Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The Mines, Farm in The City, The Social

Hello :)

Tweaked a little changes to my blog.
Everything is pretty white and simple tho.

Had a busy weekend as a lot of friends got back from overseas
and boyfriend's mami was so nice to book us a two nights stay at The Mines.
Thankfully, this time it was without mishap (unlike the previous time
where I ended up in Port Dickson instead lol)

At their little man made beach again.
Of course, I always prefer natural hehe.
Oceans are more fun than swimming pools. 

Regret I only went swimming once!
We stayed there three days!

We were very lazy and laidback this trip.
We did a lot of walking though, to and fro our hotel room
and the shopping mall.

Boyfie is too scared to get into the water.
You know sometimes the water is a lil cooler than your body temperature.
Then you might get a lil shake and goosebumpsie before your body adapts to it.

For me, I feel cold as well but the main point is I want to swim, so I don't care lol.
Thanks to supper, my main encouragement to swim.

Triangl-inspired bikini from Thailand.
The lady offered a price of about RM88 but I didn't want to buy it.
So she kept haggling until it was about RM58.

HAHA. I think I could still get cheaper if I pretended I didn't want it.
But I'm quite happy with this bikini hehe.

I don't think I'll buy the original one. It's like RM330
and you have to get them shipped and stuff

The waterfall area is like 2 meters deep.

How I know? I asked one of the guy who was cleaning the pool hahah.
So cute. His job was netting out dirty stuff from the pool and he
had a small fishnet. So relaxing ah his job.

Anyway I did swim that area a few times and you can't feel the floor at all.
Thank you Sri Bestari for giving me swimming lessons at Sri Damansara Club
when I was younger.

I think I learnt to thread on water at Valencia's Swimming Pool, which is also 2 meter.
Thanks to Mei Yen for always inviting me over ^^

I think everyone should learn how to swim la, at least the basics.
Maybe freestroke or breaststroke and threading water.

Saltwater is more buoyant though so it's easier to float.
My fear of heights is more prominent than fear of water (if any)

There's also a little cave inside.

And this is where the pool ends.

They also have a lake where they have cruises.
They also said there's watersports available like jetski those 
but I've never seen them in action la.

I think Port Dickson is great if you want to visit a beach nearby!

Meal at Sushi King :3

Actually I don't care if it's supermarket sushi or Kampachi sushi,
I am literally a sushi DBKL.

Give me any sushi. I will eat it gladly.

Boyfie said if I would be an animal, I would be a pig :(

A PIG!!! Because he said I love to eat and sleep.
HEY. I go gym and swim a lot also okay.

If boyfie were an animal he would be a lizard.
Because his skin is dry and dark, and he is always silent.
HAHAHAHAH. And he picked pig because pig is always noisy.
CB. So unglamorous, I want to be a panda.

Look who's the pig now.

His chicken teriyaki set is almost 1000 calories. -,-

After that I had some stick art ice cream. Yum yum.
I love my ice cream to be the yogurt kind. The unforgivingly sour kind.
That's why I prefer Tutti Frutti over Moo Cow. Moo Cow is so sweet.
Boyfie likes choco choco choco.

On Saturday we went to Farm in the City at Seri Kembangan.
It was a 15 mins drive away!

I was googling what to do in seri kembangan the night before and 
this one looked interesting and had good reviews.
Plus, it's been a while since I've visited any zoo!

So boyfie brought me there hehe , guided via Waze.
Creators of Waze, God bless you guys!

Little ponies greeted us!

Was not disappointed that I went there!
Hehe. They had a good variety of animals and it's well worth the money.
RM32 if you are MyKad adult. They have family packages too.

I thought it would be smelly but actually it was quite well-maintained.
Plus, it was a petting zoo so you can interact with the animals! Hehe.
For me, that was the fun part.

I would bring my kids to these kind of places.
To show them about animals. Most kids are actually
pretty respectful and curious about animals.

I remember watching this video of a kid crying 
because she wanted to be a vegetarian lol.
So cute. Reminds me of myself when I was younger.
I was watching TV and there was a scene of turtles dying 
and I started crying in the living room.


They were doing their own thing. Then I started shouting "Hello" to them.
And they did say hello back. LOL. So cute!!

They were pretty darn good at mimicking.

I tried to teach them I love you but they didn't respond :(
They no love me

Raccoon! HEHE. So nice of them to come out and greet us.
The keeper said sometimes they might be sleeping and they won't come out.
But obviously it came out la, in exchange for FOOD.

The raccoon was so fat!!! Obvious case of being overfed lolol.

