Sunday, 23 August 2015

Sushi sushi sushi and post-op Lasik

Hello peeps!

A quick update (or maybe not) before leaving to Japan next wednesday.
Picture above taken at One World Hotel yesterday :3

I had a pretty chill week post-op,
plenty of rest and sleep after Lasik.
More on recovery at the end of post!

Boyfie's nose saying "Hello".

We had dinner at Sakae Sushi.
Just the usual. Boyfie and his favourite teriyaki chicken ramen.

After that, we went to watch Hitman Agent 47.
It was an enjoyable movie for me! But it has negative reviews online tho.
Lol. I'm easy to please.

Boyfie also gave me an unexpected surprise hehe.

It's our one year two months anniversary but I wasn't expecting anything!
He came to my house and asked me to close my eyes when I opened the door.

HAHHAHA. So cute of him!

He got me my current favourite snacks, a little purple balloon,
and two roses. Not two months la but one year two months. HAHAHAH.
I took the flowers out and put it in a makeshift vase

Hehe. I love flowers, but get sad with how fragile they are.
Maybe a more eco way would be giving potted flowers
instead of flowers in banquets??!?!

Red roses are my favourite flowers, a lil classic/typical.
But I do love how romantic and passionate it is.
Other flowers I like are lavender tulips and sunflowers.
I used to have sunflowers in my house!! They grew so tall and big. HEHE.
They were my favourite flowers growing up.

When I have my own house, I would like to decorate it with 
a lot of flowers and trees. Without some greens, everything looks so sad!!

Also, my week was full of Japanese food.
I think in this week alone I went to Japanese restaurants more than five times.

This was on another occasion with Edward at 1 Utama as well.
But at Hokaido Ichiba instead of Sakae, which is few shops away. 
Lol. Hokaido Ichiba is my current fave!! Cos of their kaki don!
I used to love Ichiban Boshi but their stuff is not as fresh anymore.
The one in Giza I mean.

Sea atlantis diving centre is just beside!
We saw a couple of people practising their dives in the pool.
Aww. Jelly!

This is my favourite!! Their kaki don.
Fried oysters. Crispy on the outside, chewy and gooey on the inside.
I didn't even know this thing existed until boyfie ordered
it a few weeks back.

Needless to say, what he ordered, became what I ate.
HAHA. I always steal his food and he always complains.
But he will regret it when I'm not around to steal his food.

Stolen food feels so much tastier.

I remember there was this Ayam Bubur McD and my brother and I
were fighting over it. Scooping in and out.
Then the next time I had one ayam bubur all to myself,
but sadly it did not taste as good as when I was fighting with my brother over it.
Maybe ah, the grass is always greener on the other side that's why.
We always want what we can't have. Lol.

Boyfie always make the "o" face when eating.

Unagi!!!! This was like RM16? I think?
I forgot hahaha. But it was quite worth it! Unagi rolls are usually quite exy.

Look at boyfie making the "o" face again.

This was another occasion at Sushi King... The Curve?? Eh no.
Sunway Pyramid. Edward was there to send his homestay guest.

Told you I've been eating Japanese like crazy!
Maybe because I'm going to Japan soon. HAHAH
Which is counterproductive come to think of it.

I wonder if I will like the food in UK :/
I hate food in US. Everything is so big and artery-clogging.
Fast food joints and huge portions. 


Sushi again.
Sakae sushi with Mei Yen.
She wanted to go Ikea and Daiso to do some errands

I ordered their lunch set, RM17 

So cute right hehe.


Oh my what have I turned into.

Hehe look at them torching the unagi!!

Their little ebi tempura boat! Or that's what I call them.

This was at sushi mentai menjalara.
RM1.80 for pink plate, RM2.80 for red plates.

Boyfie's three plates of unagi in one.

I love inari. And salmon. And tuna. And unagi.

Actually I love everything.

A little surprise for Edward's bday hehe.

