Monday, 28 December 2015

Florence, Cinque Terra, Pisa, MALAYSIA!

Hello peeps! :)

December has been full of surprises, and good ones. 

Both trips were really impromptu! 
Italy was five days four nights with Jasmine and Abby.
I booked it like a couple of weeks beforehand.

And second one? Well. I'm back home.
Like Malaysia home not UK home. 
HEHE. That was worst lol.

I booked the flight on 25th. I flew the next day.
Most impromptu shit I ever did for travelling lol.
I just touched down Malaysia today hehe.

But first! Italy!

For Italy I took easyjet with Abby!
We met at Gatwick airport. We were allocated on different seats though.
She booked hers before mine, I booked like a week or two later.
She got it for 100 pounds! I got it for 125 pounds lol for the same thing.
Cos it's peak season, December and all!

Usually you should be able to get them for 60 pounds actually. Switzerland, Spain, Germany.
They're all around that price if you take Easyjet or Ryanair,
UK's equivalent of Malaysia's Airasia. 

So it's really worth it to explore Europe with UK as your base!
I have a lot of friends who went to Iceland and Scotland this December.
Iceland for the blue lagoon hotspring? ^^ A lot of Taylorians and Bestarians I knew went.

I've been to Italy once when I was thirteen!
It was a really great trip with my family because the trip was like eight to ten days I think and we went Italy and Austria. 

Those that smush in eight countries in ten days are the worst lol
it's like being on the run. I think ang mohs are really ALL OUT when they go holiday.
They usually do it during their summer break or winter, and they go holiday for MONTHS not DAYS like us Asians lol. Asians be like. We got to go back to work.

Fresh out of the plane face!
Jasmine is the one in the middle.
She is studying at Italy now! Which is really cool because she gets to learn their language as well.

I think people always say Italians are rude, especially to Chinese.
But I think okay? Some of them are quite friendly, even if they don't speak English well.
Actually, umm, most of them don't really speak English, which really surprised me. 
I think their coherence is something on par with the Japanese.

Jasmine taught us a few phrases! HAHAHA.
Ciao means hello or bye bye. Scusa means excuse me.
Grazie means Thank You. Buon Giorno means Good Morning. 

The only thing I have to say lol Italians can't really multi-task.
HAHAHAH especially the waiters. They always show you the hand if they're the slightest bit busy. The slightest! I think people feel that Italians are rude because they don't like to speak to you if you don't know Italian. Hmm. I think maybe they feel nervous not knowing how to reply cos they don't know the language you're speaking?
I mean you would be quite anxious if someone came up to you and started to talk to you in Arabic right? But Japanese people are really cute and polite all the time lol.

AnD OMG pickpockets in Italy! More on that later.

Jasmine brought us to this bistro called "Za Za".

IT WAS REALLY GOOD. Most probably because it has been one whole day and I've only had a sandwich all day and I was freaking ravenous. IT WAS SO GOOD.

Thanks Jasmine hahahahha

Anyway when I read the menu in UK and in Europe it always stabs me in the heart a little.
I'm like gripping the menu with white fists. "Don't convert don't convert".

When you convert it's like on average 15 euros a meal, or RM70 for a plate of pasta in a normal restaurant. And also I ate a bowl of "Har Mien" or prawn noodles for RM55 in UK HAHAHAH. But it's just because of the currency and higher cost of living. Malaysia is fine if you work there and live there because the cost of living is really low.

A litre of petrol in Malaysia is like RM2.10. In UK it's like 1 pound or RM6 plus per litre. And we are complaining petrol is expensive LOL. Italy and UK cost of living is quite same. Italy is cheaper for eating out, UK is cheaper for buying groceries. I think ^^

Italian restaurants always serve a basket of bread, olive oil and balsamic vinegar to dip in.
However, tap water is not the norm as it is in UK.
They always ask if you want Naturale which is your flat boring water,
or Frizzante which is sparkling water.

