Sunday, 18 October 2015

Hello October

Hello October!

Went to West Quay shopping centre with Ai Lynn.
Again, their shopping centre is nothing impressive
because the main point is the "high street" and Top Shop/Primark/HMV
are on the high street.

It's not like in Malaysia where everything is inside a modern and huge shopping mall.
But, I love both. High street has the charm of being outdoors,
huge shopping malls are... huge. 

I'm quite happy to see the seasons change. The leaves are turning
red and brown and yellow. Autumn is quite pretty.

Tried going out without a jacket today and it was surprisingly okay,
thanks to the turtleneck and fur scarf. I love fur!
And knee-high boots! And camel! 

Also, reports are saying that this year's winter in UK 
is going to be HORRIBLE. 

Coldest winter in 50 years. 
Wow, that's very comforting!
As if the sharp currency discrepancy is not bad enough.

lol. Apparently due to the gulf stream and artic winds. 
Maybe it's just a scare? Or maybe I would get to see some heavy snowfall?
I'm glad my winter clothing is pretty much covered.

I find that my thighs don't feel that cold
as long as I wrap my neck.

At the Bargate!

It's a little building in high street.
On Fridays and Saturdays, they have a market along the streets.
The street food looks quite nice but I've never gotten to try them.. yet!

Sorry must act touristy a bit and take pictures
while I'm still thick-skinned enough to do so.
I find that people here don't really do selfies or ootds.
Not as much as Malaysians anyway.

Or maybe I haven't been looking in the right places!

Recently fallen in love with bolder lip colours like red or dark pink.
Fall appropriate I guess?

Went to HSBC appointment and bloody hell it was a waste of my time.
I don't get why applying for a bank account is so damn fussy here.
Before that, they told me the account would be opened on the spot.

Then after waiting a week for my appointment, they told me 
I would have to wait 6-8 weeks for "further approval"
because I'm from Malaysia. What the *bleep*?

They asked questions like how much money I would be expecting
to come into my account each month, how long I've lived at my old address,

What?? Do you think I have the time to do some money laundering shit
or get in debt or something? Please la omg I would rather go to 
Barclays or Lloyds than deal with this crap.

Haha. Sorry for the mini rant. LOL.
Jaeyi and Abby who are in London did theirs without much problem.
Ai Lynn still haven't done hers yet thou.
And my uni takes a week to issue the letter to open bank account.
Then the bank appointment takes like a week or two.

Actually coming to UK is a huge hassle and a pain in the ass,
I'm not gonna lie. The visa, the fees and accommodation.
The system here is also damn blurr one, make payment already
they will still send you letter demanding for payment.
Harlow, open your eyes la WA LAO 

okok *deep breathe*

I love Primark here though. HAHAHAH
Their winterwear is sooo nice. And CHEAP!!
I love coats. Peacoats, duster coats, camel coats, duffle coats,
trench coats, military parkas, leather jackets.

Putting one on makes an outfit looks pulled together, instantly.
And I love boots! Knee high boots, chelsea boots, thigh high boots.
And fur of course! Fluffy, cream fur. 

But only faux fur, because killing animals for fur is stupid, CRUEL

Hat from Primark. HAHAH!

It was 8 pounds I think.
You can get a good military parka from Primark for 25-30 pounds.
If you go to H&M or Topshop it's around 45 pounds.
Then if you go Debenhams or Oasis or Warehouse it's around 70 pounds, yikes.

Went to Sprinkles for Ai Lynn's birthday!

It's a retro-looking gelateria/ dessert place.
I would deffo wanna come here with Edward hehe.
Dessert tastes best when shared and fought over.

I miss stealing Edward's chocotop whenever we go McD drivethrough.

I shared a Strawberry Crepe with Iris hehe.
It was 4.50 pounds.

I didn't eat the whipped cream. 
Portion was just nice to share with two people!

I didn't eat dinner so that was kind of my dinner I think.
But I always snack after dinner.

The cold weather and all the walking. Makes me hungry.
I walk an average of 5km a day. 
Because. No car. Can't get anywhere without walking like a slave lol.

Walking to uni!
There's so many parks.
Palmerstone Park, East Park Terrace, Hoglands Park. BLABLABAL.

But I love parks. 
I love seeing the pigeons bob their heads,
the squirrels running around, the dogs exploring the place.
I love the blue skies and sitting on the grass

Mummy came Southampton to visit!

Can't believe she managed to drive down all the way from Bedford.
Like me, my mum is also very bad with directions. HAHAHA

We had Yo Sushi!

There was a discount for students.
It was 23 pounds actually but after discount it's 18.

Sushi is damn expensive here.
Malaysia sushi is nicer.
Japanese sushi is best.

I miss sushi mentai.
I miss all the good food in Japan trip.

Chicken gyoza and salmon platter.

Hehe. Anyhow I am glad to be able to eat sushi in UK.

Andd... the Bargate of course.

Well you can't blame me for taking pics at the same place.
My little legs can only carry me so far.

AAHHAA. I haven't tried taking the city bus.
Portswood and Millbrook is nearby.