A belated one! We went to Malacca but didn't blow cake there.
Can't miss blowing cake on his birthday!!

Hehe loves.

This was with Xuan at The Social
to discuss about Japan.

She's into white clothes nowadays ever since turning blonde lol.

This was King Jiat's bday.
Three days post-lasik.

It's so sad!!! So many bbqs are lasik and I can't enjoy them properly.
Second day was BBQ at boyfie's house.
Third day was King Jiat's lok lok.

My eyes were still pretty sensitive and fuzzy.
I brought my sunglasses out wherever I went.

Happy Birthday King Jiat!

Wish you to be a successful barista and soon a Cafe owner!

This was with Mei Yen at Ikea. HAHHAHA

So cute this type of bedroom! So cozy.
But instead of white and pink, maybe white and gold la 
to be more grown up.

And oh yes! Update for my first week after Lasik!


A little recap on where I left off:
I did my Lasik on 14th August 2015, Friday.
It has been ten days now. Time flies!

The one thing that became part of my life post-Lasik are eye drops.
They aid recovery and help lubricate your eyes.

The Maxidex (anti-inflammatory) one I finished about four/five days post-op.
The whole bottle lol. I still have Vigamox left, which is the anti-bacterial one.
I'll have to use that three times a day until it finishes.

The vials in the picture are regular eye drops.
Just artificial tears to lubricate your eyes.
For better results, I was recommended the preservative-free type,
hence the single-use plastic vials instead of a bottle.

It's quite expensive, about RM39 for 30 x 0.4ml vials.
I've tried Optive, Systane, Blink.
They all work quite the same.
So far I have about 80 vials at home.

I have to use them every two hours or when my eyes feel dry.
Sometimes when I'm out I delay a bit la.

After a month maybe you can use it twice a day? When your eyes feel less dry.
Then stop using when your eyes have recovered completely.
But I think I will be carrying eye drops with me for a while.
During Lasik, your nerves get severed so your tear ducts produce less tears.
The signal to tell your tear ducts your corneas are dry is weakened that's why.

Actually there was a point I was thinking if I did the right thing.
In the beginning my left eye was much slower at recovery than my right eye.
My right eye was almost perfectly clear about two days after surgery.
Left eye? I would say it was quite blur like the first days after surgery.
I could see and do things without any visual aid, but my vision fluctuated.

Doctor said it was normal since my eyes were still healing.
My left eye was 6/7.5 in the first day, right eye 6/6.
A week later, both are 6/6 or "plano" aka no power or 20/20.

Right now, I don't need any visual aid,
BUT! Sometimes when my eyes are dry or tired, my left eye gets a bit blur.
Sort of like a double vision effect.

I think it will stabilize more after a month?
My left eye was my dominant eye, and also higher power.
About 6.75. My right was 6.10

And yes. There were few moments I was thinking.
Girl you cut your cornea flap. Did you do the right thing?!
The first few days were shit I think, because my eyes were still recovering
and they felt dry constantly.

At night, there was also double vision and haloes and glares
At streetlamps, headlamps. They have a glow.
It was bad when I tried driving like five days after Lasik I think,
to Siet Yen's house.

But now it's quite okay, the glares have gotten smaller.

I think with Lasik. Doctors etc always make it sound like such a breezy process.
But it's not. Yes, you can see after surgery and you can "drive" 24 hours after surgery.
But will you be comfortable? No. Will your eyes hurt like shit and be sensitive to light? yes.
And you have to be patient with your eyes as well, because everyone's eyes respond to laser treatment differently.

But. Overall.. I can say I am glad to have done my Lasik treatment.
Because before this I was really really blind, like -6.75 refractive error blind.

Anyway, if you are interested, I would say...
go for a consultation with a clinic you feel comfortable with.
They will check if you are suitable. 
Your cornea thickness, eye pressure, curve of cornea etc.