Honestly, I know Frizzante is very atas but I really hate the taste and can't deny it lol.
I usually just keep a bottle of water in my bag hehe. In Italy they also have table charge sometimes, which is something like for tax and service. Quite exy ah, 2-3 euros PER HEAD.

But the food is SOOOOOO good though.
I had ravioli in cream truffle sauce and shared a four toppings pizza.
Abby had steak with truffle sauce.

In Italy, if it's made with tomato, cheese or cream it's probably good lol.
UK food is really bad. Like teruk. It's like.
It's nicer if you cook at home, and you don't even have to be a good cook.
UK food is mostly like Starbucks and Dome.
A lot of sandwiches in cling wrap that you reheat. UGH.
I had been missing Hawker food so much lolol. 
The first thing I ate when I touched down in Malaysia was... NASI LEMAK.

But ! Anyway hahaha food complaints aside, it has been really fun travelling Italy and being in UK.
I guess it's a bittersweet thing for me because I'm such a homebody.

Studying abroad has taught me a lot on how to be more independent, and also to take a step back and look at how spoilt I was last time because I depended so much on my maid lol.
In UK I had to do everything from washing my toilet to vacuuming my whole room to cooking everyday meals because no one will do it for me if I don't lol ^^

And I've gotten more tidy! HAHAHA. In some ways.
But the thing I was most grateful for was getting a headstart in cooking, which was something I've always wanted to learn.

Italy is really romantic at night, plus it was Christmas so there was lights everywhere.

Look at the restaurant owner lol he must be thinking "PLEASE GET OFF FROM MY RESTAURANT"

Pretty lights everywhere!

Florence is a very "yellow" country lol.
All their lightbulbs are the incandescent ones!
Not the fluorescent ones we have in Malaysia. 
And also rarely a modern building in sight, the buildings here date back to 12th century
and you can't change the facade of your building without approval etc

Duomo the church! Must see when in Florence!

Rinascent at night, their departmental store. Something like Isetan.

After dinner, we went back to Jasmine's place to rest.
Jasmine's room is huge lol it's for two people but she's taken up the whole room.

Jasmine brought us to have some panini for breakfast.
This was much cheaper! Like 2.50 euro.
The dinner last night was like 15 euro.

Thanks Abby for lending me your 32mm hair curler HAHAHHAHA.
I always find it cute when girls travel with their big ass curling thong lol.
Xuan is another one who does that HAHHAHA

For me I'm very kiamsap with luggage space and like to pack as light as possible.
The one thing I won't skimp is.. ahem.. undies.
HAHAHHAHA. because I can't deal with running out of underwear and having to re-wear them (ICK!)

Pretty flowers in winter hehe.

I brought three cameras lol. Casio TR-15, Fujifilm Instax, Samsung EX2F.
The blog post is a mix of Casio and Samsung ^^

AND! HAHAH when we first touched down I was telling Jasmine eh not that cold ah Italy.
Because it was sunny that day lol. It does get much colder at night!
In Southampton the thing you have to get used to is the wind. 
Freaking windy because it's a port city and by the sea! So no mountains or anything to buffer the winds.

The gelato is a must!
Jasmine brought us to this shop opposite the main street.
1.50 euro for two scoops! Other places was like 2.50 euros

I love Pistachio and Hazelnut. 
I like nuts. I don't like fruit flavoured ice cream. I think they are too sweet.
I like green tea and sesame too! When in Japanese restaurants.
Jasmine lovesss Lemon. Or Limone in Italian.
Ai Lynn likes chocolate. The very jelak type HAHHAHA
Anyway is quite sad she couldn't join us for Italy!
But she did go to Bath and Bristol, which I didn't lol!

Arno River, in between shots and melted gelato. HEHEHE.

Jasmine and Abby ^^

And no I did not buy any branded goods lol.
I ALMOST. ALMOST. Almost at Prada.
But was so glad I held back lol. I really want to save money for travelling,
Or at least for emergencies! Anyway in Europe I always carry backpack 
because there's a lot of walking involved. In Southampton too,
plus no point carrying nice things cos you never know when it will rain lol.