I love the yellow one. I hate the black eye one. I call it bandit.

CB. Bite people one that raccoon. It bit me twice while I was feeding the yellow one.
Then I held boyfie's hand for the raccoon to bite and the bandit bit him lol.
Until his skin got swollen. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

Boyfie touching his same breed. Lizard 

Chick chick. HAHAHA it was so tiny and fragile I was scared it would fall

They looked really cute and helpless

This black swan was very threatening and dominating tho,
came right up to our dock and poked his beak around

Here is boyfie with another of his cousin.
Dry tanned silent. Ya hahahhaaha.

Omg lucky I managed to take a picture.

After that I felt his huge freaking tail WAG and touch me and
 I screamed and ran away like the pussy I am.

Haha ^^ I am not a fan of reptiles.

There was also a huge porcupine like two three feet.

I saw bambi. She was very flighty and avoided humans like a plague

Mamoose? Small monkeys?

Fishing haahhahaahahaha

Boyfie was into this one

Rabbits T.T

Let me tell you a very sad story of me and my rabbits.

I pestered my daddy for a long time to get me one when I was 12.
I picked out two rabbits, it was a lop-ear rabbit and an angora rabbit.
The lop ear was called Loppy, it was a grey rabbit.
The angora rabbit had fluffy, snow white fur. I forgot its name.
Oh wait!! It's Snowy. Sorry guys that's the most creative I can get

I also forgot which one died first. They had diarrhea the day I bought it.
The grey one died two days after I bought it. THE HORROR. I cried like a baby for two hours.
I remember cuddling with the white one.

I bought it at Feb 21st. A month later, it dieded.
It dieded on my birthday. March 21st.

:( such a horrible story.
Pets dying is never fun for kids.
I also cried a lot of when Chuckie died.

Look at them all so lansi.

Enough, servant! I had enough greens for today. 

The guinea pigs on the other hand... fought over rights to greenery

And then there were also goats.
God bless you if you are holding bread, because they will sniff it and follow you real close.
They were like my chest level.

Goats just chilling. My boyfie should join them,
cos he had a goatee. Geddit?

The green peacock was really beautiful!
Sadly he did not display his fan. Females pls arouse him!!

Little bright birdie

My facial expression was like this because the claws were really ticklish on my scalp.
But secretly I'm just happy when I get close to animals and they don't hurt me (UNLIKE MR BANDIT!)

The parrot was licking the sweat on my boyfie's neck aiyerrrr

Hehe love this shot.

Look at the birdie so distracted in his salt-digging adventures.

This tortoise is 29 years old, older than I am.
And still rocking it.

This fella on the other hand is 31 years old!!

We made a round, when we came back after like 20 mins...
The tortoise was pretty much the same spot where we left them!

Feed fishies! They provide the food for you to feed the animals.

Ostrich say bye bye.

They look quite menacing thoooo. So tall!

Hehe so that's about it! Moving on


Went to DPC in the afternoon with Jennie. 
She brought along Ah Fook too, her majestic 13 year old shih tzu.
Jennie is his servant lol pick up after his shit and carry him like a king.

Used to go jogging/swimming dates with the girls but rarely do anymore.
I am in need of a gym partner.

Also, I FAINTED at the gym today.
I'm well aware that I can have low blood sugar sometimes.
But idk why things escalated so quickly today.

Even worse, I had to choose the worst timing possible.
The gym was peak hour and there were so many people.
Dear heavens!

Usually when I feel the dizziness kick in, I will rest and 
take some 100 plus. This time it hit me full force man I was like having a seizure.
After doing 10 reps of squats, I knew I was getting dizzy d.

So I went to the ladies cardio area where there's no one.
If you have not tried fainting, here is my description of it.
It's like when you have too much alcohol and you blackout.

Except this time I was fighting to stay conscious and had a really hard time breathing.
The feeling is like your brain is shutting down and you see static.
Very dizzy. Then hand will shake. For me it's because of low blood sugar la lol.
I think I knocked out for a while on the treadmill.

Then I got up and tried to go to the counter to ask the abang for 100 plus.
Well guess what. Idk what happened, I opened my eyes and I was lying on the floor.
Idk how long I blackout there.

Then I went to the counter. 
I remember telling him quite desperately I wanted 100 plus.
But I blacked out. Then I opened my eyes and someone was carrying me and I was on a bench.
Then got 100 plus. HAHHAHAA.

Then I drank. Someone took off my shoes and fanned me.
LOLOLOLOL. Damn malu I tell you wtfbbq
now I am going to be famous in gym as "the girl who fainted".

