Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Budapest, Hungary

Hello peeps!

Just got back from Budapest not long ago with Edward :3
It was a super impromptu trip!
Five days, four nights from 28th March. 

It was spring break and we were wondering where to go.
Budapest came up because it was a place we've never been before 
and they had a lot of hotsprings!

We booked on Which was very appropriate considering
we booked everything two weeks in advance.

I was really scared of getting conned!
Luckily, everything was fine and our flights and hotel went really smoothly :)
I think it was about 220 pounds for everything? As in accommodation and hotel.

Ringgit is getting strong against pounds though! 
Gbp to myr is 5.57 now. 
When I first came UK last year September it was 6.78 >:(

In Hungary, they use Forint as their currency.
They do accept euros, but bear in mind they will charge you a higher rate!
Everything is pretty affordable in Hungary though. Well worth the money!

I changed about 140 pounds.
I regret taking Forint out from their ATM!! The rate was like 0.358
Then there were moneychangers near our hotel which gave 0.398
Lucky I didn't change everything one shot though! 

4000 Forint is about 10 pounds.
You can get a pretty good meal for 2500 Forint.
Like proper restaurant meal. 

Our first night!
We were really tired after we reached, so we took a nap.
We only went out for dinner!
We waited six hours in the airport to catch our 8am flight lol.
The coach was either reaching at 2AM or 7.30AM.
7.30AM was wayyy too late so we had no choice.

Anyway. It's always better to be early early early when travelling.
Especially when you're catching flights and using public transports.
Traffic and time delays can come out of nowhere.

So far, touchwood, I've never missed a flight.
Almost did once. HAHAHAHA. My dad was furious.
He was shouting at me when I reached the gate.
My name was mentioned over the intercom.
LOLOL lesson learnt.

The first day was a mess getting from airport to hotel!
We took Wizzair, Hungary's budget airlines. I think.
We stayed at Hotel Broadway City Panzio.

Accommodation in Hungary is really cheap, especially in Europe.

Our room was really spacious!
Photo taken from google because I didn't take pictures of the room lol.
They changed their TV! HAHHA. It's a flatscreen compared to the pic.

We asked the reception where to go for Hungarian cuisine, and she gave us a leaflet.
And told us we could get 10 percent discount.

City map! HAHA.

Their public transport is pretty efficient and cheap,
buy the block of 10 tickets! It's 3000 Forint 
and you can use it for trams, metro, buses.
One way ride is basically 300 Forint. Or like 77p.

The first day was hard trying to figure out everything!
And we didn't buy our data simcard yet.
But, it's always a part of travelling to learn how to get around.
Trains your sense of direction anyway :3

Oh yeah, I had French Onion soup.
I love to drink soup in Hungary. Yum yum.
Anyway, Hungary food is gooood.

You can go for authentic Hungarian food.
They also have quite a lot of mediterranean food and middle eastern food and levantine cuisine. 
Stuff like kebab or pita.Which I loveeee. 
Falafel and shawarma and hummus and tahini is also common.
But I think they make you fart a lot. In a healthy way.

Looking at boyfie's tired face :3

We both had breaded chicken.
His had apples, mine had peaches.

I find it odd that they use fruits for savoury dishes!
But it works.

And finally, it was a meal that kept my boyfie full.
He's really carnivorous while I eat more vege.

We passed by the Opera everyday since it was the nearest metro to us!

Hungarian people... they look very pissed off.
But! All of them I met have been really helpful and friendly.
I don't really recall any rude encounters!

When asking for directions, they always went out of their way to help us.
Even searching on their phone to show us the directions.
In Italy they didn't give any toots lol.

M for metro!
The staircase leads to the underground.

The trains look really old, like world war II old,
but they are really efficient! 

Apparently, they are older than that!
Budapest metro line is the oldest electrified underground system in Europe
and began operations in 1896! Opera is under Line 1, which is the oldest.

Feels like Hunger Games man. Like some sort of dystopia world.
But, just the underground ^^

Blessed with good weather for the five days we were there :)
It only rained for one day! The last two days, temperatures were 20-24 during the afternoon.
Now that feels like Spring. Southampton is still a dowdy and miserable 12 degree celsius.

