Monday, 23 November 2015

Christmas Market, Mayflower Park, Volunteering, Friends International

Hello :)

Southampton City (or the whole of England) has gotten a lot more happening.
It's Christmas! It's such a big thing here, I guess it would 
compensate for missing out on Chinese New Year this year :3

I hope to see some snow! 
And do some ice-skating! I heard there's a rink in Winchester,
about 30 minutes away from Southampton.
A friend told me he and his friends walked to Winchester and it took them eight hours. 
Lol. Crazy.

Advent calendar hahahah.
Boots is doing so many cute gift sets.
Gotta pinch myself not to buy them and waste money.

The Christmas market is German-themed, and apparently Germans
are the ones who started the tradition.

I haven't tried their beer yet lol.
People always say that German beer is nice.
But unfortunately. I do not like beer.

I like tea. My favourite is current Lemon & Ginger,
drizzled with freshly squeezed lemon juice.
Last month's favourite was Peppermint.

Never used to be that crazy about tea 
until I came to the land of tea people.
I guess the weather also plays a huge factor!

You know. I've gotten so much more mellowed out and auntie now.
Funny to think how two or three years ago I was so wild.
Going to clubs in my pink hair/blonde hair.

I go to church and gym and do lots of cooking and cleaning.
Like a housewife basically, but not married HAHAHHA

With Rosita yoh!

She's from Taiwan and studies the same course as us.
Fashion Management with Marketing, if you are wondering. Hehe.

She's just gone to Switzerland for the weekend.
She told me the flight ticket was 60 pounds!!!
I need to do more travelling.

Oh hahaha a couple of days after that I booked a ticket to 
go to Italy to visit Jasmine. In Florence. Next month.

HAHAHHA. It was really freaking impromptu and 
I had like two or three days to think about it before booking.
It's peak season. Abby got her's a few weeks before mine
and it was 100 pounds!! I got it at 120 pounds.

Which is quite expensive, for going to Italy.
And then a couple of days after that my mum booked
flight tickets to Paris next March! I'm excited! Lol.
My mum got the flight tickets for about 81 pounds :3
So excited!!! And glad to go on this trip! Heheh thanks to mami. :3

I've been to Italy and Paris before when I was nine years old.
Old enough to remember being at the landmarks 
(The Colloseum, Eiffel Tower, Jungfraujoch etc)
but not old enough to appreciate it properly. 
I remember being really sick and sulking like a brat
at Amsterdam, and puked when we visited the windmills.
The winds were crazy lol (WINDmills) and I caught a cold.

And I remember sulking at my dad for bringing me to such a cold place.
Now I think back at it I feel so ungrateful lololol.

But it's much more merciful this time, because I got thrown into UK
during Autumn, so you get to be around 15 degree celsius
and your body acclimatizes to the cold as it drops lower and lower.
Idk how boyfie going to deal with the full blown winter!

Southampton is around 1 degree celsius now. 
The trench coat is too thin for now lol.
Time to be a dumpling and wrap up in parkas and scarves.

Oh yes! Dad is also coming to visit during graduation, July ish.
And hopefully boyfie will be coming January ish.
We'll see how it goes? hehe. I do miss him a lot.

I would love to visit Spain! Greece! Turkey! Monaco!
Lol everywhere basically. 
Would loveeee to travel with boyfie and family.
I want those cliche couple shots at europe landmarks HAHAHAHHA. ^^
It has also been a long time since I've travelled with daddy.
The last one was Korea like two years ago!

I don't mind revisiting places I've visited, 
like Germany and Amsterdam and Paris and Italy.
Because they're big countries with interesting cultures, and I've only been 
there like a few days.

Anyway. I am ever so thankful for getting this chance to study abroad.
Thank you, Daddy!

He always says, "I work hard like hell, you and your brother enjoy like hell".
Hahhahahahah as usual my dad is very direct.

With Ai Lynn my beloved roommate. Lolol.
Ai Lynn is very easy to get along with la. 
She's very thoughtful and the responsible/neat sort.
She's the sort who will wake up 8am for a 12pm outing,
while I'm the sort who will wake up at 1130pm for a 12pm outing.

But sometimes she damn sarcastic lo.

