Monday, 29 June 2015

Wet World Waterpark Shah Alam, Malt & Leaf, Pestle & Mortar, KLCC, Sephora


Picha taken at Wet World Water Park, Shah Alam.
Went with boyfie and his friends! Was a last min plan to go for me!

Only had four hours of sleep. HAHAHA

But I think when you're holiday it's not such a huge bother,
because you can always catch up on your sleep the next day.
I'm still processing my uni applications, idk how's everything gonna be.
Gotta go with the flow~~

Kenny drove today! :3

Seems like after sunway area, there's a lot of adventure parks.
HAHHA. Like skytrex in subang. Sunway lagoon in sunway.
District 21 in Cyberjaya.

They all sound quite far actually. But if you go on a Saturday morning
then traffic is pretty good.

Anyway. I seldom go adventure parks until I got together with boyfie.
I guess that's what guys like to do more? But I love going to things like this!
Take a break from the usual shopping, brunch and manicure.

It's like getting your exercise done but it's fun so you don't feel reluctant.

Raining mushroom ^^ HAHHA these always reminds me of Sunway Lagoon.

Anyway Wet World is cheap compared to Sunway Lagoon.
Sunway is like RM100 ish? Wet World is only about RM20.
Then they had this promotion for Samsung user so it's 2 for 35.
You have to pay extra for their float though, which is RM44, half of which is deposit.
A float can sit two people! 

There were like ten of us. But we only rented three floats and took turns. 
Saved a lot too hahaha

Anyway the park is not that big, especially when you compare it Sunway Lagoon.
But very worth it considering the price, I think.
There is an acceptable variety of slides!

We spent about six hours there. I was so beat at around four hours.
HAHAHHAAHA. I put sunblock but didn't get to reapply as bags were in lockers.

I took home tanlines and sunburn as souvenir.

Black triangle bikini from Krabi.

I did bring my camera down with me.
In ze trusty waterproof case! 

Boyfie so cute.
The boys had to lug around the huge float.

They had cabanas for rent, I think plus deposit it's like RM180.
WHICH IS RIDICULOUS. I would rather sit on the floor ^^

Everyone kept saying Edward can't get sunburn cos he's so dark already.
HAHHAHA. I do think it's true.

When you're darker, you're less likely to burn.
After about four hours can see a lot of em had red marks on their backs.
And surprisingly when I was applying sunscreen, the guys wanted some too.
I thought guys don't give a shit about sun protection hahahaha.

Boyfie had sunburn a lil bit.
For me, it was kind of itchy until I got home and applied in-shower skin lotion.
And the aloe vera after that was so shiok.

Slap aloe vera all over yourself after getting sunrayed! :3

Tornado slide? HAHAHA. The first slide we went on.

It's like a giant UFO.
I had to bring my goggles because I wear contact lens
and I'm blind without glasses.

One day, I should really do LASIK.

I want to learn surfing, kite surfing, diving. Everything.
Contact lens are cumbersomeeee. 

I think the sun and sea and sand will always be prettier than man-made pools.

Nevertheless, I don't mind water parks and swimming pools. HEHE.
I find water very relaxing. I find oceans really beautiful 
I don't get bored of staring at them.

Huge floatieee

I ate a lot of water trying to jump and land on one of the fingers.


And here's a video down the "Thunder River"

Underwater shot of my piggy boyfriend.

This is my favourite shot! HEHE.

it's so pretty :3 Subang airport was nearby, hence the aeroplanes flying around.
I saw four aeroplanes at least, on separate occasions.

And it would be really fun to fly on EVA Air ! Lol.
It's a hello kitty themed air plane.

Maybe next time when I have a daughter,
I will con my husband into bringing her to EVA Air and Puroland etc
but secretly I wanna go more than she does muahahha

Giant floatie hehe.

Overall it was a pretty good experience!

Very worth the money because the entry fee is cheap :)
About RM17.50 cos of the samsung promotion.
Normal price is 20 plus ah I think.

Anyway it's like working out.
The slides were fun hehe. 
Now I kind of miss Sunway Lagoon hahaha.
It's the waterpark I always think of.


This girl finally came back from UK lol.
She was away for nine months, she left last year September.
Time flies.

As usual. She still looks the same. 

I think Jennie is the one person if you flip back to her pics
from 2011 or 2012. She still looks the same. 
HAHA. Xuan is the one who's always changing.
Me, I have phases la. 

Into white lately.

I don't mind the coachella trend.
Bohemian inspired, palazzo pants, bucket bags.

Anddd I love beach/summer style.
Bikinis, body chains, off shoulder tops.

We were at The Social Desa Park and I ordered a Caesar Salad.
Of all the things she could order,
she ordered a twenty ringgit nasi lemak.

Lol. Missing local food maybe.

This was after waterpark.

Dinner with family at Dragon-i 1 Utama!

We were both pretty tired lolol.
But I still had to go The Roof to meet the girls after dinner.

Why, nowadays, nothing comes cheap.

A normal family dinner outing used to be like RM100-250.
Now it's RM250-RM350.

It's crazy how our money is getting smaller and smaller.
For a country with so many natural resources, that's really sad.

I guess what matters more is brainpower.
Like Singapore, our neighbour. HAHAHA


A video of some whiskey infusion.
Siet Yen always finds him when at Malt & Leaf. I think he's the manager?

Anyway the whiskey was pretty good because it had a cooling effect on the tongue.
BUT. I have such low alcohol tolerance, I don't really bother to challenge it.
Because I know. If I do, imma gotta find a toilet bowl real quick.