I went to Vista Vision. About RM10 366 for both eyes.
They were okay la, but the centre was always busy so I feel like
the service is not so personalized. The doctors looked busy as well.
During my one week check up, Dr Aloysius was on leave so Dr Alan took over.
When it was my turn, Dr Alan was scolding one of the staff lol! He was asking
like how many more patients you want to give me.

But he was polite to me la. HAHHAHAHA. 
Awkward moment when you're the patient standing there.
Also, you have to wait for your appointments. Like, they ask you to be there
11.30pm, but the doctor might only be free to see you around 11.50pm.
But Natalie one was worse, she told me she waited five hours for the dentist!!

Vista Vision pros: experienced, won a lot of awards, doctor is a pioneer in lasik technology,
centre was near to my house

Vista Vision cons: expensive, centre always busy, doctors always in a rush

Overall it was okay. Because my surgery was quite smooth.
There are one day check ups, one week check ups, and one month check ups.
I went for my one day and one week one already.

They just use the slit lamp to check your eyes. And if you have any infections,
or your corneal flap moved/folded. Which would be a nightmare.
Luckily, I was fine.

Other Lasik centres I know are Optimax TTDI, KPJ Hospital, 
Pantai Hospital, Advance Vision PJ.

It's your eyes. Not something to be taken lightly.
If. You are not comfortable taking the risk, then DONT.
It's an elective surgery, not a necessary surgery.
Go with your gut.

You can still depend on glasses and contact lenses.
Lasik might save you money on those, but you do have to buy eye drops.
Lol. So far I've spent about RM70 on eye drops after I finished the four boxes they gave me.
Or 20 vials.

The preservative free ones are more expensive, about RM39 for 12ml.
Bottled ones you can get for RM10 for 15ml.
Plus, there is also a lot of wastage since some of the eye drops will get stucked in the vials.

Also, keep in mind that after Lasik, your power might come back.
If your eyes change. If your power comes back, it's not because of Lasik.
Lasik can only clear the refractive error you HAD, not the refractive error you will have in future.

That's why they recommend you to be at least 18 years old,
so by the time your vision is stable and there's less chance of that.

Also, you can't avoid age-related vision problems like presbyopia and glaucoma and cataracts.
But that is another story. HAHAHA.
I'm 21 years old, so hopefully I can take care of my eyes and be glasses free for at least 
fifteen years more. Which is okay.

Some people really suit glasses and look much smarter with them, especially guys.

I still have some redness left!
Those are called eye hickies or subconjunctival hemorrhage.
Caused by pressure of the suction cup, resulting in broken vessel in your eye whites.
They go away in a couple of weeks, like a bruise.
Your body will absorb the blood by itself! Lol.
They just look unsightly la, but they're not harmful.

The reds on the inner parts of my eye whites have cleared,
but the outer parts it's still red.

Please clear up soon lol I need to go Japan on Wednesday.
Also, I am pissing in my pants as the UK VISA centre
has yet to inform me that my passport is ready.

Without passport, can't fly to Japan.
!!!!! I paid for priority visa tho, it's supposed to be ready by Monday.
Late one day will be Tuesday, still can.
But... Wednesday morning I'm flying....

Kinda of pissed with how troublesome everything is.
I also paid RM8 for their SMS service and they've only SMS-ed me once so far.
Stupid. On the other hand, they gave me two emails already.

I would like to say that studying in UK is such a troublesome process!!!
The CAS letter, the tuberculosis test, the transcripts, the photocopying,
the scanning back and forth, the visa centre, the accommodation and tuition fees.

And then that Theresa May wants us to go back straight after we graduate so 
we can't find work there. Lol? You want the rewards of us paying a premium and contributing to your economy to study in your country, but you don't want to let us reap the end of the rewards? 
Such a one-sided deal.

HAHHAHAA. But I've already applied for everything.
I always hope everything will go smoothly, but I know shit always happens.
So be prepared.

Here's my red eyes.

Have a great weekend peeps!

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Lasik Surgery at Vista Vision


Hello. I did my Lasik surgery yesterday.