It wasn't that cold (yet).
I think 15-8 degree celsius is pretty okay.
Below 5 degree celsius and plus the wind, it will be quite chilly.
We get strong gale winds here because we're a port city.
And very humid too! With a lot of rain.

I miss Malaysia' sun. I can't get the daylight hours here.
Like seriously.

The other day, I was lying on my bed and looking out my window
It was like 3.30PM.

And then I saw the MOON.
WHAT. At 3.30PM.

I'm very used to the skies getting dark around 7pm,
so it's quite depressing la when the 4pm here is like 7pm.

See! HAHHA. It's on my snapchat. 
Username is bubuchahchah if you are wondering. Duh ^^

But in the end you just gotta roll with it.

As they say, "Change what you can't accept. Accept what you can't change".

You can't ask the skies to stop raining just because you want to go out. 
So you have to carry on, whether it's dark, cold or raining.

And also, "I miss the sunshine" takes on a proper meaning here.
I don't miss the sunshine in Malaysia. It's always up all over my face lol.
But it's quite elusive here HAHAHHA
Everyone is always a little more cheerful with the sun.

The flying santa landed at Southampton Bargate.
Which is where the Christmas Market is.
It's like a 10 minute walk from my residence.
Very convenient actually!

Some people take the bus just to come here because they live like 40 minutes away.
Usually students who go to Southampton University.
I am in Southampton SOLENT University.

I think I can feel some rivalry broiling underneath between these two uni. 
HAHAHA. And also Solent students despise getting mistaken for Southampton uni.
So same, yet so diff.

With the Tan Ai Lynn.
Oh my gatch I can't keep count how many times people  
have asked us if we're sisters.

Once walking around the park. Twice by lecturers. Once by volunteer leader.
I guess it's our surnames? HAHAHAHHA

It's very common though, Tan.
Like Wong. Or Smith for Westerners.

Everytime Ai Lynn and I introduce ourselves to new people,
we always wonder if they will ask this proverbial question-
"Are you guys sisters?"

I get a kick when it happens. HAHAHHAA

German sausages aka frankfurters which I haven't tried 
because Mister Pork. I don't eat bacon/pork/beef/mutton/lamb/escargots.
I am not very adventurous with meat.

Carousel ^^ I used to love riding on them when I was really little.

I like the traditional glittery horses with pink ribbons and a lot of sass.
I remember riding on one in Genting. ^^

Ootd? ^^

I've gotten very low-maintenance actually.
Especially with handbags! It's not convenient to carry 
designer handbags because you have to do a lot of walking.
And the weather is unpredictable and cold and rainy.
So you have to pack loads. Like gloves and umbrella and your whole closet.

This was 6th of November. I think.

We went to Mayflower Park near The Docks for fireworks viewing.
Guy Fawkes! There were fireworks nonstop for like three days and 
I could catch glimpses of them from my flat window. 

Went with Iris and Ai Lynn!
Iris is a Filipino born in Norway.

She shares the same birthdate as me ^^
3.21 hehe

I dragged them to a roller coaster ride and three of us turned blue afterwards.
It's like a tornado sort of ride and they turn you round and round while hanging you
almost upside down.

I was hanging on for dear life and shouting for it to stop lololol.
But it was fun to scream! Just not so fun when it didn't feel so safe.
I was afraid my hair would get stucked and ripped out.

Actually, I didn't really think of how scary it would be when I dragged them to the ride.
AHAHHAA. Because I don't think I would go for it if I did.
Do first, think later. Very failed thinking HAHAHA

There's this big Ferris Wheel that swings like a sped up hamster wheel 
and it looks damn scary lol.

I don't have a pic of the ride I took! But basically it's a
fun-fair ride that looks quite shady. And because it's not that big
you would think it's not that scary. Until you get in and shit happens

Roller ghosta lol I can't resist cheesy puns man.

It was freezing that night and we were by the seaside.
I sincerely regret sacrificing my jacket for vanity.
But I doubt I won't do it again.

The fireworks viewing was pretty satisfying! 
They had heart shaped fireworks and smiley ones!! So creative.
Only thing was I wished the fireworks were nearer.
In Desa Park City it's like so near you would risk getting charred from the fireworks that exploded and fell back to the ground. HAHA ^^ those black spots rocky thingy. 