Aiyoh. I should categorize this as one of the most embarassing moments.
People asked why did I faint. Umm idk la why this time blood sugar level suddenly drop so low.

I had honeystars and two packets of biscuits before this as breakfast. 
Then two packets of biscuits during afternoon. Then I napped for an hour or two.
Then I woke up and go gym.

Then fainted. CB BETUL.
100 plus is my saviour. HAHAHA. James called my boyfriend to come pick me up.
But he was at bangsar. When I was a lil more awake, I texted for my brother to picked me
cos boyfie was stucked in the jam.

Boyfie also brought a box of sushi for me :B
I shall have a decent breakfast tmrw lol. 
Please body don't faint on me again I will eat before gym.


This was at The Social.

At first the waitress asked us how many pax.
There were five of us who've reached.
I told her fifteen. Jennie and Siet Yen was like, where got.
Maximum also ten only.

Guess what, in the end more than fifteen people came.
Lol. I knew things like that would happen. You call my friend, I call my friend.
Then BOOM.

So it's summer break season.
Which means all my friends are flying back from literally all parts of the world.
Vincent is from San Francisco, US.
Shao Yang is from Santa Monica, US.
Mun Chun is from Perth, Australia.
Weng Hock is from Melbourne, Australia. 
Theng Loo is from Canada.
And also Jennie from Liverpool, UK.
And also Siew Wah and Cherlyn who were back from 
Bristol and London respectively.

Hahahaa. Really so happy to see everybody!

The dudes. Look at Vincent's arm. Lol. 

Siew Wah and Cherlyn! Both of them excelled academically in high school,
and are continuing to do so. I'm jealous HAHHAHA

Weng Hock who came back from Melbourne.
Look at his mouth, damn big. He like to talk cock, everything is about $$.

His famous quotes- my breakfast in Aussie is on average RM100.
My Givenchy tee is RM3000.

He talks about money nonstop weih. HAHHAHAHA.
I guess this is what you would classify as New World Money.
Old World Money are tight-lipped about figures and do not find it
appealing to disclose figures.

Weng Hock said in Aussie the Mainland Chinese are really damn rich, another level rich.
You might buy one apartment, they will buy the whole building. 
They're that rich. And then there's a 19 year old who bought a 2mil house.
I always imagine this gesture of shoving money in people's face
(when it comes to people who spend extravagantly)

Oh yes this video is where I got my illustration.
The part where he shoves the money into the guys face is really damn obnoxious.
And farney.

Jennie was asking me smth and everyone shouted at her for spoiling the pic

A decent one with the girls

See told you dy table for ten is not enough.

It was a great night catching up with them.
Haha. so funny recounting our high school days.
How carefree and full of mischief.

Sure, there were plenty of days where I dread going to school.
But everytime I remember high school, I always remember it with a smile.
And I'm so glad we still meet each other and hang out.
In four more years or so I can imagine birthday celebrations are out,
and wedding invitations are in. Like my brother's generation lol.


Will driving to 1u! To meet Yih Wern and Guat Tyng.

Long time didn't do seat ootd.
That's because TR15 is a shitty camera for that purpose.
It is only good for selfies. (great)
This was taken with EX2F.

Oh man. Feel like getting a compact selfie camera that is more clear
than TR15. But I feel like it's a waste of money!
But I want to take a lot of pics! 

For me, my ideal camera has a flipscreen, is pink,
take great selfies and ootds. TR15 takes great selfies but shittiest OOTDS
when the lighting is not good (which is all the time).
EX2F is clear but bulky.

Oh man the dilemma. The first-world problem. 
*slaps myself*

Guat tyng! My ex classmate lolll damn long didn't hang out with her properly.

Yih Wern the beer queen. It's not that I want to give you that title.
It's just that.. the title belongs to you. HAHAHHA

We had brunch at Hokaido Sushi 1 Utama. YUMMY.
I enjoyed every bit of my sushi.

Sakae Sushi, Sushi Mentai, Sushi King, whatever.
I really love sushi to bits and pieces.

I would not be happy spending RM50 on alcohol, but for sushi I would be happy to
 I can never like beer!!
Nor smoking! Nor vaping! I guess that saves me a lot of money.
But. HAHAH. For sure I compensate in other vices.

I think this was the fried salmon roll. RM22 I think?
Quite okay ah the price!

And behold. Such a clear picture! EX2F mwah

Gobbled them up NOM, NOM, NOM.


Halter top from Monki
Palazzo Pants from Forever 21
Chanel Medium Flap from Chanel.
Gold necklace from Lovisa

That's about it this post :)

More to come!
Have a great week hehe.


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