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Japan 2015 Part 3

Preview of this post :)

Hello! This will be the last post of my Japan trip.
First time doing a topic that is split into three posts lol!
I think there's about four hundred plus pics which is
quite hard to cover in one post!

Anyway, here are the two former posts:

Continuing from Day 3 at Tsukiji Fish Market and Tokyo Skytree,
let's move on to Day 4!

Day 4 is Akihabara and Shinjuku.
Ginza was supposed to be in the list but we were too tired! Lol.

First up, we went to Yodabashi Electronics at Akihabara.

It was within quick a short walking distance from the Akihabara train station.
It's this huge huge multi-level floor that sells electronics.
Mainly electronics. It also sells stuff like cosmetics, home appliances,
massage chairs, fuijifilms, phone cases, and even designer handbags!

HAHAH. They put Louis Vuitton handbags and Cartier watches in those black glass case.
Same like G Shock, Casio. I think it really takes away the luxury feeling lol.

But the price here is really good, and they offer tax-free too.
Just remember to bring your passport. I think you have to spend 10 000 yen and above
which is about RM350.

A lot of cute cases but they were around 3200 yen
which is around RM100.

No way man. I'd rather go back to good ol' Kepong pasar malam
and get cute ones for RM20!!

Even simple clear jelly cases are 2480 yen.
Or about RM70.

Maybe cos we didn't visit places that sells cheap phone cases?!

I didn't spend that much there.

Among the stuff I bought was...

This peeling gel.

I used this on my boyfriend.
There was a lot of dead skin!! And after scrubbing it off,
boy can you see the difference. HAHAHA.

Even his friends told him he got fairer.
Cos the dead skin was scrubbed away!
It's like a gel with some beads and has a minty feeling.
You can get this at Sasa too, called Curel or something.
But it's about RM125 a bottle, quite big la.

This one is 926 yen, abt RM30.

This. Hehe. 770 yen. Or about RM27.
Malaysia sells this for RM40 -,-!!!
I bought two boxes, another one of Mickey.

The only catch is it's sensitive to xray,
so at airport you have to ask them to handcheck
or risk getting them exposed. A bit ma fan la.

In UK this shit is damn exy. RM70 ish i think?! Not too sure.

Further down Yodabashi is where the real entertainment starts!
Akihabara is known for anime, cosplay, electronics, arcades, maid cafes.
It is basically a nerd's dream. Or otaku town as I call it.

It was fun visiting there thou! Really different.

Even the buildings are plastered with anime.
They look like they just came out from a manga.

A lot of video games.

Day 4 & Day 5 lazy take picture d.
HAHAHAH! Cos too tired to dress up.
A lot of walking everyday.

Daniel tried playing this! But couldn't get it.
Another Japanese guy gave it a few tries and he won it!!
Got technique eh. He looked very mathematical while playing it.
Look back and forth to calculate the distance.

And instead of using the hook to grab the bear,
he used it to push the bear down!! Which was so smart
because the hook grip is very weak.

Man he really deserved that bear. Lol.
We clapped when he won the bear.

Ice cream vending machine! The cheese cake one was really nice.

We went downstairs for the purikura machines!!
They used to be so popular and you could find them in most 
shopping malls in Malaysia.

Especially 1u old wing. But that was a long time ago
and they zap lap damn long d. Idk why?
You still can find it at the arcade near GSC but it's not as popular as last time.

大头贴? You know?
Quite popular with lala. HAHAHA.
But I like playing those too.

Erm, if you don't know what I'm talking about..
It's basically a machine that takes picture for you
and lets you add decorations. And you can stick the picture
anywhere you like.

You might've seen them on your friend's calculator..
handphone.. wardrobe.. 

In Japan they take it further and provide you with outfits! HAHAH.
There's like a rack FULL of them.
Male versions too.

I picked this funny school girl costume.
It's all party at the front, business at the back.
At the back, it's just two fastenings holding the front together!

Japan really comes up with the snazziest things lol.

I'm glad they gave us so many cute characters and cartoons.
Producing cute things can make you earn big bucks okay
it doesn't have to make sense it just has to be really really cute.

Like sanrio. Hello kitty, rilakkuma etc etc.
But their artists are so talented! And their designs are very uniform and relevant la.

The results! HAHAHAHA.

