Saturday, 22 October 2016

Life back here

Hello! ^^

Seems like it has been 93840234 years since I last blogged. 
A few of my friends have been asking me to update hence I am fulfilling their request. 

HAHAHAH. Been a bit busy with settling down after Europe trip and found it unusual to publicize bits and bobs of my life after a hiatus. BUT STILL. My blog has to survive. I like keeping my best memories here. Plus, I think our youth are the times that we can truly focus on ourselves. 


Had some jizz-worthy Chirashi Don at Ichiro Sushi Bar, Isetan 1 Utama.
This don is priced at RM22 but after adding the set option (you get miso soup and chawanmushi) it's about RM27. 

Ai Lynn recommended it, and I liked the food there! It was really fresh and felt like authentic Japanese cuisine, not like fast food a la Sushi King/Sushi Zanmai (but I still enjoy those as well!). 
I do recommend you guys to try it and it's quite hidden so it wasn't too crowded. I HATE QUEUING UP FOR SUSHI. Especially when I'm hangry, which most of the time I am. Hangry=Hungry + Angry.

However, I asked them to takeaway and they say they don't do takeaways?! Idk the waiter just giving excuse or what??? That was the only con. HAHAHA. Because sometimes I like the food and I can't finish it, so I like to take it home and eat it later when I'm hungry again. And also this kiasu Asian cheapskate mentality where I don't want to waste anything. (PS: It got worse after studying abroad because I was on my own)

But it was so fresh and juicy tho! Those sashimi cuts. Would come back to try other dons.
Ai Lynn had Salmon Ikura Don and it looks good. Same price as well. I want to try Unagi Don next!!

I told Ai Lynn I didn't want to shop because it was the end of the month and I was broke.
She told me, "Aiyah, you say only. Confirm will buy stuff one."

And true enough. She knows me well. HAHAHAHAHAH

So this was today! But later I am going back to 1 Utama again to have dinner with my family, LOL.


Moving on to bits and bobs of what I've been up to since I came back!

The usual Sunday family outing to KLCC or Pavilion

Daddy at the back. HAHA. This was at Harrods Cafe in KLCC

Always ask for dressing on the side if you order their salad!!!

The first time I ordered salad they DRENCHED my salad until it became like coleslaw!!!
But they were really nice to send a new one with dressing on the side. 

I think it is always safest when you order dressing on the side.

You have to mix it yourself, but at the same time you can control how much you want.
I hate eating salad that has not enough lettuce/whatever greens their using (I MEAN HOW EXPENSIVE CAN VEGE BE AND IT'S NOT FILLING SO YOU NEED MORE OF IT) and when they douse the whole salad in a flood or dressing. NO!!! It is gross!!!

Ok, whatever, long story short- dressing on the side. HAHAHA

And this was another Sunday at KLCC ( a different one)

BUT we ordered pretty much the same thing.

HAHAHA. Daddy likes routine. He likes going to the same restaurant every week, and ordering the same food. He can repeat this every week for at least 2 years. NO JOKE.

Before this we used to go to Chinoz in KLCC more often. I think since I was 15. So that's seven years. YOU SEE?! And I can't say that habit didn't rub off on me. In the same way I can be "not so adventurous" when it comes to food choices. But not as chronic as my Dad!!

Chinoz KLCC is really.... it sucks. It really sucks now. They changed their management and their menu went from three pages to two pages to one page. They used to have sushi and pizza etc but only have it for certain times now. They used to give free drinking water too, but now they'll ask you to purchase mineral water. Really don't get the new management, driving away all their loyal customers?! The food choices were pathetic! I think it was only like pasta and some side dishes during the afternoon. -,-

Also like Korean BBQ! Sometimes!

I know they serve pork in majority but their spicy rice balls and bibimbap I loveee. When I'm craving spicy and sour, Korean food is the best decision. And all those side dishes! The variety!

This was at Sae Ma Eul in Menjalara with Edward baby! Before he went back to UK! I miss him loads :3

My true love is, however, sushi. Since young. Liked it since I had my first taste.
Okay, maybe not the salmon. It took a little while to get used to. 

But I like how everything in Japanese cuisine is so light, bite-sized and different. So many fresh ingredients and different taste. And it's always easy to digest, not like pizza or burgers. 

I like food that comes bite-sized and in a variety. I like to try a little bit of this and that. So dim sum, afternoon tea, sushi, korean bbq, I always enjoy those :D pizza is only very, very once in a blue moon and it's like during those times where Pizza Hut is close (2 in the morning).

Chirashi Don with Mei Yen. AHHA. So-so, portion quite small. 

Rakuzen aka Dad's favourite Japanese restaurant.

He used to not like Japanese food because.. umm.. remember in Sejarah textbooks where they mentioned Japanese occupation during World War II? His mother (my grandmother) went through WWII and would mention all the bad things the Japanese people did, like flinging a baby into the air and stabbing them dead. 

LOL. Ya. HAHAHAHA. But then he got over it. 

Which is lucky, because otherwise I wouldn't be able to enjoy these little pieces of joy.
Thank you fishies for sacrificing your lives. 