Sunny! It was a lovely weather that day!

After being in a country during winter, I get why ang mohs like to flee to warmer countries during winter. It is depressing!!!!

When I came back Malaysia the first day and the sun HADN'T set at 7PM, freaking 7PM, I was feeling so touched lolol. In UK you can say bye bye to the sun at around 3.30PM. SAD, SAD.
Then you just wanna lay there and rot. HAHAHAHHA. But don't la.

Horsies! HEHHE. I remember seeing these back in Rome when I was 13.
But they are a total tourist trap!!! The gondolas in Venice as well!!
I remember it was around 100 euros for the five of us.

Hehe. But I haven't been to Milan yet. Only Florence, Rome, Pisa, Venice, Cinque Terra.
I wouldn't mind coming to here again with boyfie since he likes Italy hehe.

Anyway I had a lot of fun in Italy thanks to Jasmine and Abby! Hehe. 

Abby was like saying IDK how the heck we going to survive without Jasmine because literally no one speaks English lol. But! There's quite a lot of chinese who speak fluent Italian. Because they live there.

In Europe and Australia, when the weather is clear the skies are really blue.
Like deep blue. In Malaysia it's light blue at most. Idk why.
I'm not a smartass. HAHAHHA

Then I bought a cape, because it was getting colder.

Jasmine loves wearing grey. Can you tell?

And then we had pizza!

They had salami, I had mushrooms!

And their pasta! I really like that they use fresh dough lol. Like fresh pasta.
Pasta you knead yourself. That's why it tastes so good.

Then we went inside Gucci's museum.
But I do not recommend going lol nothing special and you can't take pictures inside.
It was like 12 euros! Gimme a refund lol!

Jasmine took us to Japanese buffet for dinner!
It was really worth it. I forgot how much it was hahahah.
I think 15-25 euros. You order ala carte but as much as you want (as long as you can finish)
We had so much food it almost became torture.

Each one of us ordered sushi rolls.
I ordered rainbow roll. Because I like raw fish!

I loveee sashimi!

Maguro. Or tuna tartar hahhaha but couldn't finish

Salmon slices



We also had dessert after that lol.
Ice cream scoops! But shared with Jasmine and Abby cos dinner was really so filling.
But worth it!

The next day, we went to The Mall, a designer outlet just 45mins away from Florence.
We took the bus, about eight euros for return. Eight or ten I think.

Prada and Gucci was one of the biggest stores there, and there was a lot a lot of chinese.
As usual! But the service was really bad and I didn't feel like buying anything lol.

There was this security guard at Prada who told a China guy not to take pictures of their handbag. The china guy got PISSED. Lol. It was so funny HAHAHAH because the china guy was so stubborn. He barked back at the security guard, "Zuo mo bu ke yi?". And one was Italian and one was Chinese and neither spoke English except for the security's guard main phrase- No pictures please. The guard mumbled something while the China guy cockstared him. Then he cursed "NI DOU SHA DE". HAHAHAHHAHA. He was saying the security guard was retarded/crazy. And mine you this security guard has a straight-face like those military types.

Pictures credits: Abby. Abby and her red fingernails. HAHAHAHA
Can you spot them

God bless laser surgery lol.

It has really eased my life so so much!! Not having to bother about contact lens and glasses is just awesome. Plus, I see even clearer than I did with contact lens. But the recovery for me was not as easy as they said la, it took like three months for my eyes to not feel that dry. Before that I had to put eye drops few times a day, not I put once every few days lol. 

With the cape I got! hehe.

This was day four already. We went to visit Cinque Terra!
It's a fishing village in Italy with a lot of colourful buildings.
Like those you always see in Tumblr lol.

Just glad to be able to visit it in person!
It's quite a kampung place, but very nice views.
I was itching badly for a swim and the beach tho.
Deffo gonna visit Malaysia's beach before going back.
You know, sometimes you only realize what you are missing when it's not there.

