Friday, 4 September 2015

Japan 2015 Part Two

Hello! Picking up where we left off:

I'm at day three, which is Asakusa Temple and Tokyo Skytree!
The first few days I took a lot of pictures
and was very enthusiastic with dressing up.

But fourth day onwards... lol.
Stamina gone. Dieded from walking an average of 12km a day.
Got lazy to dress up and make up, rather have more sleep HAHAHAH.

Regret didn't make up so much in Japan!!
HAHAHA. Ironically I used make up more after I came back,
cos got new products to try :3

See the face still very excited.

Passed by some nail art and bling bling deco shop.
Xuan kept saying she wanted to do her nails lol.
She did her nails while we went to have dinner.

In the subway. Actually, I wish Malaysia had a heavier coverage subway system.
But then I thought, the weather here so hot and humid,
not that nice to walk right???

In Japan it was nice to walk because it warms up your body 
and it was quite windy.

Traditional snacks.

We reached Asakusa Temple!
Actually out of the places we visited,
Asakusa is one of the more memorable ones compared to shopping districts.
And Disneysea la of course.

I really love experiencing other country's culture! :(
For that reason I think Europe is really romantic.
History is always interesting to me!

This huge red lantern everyone was trying to take a picture of.

So I followed suit. 

HAHAH. Simple ootd!

Headband from I forgot where.
Off shoulder top from Bershka.
Grey skirt from Sungei Wang
Crossbody from LeSportsac
Sports shoes from Nike

Lol I stopped blogging halfway till here yesterday.
So busy! After coming back from Japan,
have to spend time with family and friends before leaving to UK.
Also got a parka from Uniqlo yesterday. I love Uniqlo.
Functional and practical clothes :3

Anyway, continuing! HAHAHA

Matching bunny headbands.
We didn't plan in advance lol.

Short but can touch. HAHAHAHAH
Trying to console myself.

Group picture with the five of us!
Daniel, Xuan, Myself, Qi Yao and Siet Yen.

One more with ze lantern.

They had a lot of pretty traditional/ handmade containers.
Mirrors and wallets and cases too.

But not cheap la, cos it's a touristy place.
Like RM15-RM20.

Girls in Yukata, so pretty!
Even their handbags were coordinated.
A lot of people took pictures with them la,
they're just "normal" people out in yukata.
So fun to wear them tho.

Inside the temple

But I didn't pray la I'm christian lol.

After exploring the whole site,
we made our way to Tokyo Skytree.

LOL. I tell you.
First time trying to see a building from a distance
and trying to walk towards it.

At first I was really excited and thought it was really near.
BUT NO. I think it was like 3km away!!!
Looks near but when you try to walk... HAHAHA.

Anyway what I heard about Tokyo Skytree is that
there's an observatory deck and an aquarium.
Sumida aquarium! But we didn't go la to both of them.
They also had special edition Tokyo Banana, the one with leopard prints.

Sumida River

You can take a cruise on it.
Also saw someone playing jetski! That was so random.

I walked a long way for you.

We stopped halfway because Daniel wanted to have a pint of Asahi.
He could go on and on about alcohol.

HAHHA. Meanwhile, I went to the cafe beside and got green tea latte.
I think I might be slowly starting to like coffee.
But only with milk. And green tea of course makes everything BETTER.
I like bitter green tea.

There. You can take a ride.

Tokyo Banana Tree! HAHA
It's a shop solely for selling Tokyo Banana
at the bottom of Tokyo Skytree.

There's also a few other types of biscuits but we all know
Tokyo Banana is the star here.

I only bought two small boxes because I know packaged food
takes up a lot of space in the luggage! Siet Yen, Daniel, Xuan
bought like..approx six boxes each? 

I bought this at Haneda airport! It has the spots as well
but it's pink instead of brown packaging at Tokyo Skytree.
It tastes like Twiggy but fluffier and cuter. 

This is so so so cute lol.
Whale melon bread!

This was one floor up Tokyo Banana shop. 
One floor up is supermarket area!
There's also a Moomin cafe downstairs, which is a hippo.
The hippo mascot will come sit with you HAHAHAH

See! This hippo. 

Actually I quite regret I didn't get to try those cute cute cafes in Japan :(
Of course the main point is not how the food tastes,
but how it is presented lol.

Rilakkuma store!
I used to be crazy over this bear in high school times. 
I had this rilakkuma tin pencil case I brought to class
that I bought from Kinokuniya for RM40.

And then at the highest floor is where the NHK merchandise are.
There's also the Sumida Aquarium.

They had gudetama and shin chan and sailormoon.

And also a few vending machines. Japanese people are so good at this.
I don't have the patience to play this!! 
And also it's like gambling because you might lose a lot of money
getting lose in the pursuit of retrieving the toy!

