Friday, 2 October 2015

London and learning to cook

Hello there Malaysian peeps! 

Took a super impromptu trip to London last Friday.
Booked my tickets through National Express the evening before lol!

The ride was two and a half hours.
It was about 20 pounds from Southampton to London.
Train is about 80 pounds for the same trip, crazy.

Here's my pretty mami! 
She could be my sister lol.

She was coming from Bedford so we met at Victoria Station.
It was so packed and people even brought their dogs lol.

Sushi hahaha.

I didn't really eat out when I was in Southampton.
Cooking everyday.

Cafe chains are a huge thing.
Starbucks, costa, pret a manger.
And a lot of supermarkets and furniture shops compared to Malaysia?

The first train I got on, 
I stood right beside two street performers!

I was like, mum, is this a regular occurrence here?!
And she said it's the first time she's witnessed it.
I thought it was really cute and random.

The infamous fire engine red double-decker buses!
Outside of Sloane Square station.

The only other time I've been to London was when I was nine.
I was sick. LOL. And I was sulking at my parents
and being a brat HAHAH not realizing how lucky
I was to be travelling.

They preserve a lot of their old buildings still,
I don't really see modern buildings.
A lot of remnants of Victorian era.

Can see it's a posh area, a lot of expensive cars lying around.
Bentley, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Audi.
And a few ladies carrying Birkin bags.

My mum and I walked from Sloane Square to Harrods.
It was about a fifteen minute walk I think but by now
I've gotten pretty used to walking.

We basically used Google map to walk to Harrods lol

If you don't want to walk, stop at Knightsbridge Station!
Harrods is right beside. We didn't know ahahhaha

I walked about 12km that day.

But really, ever since I've come to UK 
all I ever do is walk and walk if I want to get to anywhere.
I was running my ass off to catch the coach too lol.

I am a complete retard with directions.

Some people can learn their way within once or twice of using a route.
You can bring me to the same route ten times and I still won't remember
unless you abandoned me and I was forced to find my way home.

I went to Pavilion/KLCC every Sunday of my life
(well, when I was thirteen till twenty one)
and when I got my license at seventeen I still didn't know how to drive to KL.
Because everytime I was sleeping in the car or day dreaming lol
But of course, I'm a pro in KL roads ever since Raffles ^^

Usually I walk about 5km everyday.
5km is the usual distance for a standard high school cross country run.
Or merentas desa? Oh man, it felt so tiring when I was in high school.

HAHHAA I guess walking is fine.
Japan was good training too. My uni is about 1.5km away on foot.
So the bare minimum I would have to walk is 3km go and back.
But I usually walk around and do groceries etc so it becomes like 6km.
Busybody nothing to do. HAHAHAHHA.

No TV in my dorm too. So sometimes it's quite nice to be outdoors.
The parks here are really nice and huge, great for jogging!

Back to London hehe

My mum bought two bags, one of which was filled with about 
ten pieces of my clothing, brought from her house.

And here's the famous Harrods teddy bear.

If only this could be my boyfriend instead. HAHAH.

Hehe. Hope the pictures did the talking.

It was a really short one day trip.
I took the coach at 8am, reached at 11am.
Went back from London at 4.30AM, reached Southampton at 7PM.

There was a thirty minute delay due to traffic.
When I reached the station, it was already nightfall
and it was a fifteen minute walk back home.

I could have taken the taxi... but I walked lol.
I'm really so kiasu and cheapskate now.
It's not the same as back home!!! 
Budgeting is IMPORTANT

Anyway my cooking has improved quite a bit.

I was a total retard a couple of weeks back.
You know. I haven't even fried an egg myself before.
I've only WATCHED my maid fry an egg.

My favourite egg is either sunny side up or poached.
Boiled is also fine. I don't like scrambled.
I like the yolk runny.

Oh yeah and I never even fired my stove back home.
It wasn't an induction stove and I was scared of fire
and explosions of fire crackling around and burning myself.

I used to make pasta when I'm really hungry,
and even then it was using the MICROWAVE.

It has been two weeks since I've been dropped at Southampton
and left to die and starve.

There was no choice but to cook.
It was born out of desperation.

Before this, I've always been interested to cook,
but it was quite half-hearted and I didn't like the kitchen at my home lol.

The first three days I kept burning everything.

I completely sabotaged my own microwave rice cooker.
The microwave had a high wattage and I set it too high.
Hence it burned and became black charcoal.

RIP Waitrose Short Grain Rice.