So funny seeing guys wear costumes.
Qi Yao is in some funny sailor costume.
Daniel is Goku, Xuan picked out for him lol.
Xuan is Mario. Siet Yen is a pink schoolgirl.

Hehe. After that we went to have our lunch.

Then we were supposed to head to Ginza,
but was too tired, so we headed back.

We went back to Shinjuku. 
I walked around their shopping malls.
Tried to find Jill Stuart make up but couldn't!!!

It's quite confusing la idk which way to go.
I was at Isetan at first, then I wanted to go O1O1 Mall.
I told the guard that. He didn't understand.

I got a pen and paper and wrote O1O1.
Then he said, OH!! Marui Shopping Mall!
HAHAH LOL. Thank God for pens and papers.

That's Marui! There's a huge 
Uniqlo store beside it and I bought a parka from there,
because it was constantly drizzling. But the really light sort
of rain you can still walk under.

Not the splashing make you wet in 10 seconds type of
tropical rain in Malaysia lol.

Uniqlo is worth buying in Japan! Cheaper by RM25 for my parka.
Actually I think Uniqlo's stuff is so practical and functional.
I didn't get their "allure" at first but now I do!
HAHHA. Their stuff are capsule classics.

Designer stores but I don't have any money to spare lol.

28 sheets of mask in one box!! 
But they were really thin :/ I prefer LuLuLun

Blackhead clearing gel.
That guy looks like Mr Pringles!

Our messy dining table. HAHAH.
Sometimes Siet Yen or Xuan would be doing make up in the morning
and I would be eating my onigiri and kagome. Mmm.

Qi Yao's dirty clothes!! He used his bunk bed as clothing rack omg.
His bed is the dirtiest among all of us. I mean messiest hahaha.

This part of my luggage was actually empty when I reached Japan..

Tsum tsum stuffs! The plate was a bit mafan to transport
but.. so cute!!!

Gudetama stickers.

I can stick them on my phone.. The smaller ones I might 
try to stick on my thumb as nail art lol.

I also use stickers when writing letters for bday etc.
I used to collect stickers when I was younger, just like any
cool 90's kids would do.

Some make up.. 1000 yen is like the standard price.
Which is RM35. 

I should've bought diamond lash there!!!

This I got at a special price of 999 yen.
RM34 ish. I checked the price at Sasa Malaysia.
It's RM62.90. WHAT?!?!?!?! What a ripoff!!!

Tuna!! And rice.
Tuna is better than Salmon honestly!

Hello tour guide.

And then Day 5! The night before all of them went
clubbing at Roppongi Hills except me. They returned around 4AM ish.
They wanted to sleep for two hours, then catch the bus to Gotemba 
Premium Outlet.

Didn't happen at all lol. In the end, all of them couldn't wake up.
I remember I went to the convenience store around 5AM to buy some onigiri.

So, instead, it became free activity day.
Everyone went on their own separate ways HAHAH.
Siet Yen and Qi Yao went Tokyu Plaza and Harajuku.
Daniel too. Xuan went Shibuya 109 and I went to meet her
to get room key as I was tired from holding all the stuff I got lol.

Went to the famous Takeshita Dori Street at Harajuku!
I think it was the one place I saw a lot of tourists.

You can see yourself at the LED screen.

HAHAHA was so lazy to do make up cos eyes are still
a bit sensitive from Lasik.

It's okay already now! Sitting on an aeroplane
really makes my eyes dry tho, shows how bad the air is.
I think if you want to be an air stewardess you must moisturize
yourself day and night.

A lot of kitschy stuff but I don't think the stuff there are cheap?
They have a lot of cute stores.
Disney store is there. Hello Kitty too. Kiddyland. 
W C. 

Ya. HAHAH. Day 5 was lazy day. 
Everyone packed our suitcases because the next day we would be moving to Disneysea!
We will be staying at Sheraton Grande Bay Tokyo Disneysea. 
What a mouthful! Disneysea is at Maihama.

We were all heavy laden with suitcases that were straining at the seams,
so we took a taxi to the bus station and took the bus to Maihama station.
Then a bus to Sheraton Bay. But actually Sheraton is like a 3min walk to Maihama station.

3min walk a lot tho when you're lugging a 23kg suitcase. HAHA.
It was 11.5kg when I arrived.

Reached our hotel!

Only paid RM100 a night.
There was five of us and two beds.

So Siet Yen, Xuan and I took one bed.
Siet Yen couldn't sleep tho because it was too hot for her 
(I wore jacket and blankie to sleep).

