Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Paris, Southampton, London

         Hello peeps!

I've finally graduated! Went on a little trip with my family before coming back for good.
Paris on 6th-10th of July, Southampton on 10-11th, London on 11th-13th, Spain on 13th to 16th.
It's the 17th as I'm typing this! :)

I've already had prawn mee and assam laksa on my first day after touching down Kuala Lumpur.
Honestly, I'm so not used the city being so lively in like, 2am.
In UK, it starts to get dead around 9pm and it's zombie town after 11pm.
I really miss the hustle and bustle here.

Studying abroad is a really great experience though :)
Eventhough it was a short 10 months, I feel like I've learnt a lot. 
Mostly it's about being independent and surviving away from family.
You have to budget, you have to cook, you have to clean. No one is going to do it for you!

Anyway, I'll try to start off with Paris first for this blog post :)
Maybe up to Southampton if I have enough time!

A short summary of the places I've been during studying abroad:

Most memorable trip: Santorini, Greece (very special and unique island with white buildings perched on a cliff with caldera views. blue white blue everywhere.)
Most romantic place: Budapest, Hungary (well preserved buildings from 19th century, romantic yellow glow at night, danube river cruise, szechenyi bath spa)
Best for shopping: SPAIN!!!! Zara for 10 euros a piece, Tenzenis, Bershka, Pull & Bear, ETC ETC! Any clothing brand from Inditex (Zara's company) will be cheap! Also really love their clothes because it suits Malaysia weather too.

Oddly, I liked the less well-known destinations more compared to, say, Paris, Italy or London. I guess because it's my first time? I would like to visit Prague. And Turkey! But, safety concerns!

AND ISLANDS OMhoehfow. Maldives! Bahamas! Boracay! 

Reached Paris about an hour earlier than my family :D

I took the Eurostar with Edward from London,
while my family took Emirates from Malaysia, with a stopover at Dubai.

The Eiffel Tower is lit in Portugal flag colours in honour of their win against Wales.

My papa! So happy to see my daddy after so long.
I think it was like six or seven months. Yes, that's long for me. Hehe

There were seven of us in total including my boyfriend!
Ah Ku came along too!

Champs Elysee was crazy with Portugal fans celebrating their win.
Car tooting their horns, people waving their flags, it was madness!
There were a lot of police patrolling the area though.

Our airbnb stay which brother booked! It was on George V so it was really near Champs Elysee and Eiffel Tower.

Brother's gf, Chooi Yee ^^

She looks younger than me but is actually four years older lolol.

And my daddy! Will always be daddy's girl heheheee

Eating out in Paris is quite pricey!
The first night we spent about 180 euros for a normal dinner.

More cafes

With Edward hehe.

Experienced studying with him this year! 
And went to Hungary and Greece and Paris with him too. :3333

The Louvre again! The last time I went in, I spent six hours walking in the museum.
It was so humongous! 

It's my third time in Paris. Lol. 

Look at Edward's hair tattoo. Hahaha.
He wants to be the next CR7.

And then he made this stupid joke.
He said he actually wanted to add more stripe, 
so it would look like Adidas.

Lol. -,-

On the way to Notre Dame Cathedral! Bridge overlooking the Seine River

Fluffy HUSKIE!!!

And we reached the Notre Dame!
Didn't go in though. 

Went to a cafe nearby instead lol.

The young generation is getting old!

When the youth says 16-25 and then I realized my brother's 26 so technically he's not a youth anymore. And I'm 22. OH MY. SO OLD.

Pont Neuf, with what remains of the lovelock bridge!

Mussels, hamburgers and cod fish

Eiffel tower again lol.

A little soccer ball for Euro Final.
Actually, a really huge soccer ball. 

Ohhh, forgot to mention!
All my photos are from TR70!
Dad bought it in Malaysia and brought to me when he came over.
He got it for RM4.2k! >:[ 
So marked up! It's selling for like 3.6 now

Abercrombie and Fitch store.
Didn't buy anything because it's not my style and it's expensive!

My ah ku lost her wallet while walking around Champs Elysee!
So be careful of pickpockets if you plan on visiting Paris!
It's really bad. 

I think Paris is a really overrated tourist destination.
The people there can be quite rude just because you don't speak their language. 
The pickpockets is really bad though. I've heard so many stories of people I know getting the unfortunate incident in Paris. Barcelona used to be really bad but Paris was worse in comparison. 

Spanish people can also be rude, but mostly just the ladies. Lol.
The guys are more flirty and like to wink a lot. 

Hungarian people are the nicest! Santorini, people are also really accommodating to tourists. 

And then we went to Southampton! DENG DENG!
Graduation day! So fast.

And of course studying abroad would be completely different without my roommate Ai Lynn! 
I'm not a cheesy person, so... you know. HAHAHA

Complete picture of all of us!

Then we went off to London.

Orchard Circus again! Lol.
I think I've been here more than 10 times

 OKAY. That's all this post ^^
Will continue on Spain the next post! HEHEHEEE.

Thanks for reading!

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