Unpredictable probability of success unnerves me.


I would soooo spend a lot more money here if I was still a teenager.
But now I am a young adult, and need to put aside money for make up and clothes.

HAHAHAH. When I was in high school I did not give two shits about how I look.
As in... I didn't really bother to look pretty.
I was all about being myself, take it or leave it. HHAHAHA.
I think I only started to "fat hiao" around 17?

I still had my first kiss at 17 you know,
while other kids lost their virginity at as young as13 years old.
Being nerdy is an automatic protection.

Gudetama cookies!!!
So cuteeee.

He's an egg. The gudetama is the egg yolk, and he always sits on the egg white.
In a very helpless manner. HAHAH. 

Langue de chat seems like a popular type of biscuit in Japanese.
I bought this box! But the biscuit was smaller than advertised lolol.
Thin milky biscuit with a layer of cream in the middle.
Good with milk.

Gudetama stuff.
But I didn't really keep them! They're souvenirs!

This one too. I bought two but didn't open any.
HAHAH they were souvenirs.

I enjoy buying souvenirs for people who are close to me la.
When my close friends go overseas they always come back with souvenirs
even without asking for any. Then I feel so touched. HAHAHAH

But I get a bit annoyed when people who don't find me AT ALL usually
come ask for favours! And also when people take things for granted
Small small favours I don't mind la lol.

I think sometimes people don't necessarily try to take advantage of you,
just that they take things for granted. I think?
But then be friends also cannot kira so much. HAHAHAH

Tokyo Banana. I only had one light paper bag.
The others had like two heavy ones.

Polaroids are also cheap here!
About Rm28! and you know.
For cartoon films they sell for RM40 in Malaysia!!!
Used to be able to get it for RM35 but ever since GST and inflation... 

This character also seems very popular? What is it?
A potato? HAHAHAH 

Funassy ah.

Sushi found at Tokyo Skytree's supermarket.
Look at the sushi on the left! square cubes lol

Subway time again! OH yeah Siet Yen also lost her bag 
at Tokyo Skytree. I mean, she left her bag at the toilet.
But... she was able to get it back at lost and found.

So so so nice la Japanese people.
In Malaysia, you don't even have to leave your bag behind to lose it okay.
People come straight up and rob you already.

And inside the bag she had all her cash and camera and passport inside!!
A Malaysian would be so happy to take it back home for their own benefit!


Day 4 was Tsukiji Fish Market!

Just heard that they have the freshest sashimi/sushi.
and also the famous auction but it's crazy early like 5AM.
A lot of tourists go for the auction tho!!

No slippers or high heels allowed inside btw.
Just wear sports shoes.

Scallop with sea urchin (uni) on top.
Om nom! This was like RM15 per pop.
But I'm glad I tried it! Uni has quite a savoury taste,
a bit salty. 

I have yet to try pufferfish tho!

Siet Yen loves to eat.
Eventhough she has allergy. Qi Yao scolded her for eating.
HAHAHA. Then after that Siet Yen scolded him back because
she wanted to eat more.

Actually after going to Japan,
I think raw Tuna is much more flavourful than raw salmon?!

Settled for this sushi restaurant.
About 1900 yen for their sashimi platter,
or about RM60.

But definitely worth a try!
So fresh.

Huge tuna getting sliced

Their menu.

Oh mien I would definitely come back for sushi/sashimi
again if I went back to Tokyo.

Siet Yen's sashimi platter for about 1900 yen.

I wished I ordered a sashimi platter instead! lol!

Xuan poor thing lol couldn't eat much
because she is also allergic to seafood.

I don't have any allergies tho.
Only maybe sometimes dust will make my nose irritated.

I ordered this. Because it was cute. HAHAHAH.
Cute fun to eat. But I wish the sashimi slices were bigger!
I didn't know it came with rice.

There's natto at the center. I tried to like it but I couldn't.
HAHAH. Fermented beans. Healthy but has a strange taste
that takes accustoming. 

This one was at Daniel and Qi Yao's table. 
They said the prawns were sweet!

And the tuna! 

I'm such a bad person! I will instantly feel pitiful for slaughtered cows/chickens.
Basically mammals. But for seafood I'm more insensitive!
I think because mammals are harder to kill?
Fishes die of aphyxiation once you take them out of water.
But then like.. crabs and prawns... hmm...

Vending machine again. HAHAHA.
I always get the green tea drink.

Luggage already very full by day 4. Lol.

I came with a half full luggage, and my luggage was a 28 inch one
that I would be using for UK so it was pretty big.

But!! It got filled up so fast.

Okay, three more days to go.
Shall stop here and continue later. Hehe.

Till then!

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