Helipad with a whale. So cute!!!

And my favourite tsum! Pooh the medium tsum hehe.
Mini tsums are not that fun!! They are the most popular option tho.
Medium tsum is perfect for squeezing.

Gongkia face. Aww. So pitiful.

Everything is Mickey at this train station!

Near the main entrance!
This globe reminds me of Universals Studio tho lol.

Princess Elsa. HAHAH so cuteee

Candid and NG pics by Qi Yao lol.

Summer Festival theme!

Ahhh before this was Easter and it's so cute!
After Summer Festival is Halloween.

So smart of Disney! People would come for return visits
just because of the different seasons! Plus, Japanese people
go gaga for seasonal items.

Especially Duffy, Tsum Tsum, and the popcorn buckets.
I mean, you have Easter Duffy, but I'm sure you need a Halloween Duffy.

AHAHAH. I've seen people tacked ten and more keychains on their bags.
And they were big keychains, about RM60 each!!

I've been to three Disneylands and one Disneysea. HAHAH
Disneysea there's only one in the world lolol.
But I prefer Disneyland!! 
I love It's A Small World and all those predictable Disney classics.

Disneysea looks pretty boring by day. But super pretty 
and romantic at night! Glad I didn't stay in the hotel hehe.

The queues are crazy tho. I don't remember queuing so long at California.
They have fastpass system but you can only take one at a time.
Indiana Jones took abt two hours!!! I made it to the end lol.
The ride was fun, but still! Two hours oh mien.

Siet Yen bought Jessie's hat. So cute! Hahaha

I ordered Kid's meal because it was the only one that looked Disney.
The others were normal western food lol.

This was abt 980 yen.
For 1980 yen you can get the plate in red and black pattern.

Didn't get to take picture with any mascots T.T
Only saw a couple pass by.

Their popcorn bucket is so cute! Xuan searched high and low for this lol.
Cos they have different buckets for different stands.
Diff flavour too. Cappucino, white chocolate, CURRY.
I tried caramel and white choco.
Cappucino was bitter!

The bucket is 2100 yen lol. Or about RM70

Inside the "volcano"

HAHAH. It's a volcano when you see it from Sheraton Hotel.
Siet Yen thought it was real lol.

She asked, isn't it dangerous if the volcano suddenly erupted?
HAHAHAH. And in a serious manner too.

Also tried 20 000 leagues under water!

It's so cute lol.You sit in a little submarine and you get plunged into the sea.
But it's not underwater actually, just looks like it.
The window emits water bubbles.

So cute! wanted to buy this but I thought
a bit too kiddy for my boyfie ah HAHAHAH

Disney parade! The day version.

Japanese people really love the shows lol.
They give you the showtimes along with the map.
Everyone camp out and have picnic near the show locations!!

Indiana Jones I think?

This was the ONLY ride that required no waiting time!!
Like, two mins. It's legend of sinbad. Idk what.

HAHA. It's more for kid's. But for no waiting time,
I'm so gonna ride it!

Mermaid Lagoon! It's a bit far from the entrance.

After this I went to buy souvenirs.

Then I got tired. Whenever I'm carrying bags of stuffs, I get tired!
HAHHAA. So I went back to hotel. 

Took a long shower (long for me is 30mins).
Rested a while. 7pm I reached hotel!
8pm I went back Disneysea.

Was so tired. But so glad I went back out!!!
Can't waste my 6900 yen ticket man lol.

Because I came just in time for this!!!!!

Night time parade!!!!
I remember watching one at Hong Kong, 
the halloween version on the streets. Jake the Night time idk what.
Was damn nice!

So pretty! Totally worth it to come back hehe.
I think if I only came here during the day, I would feel like my ticket was not worth it.

In the end I only took about three rides.
The indiana jones, 20 000 leagues, sinbad, and stormrider.
Oh wait four hahaha ^^ Xuan only took two! Cos she didn't like waiting lol

Beauty and the beast :)

My favourite is Ariel! And Cinderella

A ship and a train.

Everything prettier at night.

I wished it opened till midnight lolol.

The haunted mansion.
Wanted to ride it badly but it was already closed!!
About 940 I think.

Take picture instead lo :(

Meet Shellie May! HEHEH.

