Wednesday, 23 September 2015

New chapter UK

Hello peeps! Here's a loooong overdue blog post about my first month in UK.
Was really busy settling in lol.

I reached UK 14th of September. 
Then stayed at my mum's place in Bedford until 19th,
then moved to Southampton.

Bedford is about an hour away from Heathrow Airport.

Pretty flowers!
It was just the beginning of Autumn so there were still flowers.
Can tell people here really appreciate flowers.
They're everywhere! You can get them for cheap at the supermarket.

Like a very decent bouquet of fresh flowers for 4 pounds,
whereas in Malaysia it's like RM60.

Anyway I used to wonder why UK's university intake
are based in September not January.

HAHAHA. Now I realized it's because they have summer break from
June to September, so they always start class in Autumn right 
after summer break. Crazy, their break is so long.

Selfie with ze flowers.

Average temperature is around 15 degrees celsius.
It's just that it's cold when the wind blows/ at night.

I think for them it's okay.
Their summer is like 20 degrees celsius.
For us, that's not summer. That's like a very cool temperature.
Malaysia is on a constant 37 degrees celsius during the day.

But I realize I don't have to drink water as much
or sweat that much. 

And I always carry an umbrella around with me now
because it rains all day all night. My mum calls an umbrella "brolly".

She's like, "Did you bring your brolly out today?"
And it takes an extra second to process the word brolly.

And they drink tea so much. 
For breakfast for lunch for dinner.
I'm becoming like that lol tea here is cheap.

Especially when you go Poundland, Poundworld,
or 99p store.

99p store is always better because you save one pence.
One pence is good. Even half a pence is good.
We Asians are so cheapskate, we gon take any savings we get.

HAHAHAA. And it was like 99p for a box of 
40s Tetley peppermint tea. In Malaysia 
that would cost at least RM15.

But still, living in UK is expensive for Malaysians
because our cost of living is lower back home.
For Norwegians, everything is like cheaper in UK.

With mami

In Bedford there was no shopping malls in sight.
I was quite appalled. Shopping malls are like the way of living in Malaysia.

In UK, high streets are more common.
It's also common in Australia.

Instead of shopping malls, there are shops lined on the street.
Like Primark, Topshop, Next, New Look.
HAHAH so that's why they're called High Street fashion.

My mum bought me a bunch of clothes to equip me for winter.
Winter is coming! As Game of Thrones will say. 

She kept bringing me to pricier shops and I was like.

HAHHAHA. For gloves she wouldn't let me buy knitted one 
but only leather ones. 

And it's so sad.
I'm a midget over here.

Everyone is like at least half a head taller than me.

HAHAHHA I'm 5'2" if you're wondering.

The girls here are like 5'7" on average.
The guys are like 6"

WTF. I can totally wear their teenage section
since it's VAT free.

Mummy also got me a perfume :3

IDK if this is expensive or not because I've never bought a lot of perfumes.

AHAHA. But I know Chanel make up is damn expensive here,
I think because of VAT and currency difference?

A Chanel lipgloss is RM106 in Malaysia.
Here, it's 26 pounds or RM171 after conversion.
That's a crazy huge discrepancy!

And also got household items for my student flat in Southampton :3

Packing and moving was quite the nightmare.

Grocery shopping :D

Pretty flowerssss

I think I ate sushi almost everyday while in Bedford.

Just the supermarket kind, you can get it from Marks and Spencer, Waitrose, Tesco.
It's about 2.50 pounds for a smaller box, 4 pounds for this box.

Their berries were cheap.
I eat all types of berries.
And love adding them to cereal!!


Garden outside mum's place

So cuteee hahaha.

Mum turned her study room into my temporary bedroom.

And ohmy.

My backpack looked very normal in Japan.
I bought it from Harajuku!
But in UK omg. It feels weird to wear it.
I almost wished I brought my Adidas backpack instead!
HAHAHAH there were a lot of jocks in my uni and they
were all wearing Adidas.
You can see stripes EVERYWHERE
Much more popular than Nike.

Their style of dressing is quite practical since
they're dressing for the weather. But the coat makes them pulled together.
A lot of neutral colours. HAHAHAHA.

I love her shoe closet!!

And some ootd shots courtesy of her mirror
Taken diff days idk which day is which lol

I would say a waterproof parka is useful for rainy days.
A trench coat is always easy to pull together an outfit.
A leather jacket is great with jeans or an all-black look.
A woollen peacoat is great for winter.

I thought trench coat was for winter and my mum was like
nooo it's for autumn cos it's quite thin actually

Coffee with art!

