Sunday, 9 August 2015

Malacca, Oasis Square, Dakgalbi, Tinker's

Hello :)

Went on a very impromptu trip to Malacca 
for boyfie's birthday. It was pretty last minute!

Haven't been to Malacca for a long time,
so I thought why not. Plus, it's near too!
About two hours drive from KL.

Was pleasantly surprised with our hotel!
I love the swimming pool area the most hahahaha.
I kept saying I wanted a house like that.

Like this, I mean.
The same white and gold decor and a swimming pool.
But less grand and smaller la hahahhaha. 
Well, a girl can dream!

Booked it last min like four days in advance from
Pretty trusted site for me, I've booked trips to 
Port Dickson, Krabi and now Malacca using their site.
The rate for our room was RM142 a night.

Quite a steal! 
Port Dickson's rates are hiking up thou,
so better visit other parts of Malaysia.
Or don't go Lexis/Avilion hahaha because they are the main expensive ones.

Little town of Malacca.

Everything is a bit sleepier, more laidback.
A lot of shops are closed.
Don't feel the rush like we do in the city.

I can totally imagine Paris Hilton living in a place like this lolol.

Breakfast was also included. But, I'm so sad!!!! T.T
Boyfie and I both overslept for our breakfast grrr.
Buffet wasted! The Asian cheapskate in me is killing me.

For me, when staying at hotels there are three things I must do.
Swimming pool, bath tub, and breakfast buffet.
It's like a ritual. An advantage of staying in hotels that I have to partake.

White bikini from Thailand.
For like.. RM25. HAHAHAHA.
But it's like.. quite thin la... so wear with discretion. 

And boyfie, thank you for photobombing my picture with your FOOT.

This boy always make me smile for sure.
Can be with him all day all night but won't get bored of him.
I won't get bored of him. Only annoyed HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

After a long day together I will say I want to do some reading etc
and ask him to go back home.
Then when he's gone I'm like... "come back".
I ragret.

Umbrella with holes :3

Majestic picture from Flickr.

From my casio tr plus bad camera skills equals to this.
You're welcome.

HAHAHA. The lobby is sooooo old school casino style.
Like, 90s casino.
Even the room too! The room is a bit outdated but spacious.

Overall everything was okay, this hotel was definitely value for money
(and would have more value if I went for the breakfast included, grrr),
but I do wish they upped their housekeeping game!
I think some parts smell a bit moldy.

But for RM142 a night and such a pretty swimming pool,
deffo worth it!

The room.
Told you it's old school!

After swimming I "hinted" to boyfie I wanted to go to the beach.
HEHEHEHE. So he brought me.
Wait, wasn't this supposed to be his birthday trip? xD

On the way to Pantai Klebang,
we passed by!!!! The famous!!!!

Coconut Shake!!!!!

We go coco for coconuts.

It's my first time trying and it's really good!

They add ice and vanilla ice cream and coconut juice and flesh
and blend it together. I like biting the chewy bits of the coconut
and eating the ice cream. Yum.. 

Plus the ice makes it perfect for the sunny weather.
RM2.70 for the coconut special, which is the one with ice cream floating on top.

Would definitely definitely drink this again when I'm in town!!
Addicting :3 it's quite easy to miss, on the way to pantai klebang
there's a caltex station and it's beside it.

There were quite a lot of people queuing up tho eventho it was a weekday!
Can't imagine during the weekends.
I know, Malaysians would drive four hours to Penang just to 
have a one day eat trip.

I feel so cheated by Pantai Klebang!!!
How is this a beach!!!! Where is the water?!?!?!?


My boyfriend told me it's not a nice beach but I didn't
believe him thinking he had high standards,
but he was right lol.

Squint squint.
With our coco coconut klebang klebang shake.

I'm so blind without my glasses.

After that we headed to Jonker Walk hoping for something to eat.
I wanted to try nyonya laksa badly but they were all close :(
Anyone knows where to eat nyonya laksa?! :3

Boyfie being a typical tourist.

I feel like I'm his mum taking pics of him posing with touristy objects.
There were also Thai and Korean people in Jonker Walk.
And of course, groups of backpackers! Ang mohs! HAHAHA.

They love white cotton tanks and palazzo pants with elephant prints.
And a drawstring bag. Damn, hobo/backpacker style there.