Anyway, after being hit with rainy days while in Krabi last year,
I've made it a point to really check the weather forecast before travelling hehe.
Better safe than sorry!

Last year, I travelled to Krabi, Thailand with Edward in June.
Then Tokyo, Japan with the dogs in July.
Then off to UK in September for studies.
Then Italy in December.
Then Malaysia from December till January.

Then this year, Paris in early March with mummy,
and then Budapest in mid March with Edward.

So! Grateful to do so much of travelling this year and last year.
But 2013-2014 I don't remember travelling anywhere overseas.
LOL. I was really scared of travelling outside of my family that time.
I guess once you break your travelginity you just get used to it.

Travelling is really fun.
It makes yourself feel smaller, your world bigger.
You realize that it's not just your cultures that are the mainstream.
You are just a tiny part of this universe. Minuscule. 

Lookit them trains!

The next day, we got our mobile simcards and headed
to Szechenyi Thermal Bath. It's the largest medicinal bath in Europe.
You pronounce it as "say-chehn-yee" 

If you only want to visit one thermal bath in Hungary, go this one!
About 4800 Forint per person with lockers.

Picture taken from Google hehe.
My photo editor kept crashing!! Lol.
Anyone has recommendations for photo editing softwares? :3

Anddd this is taken by me ^^

I think the weather was like 15 degree celsius.
But the water is really warm since it's "HOTsprings" HAHAHHA.
Like 38 degree celsius warm. So the bath is open even in the winter,
but you'd have to wear bathrobes.

Le cutie boyfie

The indoor pools were also huge. They have about 15 different indoor pools!
I loveee that I finally get to do some steaming/sauna.
It's really hard to sweat in UK because it's so cold lol.
In Malaysia I wouldn't even have to work out to sweat thanks to humidity lol.

Went to this cafe after our longgg bath session.
It was recommended on Trip Advisor.

View of Vajdahunyad Castle!

Had some soup again, hehe.
Pumpkin cream soup with ravioli!
It's so cute! They bring an empty plate with the ravioli in the middle
and pour the soup in front of you :3

Boyfie had chicken breast and some fancy shaped pasta

I had plain ol' caesar salad.

The highlight! Their dessert selection.
Om nom. Rice pudding, raspberry ice cream, opera cake and pistachio cake.
I love their pistachio cake!

Dig in!

Passed by Heroes Square!

Hehe. And then.. we napped! HAHAHHAAH
Hardcore travellers would kill us for wasting time like that lolol.
But after spa you just feel so relaxed. Lol.

Plus, we had five full days so plenty of time to do everything!

Had dinner at Pizza Eataliano.
Their dough was soooo good. I had it in my salad.
And oh boyyyy it was so chewy and fluffy and crispy at the same time.
They make their own dough! Knead it themselves!

Boyfie had a plate of pasta before this... and he ordered this after.
Chicken breast with cheese and tomato. Him and his meat!
He couldn't finish the mini bread rolls... and rolled them in a tissue...
and put them in his coat pocket. LOL


After dinner, we walked to the edge of Pest to see the Danube River at night!

We stayed on the Pest side. It's the "city side".
Buda is the more natural side with some historical buildings like the Buda Castle.

Thank you for everything bb bu!

I do agree that love is a choice.
I used to think that love was about being in love and all that.
But as time goes on, commitment is needed to sustain a relationship,
not just those feelings of butterflies in your stomach.

When the rush dies down, some small habits start to chip at you the way they didn't before.
It is a choice made out of love, to tolerate and compromise with your loved one.
To look at the person you love and sacrifice your time and effort for the relationship.

So yup, Thank you for not giving up on me,
and always being by my side. 

It's still a bit surreal that I'm in UK, and he's here too.
Hehe. But! Studies first hahahah cannot graduate can die


Anyway, the people in Hungary have the fierce face syndrome.
I guess because their ancestors are Magyars, nomadic horsemen from Central Asia.
Who fought for their life !!

So fierce face syndrome is worse than resting bitch face syndrome.
Resting bitch face syndrome is just a mean girls type of aura.
But boy. Fierce face syndrome is like I want to kill you because you took everything from me.

AHAHHAHAA. I told boyfie to observe them and he was like yeah they look so fierce.
And I told him that's how he looks like to me at times
because he has very sharp eyes. 

