Friday, 17 July 2015

Handbags and the phases


Been watching a lot of "what's in my handbag" videos on Youtube.
And thought I would share my handbag collection with you guys.

Before I sell any of them I guess.

So. I got my first designer bag while I was 13, on a family vacation in Italy.
We were at this place called Via Condotti. There was a really mini Gucci bag.
You couldn't fit much. Handphone and wallet.

But I was 13, not like I had much to bring anyway.
I think the mini bag was about RM1k.
They also gave a free bag charm with the words "Via Condotti".

That's the small bag at bottom right which started it all.

After like five years, I finally got a normal size one.
It was during chinese new year 2013.
I think it was RM3450.

After buying that, Dad was also nice to buy a Prada Saffiano.
It was RM6990 at the time for BN1801 size.
That was the most expensive handbag I've ever gotten.
Usually my dad is like. Don't buy so much la waste money.
But that day he was in a good mood. I think?
So I got lucky 

Oya, after the tiny gucci when I was 13 years old,
the next bag I got was the black Prada one.

I got that at Australia on a family vacation while I was 16.
Actually, in my heart I really wanted a chanel flap but
the chanel flap was 3000 aussie dollars. The Prada one was RM3000.
Obviously, I didn't dare to ask for such an expensive bag!

HAHAH. But for a long while the black Prada was my staple bag.
Then the Burberry tote, which like RM1000, quite "cheap" relatively for a branded bag.
The Juicy Couture one is about RM900.

Then the Louis Vuitton eva clutch which is very handy for clubbing.
It fits your essential just nice and you can throw it on your shoulder
or use it as a clutch.

Generally, I hate clutches. I only like them if they have a chain strap.
I don't trust myself not to forget them.
There have been once or twice I was holding my shopping bag
and I would leave it at the fitting room. Nowadays I try not to do such things la lol.

For 2013 I mostly used this Gucci boston bag and the Prada tote.

This was my what's in my bag for like 2013.
Now I've gotten a bit more of a heavier packer.
Small bags used to be really sufficient for me!
Now I'm like. I want to prepare myself for everything!

I want to bring my water bottle! My powerbank!
My cardigan! Blabla blabla!!

The Prada tote was my holy grail bag for a long time!
Until I got the Chanel flap, I think.

But it's a leather tote, so it really kills my shoulder
after a while. The size is roomy, but at the same time 
I wouldn't want to put too many stuff because it will get quite heavy.
So it's like a dead end situation.

I always love satchels. Or bowling bags?
The Gucci boston bag was a pretty convenient bag.
Casual enough for everyday use.

Eva clutch was good for parties!

This Juicy Couture bag I used for like a few months then put it aside.
Lol! Now the bag has gotten a bit dirty because it's terry cloth.

Here is a very old school picture of me in Taiwan.
HAHAHHA OMG. I was still in high school.

Then this was when I used the black Prada often, because that was like the only
designer bag I had.

I think it's quite cute that each bag has their own phases.
And the oufits and outings that go with it.
It's quite easy for me to associate them together.

After that I got a Prada canapa bag at Lotte World Korea.
It was like USD500. Which was quite a steal.

But after a while I stopped using it because the fact that it 
had no zip or anything to secure the top bothered me.

I hate bag without zips! Lol.
I don't like giving thieves chances and would like to know
that my belongings are secure.

If I do use this bag, I would put a scarf on top,
so thieves won't busybody see what's inside.
For the Prada Saffiano there's no zip in the main compartment too,
so I put my phone and wallet in the zipped compartment.

Also, a funny story.
I've never lost any of my designer bags.
I did lose a red Aldo bag while partying at Vertigo.
it got stolen lol chickenpie with my iphone 4s in it.

My first designer bag, the tiny tiny Gucci one
actually got stolen.

The thieve took it to the mens toilet and ransacked my belongings.
But he was nice to leave me my IC. LOL. He took my camera, phone and money.
He left my bag in the toilet.

The deejay was like, "Whose Gucci bag is in the toilet?"
I was just glad to have my tiny bag back, because it's the first bag I had.

That's the two times I got my stuff stolen. And one more in high school,
my brother's N91 phone. We went computer class.
I hid my phone in a spec case. After I realized I quickly went back to 
the classroom but it was already gone.

I think I have an inkling of who the thieve was because not many
knew I brought the phone. But then, no evidence.

Since then I've gotten more careful with my belongings.
I used to be really stupid and naive, I would leave my belongings
on a table thinking my friends would take care of it.
But you can't depend on others! Cos when something happens,
you have to take the blame because it's your responsibility and your loss.

Also, cutting down clubbing helped a lot. lol.

2014 this was my big purchase.

I was in the Chanel boutique at KLCC and saw this. It was during CNY as well.
They had their Valentine collection and I loveeeee pink.
The charms caught my eye.

Well the next day was a Monday, I had class.
This particular lecturer was pretty strict.
I think at that time I had also used up my "absents".
In my college, for each subject I could not miss more than three
classes otherwise I would automatically fail the subject.

They were really strict about this and quite a few students fell victim 
to this. Thankfully, I didn't fail any subjects during my two years there!
There were many times I thought I did but thank God I pulled through lolol.

So. I went class, during lunch break, I went to withdraw money. From KL back to BSD.
Then went to take my attendance for afternoon class. Then called Jennie.
Then went from KL to sungai buloh. Then back to KLCC.
Then back to class. It was crazy man. 

I did all this for a stupid bag. LOLOL.
I was also carrying about RM14k of cash with me,
because my debit card had a limit of RM10k.

The bag was RM13.3k if I remembered correctly.

HAHHAA. I think every girl should have a Chanel flap in their collection,
but if I could only have one it would be black caviar just for its durability.