Hello petaling jaya. With roadworks everywhere.

Start off with pics from Jennie's camera ^^
Casio zr20 I think? OMG. I hate my own TR15 when I saw these.
So much clearer. TR15 is good for selfie la, but quite blur stimes.
A trade off I guess!

Face red not from alcohol but from sunburn earlier lolol.
I didn't realize and put a bit blush somemore.

Wanna do close eye but Siet Yen DON'T WANT

Haha Qi Yao cooperated with me to do a so-called candid picture.
Siet Yen tried. A bit. HAHAH

Blur mou

Long time no see! Ami Lam hehe

Daniel brought Ruby

So that was my Saturday night!


Sunday at Chinoz KLCC with family!

Body chain from Lovisa

First time trying this, Torched Salmon.

It was really good! Especially if you want something that's not so filling,
but not that light. I was craving for Salmon :3


KLCC park

The necklace is actually three anklets chained together ehehe.
From Lovisa too

Sunny day man.

You know couple weeks ago I went Krabi and it rained like shyt.
Sue Ping is there now and she told me it's SUNNY!
Just my luck oh wellll.

Eheeeee spent about RM900 shopping today.

Finally got a lil lilac Kipling backpack.

There was pink as well, but for once I preferred something else lol.

The monkey is really cute!
I think I'll use it when travelling, to Japan maybe?
But it's not big enough to hold a laptop!

They call it their firefly backpack.
It was RM629 initially but they had 40% off for Isetan members!
Elsewhere now it's 30% I think

Also bought some stuff from Sephora.
They had promo for members, shop above RM250 with one lip product purchase,
you get mini marc jacobs lipstick and a lip sugar treatment.

The lipstick is so cuteeee!

A bit too dark for my lips though.
Maybe I could mix it with other shades?

ARGH. I'm not fair enough and my lips are quite dark,
so sometimes I can't pull off colours that Siet Yen and Jennie's skintone can.
I'm kind of not that fair and not that dark.

BUT IDK LA why my lips so dark. It's like purple ish sometimes.
Liver sluggish ah? according to tradition chinese medicine. HAHAHA

From Sephora! I spent about RM280 for all of these

Quite okay la, cos I did get quite a lot of things.

I love their 12 hour contour eye pencils.
I have five of those.
Black brown cream pink green. HAHAHAH
It's waterproof too

And eyebrow pencil.
I'm not loyal to any for now. HAHAHA.
I've tried a shit ton of brands.

Etude house, Chanel, Visee, Maybelline, ZA, Kiss Me, etc.
I usually use a dark brown shade.

I also got some other things like brow wax (never tried before),
primer, lipstick. 

I want Laduree blushes and Jill Stuart lipsticks/blushes when I go Japan!
And some eyeshadow quads :3 Maybe rose/coral ones and the usual neutrals.

Spotted this and thought it would be so convenient!

From Olympia Le-Tan for Lesportsac.
She's well-known for her book clutches.

It's a really small crossbody. 
Can wear it for cycling lol.
Will take a picha next time if I'm wearing it :3

This was RM260 but they had 20% discount.


Pestle & Mortar's event!

Ai Lynn and Jasmine used to work there during internship

I was superrrr hungry when we arrived.
Bangsar was so frickin jam on a Friday night!!!
I would never want to come here during peak hour it drives me cray cray!

They served hot dogs though. I gobbled it up.
When Ai Lynn wanted to grab one, the buns were already finished!

The event is for their summer launch. 
But. Lol. No summer vibes. A lot of streetwear.
Black with white letterings, tattoos, snapback.
That was the untold dresscode. 
And there I was, in a yellow dress. HAHAHHA

Well Jia Shin and Ai Lynn definitely nailed the streetwear look.

I like streetwear/casualwear, but the floral/beach infused type.
Not the punk/hippie infused type.

I don't really like wearing black.
On rare days, I'd feel like being sophisticated and wear black.
But most days I'm a light coloured person.

Nirwana Maju banana leaf rice!
RM 8 ish with free refills

Regret not being able to try as I was full from hot dog.
HAHHA. But Jasmine was nice to refill hers and let me try!
It's quite filling/fattening thou with the curry

This was last Friday, right after I got back from Krabi.
Boat Noodle Publika! Vency was moving back to Muar Johor
so we met up before she left!

Most of them had four to five bowls.
I had three but I wouldn't mind four too hehe.

I was rushing and didn't bother to put make up.
HAHHAHA too tired from travelling

Sushi Mentai Menjalara with Boyfie!

Always great to whack sushi here, salmon sooo cheap.
Yellow plates, RM1.90, red plates, RM2.90.

Sometimes the heat in Malaysia makes me sweat.
But then! I would definitely prefer summer over winter.

I hate cold toilet seats. And having to deal with layers of clothing.

Family dinner last Saturday night with family!

At Pu Tien 1 Utama hehe

And a random gym shot

Polaroids teehee.

Technically there's supposed to be called instax fujifilm mini films.
But that's just too much of a mouthful.

Before this you could get RM25 for blank films.
Now it's RM30.

Rilakkuma one is RM40!
I guess you can get cheaper if you buy in bundle online.
Any recommendations? Hehe. I'm trying Lazada.

I use Instax Mini 25. Put it aside for a while now.
Until using it at Krabi and now I'm a lil hooked again :3

Hehe that's all this post. Till then guys!

Tata! xx BUBU


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