Friday, 31 July 2015

Esmod Fashion show, Dating, Food Poisoning


Dressed up a lil for Siet Yen's event. 
I used to study at the same college with her before I dropped out 
and went to Raffles. Haha!

So Siet Yen completed her fashion design at ESMOD.
And this was like a fashion show to showcase their final outfits.
But they also brought in clothes from other countries.
ESMOD Berlin, ESMOD France etc.

It was a Wednesday night but it was so packed.

There were no seats for visitors though unless you're VIP.
I'm not unfortunately hahahaha.
They cordoned off the huge staircase too.

I think they should have built a platform because it was hard to see the clothes,
all I saw was rows of heads. 

With the girls.

Of course, we rarely get to hang out with each other nowadays so better make it count.
Everyone is pretty much busy with their own things.
But, looking forward to Japan next month with them heh.
Booked my flight and accommodation in UK too.

And boyfie also got accepted into University of Kent.
It's crazy! They only took two days to reply him with the offer letter.
Mine took a week. HAHAHA.

Middlesex also offered scholarship of 1000 pounds, 
but I have to get into Year 1 instead of Year 3 so... no.
Southampton Solent it is.

Glad I didn't take fashion design though.
Fashion design needs a lot a lot of raw materials.
And tools. Sewing machines, fabrics, sewing tools.

I'm doing fashion management and marketing instead.
Of course, I do love fashion design!
Finding inspirations and tweaking until it comes to life.

People say that fashion design in Malaysia is dead,
but in my opinion if you have good entrepreneurial skills,
anything is an opportunity.

Rachel yam face ^^

Jennie's wings can make her eyes fly d

Don't know what kind of candid this is.

Oh yeah, Xuan just recently got obsessed with Snapchat.
Here she is trying to add Rachel.

There, the yellow ghost lol.
Snapchat, if you don't know yet, is basically a video chat service.
Add me at bubuchahchah if you do have snapchat!

Siet Yen's outfits!

She spent a lot on this collection.
She had to pay for her own models and photographers as well!
At least for mine, Raffles subsidized half.
And my batch was also big, so the rest we divided among ourselves.

Congratulations to her hehe.
It's not easy survive being the first batch.
A lot of people dropped or failed subjects so they had to retake.
She didn't really sleep at all and survived on Redbull
to finish up the collection.

HAHAHAH. Well-deserved break for her!
Love the blue and pink outfit.
So pastel and romantic.

Grab a picture with this busy girl of the night.

King Jiat and Huan Yuan also came.
HAHAH look at kj's face like little kid.

With the girl who always like to talk damn rude
but actually very caring towards her friends.

Rachel the Tinker's ladyboss.
They are planning a new branch in Puchong!
Near in house cafe. Drop by to support!

Xuannie. HAHAH.
I call her golden retriever.
Forever late one and quite bimbo
but a very generous friend.

And while we were buying flowers,
she actually left her phone on the counter and walked away.

LOLOL bimbo mou. Coincidentally wore same-ish outfits,
black dress with sheer outer layer and flap bag.

King Jiat. But I always call him LJ.
Go find him at Beam. He makes coffee there :3

Told you our outfits matched lolol.

First time wearing this type of dress,
I quite like it I must say!!

I need more dresses like this is my life!!
Lace! Tassels! Flapper dresses!!! Beads!!
So glam! So mysterious! Me likey

As usual, Huan Yuan loves to photobomb and ruin every shot
whenever possible.

Posted a picture taken at the parking lot.
Everyone was like. SLS! SLS! Nice car!

Guys being guys lol.
For me... ehem.. I'd rather use the money to buy a sports car
and buy an estima instead. And invest with the leftover money.
Or buy an apartment with the money.

To me, sports car are a status symbol.
And that is exactly why they are a waste of money.
Status symbol is always about having something expensive, and NEW.
As with handbags. The value drops like crazy. 

And it can only sit two people?! 
I'd rather have an Estima and take a bunch of friends with me on 
a roadtrip man.

Picture like so nice only.