This was my first time trying Soft Shelled Crab Burger at... AIYOH. I forgot.
It's at Publika. They're famous for the Egg Benedicts. 

OKAY. I googled "List of restaurants in Publika". The Red Beanbag is the place.
HAHAHA went full-on bimbo there.

These food pics were accummulated during the course of two three months la, so don't think I ball everyday eat outside. HAHAHA. And Daddy often eats outside during his working lunch hour, so I tag along when I'm free. :D

This was Prawn Cocktail Salad at Pressroom Pavilion. 
They put mango and prawns, I quite like it. But it's only good for when you are not that hungry.

Boat Noodle! I love Thai food too. Eating pineapple fried rice and tomyum soup at Krabi with Edward was unforgettable. This was at Boat Noodle in Publika. HEHE. I can eat about four to five bowls. It's like RM1.90 per bowl, very affordable. But it can get quite spicy! So they price their Cha Yen at RM6.90, quite smart right. 


Honestly, this time around with LDR it is much easier. 
The first time I felt a bit lost and very insecure. 
This time it's like, he's coming back soon.

AND.... HAHHAA.... I'm heading to UK & Amsterdam again in less than two week's time. Oops!

And then Edward was so cute!

He went to UK in September and the next month I received two parcels from him.
HEHEHEHE. So sweet. 

You know that 5 languages of love book by Gary Chapman? Where you can also take an online quiz to find out your love language (acts of service, receiving gifts, physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time).



Gifts lo. HAHAHAHAHAH. Along with quality time I think. Edward one was acts of service. Acts of service is like cooking for him, cleaning up his room, doing errands for him etc. 

For me I think because my dad will always use gifts to express his actions. So that is what is normal for me. But Edward is more like his mother is really good at taking care of him, cooking for him, etc. 

HAHAHHA. So Edward was really smart to get gifts for me because it's like filling my love bar and I don't feel so needy etc because I feel like he made the effort to show his love by giving me gifts even though he is far away. 

And what Edward likes is acts of service so while it is nice that I get him gifts, what he would appreciate more is probably something like me buying his favourite food from Malaysia and hauling it to UK. HAHAH. Which is what I am going to do obviously.

Tbh, a value of a gift is not based on price, it is based on the thoughts and effort that you went through for your loved one. I think it's just so sweet when the effort is there. 

Like I will always remember when Edward bought six roses because it was June and he wanted to ask me to be his girlfriend. That is something I remember deeply, because not everyone will go through the effort to do all this romantic things and most people will think it's unnecessary. 

They say if you are smarter it's harder to fall in love. And yes, when you fall in love you become retarded and have no control whatsoever. HAHHAH. Falling in love is easy, you're guided by emotions. Staying in love is different, it's commitment, effort and habit through actions.

OK anyway if you are interested to try the quiz here is ze link:

Kaka. Flowers from baby for monthsary :3

Also went to Port Dickson's Teluk Kemang beach with Edward before he went back.
I live for the beach!!! Okay maybe not, but it is one of my fav fav place to go.

Random outing with Miss Cqe / traveler/ wanderer for her belated birthday!

Floaties! HAHAHA. They look so nice to take pictures with, but a bit of a waste of money to buy for the sake of taking pics

Some new make up products! Dior 5 colour eyeshadow in Versailles and Urban Decay Moondust.

The make up lover in me likes to swatch. Without fail, I will come out of Sephora with my hands having some additional colour.

Coincidental cap and top twinning with Xuannie!

This picture of me really reminds me of when I was... 17? 18?
The middle parting and tube tops. 

Zouk with my main ladies for August baby birthdays.
HAHAHA this is wayyy throwback since it's now October. 
King Jiat, Kha Weng and Ami are ze August babies.

Ami ^^ 

This was Pavi with Mei Yen! Accompany her to run some errands and also collect our race kit.
HAHAHA. The race kit was at Avenue K, and mind you Pokemon Go was really HEAT that time and a Dragonite shadow popped up at my sightings. I lost my shit. I ran from Avenue K to fricking KLCC entrance to find the Dragonite. But it was worth every step because I caught that lil sucker. Low CP tho! HAHAH. I still play Pokemon Go eventhough the hype has died down.

And still play Pokemon X & Y on Nintendo 3DS. I feel very geeky for saying this but I can't help. Once I get hooked to something I get pretty loyal. I started from Pokemon Sapphire on Nintendo Advanced SP. I remember accidentally deleted my brother's saved file once on his Game Boy Color (Pokemon Gold I think). HAHAHA. He must've lost his shit back then.

Broga Hill with Edward, Cynthia and Liang Jun (I think?).
Woke up like freaking 5AM to get to Broga Hill early for the sunrise and shiz.
I was quite out of breathe the first five minutes of hiking because I was still half asleep.
BUT BOY. When ze adrenaline start rushing I couldn't stop and rushed to the top. HAHAHA. It's like an unknown pump of energy rushing through. 

I like being outdoors! Hiking, swimming in the sea, jogging, cycling. There's just something very refreshing and organic about being in tune with nature. 

Met up with Yuri too before she got back to the States!

OK, that is all for this post!

Thanks for reading and till then! Take care and smile always! ^^v

xoxo, Bubu.

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