Thursday, 23 July 2015

Cubs and cups, Mama-san, The Morning After, Butter and Bean

Hello. Hehe.

Visited Cubs and Cups today at Desa Sri Hartamas.
It's actually pretty easy to find using waze.
Very near Souled Out actually!

The huskie above is Mocha I think?
There are three dogs. The other huskie and a pomeranian were inside here.

HAHAHA the pomeranian is so tiny.
The pomeranian is called Nacho, the other huskie is called Cola.
I think? HAHAHHA.

I also brought Cabbie.
Trust me, it wasn't an easy job bringing a dog out.
He peed twice and pooed once.

He pooped in the cafe!!!!! In the middle of the busy walkway!!
Boyfie came to the rescue and picked the big chunk.
A girl stepped on the poop! T.T

I wanted to warn her but it was too late.
They do provide tools for you to clean up after your dog,
like disinfectant and lots of toilet rolls.

Haha which is nice because nobody likes when their dog shits inappropriately.
You're also not allowed to feed any other dogs except your own.

I think the cafe is owned by Koreans people,
they serve bingsu too. The waitresses etc also speak Korean (and English).

This huskie was the star of the cafe lol.
Everyone went to pet her.

It's a girl! But quite dominant and chill.
She sniffed Cabbie like a boss.
She could sleep all day even with random people petting her.
I think that's good, like a perfect cafe dog.
Very tolerant of strangers.

Idk why the other two dogs were locked up tho lol resting maybe.

I ordered Pesto and Chicken spaghetti.
About RM22 I think.

It was 4pm and my first meal so I was hungweee.
The spaghetti was okay but nothing to shout about, 
a bit bland after a few bites.

Their pizza looks good tho!

Haha Cabbie is cuter before I shaved him.
I miss having a furry dog. Sorry Cabbie but your fur was getting matted


The huskie proceeded to lay down near the cleaning station. 
Poor girl needs some rest.

But still we go kacau. Sorry doggie 

She also turned over for a belly rub.
WAH THIS DOG AH. Whatever strangers also she doesn't mind.
Lucky she's not a human.

Can you imagine if she's a girl and lets stranger touch and rub her all over the place.

Bumped into Estee!! HAHAHA my long lost Raffles classmate.
Glad to bump into her! She has a doggie too named Cotton
but didn't bring her out. 

Bye bye Huskie sleep tight.

I definitely wished Malaysia had more dog-friendly places.
It's always fun to let our dogs interact with each other.

And I feel so ashamed. That Koreans have the courage
to set up a doggie cafe in a foreign land but I have to muster the courage to do such.
AH. I want to own a boutique or a clothing brand in future.

That would always be a dream of mine.
I feel quite sad when people who've worked hard all their lives
regret it in the end, because they forgot to live their life in the process
of making money. 

I guess it's always true, in the end we won't say I wished I had more money.
We would always say, I wished I spent more time with my loved ones
or travelled around the world etc.


The Social with Xuan. This MIA girl finally not MIA d.

HAHAH. I call her golden retriever now because of her crazy bright blonde hair.

This was at De Maju with Vinnie.

Also, I want to laser my eye so bad.
As in Lasik. If you have 20/20 vision, PLEASE
do not tell me you wish you could wear glasses.
It's like a slim girl saying she's fat or something equally annoying.

It's such a hassle constantly having to remove and put on my contacts.
Top up my contacts and solutions. Deal with dry eye. 
Find glasses with blind eyes in the morning.

I booked an appointment for lasik about two weeks before going to Japan.
I can't wear any eye make up nor go swimming for a month.
I also have to stay off contacts for two weeks before surgery.
But !!! I really don't want to deal with contacts and glasses while studying in UK!!!

Also, lol. :( Dad complained I've been using a lot of money lately.
I DIDN'T!!! I only use my own monthly allowance.
The part he meant is the RM12000 deposit for tuition fees.

I think parents are always like that sometimes.
Like, they ask you to study abroad and encourage you.
Then the fees come and they're like. SEE!! SO EXPENSIVE!! SUCH A BURDEN!!