Or... 32 hours ago to be precise.

A brief introduction of Lasik-
It is to correct your vision by reshaping the cornea (using laser)
It is a refractive surgery that corrects common vision problems such as 
presbyopia, nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

Other alternatives are PRK, Lasek, Vision Implant ICL.
They all have their pros and cons.

Lasik is popular because it has a quick healing time.
However, it has to create a cornea flap so you have to take good care
of it for the first few weeks (and also forever).

PRK burns the cornea's outer surface so it takes longer to heal, is a bit more painful
and takes longer to get good vision. The advantage is it is suitable for patients with thin cornea and it doesn't create a cornea flap.

You have to meet certain requirements to be able to do Lasik.
Cornea thickness is important because they have to make the cornea flap
in order to laser your corneal tissue underneath.

The minimum requirement is 500 microns, I had about 600 microns
so the consultant said it was plenty enough.
Your cornea shape also has to be smooth so they can easily put back the flap.

This is the brief outline of how the surgery takes place.

I did a lot of research on what Lasik is, and most importantly other 
people's experience with Lasik.

Example, I stalked local forums and blogs. 
Common mentions were Vista Vision, Optimax TTDI, TLC.

I chose Vista because they were reputable and it was quite near my house lol.
I went to the branch at The Curve, it's just two floors above Sakae Sushi.
They are eye specialist

I only know Fourfeetnine's Audrey Ooi and Gan Mei Yan
did their Lasik there too and a few other celebrities.

And the doctor's accreditions: 

Dr. Aloysius Joseph Low
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  • Co-founded VISTA in 1999
  • Subspecialised in LASIK & Cataract Surgery in Melbourne, Australia
  • Malaysia´s Representative in the International Society of Refractive Surgery since 2004
  • Certified Cataract Multifocal ReSTOR® Trainer for Alcon Internationally since 2005
  • Awarded the Multifocal Champion Surgeon Trophy by Alcon Malaysia in 2008
  • Certified LASIK Trainer for VISX Globally since 2007
  • Elite member of Customvue League
  • Member of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
  • Member of the Malaysian Medical Association
  • Presented a KAMRA™ paper in the 5th Congress of the APVRS in conjunction with 26th Singapore-Malaysia Joint Meeting in Ophthalmology 2010
  • Published a KAMRA™ journal in the Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today (Europe) 2011
  • Presented a KAMRA™ paper in the Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (APAO) Congress in Sydney & The 6th International Congress of Cataract & Refractive Surgery in Taipei in 2011
  • Presented a LenSx® paper & 2 KAMRA™ posters in American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) Symposium & Congress in Chicago in April 2012
  • Presented a LenSx® paper & a KAMRA™ poster in European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) Symposium & Congress in Milan in September 2012

LOL. It only gets longer.

And some trophies at the centre.

He was also featured on NT7.

Actually I didn't know the doctor was quite that famous 
until after a few visits. 

Basically, I chose it because I googled Lasik Malaysia
and Vista Vision came up on top. HAHAHHAA.

But I would say the centre does quite crowded 
and the doctor is a bit busy sometimes.

Another centre at Damansara Uptown also called me and told me they
offered Lasik, but it wasn't bladeless.

Meaning, they use the can opener to open your eyes.

LOL NO WAIT. I mean microkeratome blade!
It is still pretty safe, but bladeless Lasik is preferred
because I have high power and the technology is more advanced.
Going bladeless also means saving more cornea tissue (for future enhancement if needed)
and more precise.

Bladeless is the same, except instead of the can opener 
they use femtosecond laser to create microbubbles under your cornea.

The femtosecond laser used in bladeless LASIK procedures operates at extremely high speeds (pulses of one quadrillionth of a second), allowing tissue to be targeted and divided at a molecular level without heat or impact to surrounding tissue.