HAHAH I was like telling Ai Lynn don't tell anyone I burnt my rice.
But okay now that I've gotten a bit better I don't mind
sharing my kitchen wrecking experiences.

And then I was so stupid I fried an egg in a saucepan.
Again this was out of desperation as I didn't have any non stick pan (I do now).
But, not that I knew you can't fried an egg in a saucepan.

Lol anyway when it comes to cooking I'm the 
do it, wing it, think later sort. 

And then two weeks later!!!
I've finally gotten a hang of it!!!
Edward please be proud of me you won't starve now.

Quinoa, ice berg lettuce, tomatoes, frozen vege, corn.
In egg, soy sauce, garlic, olive oil, pepper.

It was quite nerve-wrecking and also fun cooking.
I had to look for recipes online and find the ingredients tho,
as my kitchen cabinet was pretty barebones.

Spinach and ravioli tortellini ^^ cheat one.
But I cook everything in a skillet/saucepan instead of microwave now hehe

I didn't burn my egg!!!
HAHAHAHHA WTF damn low my standards.

Vege again. Seldom cook meat because the oil explode everywhere.
Anyway I'm not a huge meat person. But having meat 
makes a meal more filling. I like chicken and fish.

I will stay 100 yards away from beef/chicken/mutton/escargot/lamb/etc

Stir fried quinoa HAHAHAAHHA
because the rice here isn't nice.
Added a lot of spinach and an egg.

And some cheat one chicken nuggets.

Made this today! Aglio olio,

It's quite fun to cook, eventhough I am a bit retarded and panic sometimes.
HAHAHA. I like my boyfriend's mother's version of aglio olio!

Anyway I have a long way to practise. I still have one year here.
Great! Now that I'm forced to cook I can't run away from it.
I've never tried any restaurants in Southampton other than the time
my mum came to visit me lol.

Instead of eating out, I've been buying spices and sauces and vegetables.
Nicole said she spends 10 pounds a week on groceries?!
How is that possible!! I've been spending like 40 pounds!
But I don't really spend money on eating out

Sometimes it's quite stressful for fresh produce and bread/milk
cos you have to chase the expiry date!!

I rotate with bread/cereal/muesli/pasta/quinoa/rice for carbs.
Then for sauces I cheat and use Dolmio sauce for pasta.
For others it's usually olive oil and soy sauce.
The seasoning is pepper and salt/italian herbs/parsley/garlic powder/chilli flakes.
I wanna try pesto and basil!

Then for vege it's lettuce/tomatoes/corn/mushrooms.
I love mushrooms.
For meat... I've only got chicken nuggets HAHA
My flatmates cook like bacon everyday.

Did my nails.

Not afraid to be cutesy hahaha.
Got the nail art pack in Malaysia.

Cabbie says hello!

Missing this boy of course.

LDR just makes me realize how in love I am with him.
When he was just beside me, I guess I kinda of took it for granted?
Like I always expected him to be there for me.

I was listening to 3 doors down and the lyrics hit home;

"A thousand lies have made me colder
And I don't think I can look at this the same
But all the miles that separate
Disappear now when I'm dreaming of your face"

You know Asian girls always fawn over white boys.
I think they can be good-looking, but I'm an Asian for Asian sort of girl.
HAHAHA. Still only want Edward :3

The only thing that is cheaper here than in Malaysia is pole fitness class lol.
It's five pounds per class!!! Or Rm33.
Back in Msia it was RM80 per class man for intermediate FML.
Or RM320 per month!!! Beginner class is RM50, but still quite exy.

Anyway pole fitness is something I really enjoy.
I quite like climbing and spinning around lol
And no it is not like a sexy stripper type of thing.
More like aerial gymnast skills needed or you can't lift yourself type of thing.

Poles do have quite a bad assocation.
But stripper poles aren't even proper poles that can support your weight!
They're more like a prop.

Went for a little jog around the park.

The building on my right is one my uni's campus blocks

Well one thing I like here is it's not humid.
But then, it can get quite windy and cold all of a sudden!

With Ai Lynn!
Glad to come with her lol it would be much more boring without her.
Asians are a rare species here.

Another top up student I've met is from Taiwan.
She's the only Asian I know besides Ai Lynn.

One of the parks we walk through on our way back!

Decided to bun it up for the day

At Bargate, High street (UK form of shopping mall)

My pole fitness class is just somewhere here!
Held at a boxing gym called Pound for Pound.

When travelling, running shoes are a must!

That's about it this post, hehe.
Enjoy your week!

xoxo, Bubu

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