Their portion was quite big, so we shared the panini.
And oh my!! The coffee here is so so strong.

I had a headache after drinking it.
Idk if it was from the chill too.

But  needless to say, I got quite sick from the smell
of coffee after that.

HAHHA I would still drink the milder coffee back in Malaysia thou.
Green tea latte is nice! And flat white.

Vogue here is cheap. 3.99 pounds.
Bazaar is 4.50 pounds.

Filling and yummy dinner cooked by mum!
This type of dish is too filling in Malaysia,
but just nice for the weather that day. It was rainy and cold!

It smells good

A breakfast I randomly pulled together.

Poached egg was done using the microwave!

Muffins and pastries are everywhere

Sunroof is pretty common here though.

Even at home, the design utilizes daylight more.
They depend on windows and sunlight to give them light 
more than lights.

Seabass with couscous and oven baked vege!

My mum also studied fashion styling and she did colour analysis 
on me with her drapes.

I'm a soft Autumn, so I suit soft and muted tones.
My palette has a lot of browns, creams, salmons.
And some olive green. 

I do think wearing the colour that suits your skintone and overall
eyes and hair colour will make you look more liven up,
but at the same time I would still try colours out of my range
because I don't think we should live by rules.

I also found tsum tsum!!!
My medium pooh is from Japan.
It's my favourite tsum tsum because it's big enough to squish.
LOOK! Uk's version of Pooh is different from Japan though,
same like the ones I saw in Hong Kong.

It's more orange than mine.
The face is also less quite and round.
Mine have a cuter and blurrer face.
Makes you want to sayang it.

Hehehe so cute!!

I wanna buy medium sized Dumbo next.

I got the Alien from Toy's Story, and also Andy and Jessie.

Andy is for Edward. The moo moo cow prints are so cutee!

Dress fuzzy.

And a fuzzy huge bathrobe that swallowed me up.
HAHAHA. It's for wearing at home when you've
just showered or it's cold. Or you don't want to wear clothes.

I like knee high boots! Finally can wear them here lol.
People would look at you crazy if you wore them in Malaysia.

This was at Bedford Park :)

I love visiting their parks!

Apparently, residents of the area have to pay the council
a yearly fee. I think it was like 700 pounds?
And it includes the cost of the upkeep of the park.

There were a lot of ducks sitting in the pond!

Waddling their fat cute butts.

And a big white swan too.
And a couple others.

There were also a lot of squirrels.
One evening I went to the park in my tracksuit and chased the squirrels.
HAHHAHAHA. They were quick thou.

Tea time near the Embankment!

And then it was 19th, and it was time to go to Southampton.

It was about two hours and a half drive from Bedford.
Manageable, but quite far!

At the Bar Gate in Southampton

Southampton is a port city!
Titanic was docked at The White Star Dock before it left
for its journey. Or Ocean Dock as it is called now.

Sometimes I here ships blowing their horns from my flat.

But Southampton is more crowded and bustling
compared to Bedford. Bedford is more like a town,
Southampton more like a port city.

With Ai Lynn hahaha finally saw her.
My coursemate.

Aka the ONLY Malaysian I've seen in Southampton.
It's not like Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol
where there's plenty of Malaysians.

The good thing is it forces you not to stick with your own race,
so you learn more about mingling with people from other culture.
The bad thing is you might feel a bit lonely because it's always nice
to "see your own kind".

HAHAH. It's quite weird, back in Raffles Malaysia I would see
a few caucasians. Then here I'm in the absolute minority.

I met a girl called Stacey Wu from China.
And then saw a few Asians in the university.
But not really any in my course, not that I've seen yet.

Anyway the people here are polite 95% of the time,
and they also like to do small talk.

They will always say "Hello" when you're at the cashier.
People always greet each other. In Malaysia we just take our stuff
to the counter and pay and don't do much eye contact.

HAHAHA so if you come here remember to keep your eyes open.
And react fast when someone greets you. And say thank you and yes please
and excuse me a lot.

This is part of the High Street in Southampton.
There's Marks and Spencers, Topshop, Primark, Poundland, Costa.
The usual stuff.

Waterstones and W.H Smith for books/stationery.

This is the view from my bedroom window :3

And this is the view from the outside!

I'm on the 10th floor, so it's quite high up.
My rent is about 136 pounds a week, I think that's quite pricey.

I was hoping for like 120 pounds. HAHAHA.
It's like premium ensuite or something.
I do appreciate the view though.

This is the communal area aka the kitchen/living room.

I'm sad that there's no TV lolol.