Because it is more advanced technology, the price is also more advanced.
The Lasik with blade at Damansara Uptown was about RM5000 for both eyes.
At Vista Vision, they offer Standard Bladeless Lasik for RM6000 
for both eyes but actually that option is useless,
because they usually push you for Custom Bladeless Lasik (Intralase) 
which is RM10366 for both eyes.

The Custom option has Lifetime Enhancement including, which means if your vision is not 20/40 
or better, they can offer you to do touch-up for free if your eyes are still suitable for surgery (enough cornea tissue etc). But of course, it is best not to touch up. 

I MEAN! Cut open my eyes again?! Mercy please.

Custom also uses some idk what wavefront technology that maps your eye and 
laser every imperfection including High Order Aberrations which the Standard Option doesn't offer.

Anyway, the main point is I have high power, a refractive error of about -6.10 diopters 
in right eye, and -6.75 in my left eye.

Or 6/125 in my right eye. After surgery I'm about 6/6, which is what normal people see.
Okay, let me take you through the process.
Before that, I'll start with the reason why I want to go for Lasik.

I did think about it.
I'm the sort of person who goes along with gut feelings,
if I want it I will try my best to get it.

But. Of course I also weighed the pros and cons.
Sometimes, even after surgery, you might still not get perfect vision
and end up with halos and dry eyes.

But I was really fed up with wearing glasses and contacts.
I would get constant headaches and dry eyes.
Because my power is so high, I really can't see anything without visual aid.
It's like being blind. 

My boyfriend has perfect vision, 

This website is pretty interesting, it touches the causes of myopia
and how to prevent them.

Do you realize people in the olden days don't need glasses?
Until reading and schools became a commonplace, glasses followed along.

In a study, they put a monkey with specs that he could only see near vision
  • THE STUDY OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF MYOPIA IN MONKEYS. The word "primate" in Primate Research Center refers to a group of animals having similar characteristics, and to which both monkeys and humans belong. Since certain monkeys, such as chimpanzees, have eyes that are almost identical to human eyes, tests can be conducted on these monkeys that would be impractical to conduct on humans.By using a hood to restrict the vision of monkeys so that they could not see more than fifteen inches (38 cm) from the eye, it was found that most of them develop myopia after a few months' time, just as humans do.4 Monkeys living in the wild, on the other hand, do not develop myopia.5
    It was also found that the juvenile monkeys did not begin to develop myopia as soon as the adult monkeys did under the test conditions. However, once the myopia began to develop, it progressed much faster in the juvenile monkeys than in the adults.
    The experiments also showed that the greatest amount of myopia developed when the level of illumination was around four foot-candles. In other words, if the light level is less than this, there is not enough light for the eye to focus properly and the eye does not make the attempt to focus or exert full accommodative effort. Once the light level rises above four foot-candles, the eye will be able to focus and exert accommodative effort. As the light level is increased still further, the eye needs to accommodate less and less because the pupil becomes smaller and the periphery of the lens is not used.

So. Yes. Your bad habits made you myopic. But, some people have greater accommodation for bad habits such as this. Singapore has a high rate of myopia, because studying is placed with huge importance and children are drilled with constant studying sessions. Our eyes adapt to see near,
but loses ability to see far.

My boyfriend used to wear glasses for a short while.
When he was 12 ish I think?
Then for a period he was a mad football fan and kept playing football.
After a while, his vision got better.

Always remember to look a far distance and relax your pupils!
That's why fishermen never need glasses.
But they do suffer from UV damage, lol.

So. My eyes were so damaged to the point that I really wanted to see clearly again.
And I would bear the risk to get it.


So. Idk how the thought of Lasik came to me.
I think one day I was having a particularly bad day with contacts and I started thinking about alternatives, and I suddenly remembered Jin Fye did Lasik on his eyes.
And his refractive error was only around -2.00!

So, I booked my appointment a few days later at Vista Vision The Curve.

They did a quick test to see my eye power, eye pressure, curve of my cornea and thickness of my cornea.