Again Casio TRs are great for selfies
cos of the beauty mode.

But beauty mode on food?! Damn washed out and blur!!!!

The finale line up at the end of the show.

A lot of creative pieces!
I wished they change up the music a bit more and did a platform tho.

As you can see, even with me holding the camera up,
I still can only see the upper half of the garments.

HAHAHA maybe they don't care about non vips 
so no shit given

With Candice Chong!
Long lost ex batchmate at The One Academy! 
She dropped out of TOA too. I think I didn't see her
for like.. two three years?

She slimmed down quite a bit,
but otherwise everything else about her is still quite same hehe.
Glad to catch up with her!

With Karyn!
Ex batchmate at TOA too!
She's still studying at TOA eheh all the best :3

She reminds me of Cynthia too.
Her features I mean.

And here's Jie Ying of course.
Both of us were called "Lulu"s of the batch.
Because we were blur I think??

I remember I always asked "what?" after someone finished their sentence.
Jie Ying is now studying culinary art/pattiserie!

After the show, I was dead hungry.
It was 9pm + and the last meal I had was around 2pm.

Just as luck would have it, my food came last.

Just as luck would have it, I also suffered from food poisoning the next MORNING.

So I am pretty sure it's due to the meal I ate that night.
I ordered the Sushi Combo at Tokyo Don.

Others didn't really order sashimi, except for Xuan.
I whatsapped her asking if she felt like vomiting too,
she said a bit but she didn't really vomit.

Maybe I got the most rotten part of the fish :(
It was almost closing time, my food came around 9.30pm.
My food also came last for our table.

And if you look at the sushi, it's also not cut properly!!
Look at my salmon, the white fish beside has flopped over on it.

I called Tokyo Don the day after my suffering.
The manager was pretty polite.

She said the chefs do quality check every morning.
But um. If u open your store at 10am,
by the time it is 9pm it would've been 11 hours already...
and a lot of rotting could happen without knowing.

Then the chef said if I went to the doctor
they would cover the expense for me.
But the next day I already got better la.

Lol. I suffered really badly for one day.
Had diarrhea and vomiting the next morning.
By the end of the day, I went to toilet six times
and vomited four times.

Definitely not pleasant. 
Everything I put inside, I would vomit back out.
Drank milo, vomit that out.
Ate alucid tablets for acidity in my stomach,
vomited that out too.

And because I couldn't keep food inside my body,
I was damn weak and shivering la.
Plus, I also have low blood sugar and fainted at the gym before.

But luckily it was only for a day.
A torturing day, but at least it only lasted 24 hours.

Definitely feel a bit turned off by sashimi for now.
Yuck. Will not be eating it for a while.
I've been a lifelong sushi fan, but as of now I am too traumatised.

And I paid RM50 for that sushi combo meal.
I paid fifty to make myself have diarrhea and go to the toilet 
six times, and vomit four times. Nice.

Groupshot before everyone left.

And Tinker's for second round.

That was the end of that night!


Impromptu meet up at Friendscino with Vinnie.

Wanted to go Empire Damansara actually
but all the shops we wanted to go were closing.
As in Boat Noodle, and Harajucube.


Love denim shorts actually especially in our weather.
But quite easy to zou guang ah!

We sat at the dining area.
The rest of it was like a pub actually.
They also have pubs and darts.

A lot of office people after work,
can tell cos they were still in their office attire lol.

Vinnie ordered the escargot.

And please note my iphone 6 on the bottom left on this photo.
Damn elongated weyh.
No wonder legs look so long when taking pictures with this. HAHAHAH

Vivian also came. The Vs

HAHAHHA what's this.

A chill night to chitchat and eat. Pizza.


This was Sunday at Pavilion with family.
Sometimes I really feel like being cheesy girly. Unabashedly girly.
Pink and floral and commit all the fashion faux pas.
Why not?

Dare to be you. HAHAH.
And so this is one side of me.


This was at Hokaido Ichiba at 1 Utama.