We also tried Pizza Express.

And by try, we meant three people sharing one pizza.
It was like 10 pounds. But we had 40% off with our NUS extra card
(National Union of Students) so it was 6 pounds divided by 3.
In the end it's only 2 pounds per person. HAHAHAH.

I think Asians are really so cheapskate.
Pinching our pennies and hogging all the discounts.

In UK, food is not that expensive.
Grocery shopping is very affordable.
You can get 10 eggs for 80 pence at Lidl.
One pint of milk for 45 pence.
A loaf of bread for 80 pence.

Anyway if you want cheap stuff go to Lidl or Aldi.
And also 99p or Poundland or Poundworld.

I always buy milk, eggs, corn, rice, frozen vege, berries, chicken.

The pizza was the kind of pizza I like,
very thin and guilt-free.

BUT THEN. When I crave pizza it's always because I want something heavy.
Tomato sauce and laden with cheese, om  nom.

I remember when I was in Sri Bestari.
I used to like ordering pizza after school.
Hawaiian Chicken or Tuna Sensation or Thai Seafood or idk what.

Oh my, I do miss the sea.
The sun and the sea and the sand.

I'm glad I went swimming and to the beach so often
while I was in Malaysia.

Hmm.. about the weather...

I don't mind cold weather. There's pros and cons.

In UK, you can't just go out.
You have to grab your coat. And also your umbrella,
because shit happens.

And then if it's quite cold then you might have to consider a scarf or gloves.

In Malaysia, you can just wear one cotton dress and slippers and ok.

What I do not like about the cold weather is everytime I finish shower,
when I get out of the shower and the cold air hits me.
I always gasp and shiver!!! And quickly grab the towel and blowdry my hair.
I did not give two hoots about blowdrying my hair back in Malaysia.

But it's very pleasant to walk outside, unlike in Malaysia where
it is hot and humid. But I also miss being so near to the beach
and being able to swim all the time.

Ah, well. Both have their good and bad, I can't really choose.

Here is the boyfie.

I miss him very very much.

I don't think anyone can do LDR (long distance relationship)
and say they don't miss their boyfriend/girlfriend.

Because that is utter BS. If you don't miss someone,
then it means you don't really enjoy their presence that much.

And the hard thing was we were so present in each other's lives.

Like. We see each other EVERYDAY.

I can't count any period where I've not seen him for longer than two days.
For that one year I was dating him lol.

And I am really, really glad we did so much together.

Spontaneous trips, monthsaries, staycations.
Going out to movies. 

You always say that I finish popcorn before the movie starts.
I am guilty of that hehe. But you're going to miss me hogging the popcorn!!

And LDR makes me realize, just how much I want you in my life.

I think sometimes we tend to take things for granted,
when they are given to us everyday.

Like rice. No one cares about rice. We just expect it to be there.
Then comes ice cream and it's bad for you but it's a "treat".
Edward is my rice. I need him in my life.

How can an Asian survive without rice?

How can Bubu survive without Edward?


But ya. He got accepted to UWE Bristol.
But I am not having any expectations. 
I want to prepare in case he can't make it.

WITH ME THIS SEPTEMBER!!! Then his stupid college told
him he had one more subject left lol potong stim gila!!

HAHAHHA. Idk how if he can't make it.

But anyway. I love Edward very much.

Teehee. Edward please remember the way you look at me is only for me.

Couldn't resist buying make up from Superdrug!
I have their beauty card and it gives 10 percent discount.

Xmas is acoming, so there's a lot of xmas gift sets.
This was 13 pounds hehe. I wanted to buy Sleek blushes but it was
3 for 10 pounds!! Here I get 8 blushes 8 highlighters and two brushes
by just adding 3 pounds!

LOL. Okay not reasonable justification.

Also bought a curling wand.
I usually like the ones with a clip, but I already have two at home so...
And also I wanted to hit myself in the head for not bringing it.
I thought I wouldn't want to use it!

My mum brought a huge suitcase loaded with baking stuff, cleaning supplies,
and lots of food! Dry food, spices, canned food. It's crazy!

Feel so loved hehe! I told my mum I wanted to try baking and she got me a ton of baking supplies!
Muffin tray, loaf tins, whisk, mixing bowl, cake mix, cookie mix, icing.

And I'm so glad she even bought me toilet rolls!

I tell you anything that's paper or wood is damn freaking expensive here.
Toilet paper is 4 for 2 pounds!

And their stationery omg can faint.
if you come here to study please bring a complete set  of
your stationery and also extra.

Their sketchbook is like freaking 10 pounds.
Their stupid 2B pencils are 12 for 6 pounds.
WTF!!! Those yellow and black pencils that you can get in Malaysia
for like RM5 a box! Very OUCH 

But their berries are cheap lol.
Like 2 pounds for 400 grams of raspberries.

Package from Daddy!!

It's so funny lol!
The delivery was more expensive than the stuff inside the box.
Daddy used FedEx and it was like Rm500 for some international priority shipment.

Asian food hahah!
Never see this at UK supermarket at all.
But, can always get from Chinatown or online store actually.
I didn't know lol until Jaeyi and Abby told me.