And here is Ai Lynn at Starbucks trying to recover from the roller coaster ride.
She looks deeply traumatized. It was that bad.

This was one of those days my face was not that swollen.
But Ai Lynn said it's not much of a difference because my face is always so round.

But I comfort myself by telling myself that round faces look younger and more cheerful.

Boyfie ^^ so cute hehe
LDR is never easy.
But sometimes, you just gotta work with what you have, and have faith.
I can't wait to finally see him again.
I can imagine fireworks exploding in my head HAHAHHA

Cabbie my dog!! Hehheheheeh almost didn't recognize him.
He got so fat like Baby HAHAHAHAH.
He used to be underweight, like 3-4kg.
I think he's like 8kg now!! I need to starve him when I'm back.

He's very well loved and well fed with my boyfriend's family lol.
In my house only I would sayang him but boyfie's family love dogs!
So Cabbie is very lucky. Hehe. And I'm very thankful for that :3
Boyfie's family is very nice to me too, I miss visiting them!

I got boyfie some flowers for our monthsary.
HAHHAHAHAH. Our one year five months, to be exact.
When Edward asked me to be his girlfriend, he brought me to
DPC and gave me six roses because it was June 21st.
And he chose 21st because it's my birthdate. Hehe.

Anyway. I think in relationships you always have to feed it with love.
Like a pot of flowers. When you don't water them, they die.
Just because you've planted the seed and they've sprouted,
doesn't mean you should reduce your efforts.
In fact, that's when you should increase your efforts.

Facetime with Shao Yang hahahha look like uncle.
With Playboy pillows. So vain.

Anyway it was great sitting beside this funny fellow 
for the most part of my Form Five. We call each other zi mui.
Or like sisters. Or bridesmaid HAHAHHAHA

Also facetimed a while with King Jiat! ^^

Nice la they didn't forget about me. Yet! HAHHAA

This was during Friends International event at Central Baptist Church.
I met two other Malaysians! Southampton is very very rare for Malaysians.
Compared to Bristol and Liverpool, it's nothing. Like negative. HHAHHA.

That's Joe from Sandakan. And Wen Qian/Wen Chien from Johor Bahru.
Joe is on his second year now and he pretty much knows the ins and outs.

Also met a few people from China. One from Hong Kong.
Another from Belgium. Who's studying Masters in Oceanography.
So cool!

Everyone who organized the event was really nice!
Usually Friends International events are held in churches.
We had a yummy yummy meal cooked by one lady!
Baked potatoes with beans and cheese and apple crumble! Yum.

Everyone has been really kind and nice actually!
I can't ask for more. Sure, there are a few rotten apples now and then,
like this guy who sneered at a woman who was a bit midget ish and was walking alone.
And I was really mad!!! Because they were probably drunk and 
went around verbally insulting people 

There are a lot of drunkards here, I guess because alcohol is cheap?
And quite a lot of homeless man too. I feel bad for them la,
but I always see them drinking beer with the money people donate them.
And once or twice they asked passerbys to give them cigarettes.

If they want to keep warm I would rather give them a cup of tea?!
But... no matter what.. I think it is still the right thing
to help them even if they are going to use the money for alcohol and whatnot.
Because what if he was really cold and hungry?
What if you were in his place?

But then!! Not like I give often enough.
Sometimes I feel very thankful and ashamed.
Thankful that I'm blessed with an able body and a dad who provides for me
with all he can. Ashamed that I'm luckier than others but 
never really use my fortune to help others.

Ahhhh need to start doing more now.
And also the Syrian refugees!!! God help them!!!
I don't think it's fair to close your borders when people out there need help
and are running away from bombs and gunfires.

After all the world is created by God and I don't think it's fair
to turn away people who need help and close off your borders.
 It's not like they are coming to bomb your country or they have ill intent.
They're coming because they have no where to go and their homes are destroyed.
It's quite sad. How people in underprivileged countries are neglected.
They all have families, hopes and dreams. 

Okay lol sorry back to happier things

Volunteer work lolol.

We applied through our Student Union.
Ai Lynn was the one who found all these activities, 
which I am glad for hahaha otherwise we will be rotting at home.

