Sunday, 20 September 2015

Before heading to UK

Can't believe the day for me to leave to UK is already here.

My plan was to start working actually, after I've completed
my diploma in fashion design at Raffles College of Higher Education 
in March this year.

In June, after coming back from Krabi, my Dad told me to go apply
to study abroad. And I thought, what a good idea!

I realized I wasn't ready to work yet, and I really wanted to travel more.
Studying abroad would be a good eye-opening experience.

Then August came and I went to Tokyo, Japan. I loved it there!
And then 13th of September came, time to pack my suitcases for UK.

I'm going into final year entry for BA Hons Fashion Management with Marketing
at Southampton Solent University in Southampton, UK.

Or Ulu Klang as Yen Shen likes to say, lol.

Packing was a mess.

I think I brought relatively little luggage with me.
I was travelling alone (for the first time ever) so I couldn't take that many with me.
Jennie had like four luggages. 

I brought a 28inch large suitcase, and a cabin-sized suitcase.
Both of which I checked in. They were 28kg when I weighed them,
but because I chucked in a few things and forgot to re-weigh them,
I found out it was 33.8kg at the counter.

My baggage limit was 30kg. Luckily, the lady was 
really nice and asked if I had any friends.
Ai Lynn's baggage allowance still had some space so I shared with her.
So glad that I could do that!! Otherwise I would have to pay RM250
just for that 3kg overweight. RM250 can buy you a lot of things!

Thank God :)

I think I would have to fedex my suitcase if it gets too heavy
by the end of this year.

I did not bring any food at all in my suitcase.
No maggie mee, no rice, no snacks.
My friends brought rice cooker. Jae Yi even 
brought 1kg of rice HAHAH so cute.

We Asians can't live without our rice.

So sad to leave my make up behind.
I didn't want to leave that many behind because after a year 
they might start to disintegrate (??) HAHHAA.

I don't want to waste my products!! In the end, I also
came to realized I had a shit ton of make up.

I didn't bring my big eyeshadow palettes like Naked 2 and Vice 2. 
I also left most of my make up brushes behind. 
Sad :(

But when I reached UK. Lol.
I realized drugstore makeup were nothing short of abundant.

There was Superdrug pharmacy and they housed quite a wide range!
NYC, Maybelline, Max Factor. Will try out some of their products hehe.
But!!! I still have a lot of make up with me.

Their nail polish selection was stellar though,
I must've seen about 300 different colours in that store.
Sally Hansen, OPI, etc

Packing was hard.

I kept underestimating the cold weather in the UK
because I was so used to hot weather in Malaysia.

I packed one too many halternecks and tank tops.
When I reached here, all I wanted to wear was long sleeve sweaters.
Lol!!! So I'll be keeping my tiny tops at Mum's place in Bedford
until after Winter. 

I don't think they're summer is real here.

This was my last meal. Sushi of course HAHAHAHAH.
I like sushi because they're yummy, convenient and colourful.
And bite-sized.

In-flight meal.

My flight was about 13 hours, and pretty pleasant throughout.


Unless I'm going to America or something, please do not put me on a transit flight lol.
Some people like it because it gives them a break from long flights,
but I think it's a bloody waste of time!!! Such hassle!!

And I'm so stupid with keeping up with the gates and signboards
I must just get lost in the transit airport. 

The only acceptable time to do a transit flight is if 
your flight is over 16 hours. Like America which is 21.
Then a transit in Dubai is fine.

Going to Japan with transit in Hong Kong
was terrible!!! A huge hassle and time-costly.

As you might've noticed, I said I was travelling alone.
But I wasn't alone! HAHAHHA.

My seat was 52A.

On Friday, I went to cell meeting and heard that James
was taking a flight to UK on Sunday.

Same day as I was, but I didn't realized we were on the same flight!

Then on Sunday, when it was time to fly,
I didn't see James at the boarding gate.
When I went to look for my seat, there he was! Lol.

I ended up seating with him and his girlfriend Michele.
Thank you God for that because I'm absolutely dumb with taking flights.
HAHAHAH. James also very nicely helped to carry my bag along the way.

It's definitely better to travel with company.
Ai Lynn and her mum was on the same flight too,
but I didn't see her in the plane. We had different seats.
Ai Lynn is taking the same course as me :D

I was on window seat.

For the 13 hours I alternated between
watching movies and sleeping and eating in-flight meals (there were two).

Also, I bought this travel sickness called Novomin 
and ingested a tablet 30mins before the flight.

It prevents you from getting pukey/dizzy and makes you a little drowsy.
I love that thing lolol. I'll be needing it for long hauls!!

I cannot fathom being an air stewardess.
Flying anything more than twice a month is too much for me.

The plane also made some detour before landing at Heathrow Airport as there
was heavy traffic. On the way, I looked out and saw two other planes
flying beside us.

This was at KLIA ! 

Thank you so much friends for coming to send me off :D
It means quite a lot. Hehe. A last goodbye.
Anyway, Jennie will be heading to UK soon lol.

And of course, I'm going to miss my boyfriend.
My sweet boy! Hehe.

To survive LDR is a good litmus test for your relationship,
and it makes you appreciate your partner more.
Absence does makes the heart grow fonder.

