Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Valentines Day, February

Hello :)

Time has been flying by so quickly recently!

Went down to London for a day trip with the boyfie Edward!
It was on Monday, a day after Valentine's Day. 
Hehe. It was a really fun day, first time coming down to London with Edward.
Super cold and windy though, I was not prepared for the weather!

We had dinner at Blueprint Cafe, it's on top of Design Museum near Tower Bridge.
Hehe. Edward booked our table in advance 
and we got the window seat because we came in super early!

Like 6pm early. The host was nice!
There's a lot of restaurants overlooking the Thames River/Tower Bridge.
I think the price range is 20-30 pounds ish.
But depends what you order!

They gave us some bread in case we were starving. 
Fish soup for starter. It was... so so!
It tasted like the base for Assam Laksa, FISHY INDEED.

Edward had some Duck Confit and Pork Cassoulet thingy.
Anyway my eyes will skip over any meat that isn't chicken or seafood on the menu.
But fine dining always love to include meat like Beef, Duck, Pork, Mutton, Lamb.
None of which I consume :3

I had Cauliflower Risotto. 
It was good! Especially the Chanterelles and they also put some edible flowers.
Which I liked. 

I'm not picky with eating flowers and vegetables but when it comes to meat
I'm so not adventurous. Lol.

We had Chocolate Ganache for dessert! 

The food was overall okay, but nothing too "WOW".
But the view is good! It's worth it if you get their window seat.

But of course, the best view is the one sitting right in front of me.

Hehe. I love seeing boyfie in formal clothes.
Polished! Mature! Dependable! Classy!

Basically, more David Beckham in a suit than Justin Bieber in saggy jeans
is the style I like. I don't really get the current trends of looking dishevelled and homeless looking.
Ripped jeans, saggy pants, etc.

I'm just more traditional I guess. To each its own! ^^

Okay so that was what we did for the night.

Backtrack to daytime!

We arrived at London around 1pm!
But it was like 2pm by the time we really sorted ourselves out,
like buying underground tickets and figuring out where to go first.

I suggested to go for the dayrider ticket instead
of using Oyster or contactless card because it's quite expensive
if you travel a lot of places. Like 3-4 pounds one way?
Dayrider is 12.10 pounds.

We went to Oxford Circus first :3
Then back to Westminster
Then Tower Hill back to Victoria.

There was one time in Bristol when I let
Edward keep our bus tickets (dayriders)

It was a piece of paper and he put it in his pocket.
He ended up throwing both our tickets thinking it was rubbish -,-

And I scolded him hahahha.
But after that I admitted I lost my dayrider ticket once in London
and my mum had to get me an Oyster Card. 

Which was worse considering it's 12 pounds. Or RM72. I lost my RM72 ticket. 
But I lost it la not throw it away HAHAHA. Still bad.
Have not lost anything else ever since.
Oh yeah. Pound to MYR rate is better now! Times 6 instead of 6.4 previously.

So here we are with the red double decker buses. 
Boyfie went crazy over the Nike Town flagship store in Oxford Street.

Happening yoh.
Monday afternoon but still so crowded.
I always like to go on weekdays instead of weekends
since I can afford to do so while I am a student.
To avoid the crowd! And I feel like everything is a wee bit more expensive
on weekends.

And we did touristy things such as visiting the London Eye.

And taking pictures in front of the London Eye.

And the Big Ben.

And we went on a mini cruise! Hehe.

We were at the Westminster Pier and I didn't really think of going on a cruise actually,
but Edward was like. Since we're celebrating Valentines Day,
let me take you on a cruise. HEHEEHHEEH.

The one I rode on was from Westminster Pier to Tower Pier,
it was something like 7 pounds one way.

And the weather was really gooooood considering
it's England and it's in the middle of winter.

We went to the upper deck so it was freezing cold though!

Hehe. So thank you boyfie for that impromptu
but memorable ride.

Edward replayed my snaps on snapchat and he was like
"why my face looks so grumpy".

And I was like OHHH YESS. Finally you know the expression I have to deal with.
I think Edward has a really bad case of resting bitch face.
When he's not smiling, he looks like he wants to beat someone up.
I blame it on his sharp eyes. They look like anchovies.

Tower of London!
I want to visit!!!!! It looks so interesting and... historical.
HAHAH. It used to serve as a prison and Anne Boleyn was executed here. 
Aka the second wife of Henry the Eighth. 

And then they said how there used to be water surrounding the castle
and boats could enter from the Thames River 

Pretty sunset!

Sorry for asking boyfie to carry my handbag.
HAHAH. People might think it's his if I wasn't walking beside him

Tower Bridge

We had to walk 1.4km from our underground station to get to our restaurant :(
But! It didn't feel that long because there was so many things to see along the way.
And that we were walking on the Tower Bridge anyway, which is a very touristy thing to do.

I love watching sunsets.
I love the sea. I love the beach. I love the sun.

I definitely. Love summer more than winter.
Suits that I was born in a tropical country ^^

London's modern buildings have names like "Gherkin" "The Shard "Cheese Grater"
which are like nicknames given to them based on how they look like.

I still love how they have buildings literally from a thousand years ago
perserved in the heart of the city. (Tower of London, circa 1078!)

Okie. That's about the pictures for London.

This was back in Bristol.

Bristol is a really nice city!
But I would have to say that people in Southampton 
are much more polite and friendlier. And laidback.

I think Bristol's local are a bit more racist/rude to be honest.
Like they always seem very rushed for time?
I mean not like rude rude, but like not everyone is friendly and patient.
Especially the bus drivers, lol! 

Edward's campus is in UWE, which is like 25mins from the city
so everytime you want to go to the city you need bus tickets.

Matching shoes! Hehe. Nike Huarache?
Courtesy of boyfie for advanced Vday!

Met up with Guat Tyng and Qi Yao

We had thai food and it was really good.
Loved the fish and the tom yam! Yum yum

And that is why time flies!

Hehe. Sorry not sorry for the cheesy post!
It's Valentines Day after all.

Yes, I agree Valentines Day is overrated and commercialized.
When I was single, it made me feel bad sometimes lol.
But I think if you are single you can just find a few girlfriends
and rock on. It is always better to be alone than be with the wrong person.
After all, if you're single, everyday is Independence Day.

If you are with the right person, everyday is Valentines Day.
Hehe. Well, not everyday because obviously life is not perfect.
But honestly, you don't need someone who is perfect, because,
who is?

You just need someone who doesn't give up on you.
So, thank you Edward, for being that person. :)


Happy Valentines Day, everyone!