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Portsmouth, Tower Bridge, Nintendo 3DS, Xmas Dinners

Hello. This was on the 28th last month.
I know because I checked the date from the picture.

Otherwise I would have no clue lol.
The other day I thought a Tuesday was a Saturday (??)

I'm getting laggy on updating my blog HAHAH.
It's either a) I'm too busy b) I'm too lazy.

But a blog is like a good ol' friend. 
Always there when you want to tell a story.

So, we went to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard!
Portsmouth is a city just 30 minutes away from Southampton by train.
And yes we walked to the train station. 

Anywhere under 25 minutes on foot means I will not ride a bus.
WELL. Walking is great. One thing about UK is 
there's plenty of parks and the weather is good for walking.

BUT OF COURSE. I love Malaysia no matter what. 
HAHAHA. I guess nothing really compares to the feeling of being home.

It was seriously so cold that day because it was by the sea. 

There were a few ships we got to go inside and explore,
like real ships with history along.

There was HMS Mary Rose, they salvaged the wreck from the oceanfloor.
It was Henry the eighth's ship. HAHAHA. Ai Lynn saw the picture and she was like
"King Edward" and Swannie was like "Henry the VIII".

Honestly I have no idea I just know that the portly (obese) king is most probably Henry.
The Henry with the Boleyns and endless marriages.

With Swannie and Ai Lynn!
Swannie is from Hong Kong but she speaks really good English.

On the train! Opposite is Addison from Hong Kong.
He's quite funny lol. Like game show host funny.

I like trains better than buses!! Buses make me sick and nauseous. 
The train ride was about 7 pounds, if you purchase tickets in a group of four or more,
you get a third off your train ticket.

So yeah. Strength in numbers?

Ai Lynn was freezing because she just bought a new denim jacket
and was excited to wear it. HAHAHAH. She ended up shivering. 
But pose so nice in the picture right lolol.

Same goes to me. Sometimes it's like... do you want to feel warm in a huge parka?
Or do you want to sacrifice to look more fashionable and risk shivering?
Some days you'll be like NO I WANT TO STAY WARM then some days you'll be like, 
I miss wearing skirts and shorts.

There was also a musical band playing, in kilts no less!
I loveeeeed it when they played Amazing Grace. Beautiful!

HMS Victory aka Lord Nelson's flagship.

It was really interesting to see how people lived in the ships!
We got to see the insides, how they ate and how they filled up the steam room.
How they slept in hammocks beside cannons.

We also got on a deck.
Made me feel like watching Pirates of the Carribean again lol. 

Southampton is also a port city! 
Aka best known for where Titanic left Southampton port 
for her maiden (and last) voyage.

Opposite is HMS Warrior if I remember correctly. 

Inside the ship

We went to Gunwharf Outlet after that.
It's like mini designer outlet (if you compare it to Bicester Village)
they have a lot of brands like Adidas, Superdry, Kate Spade, Michael Kors.

I didn't buy anything though! Was too tired to shop. And save money too!

Met up with ze pretty mami at London.
Or London Victoria Station to be exact!

The coach ride was 3 hours!!! Due to delay from traffic.
It's supposed to be 2hour 30 mins 
Train ride is like 1 hour plus

Went to visit Buckingham Palace hehehe.
Doing typical tourist stuffs.

I love the parks!! The greenery!
The parks are really well-maintained (by the council, and residents pay taxes to)
and a lot of people walk. 

A very bohemian cafe 

Gothic church? I feel like England has left a lot of its history intact,
especially when it comes to buildings.
A lot of Victorian houses, tudor shops, churches dating back to 11th century.

And then we went to Tower Bridge, which is a more modern part of the city I guess.
The Shard is also here!
KL has a lot more modern buildings tho in comparison.

Macaroons from the Christmas Market!
Hazelnut and Coconut

Lunch at Cafe Rouge, a Parisian Cafe. 
I'm so sad they didn't bother to garnish my Eggs Benedict tho lolol.

Prawn Brioche Roll from the Xmas Market!
This was soooo good. Wasabi sauce and big juicy prawns.


Tower Bridge looks prettier at night actually :3

Anddddd that's about it.
A one day jaunt to London with mami. 

Xmas dinner at iCafe in Southampton University!
Southampton University and Southampton SOLENT University are two different things lol.

It was confusing to me as well too!
But Southampton Uni is like 25 mins away by bus.
You can't walk. But Joe did and he said it took him 40 mins but I think he was lying.
I think it was prolly like 1 hour 20 minutes. He always underestimate the time lol.
He'd be like. Guys we're just five mins away. And we might take fifteen mins to reach.

Southampton Uni is wayyy bigger than Solent though.
But Solent is much nearer to the city centre. Southampton Uni is big on
science and engineering. And maritime and sociology and environmental science etc

Filling dinner! But luckily veges made the bulk of it.
Peas and carrots, grilled chicken, mashed potato and gravy, yorkshire puddings.