When he was five minutes away and I saw him everyday,
I didn't realize how much I would miss having him by my side.
It's true we take things for granted.

Now he's 10 000 kilometers away.
Hehe. He said he'll try to come UK this December/January
for his Masters, but we'll see :)

Of course, I wish for the best!

This sweet boy is always full of surprises!

One day before he went to work he texted me...

Left a cute note under my door

And bought me spaghetti and ice cream for my breakfast!

Little things like this just make me feel so lucky and loved.

And here's Daddy.

The best Daddy on Earth.

I know he would sacrifice anything for me.
During dinner time I would pick food from his plate 
and he would sacrifice his favourite food for me HAHAHA

Daddy has never been selfish, more like selfless.
Always wants the best for his kids and works hard.

I do love my Daddy to bits.
He's someone who has shown me so much love,
even if it is in unconventional ways.

He would buy me sushi because it's my favourite food,
and he always makes sure I don't lack anything.
I've never gone hungry for a day, and I'm really lucky for that.
To have shelter and food, you're already really lucky.


People have been really sweet to me before I left Malaysia!!
Feeling so much love T.T

I'm so thankful for all the people in my life!

Thank you too for all the warm farewell wishes :)
It means a lot and makes my day, even if it's just a simple text.

Ah Ku gave me a hat to use for winter :)

Hehe so sweet of her!

And Kelvin pulled out these make up goodies!!

Thank youuuuu. These aren't cheap at all!
Marc Jacobs eyeliner and Chanel lipgloss
Got to get him some good souvenirs from UK when I get back hehe.

Mei Yen is crazy man. 

She texted me asking me I was home.
Then she dropped by my house and dropped me this!!

Can't believe she went and buy something so pricey!!
My bestie since 13 years old naww.

It's a good lucky charm she said hehe.
White gold four leaf clover.
I brought it to UK :)

Thank you so much Mei Yen!

Cell meeting!

Another precious gift by Natalie.
She's the most most most thoughtful person ever.
In Church, there has been too many occasions that she's
prepared cards for people's birthdays.

And these things are so precious, you know!
Handwritten, personal.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in this book!!!
So happy seeing all the wishes.

And of course thank you to Natalie for being so sweet :)
And Victor too for chipping in!

Happy birthday to both of you September babies hehe.

oh my I'm getting tired.

Catching up with Vinnie before flying off hehe.


Sakae Sushi date with boyfie.

Naww. That seems like a faraway thing now that I'm currently
writing from Southampton, ten thousand kilometres away. HAHAHA

Chicken Teriyaki Ramen

Their RM8 sushi deal hehe. How I miss things like this! 

Sushi date with baby boo.

Boyfie please look into the camera

Catching up with Cynthia Cqe at The Morning After, Ativo Plaza.
I love their green tea latte and peach milk tea there.
Super yummy.

I've only tried coffee once in UK at Costa Coffee.
The brew was stronger and bitter and I think I couldn't take it.
I had a slight headache afterwards.

Since then, I've stucked to Mint tea and stayed away from coffee.
But in Malaysia I'm fine with flat white or green tea latte lol.

From TMA :)


Outfit somehow inspired by Blair from Gossip Girl.
Not intentionally but just so happened it gave off that vibe.

One of the rarer days of wearing black and white.

A little haul for make up because I checked the prices
and buying it from UK is way for expensive.

Here, a Chanel lipgloss RM106 plus GST.
In UK it's like 26 pounds. Times 6.6 is like RM171!!
Almost double the price.

Got to leave my little tsum tsums behind :(
I brought along the keychain and the Duffy keychain.
And also my favourite medium sized Pooh tsumtsum aka my travel companion.

Niko Niko Onigiri with Mei Yen.

Did simple nail art with the nail stickers I got from Japan.
It's from Alice in The Wonderland!

Look at this crazy huge mess of clothes.
Packing was a headache!

I'm so glad I fit in more of my thicker clothes that I initially
felt burdened to bring.

When I reached UK and it was the middle of autumn, that's all I want to wear.
All my thinner clothes are kept in my mum's house.

Another jaunt to get some make up because heck, 
Malaysia is actually pretty good place for buying a lot of things

I switched to the pink base because I felt my skin was a bit too yellow
for the moment.

Realized the old packaging is more square! On the left

And Jennie accompanied me.

Candid shot from her with Yih Wern lol.

Yet another thing I miss.
Sushi Mentai. RM1.80 and RM2.80.
That's like 30 pence a plate MANNN

Tempura boat.

Flat white from Butter and Bean :3

This was fine for me!


 Meet up with Jennie, Yih Wern and Siet Yen at Hokaido Ichiba :3

Aww man this is heaven on the tongue.
Miss having sushi like this.

Gogi King at Solaris.

Jia Shin, Ai Lynn and Kelvin!
Ai Lynn is my coursemate at Southampton. 
Thanks Jia Shin and Kelvin for coming out to meet us hehe

Take Eat Easy at Menjalara

Miss having this sweetie with me.
Brings a smile to my face always hehe

I took home the lightbulb bottle! HAHAHA

Last meet up with Vency :)

Natalie the sweetest and kindest girl on Earth hehe

With Sarah 

Last batch of pics is meeting up with them at The Social DPC before leaving!

Will continue with posts in UK next post :)

Till then!

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