But! Hungarian people are all very nice and friendly :3

Also! Why are their dogs so well-behaved?!
They're mostly off leash yet never go far from their owner.
There's even one that waited outside a convenience store for the owner,
without leash! 

Chain Bridge!

Boyfie wanted to try some streetfood at Vorosmarty Square.

Again, something with meat on it.
HAHHAHAHA. I only eat chicken and seafood.
But I don't like ham though.

Bacon/ pork/ beef/ duck/ venison are all nono for me.

Hummus bar!!! It's soooo gooooood.
I think we missed breakfast that's why we had this. Lol.

I had pita bread with hummus and tahini with mushrooms.
OH MIEN. I ate the whole plate. It was also really cheap!
Like less than 5 pounds.

Eating out in UK is really miserable.
I feel like every other country in Europe I've went to surpassed UK 
by leaps and bounds in terms of eating out.

IDK man. Maybe I've never been to the right restaurant.
Or maybe the weather is too cold and the food is too bland? IDK.

Everything I eat out in UK I just think 
I'd rather buy the ingredients and cook myself lol.
It's just not worth it to eat out in UK! For 5 pounds I can get gooood food in other countries
but in UK it's like a cold plate of breakfast.

UK has a lot of good points! Just maybe not their food..

Boyfie had some chicken again.
Boyfie is easy to please.
Just give him some meat and a lot of rice.

He hates a lot of things that I love to eat,
mainly because he doesn't like vege and sour food.
HAHAHA. I never realized the extent of his eating habits.

I like corn, mushroom, tomato, peas, carrots, mayonnaise, bread.
He hates all of this lol. 

And I hate beef and pork! Like I would never swallow the meat.
I don't think I have in the last twelve years.
Not on purpose, anyway!

Otw to Buda!

Basically, Budapest is a joint of Buda and Pest.
They are separated by the Danube River.

Gellert Hotel! They had a lot of posh cars coming in.

Spring :3

Somehow Malaysia doesn't really have vibrant flowers like this.
What I like about Europe.. no insects, can leave cereals open and they still taste crispy, can drink from tap water, and walk the shit wherever you go because public transport is good and the sun is not trying to scorch you. 

Well! I guess every country has their own pros and cons.

Here for Gellert Bath and Spa!

All the baths are so pretty!

Good thing I brought some bikinis from Malaysia for times like this. Lol.

After that we took a really long hike up to Gellert Hill.
It looked conquerable... but damn! The number of steps nearly killed my glutes.

On Buda, looking towards Pest beside the river!

Statue with olive branch in her hands to signify peace

Love locks!

Those steps aren't kidding

We ate at... Szerecsen?! 

Boyfie ordered Thai green curry and it was surprisingly good!
Creamy and flavourful.

The next day :3 

It was bright and sunny, and really felt like Spring lol.
It was also our fourth day in Hungary!

We went to St Stephen's Basilica.

It was really pretty!

View from outside!

Lunch at Hummus Bar again lolol.
This time it was laffa wrap instead of pita

I prefer the pita instead with hummus on the side :3

After lunch we walked near Elisabeth Bridge to find cruise hires.

And we got on a day cruise!
The ticket was available for two days and you can get on as often as you like.
So nice! Great value, like 1900 Forint for students.
The other ones were like 2900 Forint for one type.
I think it's cheaper if you book direct instead of looking at the flyers from hotel.

And then we went home and napped.
HAHAHHAHA ohmy we are so lazy as travellers.

And came back out at night...

For their night cruise! lol.

If you can only do one, I'd say go for the night one.
The night cruise is really much more romantic with all the lights :)

Do wrap up if you're going on a cruise because it does get really windy!

The parliament

Beloved :3

Our last breakfast in Hungary :(

This trip was really unexpected because I've never really thought of going Hungary before this.
I'm really glad I did! Hehe. Spring break well spent!

Our last bath! Lukacs Bath.

Lol. So we went to three baths in total.
Boyfie got a  bit addicted and he was the one to request for the last one!

Our flight was at 6pm so we squeezed this trip in.

So yup.

That concludes our trip!

Hehe. Glad to spend spring break with boyfie and going to a place we've never been before.
He's back at Bristol now!

Till the next time! xx

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