See. People go clubbing we go volunteer.
Productive right HAHAHAHA 

I like visiting farms actually. Or just being outdoors.
Plantations, mountains, seaside. Whatever.

I've been to a farm in Taiwan and in Australia.
Very peaceful feeling.

It's not very big, but they have sheeps and goats and a cow and two pigs.

We did gardening mostly!
Shoveling the soil and driving in stakes.
Quite tough work!
I understand why he needs volunteers lol.

They also do a lot of things, like visits from disabled children etc.
I think volunteering is really fun and people there are all really nice.
It's like a win win situation I guess, they get help and you get to help and experience/gain some knowledge along the way.

And if you have an able body, why not volunteer right? 
Since God has blessed you with health.

Everyone was really patient and helpful! And accommodating!
God bless these people hehe.

And I also like that churches are everywhere here in England.
Modern churches. Historical churches. They are so beautiful!
And full of history.

My Wellington boots had a smiley face :-)

I think we did gardening for about two three hours.
But very chill la, shovel and rest a bit.
Richard our leader did most of the work. HAHA. And guided us.
I also did some hammering and drilling. And also sawing.
I was very afraid to lose one of my fingers in the process.
Thank Goodness I came out one piece.

We also saw a lot of earthworms while digging and I kept screaming 
and scaring everyone else lol.
Richard thought what happened and he saw it was a worm HAHAHA and he sighed.
The girl who was volunteering as well went and picked the worm in her hands.

After our hardwork, we got to interact with their small animals.
This is their bearded dragon lol.

They give animals names, like all of them.
Which I think is really sweet! Each one has their own story.

Dr John is a turtle who is hibernating, so he is a bit grumpy if you try to touch him.
Charlie is a male turkey who can be quite aggressive.
I also met Chloe the goat. 

And a Ram. Called Rammy? HAHAHAHHA.
So punny. I liked observing the ram because I'm an Aries under the star signs.
They are impulsive, aggressive and stubborn apparently lol.

But Rammy was really tame for a male sheep.
He kept putting his head near Richard's hand for him to pet his head lol.
So cute.

Ai Lynn dared to hold the bearded dragon.
Me no dare I pee in my pants.
I just can't. I can't help squirming and screaming.
it's a mental thing. It's not scary as in harmful scary but I can't help squirming.

After taking this picture the bearded dragon moved and I shouted again lol.

Ai Lynn cute or not?

HAHHAHAHA sorry Ai Lynn but you make the most annoying faces ever.
I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this picture.
Why Ai Lynn Why.

She is single and available by the way

My favourite was the Guinea Pig!!!
He was so fluffy and cute!

It was an honour to cuddle him on my lap lolol

With the other volunteers!

Then we went out and fed the chickens. 
Richard gave me a cup filled with feed. I fed them a while but got scared lolol
their beaks were so sharp and they are really unashamed when it comes to food.
They cock their heads and stand really near you with eyes of expectation.

And also one of the cocks or umm excuse me, rooster,
suddenly BIT a female hen right on the head to pin her down. LIKE AGGRESSIVE OMG.
Like serious S&M OUCH OUCH thingy. And that's how they mate!!!
So not romantic!!! But the hen escaped luckily.

I asked Gary one of the older caretakers if the hens bleed
and he said sometimes they do :( it's just how they mate

This a female cow and she is very big, like all cows are.

The goats on the other hand are very docile.
The males are castrated so they are not aggressive.

Richard also let us into the goat's pen! Hehe.
Their coat is kind of rough. Smooth but not furry I guess?

So that's about my volunteering experience.
Would deffo love to do more!
Maybe teaching children with special needs etc.

I've been reading Jodi Picoult books lately lol.
And also re-watched The Fault In Our Stars.
Idk why I'm so into depressing stories lately.
Stories with cancer and dying. 

Grocery shopping!

I remember Jennie and Nicole told me like 10 pounds a week 
is enough for grocery shopping.
But I think I spend like 15-20 pounds a week.

Lol. But I don't spend much on eating out though, so I don't mind spending a bit more on food.
I usually go to Lidl and a bag of spinach is like 89p. Eight onions is like 54p. 
A box of cereal is like 99p. 12 eggs is like 1 pounds. 6 breast fillet is like 3.84 pounds.