Dinner at Fusion Bar before Iris leaves to Norway!
She'll only be coming back next year. HAHAHA.
Which is next month. 

I bought a Nintendo 3DS XL! HAHAHAHAH.
I remember I wanted to buy one last year but got distracted with other stuff.
Damn Argos advertisements!!!

But I just.... couldn't resist.
I've play Game boy Advance SP, the Nintendo DS Lite, the now 3DS XL.
My main point was Pokemon lolol.

No, I don't think I would ever be too old for games.
Or too old for anything. Anyway I have a round and kiddy face so that's okay.
Pokemon Sapphire was my favourite!!! Pokemon Y for 3DS, I tried!
But I found it to be a bit too easy!!! Like more for a younger audience.

I remember playing my brother's Pokemon Blue or Yellow or something,
one of those first generation Pokemon. And I saved my file and overwrote his LOLOL he got so mad.
AHAHHAHA. Simpler days.

And also playing this racing game with Chocobo on my brother's Playstation.
And Bloody Roar and Street Fighter. MAN! It was the shit.
Like you could go to Pasar Malam and buy pirated CDs of the games you wanted.

Heck I would love to get pirated but couldn't find any for 3DS LOL.
Because it's like really 3D shit and encrypted.

And the 3D thing is so trippy. 
3D is like, they project two images at once to give it depth.
So on normal picture you can really see the effect, only in real life.
You can take pics in 3D too!

HAHAHHA fits his personality to a T

Fire Emblem is also good! Strategy fighting game.
That Edward always plays and I'm like.
Why you keep playing didn't talk to me. 

I've got about seven games now and don't play to buy anymore soon.
Because it's not cheap!!!! I think I spent about 330 pounds for the console plus games.
Haha ^^ I just had too much free time. Better gaming than getting wasted right lolol.

So now I'm playing Animal Crossing New Leaf, Mario 3D Land, Fire Emblem Awakening, Dead or Alive, Resident Evil Mercenaries, Pokemon Y, Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer.

And the next hobby. Cooking! 
Never know I could actually do something until I'm forced to do it.
You'd be surprised how fast you'd progress if you know 
you don't have anything to eat if you don't cook ^^

Spaghetti Carbonara with mushrooms, peppers and onions with parmesan on top.
I don't use cream or canned sauce for this, I just use egg and add cheese.
Lighter that way!

Honey tomatoes, mushroom in balsamic vinegar, savoy cabbage and wedges!

Smoked salmon salad with fried egg :3

Mmm I love salmon. I like mine raw.
Smoked is still okay. But grilled salmon skin is nice tho

Salmon bagel with cream cheese 

Groceries! I think it was like 12 pounds.
Sometimes I would buy less and it would 6 pounds.
I think i spend 15-20 pounds on groceries each week.

Omelette with onions, peppers and tomatoes.
I want to learn how to make japanese omurice!!
The japanese are soooo good with eggs man.
Tamago, chawanmushi, omurice, onsen egg. YUMMEH

Some sort of western style breakfast. Some sort.

Kimchi fried rice! With sesame oil, sesame seeds, onions, tomatoes, corns, pepeprs. HAHAHA

And because I love to eat... gotta drag my ass to the gym.
I rather be active and eat more than eat less!

A visit to Southampton Uni! Where Wen Chien and Joe studies
Wen Chien is from Johor. Joe is from Sabah. 

We also did the Korean spicy noodle challenge.
I couldn't finish and ended up with the punishment on getting my face drawn -,-
I didn't even bother to finish lol.

Bunny dumplings from Joe. Wen Chien brought chips and doughnuts!
Feel so loved omg.

Tried this humble looking chinese resto at Burgess Road, near Southampton Uni.
It was so good. It was like 5 pound for a dish and refillable rice.
Ai Lynn refilled her rice for three times man. And takeaway too. 

I miss the food already!
Must bring Edward here when he comes lol.
REFILLABLE RICE. I didn't refill mine lol what a waste!!

Cream tea!

Missing this sweet little boy.

LDR IS HARD. No kidding. 
The sort of miss is like.. you miss them terribly but there's nothing much you can do
except take one day at a time until you see them again and show your love through different ways.
It's hard because I was so used to seeing Edward everyday and constantly having him by my side.
I miss those days where I saw him so much I got sick of seeing him lol.

But oh well! Gotta be patient.
Good things come to those who wait

Boyfie was so sweet! He made a jersey for me heheheheh.
Mine carries the month of our anniversary. Which is June!
His carries the date of our anniversary. Which is 21st :3

He chose that day to ask me to be his girlfriend because it's my birthdate hehe.
So sweet and thoughtful even from the start

HEHHE. Love this boy

And here is love of my life number two aka my daddy.
He's not the most affectionate person, but instead he shows love in the most selfless ways.
Through actions instead.

I miss home, of course!
But for now. Just gotta be grateful with where I am.
And crossing my fingers for Edward to come UK too! 

Till then, take care peeps! :3

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