But I do admire them going on an adventure like that!
I think if you're heading to Asia and you're from the West,
definitely head to Thailand.

So many beautiful beaches, it's cheap and the people there are hospitable.

We couldn't find any nyonya laksa as they were all closed,
so we ate at Famosa Chicken Rice.

I love how they preserved their shop!
It looks like an Ip Man fighting scene could happen here any time.
Also, pardon me, it reminds me of old school chinese brothels.
Those that they depict in movies, anyway.

Actually this Famosa Chicken Rice thing is supposed to be 
real famous for the rice balls. But actually I just found the meal to be so-so.
It wasn't that fresh and the chicken/rice weren't hot.

It was about RM35 I think for everything.
A Singaporean elderly man also approached us and asked us how much 
was our meal. I'm like, I don't know.

And he asked me how come I don't know.
HAHAHAHAAHAH. I mean, I know approximately,
but it's not like I calculate the total in my head!
That's what cash registers are for

Hehe anyway I find it funny.
Then boyfie said the Singaporean man was kiasu.
Then after that while at the hotel he said he wanted to bring
home all the free Lipton tea bags and sugar etc.

I'm like!! See, you also so kiasu!
No wonder we are neighbours with Singapore. Lol.

Cutie boyfie bought ice cream for dessert hehe :3

So cuteeee. Old school ice cream!!!

A bit overpriced I think, for RM3 a pop.
The drawings are just for decorations! They come in plain cups.
But the ice cream was pretty nice.

Not too heavy and just sweet enough.
Takes a lot of hardwork to lick tho, because of it's peculiar shape.

Then the next day, while heading home,
boyfie had to rush to college to get his cert, so we couldn't go to the beach.

He asked me to sleep during the ride home and I was kinda sulky
because we couldn't go to the beach and as you all know I love the beach lol.

Then I was sleeping and suddenly he kept going on the bump very hard.
Made me feel like peeing cos the seatbelt press on my tummy HAHAHHAHA.

Then I woke up and I saw!!! The coastline!!!!! 

Boyfie surprised me and brought me to the beach.
Hehehehe. He's so sweet tho.

I always say he's not boyfriend material,
but husband material.

To be loved and to love are both precious things.
And lucky to experience no matter what forms.
Friends, family, boyfriends/spouse.

So here we are at Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson.
Stopped by on the way back.

The last time we came here it was during a weekend, and crazy happening.
Shops were open and throngs of people around.
This time, there were hardly any people!

The sun was also scorching, but I didn't care because I saw the ocean.
And while I was swimming, I fantasized about surfing and scuba diving.
I really want to learn scuba diving. 

Boyfie shied away from the sun as usual lol.
But when it comes to football, can tahan. 

Hot like crazy, but I was still happy.

I love swimming in the sea.
Going further and further until my toes can't feel the sand,
and I have to thread the water and float on top.

I love swimming against the current, ducking my head when the wave hits.
I love seeing how the ocean disappears into the sunset,
a horizontal abyss and beyond.

I love the sand and how little crabs come out from holes in them.
I love the feel of squishing the sand beneath my toes, warm warm fine sand.

Most of all I love seeing fishes, but obviously the water was too murky!
Nevertheless, I was still happy to visit the beach.
I don't think there's much chance when I go to the UK.

I'm going to stay in Southampton and it's a port city,
but I don't think there beaches/seaside you can really swim in.
Cos it's going to be so cold lol.

Also, boyfie's application got delayed to January due to
HELP's mismanagement. He basically has one subject left to take
which he did not know about :/ I think HELP should be more responsible.
Maybe because they have too many students to take care of?
Anyway, what's the point of having so many students if you can't take care of them!

Hopefully summer break next year... I would be able to travel to Paris, Italy and Greece.
HEHE. Italy is so beautiful though, I've never been there during the summer.
Some of the beaches look really beautiful, with mountains of colourful houses. 

Would definitely want to visit Port Of Naples in Italy!
I've been to Rome and Milan and it was beautiful too.
Seldom a steel structure in sight, unlike Kuala Lumpur.

After Europe, hmm. I guess Boracay? :)
And also Perhentian and Sipadan for diving!
Further down, I would want to visit Brazil!
And the Carribean! The Bahamas and Cayman Islands.
And also Japan in the winter. Hokaido or Osaka maybe.