Prefer Hokaido Ichiba over other sushi outlets at the moment!
I don't get the hype over sushi zanmai.

To me, Hokaido is just as good as Zanmai,
and maybe even better because you don't have to 
bloody queue for anything.

Also, Sushi Mentai is damn cheap but I've never gotten food poisoning from them.
Shit you Tokyo Don!!! Never coming back.
The Sushi Combo set was like RM30. 
They should name it the food poisoning set man.

Boyfie ordered this actually but I sabotaged.

It's damn good!! Call me jakun but it's my first time tasting fried oysters!
Damn worth it too, like RM12.90 if I remembered correctly.
Kaki don.

The outside is hot and crispy,
but inside it's the oyster, gooey cheesy and yummy.

I ordered their Unagi Fry Roll.

After dinner, we went to Hui Lau Shan.
See, boyfie looks like an office guy already.
But I really like seeing him in tailored/formal clothes though.

Umm. I really really dislike guys with streetwear/tattoos/snapbacks 
that kind of fashion. By itself it's okay. But thrown all together it's
a bit too much.

Formal wear like this type makes any guy look damn handsome.
But of course it's not realistic for everyday life. HAHAH

Maybe like this but throw out the tie or swap the slacks with jeans
for more casual everyday.

Sleek lines like this is also damn handsome.
Neutral colours. All you do is just focus on the guy. 
The clothes aren't too distracting, but complimentary.

Streetwear like this is okay.
Well pulled together, still classy.

This type? Omgosh hell no.
*Runs the opposite direction*

Especially when I see guys wearing stuff like that in the club.
In their mind they think it's like straight out of Kpop music video.

And also like this.

They look like someone a policeman would frisk for no reason at all. 

I mean would you frisk this guy, or the guy in the hoodie???

So guys, if you are thinking what to wear.
Think to yourself- do I look like a policeman might frisk me for no reason?
Do I look like I might spray paint a wall?
Do I look like I might have herpes?

I think the main thing I don't like about streetwear
is when the person looks too messy/undone/like a delinquent.

I am so over bad boys. Omg. They say nice guys finish last.
But if you've got a nice guy, then treasure him.
That moment when a girl gets on with a bad boy,
and gets surprised when she gets hurt.

I mean really???? Isn't this what you sign up for??
It's one of the consequences of the thrill you get.

That said... if my boyfriend wanted to try streetwear...
I would still love him. HAHAHHA

Back to our desserts!

We had Hui Lau Shan.
I love this! Three types of dessert for RM13.90.

I prefer fruit desserts to those chocolate/ice-cream/waffle types actually!
Those can be damn jelat la after a few scoops.
But this was really nice and cooling. The glutinous balls were yummy too,
very diff from those chatime ones. More flavour and nicer to chew.

Also watched Antman and Mission Impossible.
Actually, you can give Antman a miss if you aren't a Marvel fan (I am).
Mission Impossible was good! Thrilling and exciting for most parts of the movie :)
2 and half hours too. Worth watching! Thumbs up ehhe.

Here's me wearing specs because I am on contact lens ban
for my Lasik next month :x

I said I look ugly with specs and boyfie scolded me.
And reminded me I'm pretty. HEHE. You love me, of course I'm pretty no matter what.
Love makes a person blind. When your mouth is smelly, I still think you are handsome too.

So I went to Vincci and tried a pair of white shoes.
I bought that pair. I also tried this black one and thought of buying it.
Then he said, don't buy la, wait till next time.

So I put it back. Then we went to the supermarket.
While I was buying snacks, boyfie said he wanted to go to toilet
and left me alone. 

He came back with the black pair of shoes!!
Cutest boyfie ever T.T I don't know why boyfie
buys me stuff on HIS birthday.
Like seriously!!

And no he didn't go to toilet lol.

My birthday celebration for him is postponed till next Monday :3 hehe
Bcos I was "diarrhearing"the day before his birthday.
Last but not least okieee.

So cheesy hahaha slap me.

That's all this post!

Have a great week :)
Till then, xoxo.