Vita student is opposite us and it's like a studio.
They have a lounge area if you want to mingle.
It's like 200 pounds per week.

But I prefer shared flat over a studio lol.
It's always more fun with roommates!

View from ze windows!

You can actually see the ships and cruiseliners from the window.

And this is my cupboard! For storing food!
They gave two personal ones.

Mine is the middle section. HAHAH.

A lot of berries.
And also some lettuce and peach in the drawer

I cooked the first hard-boiled egg ever in my life.
I think it is a bit undercooked? But it tasted fine hahhaha

For salad hehe.

Added lettuce, raisins, corn, tuna, egg.

Typical breakfast. Berries and cereal.
Thank goodness berries are cheap. 
They are really convenient to eat.

Half a sandwich I bought.
And tea hahaha

This is my uni.
About a ten minute walk away, or about 1.5km I think.
Not that far.

But just not that nice when it's raining and cold.
HAHAHHA the first two days we walked to uni, it was raining.

This is their shopping mall.

It looks big but it's really small and nothing impressive when 
compared to Pavilion or KLCC lol.
I can see why people would like Malaysia's shopping malls!

Plus, it's like 10AM-10PM.
Most shops close around 5.30PM here,
which is something I really gotta get used to.
How do people who work go shopping then lol.??

I have yet to visit London yet!
I went to London when I was like 9 years old lol.
I just remember Harrods and Big Ben and Double Decker buses.
And I bought a cool pocket organizer from Next.
It was like purple and digital HAHAHHA

Add me on snapchat :D
Bubuchahchah is the username

Pooh making himself at home.
My little companion.

Also. OHMY. Bolsters are like.
I can't even find them here.
Don't people hug them when they go to sleep?!
Almost wished I shipped mine from Malaysia

Also, they don't use airconds or fan.
They only use radiator/heaters.

If you want it to be colder you have to open the window.
BUT when it's sunny it defeats the purpose lol.

Here's my little hall of fame.

The only polaroids I brought over because
they were taken most recent!

A party flyer!

Partying is cheap here.

Our pseudo timetable for induction week was quite packed.

Also have to complete 100 hours of work based learning!
And so sad, in Malaysia at least they pay you a little allowance.
They don't pay shit here!! Not a single pence.

At least not like usually.
Which is sad because working for zero money
defeats the point of working. A little allowance would be nice!
I hope I can find one that at least offers some allowance man.

IDK if work-based learning and apprenticeship is the same?
They have a minimum wage for apprenticeship which is 2.73 pounds per hour.

Haven't really got to meet our coursemates,
only the ones who are top-up students.

I am a top up student, which means I am entering as a final year student.
So it's a bit stressful because you have to learn everything quickly
and get the hang of it.

Free backpack lol.

Facetime with my cute daddy.

HAHAHA he was at a coffee shop.
And smoking grrr

Cabbie is with my boyfriend at the moment :3

Fingers crossed that he'll come to UK too.

With the boyfie! Dearly missed. 

Big hobo bag from New Look as my school bag!
Fits my laptop too but it's going to be damn heavy lol.

And then yesterday after showering and readying to go to bed,
Iris was like. Do you guys wanna go out?

HAHAHA. And Ai Lynn and I were okay with it 
since we didn't have class the next day so we thought okay
It's freshers week after all

My other flatmate! She's from Norway.
She taught me how to count from one to ten in Norwegian hehe.

And two others who live at Vita opposite us!

Picture with the mascot! HAHHA.

He was sweating though! I can imagine it would be quite hot.

We went to Oceana at Leisure World.
It's pretty huge, like Zouk actually.
But the entry was so cheap!

Just 3 pounds. 
But if you party often it's going to add up lol.
I spent about 9 pounds for the whole night.
4 pounds for taxi on return fare. 

They also have a cloak room for you to put your coat, but you have to pay one pound.
Would you like to freeze and not bring your coat or pay one pound?
Hmm. It's like parking fee lol.

Drinks are like four pounds I think.
For a cocktail. If you buy from the convenience store
you can get four bottles for three pounds.

If you are under 25 you have to show your ID though
You can buy alcohol if you're over 18.
Just bring your ID.

It was a pretty fun night!

And the best part was people were not allowed to smoke in clubs lol.
In Malaysia, after coming back from clubs my hair would REEK of cigarettes.
But it was fine yesterday. HAHAHA.

That's about it! Till then :)

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  1. So glad that you've settled down there & enjoying this part of journey in your life. Again, pls take good care of yourself, we all love you from M'sia