Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Docks, Oxford Street

Hello! :)

One fine day, Ai Lynn and I decided to venture out to The Docks.
Southampton is a Port City, and basically we do see The Docks from our window 
as our flat is pretty high.

But we've never actually been there!
So we just looked at Google Maps and walked on foot lol.
Ai Lynn was the guide!

Actually it's just the other end of the high street.
Like, the extreme opposite end I guess?

I could see the Bargate at one point.

St. Michael's church!

Amazeballs, it was built in 1070 and still standing today.
Crazy! It was a Sunday, so I heard the church bells.
It kept ringing! Sounds like The Hunchback of Notredame.

The church was so beautiful!
Sadly, we didn't get to go in as the service was over.
It was around 9AM I think.

More walking!

Good weather.
I have low expectations.
Any day without rain is good weather for me.

I love my blue skies, but if it's cloudy but not raining..
then why not!

Brr, the weather is taking a cold turn recently.

This Royal Pier thing is something like a posh restaurant.
I wouldn't mind splurging here, like once in a very long time.

Ai Lynn and her fur hat.
It felt like she was going to cross to the Artic anytime soon.

And there! We reached the Docks hehe.
I think it was about 2km? Ish?

But anyways, I've gotten quite used to walking already.
My min is about 3km a day, then if I go to London it will be about 11km.
I know this because of iPhone's health app!

Hahah! I'm wondering if I should get a fitness band
to get myself going more?? Seems like a good idea.
I've heard of Garmin, Fitbit, Jawbone.

Any recommendations?

Aww! The leaves are really starting to fall.

We had a two hour gap in between classes to burn,
so Ai Lynn and I headed to the park.

Actually, I like to roll in the grass.
Well. I am literally a dog in the chinese zodiac, so..

HAHHAA. But do check, if it's clean.

And then, went to Bedford to meet with my mum on Wednesday!

Got to ride in a Rolls Royce Silver Seraph.

It has a mirror on the backseat, snazzy.

Anyway. I always like chauffeur-style sedans like 
Bentleys or Rolls Royce or Mercedes.
Or more practical, big family cars like Estima or Alphard.

I don't like sports car. It's so... impractical.
I would rather get a big car, bang for my buck so to say lolol.
Sports car are nice to look at, but big cars are more fun :3

We went to Bicester Village.

Bicester Village is basically a designer outlet "village"
that sells brands such as Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Dior, Prada, Pandora.
They also have Superdry, Clarks, Kate Spade, Ted Baker.

I only got some polo tees, thanks to mummy!
The bags were really cheap(relatively speaking),
the tessuto nylon bags from Prada were like 390 pounds, compared 
to their original price which was about 550 pounds I think.

390 pounds is about RM2500. 
In Malaysia, they retail about RM4000 ish at KLCC?

But now that I'm in UK I haven't really got time
to lust over designer handbags.
I usually use a trusty big shoulder tote.
I really need a big bag to put in my umbrella (or brolly),
gloves, hats, carrier bags. 

And also I can't have delicate bags as well as
it rains so often it might get stained easily.

But, if I were to pick, I guess a Chanel jumbo flap
or an LV Speedy B would be nice?
I have more dressy, small bags atm.

But priority now is saving money!
For travelling and emergencies!
Because living on your own, you never know what might happen!
Back home, daddy was always closeby so it feels more safe lol.

I was actually a little sick,
because it rained the day I took the
coach from Southampton to London and then to Bedford.

Southampton to London is about 2 hours 15 mins.
London to Bedford is about 40 mins.

In between, there was about a 2 hour transit gap.
All this done under rain! And quite a heavy one.
I guess I will get used to it soon!

Drank a lot of lemon and honey and paracetamol sachets.
Beechams and Lemsip are good. And also Vicks.
And some throat and nasal spray.

First Aid Kit is serious, stock up on them!!
Especially cold and flu medicines cos you are bound
to feel under the weather at some point.

IDK why in Malaysia I get get very serious fever and sorethroat,
but recover faster. Here it's more mild but it's like a mainstay.

Look at the girl behind me! HAHHAA
Typical Asian. I'm so guilty of that as well.

Also, Bicester Village is the second most visited place
in UK after Buckingham Palace.

Crazy. A lot of chinese tourists.
And even a lot of chinese salesperson as well,
to facilitate communication.

Can I just call this shade London Red.
It's on their telephone boxes, double decker bus.
A very omnipotent landscape of London.

Tea time at Waitrose cafe.

I go to Costco, Pret A Manger and Wasabi often for coffee.
Or tea, in my case. I like chamomile and peppermint.
Ginger tea is soothing but some shops might not have it.