So. Europe, then Phillipines and Malaysia's pretty islands, then Japan, 
then South America. Visit them within four years.
HEHE. Then four years later I shall visit this post.
And see if I fulfilled my dreams.

I think it deffo helps to write things down.
On a more superficial side,
I've blogged about It Bags before and Chanel flap
and Lady Dior was in it. (I didn't have it nor would think
that I would have it until fast forward to now! lol).

So, that's on a superficial note.

When I go UK.
I want to take up pole fitness again.
Maybe buy a bike so I can ride to university in the winter.
Walking all the way would be dreadful, no?
Eventho it's fifteen minutes.

I would like to learn scuba diving in UK
if the price and the sea looks fine.
I would like to take a train to France definitely.

And maybe Germany and Amsterdam.
Paris and Italy and Greece is deffo with boyfie hehe.
I told him, if you're not coming with me to UK you are going to miss out a lot!!!

And then I guess I would also have to take after myself.
Sadly, I'm so used to having a maid.
I don't know... how to operate a washing machine....
But I will soon! HAHAHAHHAHA

And cook. Probably something healthy, quick and light.
Like salads and grilled salmon and pasta.
I know how to cook pasta! But it's not that tasty yet.
I mean, you won't puke, but it's not restaurant-worthy HAHAHAH

I'm doing my Lasik next Friday. And the past two weeks have been horrible!!!
The waiting and the fact that I couldn't wear contact lens!!
on the other hand, my eyes don't feel dry anymore,
and I don't get headaches from eye strain :)

But, because I'm not able to dress up fully,
I don't care how I look and I tend to eat more when I don't dress up!!!!!
GRR!!! Luckily it's just for two weeks lol.

And, I don't gym when I wear specs because they bob around like mad.
But when no choice then I will take off my specs.
And run like a blind woman.
-6.00 okay, high degree.

Hehe, hopefully all things go well.
Well, that's a lie because according to Murphy's Law,
when something can go wrong, it will.

Okay, then just go with the flow.
Pretend wrong is right lol.


Tinker's opening at Puchong In House!
Do come and support them hehe they're very friendly.

Look at Yen Shen man.
Both him and Rachel were so sleep-deprived.
Yen Shen kept making sex jokes!!! 
He needs a good sleep AHAHAHA

Also, Yen Shen did his laser years back! I didn't know!
His power is only about -2.00 tho. Price around the same too, RM10k for both eyes.
But quite expensive considering it's few years back.

He said right after the surgery he couldn't see shit and slept for six hours straight.
Then after three days it's quite okay d. 

I have two weeks to heal for Japan lol.

Support support at Tinkers!


This was today at ASA Dakgalbi, Oasis Square.

I'm so outdated!!!
Today was my first time trying Dakgalbi.

HAHAHA. It's basically stir-fried chicken and vege.
And kimchi? And chilli paste? And teokkbokki too? 

We used Groupon voucher so it was damn worth it la.
Pay RM28 to get RM50 value cash voucher.
Rm28 for all the stuff we ate. 

Is it worth it?

Is it worth it?

HAHHA! Damn worth it la got refillable side dishes too! 

Almost dieded from all the food.
We ended up taking away half of the dakgalbi hehe.

Boyfie kept eating the rice cakes and the chicken!!
Left so much rice and noodle! 

It tastes like kimchi pizza noodles to me. HAHAHHA
Cos of the cheese. 

I love watching them cook it!
He cooked it at another table actually then I asked him if 
we could please watch him hahaha. 
So he moved the whole pot to our table. 

Blowtorch-ing the cheese on top!

The menu says the fried rice lunch set is for 2 pax...
but honestly I think it will suffice four girls with medium appetite

The guy also nicely offered to take a picture for us hehe! :)

The last time we came here was 25 June 2014,
a year (and a little more) ago.
As Facebook told me.


See, when compared, we're much more close in the first picture.
Bottom one is like, shy a bit.
Want to hug but leave a bit of distance.

Had our ups and downs, highs and lows,
you're the one I need and the one I want still.
Maybe, even more so. :)

Oasis Square is not bad! Pretty surroundings.
Like Setia Walk too.

HAHAH. I hope the swimming pool was deep enough to swim in though.
They can charge us to swim in the pool. HAHAHAH.

So that was my week.
How was yours? :)

Hope you guys had a great week too.

Till then, Bubu. 

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