So that was Day 6!
Then Day 7 was time to go home.
Our flight was abt 10pm.
7AM, we took the bus to Haneda airport from our hotel.
About 870 yen per person.

I think damn worth it la.
When carrying so many times,
I can't imagine taking the subway!!

Home sweet home! Unpacking time.
Then have to pack for UK.
Leaving next sunday night! Phew.

Gudetama stuff. Gave some as souvenir!
Jennie likes it too hahaha.

The lazy egg yolk.
Forever trapped in his egg white.
Has a butt crack for show too lol.

Actually if you asked me where I spent my money...
I think.. make up and cute stuffs.
Clothes I only bought ONE. A parka from Uniqlo, that's it.
Then a sunglasses from shibuya 109, and a backpack from WC Harajuku. 

I guess food is also a big portion. Food in onigiri form, restaurant form, souvenir form.
AHHAHAA. And transport a lil!

Disney stuff :3

Gave a lot as souvenir tho. 
Except for tsum tsums ^^

This is my mini family! Only bought the ones I liked.

Angel, Scrump, Elsa, Bee Piglet and Bee Eeyore.
The Bee costume is sooo cute!!!

I would like to have Dumbo and Stitch too!
I want Medium Dumbo! Saw it at HK airport but
didn't want to buy it there because Japan tsums are diff.
And HK is more exy, abt RM90 compared to RM60 for the same thing.
168HKD (RM93) compared to 1800yen(RM65).

And ppl at HK airport so rude lol I no feel spend money there

But I really love my medium Pooh!! 
Didn't expect to fall in love with him so much hehehe

Duffy stuff :D
Shellie May pouch and keychain.

Everyone in Disneysea had that Duffy pouch lol.
Another popular one is blue cat. IDK.
Duffy's pet ah?

This keychain was like Rm60 man I only bought one.

I forgot how much is this pouch!
I think about RM70??

One day train pass

Pasmo! I have about 780 yen left.
HEHE. Can bring back to Japan and use

Disneysea ticket!

Shellie May booklet from the pouch.
The story says Mickey gave Minnie Shellie May?
Then Mickey was holding Duffy.

Tsum tsum headband lol. Cheshire cat! From Alice in Wonderland.

This is actually miso soup!!

I thought it was green tea at first because I couldn't read.
HAHAH. I put cold water and was like wtf why got seaweed?!?!
LOL. Then quickly added hot water.

Pretzel sticks.
Didn't know what it was until I opened it.
HAHAH. The packaging is cute tho.

Lollipop and biscuits.

Tsum tsum planner.
Round things are so cute!

Little twin stars letter set

Jill Stuart make up!!! I dieded when I saw them
Am glad that my flight got delayed HAHAHHAAH.
At Haneda Airport.

I'm glad I only found them at the airport!! Because
everything is automatically tax free, which is 8%

Free gift! Shampoo and conditioner and lip essence. And hair mask?

The haul hehe.

Everything is so pretty! Didn't expect to buy this many
but I had enough leftover yen and it wasn't as expensive as I thought.

I wanted to buy laduree makeup but saw it in real life at Isetan
and it wasn't as pretty as the pictures! They looked really cheap
and plasticky. Plus, it was also really pricey.

Better get Paul & Joe or Jill Stuart.

Jill Stuart is so pretty!!! I want all their make up lol!!!
Chanel make up looks boring compared to this!

The total was about 15000 yen or RM540 for four items.
Not bad ah!

Eyeshadow palette 

Siet Yen suggested Anna Sui but like omg.
Anna Sui is so dark and black. Jill Stuart is so princessy and crystal!!
I don't really like dark grungey stuff

It looks like something a princess would use.

This was abt 2600 yen? 

Blush, 3800 yen / Rm137

Receipt in case you guys are curious!  

I'm using 202 Ivory.

This is so pretty!
Limited edition foundation case :3

This comes attached with the blusher.
Pretty good quality!

Heheheheh so so happy to get my hands on them!!!

I want more!!! Regret not buying their lipgloss lol.
But I'm still very happy and grateful to be able to get those!

Also got YSl lipstick but it wasn't that cheap la.
Like RM120?

But Rouge Volupte is my fav formula for lipsticks!
Moisturizing and pigmented enough.
My lips dry quite easily.

Their catalogue book :3

Tokyo banana at the airport!

Hehe. So... that about sums up my trip for Japan!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.
Getting ready to go UK in several more days.

Till then! :) 

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