HAHAHHAHA. I know because I did grocery shopping today.
I spent about 14 pounds for like 9 items I think. A bit more exy because of the chicken.

I always restock milk, eggs, cereal, snack bars.
Mushroom, frozen vege, corn, tuna, tomatoes, cheddar.
Baguette, pasta, pasta sauce. Chicken, prawn, fish fingers.
Rice!! Noodles! But my mum helped me out a lot heheheheh.
She buys a lot of non-perishables and dry products.

I always rotate my menu but when I cook something
I often eat it for like three days straight.
HAHAHHA. Keep using up the same ingredients.

For a while it was kimchi fried rice. Then pineapple fried rice.
Then salad. Then now it's potato salad and soup and stir fry noodles.
There was also pizza style baguette and spaghetti carbonara before this.

Nomnom. Chicken marinated in soy sauce and five spice powder with noodles.

Ciabatta rolls pizza style

The same thing but with baguette and kale and chicken nuggets on the side lol

My mum came to visit me at Southampton and brought me like a truckload of stuffs!

I can open grocery store d lolol.

Afternoon tea with mum at Costa!

Stir fried udon with sesame seeds and chicken and mushroom and vege lolol.
Used teriyaki sauce, soysauce, oyster sauce.

Miso soup with fried rice!

Cheated with the miso soup paste packet mum got me :3

Added tofu, seaweed, mushrooms, spinach.
Had leftover so...

Added noodles for my next meal. Lol.

*Cuts finger*


*Takes photo*

It was quite deep but didn't really hurt that bad.
I was trying to take the tab off a can.

Hipster mou? Lolol.

Kale with carrots and peas and corn and chicken nugget and egg and raisins and walnuts and almond flakes seasoned with italian herbs and thrown in lemon juice and mayonnaise. Ya.

Tried to make potato chips but they ended up as mini pizza potato chips. Oh well.
Still tasted nice :3

Persimmon chips! Sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.
They are quite filling, actually.

Noodle with tom yum. Cheat one with tomyum paste.

Facetime with the beloved daddy.

And also this Facebook keeps digging out old pictures of me.
It's so annoying and creepy lol.

Look. This was like four years ago and it suddenly popped up on my homepage.
HAHHA oh man. So much has gone by since then.

This was a random picture from Portswood Church.

Above Bar Church is the church I usually go to, because it's nearer.
The other churches I visit for events. I want to go carolling!!
And it's so nice listening to them play the organs and saxophone at church.

Oh and I would also love to go watch a ballet from The Royal Ballet in London.
The Nutcracker! Or Swanlake! And also watch a live orchestra. 
Preferably Tchaikovsky or Chopin?

I feel like Fine Arts is not as appreciated in Malaysia,
and I wouldn't want to miss the chance to watch something like that live!

Pure Gym lol. It's quite far from my place so getting there is like a workout already.
About 50 minutes to walk to and from the gym. HAHAHA.
But they have a lot of classes like pilates, bootcamp, cycling.
You just go on to the website and book it. It's also open 24/7.

But honestly my tummy can get super bloated here, because of the wind I think.
And my weight fluctuates la, and cos you wear so many layers of clothes
all the time it's hard to tell how much weight you gain. Dangerous!
In Malaysia you'll be more self-conscious. The cold also makes you a lil more peckish.

Anddd some snippets of pole fitness class


A chair and a pinwheel


A climb and a plank


Invert and bow and arrow

Actually I quite wish I had a pole at home to practise on 
because if you go to classes you can only get as far
as your teacher teaches you.

But pole costs like half compared to what it costs back in Malaysia.
Anyway no I don't do the slutty stripper kind of pole dancing it's more like 
a fun way to workout sort of thing. HAHHA. It really works your muscle
especially your shoulders and core to lift yourself up

Also, I find it funny that all the student accommodations across England
are fitted with like 90% the same furniture. Same wardrobe, same curtains, same desk. 
Everything lol. I wonder if they are using the same supplier, or if all student accommodation
are under one big company/contract? Probably the latter?

Excuse my un-made bed lolol.

End with some mirror shots. Lol

Yup. That's about it this post!

Have a nice week everyone :3
Till then.

xx BUBU!


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