Because I have been using soft lenses, I had to go back and stop using contact lens for TWO WEEKS. That was torturing because I don't suit glasses.
They don't suit my vanity and my lifestyle.

Vanity as in I don't look good in them (some guys do look better with specs)
and lifestyle because I like to swim, like to gym, like to jog and those aren't nice when you've
got glasses with heavy lenses bobbing in between your eyes.

I keep telling my boyfriend. You better be grateful for your perfect vision.
You just saved yourself RM10K!
HAHHA. His football hobby paid off.

Some people don't mind glasses and contact lenses,
which is great because they don't have to go through Lasik.
Hopefully this investment would serve me well
until I'm in my forties. 

Then I need to prepare myself for age-related vision problems like presbyopia and cataracts, 
which Lasik does not prevent.

But hey, I'm only 21 years old. Plenty of time still...

Oh yeah, the two weeks contact lens ban.
Unfortunately, the doctors have a conference to attend, 
so my appointment was pushed back for another week.

I waited three weeks before I could get my second consultation,
and two weeks of which I can't wear glasses.

And then, came the second consultation last Tuesday.

They dilated my pupils to check my pupil-size.
My right was 6.4mm, left was 6.7mm.
Doctor said it was quite big, because normal size is about 5mm.

He also checked my retina and the back of my eyes, and the optic nerves etc.
He said it was healthy (glad to hear that).

Then this Friday I was scheduled for my Lasik appointment.

Time flies, doomsday came.
I did not sleep well the day before and my eyes were quite tired,
but surgery proceded lol.

There was a final check on my eye power, cornea curvature, etc etc.

Then at about 1pm I was told to go in the operating theater.


I saw a Rilakkuma in the operating theater but didn't get to hug it lol.

Surgery was fast, took about 20mins.

Okay, let me tell you this.
The surgery itself doesn't hurt much, because they give you 
anaesthetic drops. It's when the drops where off that shit gets real.

The girl said it takes about one hour to wear off,
but honestly mine was like half an hour. LOL.

They'll ask you to change into blue scrubs and but your hair in a mask.
Then you go onto the first bed.

This is where they cut both of your flap.
They did my right eye first, it was bearable.
The anaesthetic drop worked.

She only gave like two three drops.
I wanted to tell her to give me ten.

Sorry guys but this is the reality of Lasik.


I was sweating when I saw this picture,
but I googled this AFTER I got my procedure done.

If you are thinking of doing Lasik,
please do not go online and watch the real procedure done live.

Be blissfully ignorant.

And I was. HAHAHHA.
I only knew the suction and speculum would hurt a bit, 
they describe it as a lot of pressure on your eyes.

And it is! I mean look at the picture!!!
God knows how it feels like if it weren't for the numbing drops!!!

So. After they put the drops, they put the suction ring on your eyes.
You know how you wear a ring?
And it goes to the base of your finger? Yah. Okayy

And about the urge of blinking, don't worry. You won't really feel the urge to blink.
Because your eyes are numb, you don't really know that your eyes are even dry.
The fun part is when the numbing drops wears off :) then it burns like acid :)

HAHHAHA. Maybe you won't get that, because some people describe it as
shampoo getting in the eyes but mine was like acid. After the surgery btw, not before.

So, the suction cup is on. He will ask you to focus on an orange light (in my case)
And your eyes will go black, because they've severed the top of your cornea,
creating the cornea flap.

He does this for both eyes, then asks you to go to another bed.
I had to walk to the other bed myself.
Oh my, I wish the bed had wheels. T.T
Why do I have to walk when my cornea flap is flapping around man.

Actually I also idk what happened, quite blur.

Then they reapply the numbing drops again (thank you)
I forgot if they used the suction cup here again.
Oh wait, I wrote that they did. Then they peeled back the flap.
Ask you to focus on the light. Then I heard the girl say
"striking striking striking"

45 seconds because I have high power.
You can feel the pressure of the laser, but not the pain
You can smell burning, slightly. It's a faint smell of burnt hair.
That was quite relaxing actually, like a facial.