But! I feel very touched and warm that my dad
sent all this food for me! My daddy always knows my favourite food.
Everytime he went to Desa Park Rakuzen, he would always bring back
a box or two of sushi hehe. 

Daddy is not a very affectionate person in terms of saying it out, but
it shows a lot through everything he does! 
I'm very glad to have a daddy like him and he's the best daddy on Earth to me.
I know he only wants nothing but the best for me, just like all parents :3

From Nissin Noodle daddy bought me hehe. 
I added some extra ingredients on the side.

I couldn't finish it thou. 
I never throw away anything if it's worth more than four bites. HAHAHAHA

I made chow mein with the leftover noodles and it tasted better without the soup lol.

Actually I feel like asking myself if I came here to learn cooking 
or study? HAHAHHA

And also, if I don't cook no one will do it for me.
So, cook or starve. Not like at home, kakak cook. Lol.
Don't cook your problem HAHHAHA

I bought one whole pineapple. It was like 69 p? I think? Or 59p? From Lidl.
And managed to hack it myself lol. It filled two boxes full.

Guess what I'm making :3

Pineapple fried rice lolol!

I was craving it like mad.

Yum. When I ate it I was in heaven.
It brings back a lot of memories hehe.

I used to eat at Absolut Thai.
And also at Krabi with my boyfie ! Hehe.

Yumyum. Used coconut milk, chilli paste, chilli flakes, egg, dates, shrimp.
Also drizzled lemon juice on top :3


Salad hehe!

I love making salad. Idk what this salad is la... 
it's just something I always make HAHHAA

Hard-boiled egg, carrots, peas, corn, romaine hearts, nuts, dates. 
Dressing is two tbsp mayonnaise, one tbsp honey and lemon zest.

Mee Sedap! HAHAHAH. There's this shop called Kabayan on the high street,
it sells Phillipine/Thai/Malaysian stuff. It's a limited selection, but you can find stuffs!
Like Maggi, super ring, roller coaster, keropok udang. 

These things are like diamonds okay, have to dig deep to find.

Roasted chicken thigh with honey and soy sauce!

My mum taught me how to cook this lol.
Before this, I never cooked raw meat before.

It was so weird touching it. Like cannibalism.
Kind of. But I wouldn't know hahaha.

But now I'm quite used to it and quite enjoy marinating
and massaging the chicken lol.

Chicken breast with the same sauce my mum taught me hehe.

Honey, soy sauce, five spice powder, garlic, salt and pepper.

Egg and spring onion and red onion fried rice with sprinkles of coriander
and cauliflower on the side. ^^

I want furikake!!! The japanese rice seasoning. Regret didn't bring to Malaysia wei.
Have to go Chinatown buy?! Or!

Tomato spaghettii with olives, tuna and mushroom.

My forte is still spaghetti carbonara! HAHHAA

I cooked Pineapple fried rice like three times in a week.
I cooked two cups of rice and it lasted three portions.

Cupcake mix that my mummy bought.

Peppa Pig ! HAHAHAH

Ai Lynn took this lol.

Training to be housewife.

Ever since I came here, no maid. I am the maid. 
HAHAH. Do vacuuming, do laundry, take out trash, make the bed.
Cook and bake and clean up.

I loved how it turned out! Such a no-brainer lol.
The top was crusty but inside was soft.

But, of course I wanna do using my own ingredients!
So I don't have to depend on buying mixes.

Had fun decorating them hehe.

Shared them with my flatmates !

Pancakes and berries and honey and whipped cream!

And... saved the Brownies mix for Ai Lynn's birthday hehe.

Was quite nervous when doing the piping HAHAHA.

Lucky it came out okay ! Lol.

Surprisingly the cake was 80% gone by the end lol.
Shared between the four of us!

My cosy little bed hehe.
With pooh the tsum tsum!

Pole fitness at Pound for pound training ground!
Actually, I would say you pay for what you get lol.

Malaysia is like 10 pounds per class.
Here it's 5 pounds.

But Malaysia it's one person per pole!
This one is like four person per pole lol.
You can still learn quite a lot, just that you have to take turns!

Itch to draw!

When I was in Fashion Design, I complained it was too challenging.
Now I'm in Marketing and I'm like.. it's too easy lol.

I miss drawing and designing a lot!
I had a lot of fun at Raffles actually.

But. HAHAHA. Marketing is not all play la,
got projects and research too.

Love going to the library! So many fashion books hehe.
They have Vogue magazines dating back to like 1960s.
It's quite cool! They also have a lot of iMacs and computers


Swot, pestle, semiotics, business cycle, etcetc

Mirror ootds

While shopping at Primark lolol.
Ended up buying the green bag for weekend travels.

Okay that is all for this post bye bye

Have a great week guys :*

xoxo, BUBU!


  1. Your caption for your food posts is so funny XXD. Look like you are quite enjoying in UK. Keep it up heheheh your drawing is improved a lot, I like the drawing !!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks chui chui! Hehehe. Are you working or studying now? Miss you!!