Vernazza, Cinque Terra.

There are five villages in Cinque Terra.
Vernazza is the biggest one! It's the 4th village.
I think la if memory serves me right lol.

Thanks to Abby and Jasmine HAHHA I just follow them to take train etc.

The water was really, really clear at the shallow end.
You could see clearly the pebbles underneath.

Hehe the buildings are not as saturated as the ones you see online.
Maybe the haven't repaint it HAHAHA. But you can always turn up the colour saturation on your insta!

When you are near the sea but wearing coat and not bikini lol FML
The view was pretty though! I think as I got older I appreciate landscapes more.
When I was a kid I didn't give a tut lol

Cinque Terra and my melted gelato. 
Melted gelato is a trademark of visiting Italy.
Too busy taking pictures to eat before it melts.

Picture I took

Picture from Google.

HAHAHA it's the diff  between heaven and hell lol sorry I didn't edit lolol.
I guess it's nicer in the summer?! HAHAH can't stop laughing when seeing the diff

Day 5! Time to head to Pisa airport.
So, we also went to visit Pisa the landmark building.

This was where Jasmine got pickpocketed! I feel so angry for her seriously!
It happened like really fast. Just a split second and she realized it was gone.
I suspect it's the old lady who took it. Sure enough, when we went back to the bus stop after TWO HOURS she was still there. Loitering around, looking for the next victim. 
I guess they work in groups? Like she'll take the phone then pass it to others.

Please beware guys! Whether its Italy or Paris or London. Always take care of your belongings! Unless if you're in Japan lolol. Where Siet Yen left her Fendi bag in the toilet with all her cash and nobody stole anything instead return it to the lost and found counter. I really respect them for that!

Blue blue skies and the leaning tower of Pisa

This was me eight years ago in my huge blue parka lol.
It was a really great trip with my family! I really appreciate travelling with my family.
OR FRIENDS. OR BOYFRIEND. Always grateful!

Kiss the tower hahahha

And finally use my fujifilm.
I stick the films on my mounting board back in the UK dorm!

HEHE. So that about sums up my trip to Italy.
It was really spontaneous and I was glad I took the plunge.

Again, I believe in life.. we always regret the chances we take, more than the chances we did take.
I believe that doing more is better than doing less. 

Soo.... back to why I suddenly came back to Malaysia.
AHHAHA. ON the 25th I was face-timing with my dad.
And he was asking when does my break end so I said mid January.
Then he was like your break quite long ah come back home la.

WHEN I HEARD THE WORD HOME. I went and quickly googled the flights HAHAHHA.
So yeah. 25th I booked the tickets, on that night itself I packed my bags, 
THE NEXT MORNING I freaking dragged my ass to the train station and go to Heathrow Airport.
I took Qatar, transit flight with one hour in between.

I like direct flights more, but the transit was only one hour so okay la.
Those seven hours one I'm like NO PLS NO.
I booked my flight A DAY BEFORE and it was 680 pounds, so considered quite a great deal actually! Direct flight from British airways and MAS was around 1200 pounds lol no pls.

HEHEE. And of course I was really excited to tell my boyfriend.
You know my dad is really fickle hahahah.

Before I went to UK, my relatives asked if I would be coming back for CNY, then he told them "COME BACK FOR WHAT WASTE MONEY AH SO FAST COME BACK". 

jhahhah when I heard this I straightaway book everything lolol.
It was Christmas Day mind you I ran out to the bank to bank in cash to my card but everything was closed lol in the end I had to use some other way. 

anyway for me I can be really spontaneous because I'm the "DO FIRST. THINK LATER" those type.
I don't think how the hell am I going to manage rushing for my flight and shiz.

And so then. 26th I took the flight.
27th I reached KLIA at 2PM.
And Edward my lovely boyfie was waiting to take me home teehehehhehehehehe.

I'm just really thankful to have Edward as my boyfriend hehe.
To me, I don't get together with someone unless I see a future with them.
And I do see a future in him and he's such a great guy hehe.

