing stuff or looking down from a high viewpoint
I just hate being in the middle of the air with no support lol.

I hated the green thing the most. You're supposed to climb it without support. -,-
Boyfie found this easy while he found the hang slide hard.

Hang slide is okay! Because you have something to hold on to!

We spent like 3PM to 10PM there.
Really, really exhausted!! Because before this I had pole fitness 
from 12PM to 1PM. 

Instructor also told me to move to intermediate class.
I will miss Ativo! Huhuhu have to switch to Hartamas when I switch.

Changed my top! Was all sweaty.

I got this at IOI Mall actually.
I didn't plan to buy anything! But I've always wanted a black sports bra
because I only have bright colours. This was from Sports Direct if not wrong.
They also have H&M and Cielo Dolci there!

Group picha!

We went to Subang for some bad ass nasi lemak!

James' recommendation!
Warong Warisan Sambal Opah is the name hehe.
It's apparent quite popular!
You know it's gonna be good when it's almost 12AM and there's a long queue.

Yumyum. Everyone was so hungry after climbing the whole day,
especially the guys!


Hehe I'm quite into Niko Niko Onigiri recently.
I go to the one opposite Jusco Kepong.

Mei Yen was the one who introduced it to me! 
Seems like she has a great eye for cheap and yummy Japanese food.
She was also the one who told me about Sushi Mentai hehe.

The onigiri are quite filling, two is enough to really fill me up.
One onigiri is.. RM2.80. Tanuki is my favourite! Best flavour.

He wanted to twirl me HAHAHAH

This was at The Curve.
Cathay Cineplex. We watched.... OH! Mad Max, Fury Road!
It's quite enjoyable because the set and costumes are really different.
But it's like a neverending car race set in dystopia lol.

Claire my precious cutie cousin. HAHAHA

South Seafood in Subang with family!

With papa! My king

The bill was quite ridiculous actually.

Lol. RM2.3k for a dinner.
The mantis prawns were the most outrageous, there were about RM930 for 2kgs.

For RM930, I can arrange a 4D3N Krabi tour for TWO, flight and accomodation included.


Mini reunion at Play, The Roof.

Why? Cos Vincent's back from San Francisco that's why!
HAHAHA. This fella. I kept asking him when he's coming back.
Then one night he said "Meet you guys at Play"

I thought he talk cock as usual.
MANA TAU. He really meant it!!

Woof! Glad to have you back. Malaysia needs our tanker.


Hehe ! Boyfie brought me for dessert!
Every Sundae by Cielo Dolci.

Was glad to try it! HEHE. I like the cotton candy.
Soft serve and tutti frutti are my fav so far.

We ordered You're My Sunshine but switch for waffles instead of cone so it would be easier to share.

It's in Damansara Uptown PJ!

Had a very filling plate of Nasi Kerabu at Hayaki Cafe before that!

Used to come here with boyfie when he had his internship with a law firm nearby

Also my mini cooper broke down and has gone to the hospital for recovery.

HEHE. That's about it this post! :)

Have a great week everyone and take care always!
Love, BUBU!


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    1. Thanks for reading Miss Rhea! Glad you enjoyed my post :) Have a blessed vacation and take care!