Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Malaysia and back to SOTON!


The last post I was talking about how I went back to Malaysia.
As I'm writing this I'm already back at Southampton.
Time flies!

But. I really enjoyed my time in Malaysia.
Those three weeks felt like three days, and it was well spent indeed.
With people who matter!

You know. LDR wouldn't have been so hard
if during September I knew that I would be coming back on December.
But life never works the way you want it to,
and I'm just grateful.

Oh yeah. I never thought I would be coming back
because my dad said it would be a waste of money to come back so fast.
Then during December he was suddenly like, "Come back lah. Think your daddy no money is it"
LOL. So yup. 25th of December I booked my flight ticket after that conversation,
and 26th afternoon I was on my flight back to Kualalalumpur.

Nothing much has changed, it's still so hot and humid
and full of good food. BUT SERIOUSLY THE TOLL.
Why the heck has LDP gone from 1.60 to 2.10?!
And Penchala from 2 to 3?! I was only gone for four months man.

Spent almost everyday with this monkey.

Now. The first few months of LDR I felt like my world was falling down, actually.
I guess it really makes you insecure.

But the second time around it's much easier :)
You know the grind, you know you both are still going to stick to each other.

Yih Wern and Mei Yen were the first ones I met!
We went to Hokaido Sushi at 1 Utama.
Their Kaki Don is not that nice already, idk why :(
It's not that gooey and cheesy. More flat.

Bumped into cutie Leanne. Hehe

Went to wohgei with boyfie hehe. Used to be our breakfast place.
A good bowl of prawn mee for RM5.50.
WTF. I ate a bowl of prawn mee for RM55 in UK.
NO shit. It was like 8 pounds plus.

Words could never describe the feeling of seeing you again. 

HEHE. It was really awkward though at the airport.
For the first three hours. It felt like I was on a first date with him.
HAHAHAH. But obviously no.

My fujifilm album! Krabi trip hahaha.
I wanna go Boracay when I come back from UK.
But before this, I want to go Santorini :3



I am sorry but UK food is really terrible. 
There isn't really much cheap and tasty food in UK.
Cheap is 5 pounds in UK. 5 pounds is not cheap bcos it's like RM30.

OHH BTW UK currency is dropping quite harshly.
It's 6.24 today. Usually it's 6.4
The peak was like 6.8, when I paid my freaking school fees. Lol.

EFF. So sad! Imagine if it drops to 5 plus!
Those pounds I've scrounged and saved would have diminished greatly in value.

IKEA with Mei Yen?

Cabbie <3 p="">

HEHEH. I've missed this furball. Nothing like coming home to a ball of fur wagging its tails.
Boyfie's family did a good job of taking care of him lolol I feel so pressured.
His dad would clean his eyes and face everyday!

He also gained quite a bit of weight, hehe.
Wait for me to come home for real, Cabbie!

Ding's Bday! Met most of the dogs.
Dogs because we are born in 1994? The year of Dog?

Shao Yang's birthday! Thank you Shary for inviting.

Shao Yang and Ding are both born on January 3rd
And.. both of them got pretty drunk on their bday celebrations.

Hacha Mecha at TREC KL.
The same building where Zouk is.
The parking is ridonkulous.
Like RM20 per entry.
The outdoor parking is even more ridonkulous.

RM30 to walk on tarmac and puddles!!! WTF! I don't get their logic!
But anyway, it was Friday and before midnight so my parking ticket was RM4.

Hacha Mecha's food was really goooood.
I forgot what my food was called but it was rice and chicken and mushroom and cheese.
Sorry for the bad description LOL.

Rachel's TR60 was damn good!
It makes your head big and body slim haha.

Rachel and Xuan brought their boyfriends, Ken and Jozen respectively.
Hehe. Congrats ^^ 

Sunday was family day :)

Aww how I've missed this routine.
Went to Pavilion!

I did a bit of haul at Innisfree at their newly opened store at Pavi.

Hehe. Also got a free Paul Frank bag. 
You get it if u spend above RM310, if I remember correctly.
Anyway Korean products are really good and reasonably priced, and I can't
find them when I go to UK.

In UK you can find double eyelid tapes too, but they cost like 10 pounds...

Sushi Mentai with Edward!

Hehe. It's so nice to fall back into routines I did before I left Malaysia . 

Meet up with Vivian and Xuannie!

Vivian suggested we go sing karaoke and we did in the end.
I've not gone karaoke for like a year plus I think.
But it was so fun!

The next day I went again with Edward and his friends ^^
Hehe. Vanessa planned the outing.

Village Park Nasi Lemak! So good.
Even better with curry puffs. But they always run out.
Their sambal is quite sweet.

Oh my snapchat username is Bubuchahchah btw!

Boyfie doesn't care when it comes to eating.

I only went swimming once! At Valencia, Mei Yen's house.
Also went Jacuzzi and Sauna HHAHAA thanks to Mei Yen.

I kept saying I wanted to go to the beach to Edward
but in the end we didn't plan! And I kept giving him grudge for it lol.

Random picture. HAHHAHA. Throwback.
We weren't even officially a couple here.

So ya. Going back to Malaysia was short and sweet but I'm very glad 
I did go back, even with the freaking 17 hours flight plus transit.

And Daddy was really nice hehe we had a dinner gathering before I left and I got to eat Lou Sang. Some of my relatives also gave advanced ang paus :3 

YA OKAY. I have a very happy news but I don't want to write it here until it has finally happened.
Hehe. Anyway. Have a great week! :)

Till then!

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