Then she counts, 30,29,28... then 10,9,8,
then 5,4,3,2,1.

The doctor's voice was very calm and guided me through the whole process.
He must've done this more than people drank coffee everyday.
There was like at least six patients scheduled for the day.
Which means RM60 000 at least in one day

The doctor told me I was very cooperative and listened to instructions very well.
All in my head, I was just thinking I want my vision to be good again.
That was what I focused on, that was what I was willing to bear for that intent.
I also prayed to God, because God is everywhere. And always there when you need Him.

Then he took some tools to clean my cornea and put some drops.
Then he put back my cornea flap and smoothened it.

Then I was pretty much done.
Walked out, he asked me to tell the time on the clock.
It was 1.40pm. It felt like I was wearing contacts,
but the prescription was not exactly right.

Perfect vision takes time because
your eyes need time to heal.
It stabilizes at around one month? Commonly?

Here is also the lovely speculum holding my eye in place.

The suction cup hurts most. EEK.
But like, bearable. It's like blackhead extraction.
Only thing is, eyes are more sensitive lol.

This was right after surgery, still in my scrubs.
He was like, let's take a picture.
For such a high power patient, you've done very well!

So that was it. He was probably off to have lunch,
and I went home to sleep.

I asked boyfie where was he and he said 20mins,
and I was thinking ohmannn I can't wait 20mins.
2mins was torture.

The numbing drops were starting to wear,
and my tears wouldn't stop flooding my eyes.
So I put on my sunnies and walked quickly to flag 
a good old cab. Haven't sat in one in ages.

Boyfie was on the way (1u) but I was already in the cab.
HHAHA. I was glad I got into the cab,
because I know I can't take it.

The uncle was pretty nice, I asked for his number in case
I need his service again. It was RM14.50 from The Curve to my house,
which is not bad actually.

They also give you a box of paraphernalia to take care your eyes with.

Maxidex I had to take every 2 hours, Vigamox every 4 hours,
and Systane artificial tears every 30 mins or whenever you feel dry eyes.

Looking like I would do well in a horror film

My eyes were pretty red,
I had red triangle on the edges on my pupils. 

I asked a guy if I would have red patches and he said no?!?!
LIE TO ME!! Another girl told me I might get that,
from the suction cup. She was right hahah.

It takes a couple of weeks to go away.

Here is the suction cup to remind you what it is ^^

So that is why my eyes are red.

I also had to wear protective eye shields while sleeping
because my cornea are delicate babies.

I can't wear eye make up or swim for two weeks,
can't snorkel for a month,
can't go gym for three to four days.

Etccetc. Always use common sense and take care of your eyes.
After a month, I can do most things already.
Looking forward to swimming and snorkeling hehe.

Actually, if Lasik means I couldn't swim or play sports
I might not do it, but you can! You just have to wait patiently for it to heal.
And wear protective goggles in the first few months.

And oh yes. After the surgery. I slept until 6pm.
The sun was crazy bright for me, no matter how many lights I turned off.
I slept with two sunglasses on, and a black shirt on top.
Yup, that was how sensitive I was.

It hurt. It was like ants biting at my eyes for four hours.
The first four hours was painful.
But I knew I could bear through it, get through it.
Pain lasted six hours max.

Well, if that's what it takes.
Damn well I will take it.

Hehe. After I woke up,
texted the boyfriend. He brought me porridge and panadols ^^
It was my special request actually hehe.

The next day, boyfie brought me to my eye check up.

Thanks to boyfie for taking care of me!!

Meanwhile, it's still quite early,
just a day more after Lasik.
Left eye still blur, will update you guys further!
Fingers crossed, of course!
I don't want to do touch-up, touchwood. Lol.
Please Dear God! Heal me to perfect vision! Amen, thank you!

Meanwhile, sunnies will be my buddies.

That's all this post :)

Do comment if you have any questions.

Bubu! xx