Mine was lambskin and I feel like Chanel was quite overrated
because the quality was quite bad! The stitching at the strap came off.
I do think it's a cute bag, but I do not think that the price was worth it.

If I would buy one more bag, it would be a jumbo flap then I think I would be pretty much done.
Because they keep raising their prices but do nothing to justify it.
The quality gets worse instead of better.

If they want to make the price as expensive as Hermes but the quality not as good,
then obviously we should just go for Hermes instead. 

But it is quite a cute bag!

A couple months after I bought a Neverfull MM.
I think it was RM3400

Sorry for the cheesy picha lol

Because I had a lot of small to medium bags,
but no big tote. It did fulfill its purpose!
I love bringing this to movie dates because I could hide snacks
and throw in my cardigan too. 

It's also great for travelling.
But if I want zip then I would go for a bowling bag instead.
I think canvas/nylon bags are great for travelling
because they are so low-maintenance and light.

I hate carrying bags that get heavy easily for long periods of time.

2015 CNY was Lady Dior! Got this at the Starhill Boutique.
I didn't intend to get this actually! I was going for a jumbo actually.
But I really fell in love with this bag! The colour is Rose Sorbet with silver hardware.

It was retailing for RM14 400 at the time of purchase.
For that quality, it's worth the money if you compare it to Chanel flaps.
The lambskin is also more durable than my Chanel flap.

Both the medium flap and the medium lady dior
can fit my ipad mini! 

Usually, in my bag, I will have handphone, camera,
make up pouch, lipstick, waterbottle, powerbank, tissue, mints.
Sometimes a cardigan and an umbrella and sunglasses.
Sometimes also a book gets thrown in there

Really love the colour of the bag, especially when paired with white!
It's a really sweet colour, but I have no problem
finding things to pair it with because I'm quite girly in terms of dressing.

If you are a motorcycle chic sort of girl, then ahemmm I think it would be hard la.

A couple months after I got this bag at random.
Saw this at Celebrity Wearhouz at DPC. I think I bought it for around RM3300.
I bought it because I wanted a black bag!

And it is a practical bag,
it was my college bag for quite a while before I graduated.
I can fit a 900ml bottle in there, which I love.
The only thing about boston bags though, is though their volume is big,
they are often not tall enough for magazines.

So yeap. I think I have always been a bag person more than a shoe person.
Because I'm short maybe? LOL.

I like bags that princessy looking and have shiny hardware.
Colours such as baby pink, nude with gold. I loveeee.
But it's also good to have black bags.

A black Balenciaga city is also on my wishlist.
I tried it once, the inside is pretty roomy! And I like that the bag 
is soft and collapsible. I was retailing for RM6k++ that time I tried it.

Louis Vuitton Brea MM!
I think this is like RM9k tho, which makes it a bit expensive
But the vernis leather is pretty polished looking.
I love the colour rose angelique! 

I think leather totes such as the ysl sac du jour and the celine luggage
are also pretty, but I'm scared I would break my bag carrying them lol.
Cos the Prada saffiano one gets so heavy!

I like that the celine luggage has zipped top. But it doesn't have a shoulder trap,
while the sac du jour does.

Both are RM10k ish, with the celine being a bit more expensive.

Other than handbags, I would also want this coin purse! 
The multicolore print is so pretty.

I bought a Prada continental wallet this year but I didn't use it much.
In the end, I still prefer small wallets.
I'm not a girl who needs big wallets!
Right now I'm just using a beaten up coin purse from Typo, lol.

And a bag charm? But it's quite ridiculous to spend so much on just a bag charm.

Everyone has a Speedy. I don't.
If I would have, it would be one with a strap.
I think it's quite a practical bag. But I heard it will lose its shape tho

I love the multicolor print. It's so trashy and colourful lol.

Chanel mini and Chanel jumbo.

Kelly or Birkin? Kelly first lol.
Birkin is most people's holy grail bag,
but imho Kelly is just more lady-like and sleek.

Favourite bag of the moment is my Lady Dior!
Most practical bag would be the Neverfull and the Prada bowling bag.
Bags on immediate wishlist would be a Black Balenciaga Giant City,
and then a Chanel Jumbo in black caviar ghw. 
Bags that I would sell- the Prada Canapa bag omg no zip drives me crazy.
And maybe the pink Gucci boston bag if I had a Speedy B?

I've never tried selling my bags tho.
I know people overseas always do that.
I usually buy my bags at retail, the only one I didn't is the black prada one.
But, I would always prefer buying retail because then you would be sure of its authenticity.
I think it's also more fun when you buy bags overseas! 
Plus, you'll often get tax refunds and cheaper prices.

Other than bags, I would spend my money on clothes, make up, shoes, pearls, books.
I don't like spending too much on perfume or skincare.
I also don't buy clothes as much as I used to.
When I was 17, I only had one or two dresses so I kept buying
and trying new things.

But now my wardrobe is bursting alreadyyy.
I donated four bags of clothes but it's still packed. Idk what to do with my life.

Leaving to Japan in a month! Looking forward to buy make up :3
Especially those drugstore ones like Canmake, Kiss Me, Dollywink.
And of course eat japanese food! Buy contact lens, iphone covers.
And go Disneyland too!

Jill Stuart! Their blush and lip glosses!
Would consider buying their eyeshadows if I had enough yen HAHAHAH

Laduree! Will be contented to buy a blush. And maybe their keychains.

And some YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks!
Their my favourite lipsticks, because it's pigmented and hydrating at the same time.
I love coral pinks and peachy nudes.

I'm not good with dark reds or plums. I look like a vampire.
Orangey red looks better on me.

Anyway. Finally did a different sort of post from the usual.
Lemme tell you, it's because I was sick over the weekend and didn't go out lolol.

Hope you all had a great week! Till then! 


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