OF COURSE WE ARGUED. LDR was hard. No kidding.
I mean how can LDR not be hard? You always want to be with the person you love.
Text messages and facetime calls just don't cut it.
Not in the way that seeing someone in person can.

I had two flights and two meals in each lol. Four meals in the space of fifteen hours :3
But I skipped one of them at the end!
I love that they gave metal cultery. I was really tempted to steal them but I was afraid the metal detectors would go off HAHAHAHAHHA.

Their chicken pie was really good ummphhh

Stopover at Doha. I was really afraid of travelling alone okay beginning of 2015 before studying in UK. Now I'm really used to public transports and waiting lol. The most important thing is MONEY. No money no talk lol. In your credit card and in cash! And also handphone and data! And passport if your going overseas, biometric residence permit if not.

Landed at KLIA! It's so weird that going to Italy is 2 hours while going to KL MY HOME is 14 hours. Italy used to be so far away.

My heart jumped out of my ribcage when I saw this boy lol.
My boyfie was like. Those four months felt like four years.

HAHAHHA. I'm just really happy we managed to cling onto each other.
The feeling of seeing each other again after separation was really SURREAL.
And it wasn't like I knew I was going back in December.

If I was going away in September and I knew I would be going back in December, life would be easier lol. I wouldn't have to get homesick so much. But this was a pleasant surprise that came out of nowhere la. A really great surprise hehehehehehe to see my boyfriend, family and friends again. Nothing beats being home. 

I'm not one for migrating lol, that much I know. I fancy travelling, yes.
But home is always, always the place I want to be.

Ldr also gave me a lot of time to reflect on my relationship!
How sometimes I didn't compromise enough and wasn't loving enough.

But. The thing with relationships. You are never going to find the perfect guy okay.
You are not perfect yourself, so what makes you think that other human beings are perfect? We all think different and sometimes those mindset leads us to arguments.

Like a guy wants to be alone sometimes but a girl will take it personally and feel insecure etc. You know. If you love someone. You don't give up. That's all the secret there is. You just love them each day for who they are and you don't stop showing your love. 

A lot of times there will be ups and downs, times where you'll be thinking you want to throw in the towel and give up. But trust me, if you hang on and work out your arguments, you'll look back and think how silly it was to think of giving up. And that's how life is. 

It always manages to surprise us.


It was really awkward ya know when I just saw Edward.
After months of not seeing him in person. Really very shy HAHAHHA.
But after few hours okay already.

 I went to visit CABBIE!!!! MY LOVELY SHIH TZU.
He's being treated like a prince in my boyfriend's house lol I don't think he wants to leave HAHAHA.
 He gave me a really warm welcome ^^ HEHEHEEEE. I miss my doggie so much oh my the FURRRRR. The doggie licks and waggie tails!

AND NASI LEMAK I HAD NASI LEMAK AND CURRY PUFF. And some of Edward's mum's cooking heheh! YUMMZZBWiudhefhewifhriu UK food is not as enticing. NOWHERE NEAR

And here is the best daddy on Earth. 
He might not be vocal or affectionate, but he expresses his love in far greater ways.
In his actions, and actions really speak louder than words.
He's given me nothing but the best, given me so much but asked for nothing in return.
I'm really so grateful to have him as my daddy lol God bless his heart! I just wish for him to live into an old healthy and strong grandpa ^^

SO. The past few months have been a whirlwind for me. Being away from home and studying abroad. Then December came and I got to go to Italy and go back home A DAY AFTER BOOKING THE FLIGHT. 

Life really is full of surprises. And I'm just happy to receive them :)

HEHE. Now I'm just going to treasure my time back in Malaysia before I go back to UK again.
I want to spend a lottttt of time with loved ones. My family, boyfriend and friends.
Eat a lot of Malaysian food. Also complete my assignment LOL lucky can hand in online ehehehe. 

And also did I say eat a lot of Malaysian food?
HEHE. I've missed you Malaysia!
Bubu, xx

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