This is sooo good!
Their hazelnut gelato was amazeballs.

From Amorino hehe.
They shape their gelato into petals, it's like their trademark I guess.

Wasabi is a popular sushi chain restaurants,
but I find that it's hard to get a seat,
especially the one at Victoria Station.

After this I tried Salmon and Cheese Baguette from Pret A Manger.
It's so much better than their sushi!!

I think sushi is best eaten in Asian countries. IDK WHY lol.
I actually prefer eating bread here.

Croissants and baguette tastes so much better than normal bread!
The crust is the bomb. Anddd the chewy insides.

Mummy made mushroom risotto, yummm.

My mum likes to cook and she has a drawer full of spices.
Like at least thirty bottle of spices lol.
Coriander, cumin, parsley, thyme, ETC ETC.

I love cooking too ^^


And then! Went to meet up with Abby at Chinatown.

Hehe so glad to finally meet her!
She's been to London quite a few times already,
so she took me around.

As usual, transport station and walking to get around!

Ate at a Japanese restaurant
and the food was really bad lol.

It was 5 pounds so it wasn't that exy compared to London's standards,
but I can cook something better for 5 pounds!!!

HAHAHA but I'm glad I got to sit down and rest a bit.
I also left my luggage at Left Luggage Victoria Coach Station.

So helpful! I was lugging my hand luggage from Bedford to London
and I felt like my shoulders and back were breaking.

4 pounds for 24 hours storage, quite reasonable!
Don't go to the one at Victoria TRAIN station, because they charge 11 pounds
for the same thing. IDK why, but that's the way it is?

Then, we went to Oxford Circus!

The shopping haven of London.
They have Bond Street and Liberty around the area.
And also big Apple store, Topshop, Nike.
They were like four floors, and occupying huge lots.

It rains, but life goes on!

My mum said not to let the rain stop you from doing anything,
otherwise you would never do anything cos it's always raining lol.

There was some NFL (National Football League) event and I just
joined the fun lol. Football is like American's way of saying baseball.
It's such a big thing over there.

Then, we went to Liberty.

Abby wanted to do research for her course.
Liberty is like an edit for designer items, like a curation sort of thing.

They stock Chloe, Alexander Wang, Stuart Weitzman etc.


So that was my one day at London after going to Bedford for three days.

And then I'm back at Southampton for classes!

Here at the Bargate! Lol. 

Feeling like Wednesday Adams cos of the braids.

And ohhh update on cooking!

I made pancakes! The ingredients were quite basic.
Flour, milk, baking soda, sugar, butter, eggs.

The tricky part is frying it ! Lol

Hehe! Pancakes with whipped cream, honey and berries for breakfast

Food! At Chinatown. I was so happy when I went into their supermarket.

Like Waitrose, Tesco, Lidl. They don't stock Asian cooking essentials.
They have soy sauce, but just the basic. They don't have black bean sauce, etc.

I got tom yum paste, kimchi and sambal!!

Anddd proceeded to make kimchi fried rice! HEHEHE.
Cravings satisfied.

Overnight oat topped with honey, yogurt, nuts and fruits!

Cutting pineapple again cos it's like 60p for one!!!
I don't mind doing the hacking if it's so cheap!

Made baguette today hehe.

They were like pre-baked baguette, four for 42p at Lidl.
I wasn't having high expectations. But!! It tasted so good.

I didn't really follow any recipes, just thought what would be good together lol.
I rubbed some olive oil and butter to make it more crusty,
seasoned with salt, pepper and lots of garlic powder.

Added mozarella cheese, tomato sauce.
Baked for 10 mins under 200 celsius.


Fried some chicken in lemon juice

It was so yummy!
The cheese and garlic powder went well together,
and baguette tastes SOOOOOOOOOOOO
much better than regular wholemeal bread.


HAHAH okok I chill down

Made some salad!

I usually use Romaine Hearts, peas, carrots, tomatoes, corn, shrimp.
Seasoned with salt and pepper, tossed in mayonnaise and honey.
Drizzle lemon juice on top and add raisins and nuts if you fancy.

I made poached egg today :3

My first time lol followed Jamie Oliver's youtube video.

Usually, I do sunny side up  or hard boiled-egg.

I wanna try french style omelette next!
And maybe eggs benedict :3

I'm really glad I have the freedom and space to cook anything I fancy,
as long as I can find the ingredients lol. 

I feel like I'm training to be housekeeper/housewife over here 

I was really used to having a housekeeper back home, so went I came here 
it was good training! Doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, washing, baking,
scrubbing toilets, vacuuming carpets, etcetc lol.

That's about it this post :)

Have a great week guys!

xoxo, BUBU!


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