And this is only the beginning of it :(
Accommodation would be about 5500pounds for almost one year,
so about RM33000. They ask you to pay upfront most of the time.
Then tuition fees would be 10930 pounds, or about RM65000.
I think tuition fees you can split into half and pay 5000 pounds first?

Anyway accomm and tuition fees will be about RM98000.
I think the worst part is that you have to pay upfront.
At least while studying in Raffles, the fees were due every three months.
Then health insurance would be RM600, visa about RM1000? I think?
Then air ticket would be about RM2500.

Then Japan also have to bring money. Lol. :(
RM3k-6k would be good enough.
Then Lasik would be RM10k for both eyes lolwtf.
I want to do the cheaper one which is 6k but my short-sightedness is a bit
too far gone for that. They recommend 6.00 and above for the basic one.
I'm like, 6.25 on my left eye and 5.50 on my right eye.
From what the prelimary eye test told me anyway.

Ah, cannot imagine how I will cope as a parent next time.
I get very pissed taking care of things.
I will literally ask that thing that is annoying me to shut up,
or I will extract myself from the situation.
Both not very good parenting styles.

HAHAHAHAH. Maybe my maternal instincts will bloom by then.
When we were taking Cabbie out, I told Edward,
take one dog out already make me so headache, cannot imagine when
I have kids next time.

Then Edward replied, "Yeah, and you still want four kids."

Sunday family outing at KLCC

Usually we go to Chinoz on the Park,
but there was a new resto opposite and Dad walked in without 
checking the menu lol.

The resto is called Mama-san.
Would not recommend going there.
It's like very expensive high class Indonesian food.
Curry chicken is like RM42. Roti canai is RM10.
Hey, go mamak better ok.
Roti canai plus curry chicken can get under RM10.

The food was not that bad.

I think my taste buds have gotten more bland.
Overall, my brain has gotten more bland too.

I've been on a holiday for so long.
LOL. Really just waiting for end of August to come for my Japan trip.
And then go UK to study abroad.

Well. Idk what 2016 is going to be like,
since it's my first time being away from home for so long.
But I do treasure this opportunity!

You know what they say.
Travelling a thousand miles is better than reading a thousand books.
Or something along those lines hahaha.

Saturday's family dinner.

HAHA. Actually family is four of us.
But brother and I bring our plus one most of the time.

Hug with the boyfie.

This was at The Morning After with Cynthia.
Her jacket was rotting in my car (she left it with me during our last outing)

Had salmon salad which was not bad.
Light but still filling.

Haha idk why but our colour palette matched.
Yellow/green and blue!

This was after I recovered from being sick.
I had fever/flu/sorethroat for four days, during which 
I did nothing but sleep all day(and night) while waking up to eat porridge.

After I recovered. I had mad cravings for pizza.
HEHE. So nice. Told boyfie then the next day we went.
Pizza hut HAHAHA. Fisherman's catch. It's their signature series pizza.
It's damn good.

For pizza I love BBQ Chicken and Aloha Chicken and Tuna Seafood.
But I scared to have pizza too often. I sked.
Because it's not three figure calories. It's FOUR FIGURES.
Means like 1000 calories.

But damn. The pizza was the thing I enjoyed most out of all the food in this blog post.
I enjoyed every calorie of it man. The pizza had eight pieces,

This was while I was sick, and I was making flu dumplings
while eating the noodles. NOT PLEASANT AT ALL.

This was visiting Xuan at Butter and Bean, Menjalara.
She's working part-time there!
But quite chill la her job. Like so relax.

Lol played Scrabble with Xuannie and boyfie.
I won the game ^^v

HAHAHA. Also tried flat white. Again, never one for coffee.
Flat white is slightly better for me because there's more milk.
Still, coffee is not something I would drink for the sake of it.

Ze SY from US.

Mun Chun donated some fried chickens to our table HAHAHA.
I ate two. YUM.

With weng hock and yihwern.

hehe that's about it this post.

Till then! 

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